The Killing Fields in America, Compliments of the Democrat Party!

The current United States domestic and foreign policy under President Biden, supported by the Democrat party and the silent woke media like open borders or closed borders as the President likes to say; This policy is killing over a hundred thousand Americans plus foreigners a year. How? From the flow of fentanyl and other opiods crossing the southern border.

That’s part of the Democrat play book, a clever means to get new voters. Winning at all costs, even sacrificing American lives, more lives lost than all the deaths in 8 years from the Vietnam War. Call it collateral damage or unintended consequences ? Either way Democrats and yes many Republicans (RHINOS) don’t seem to care. Who should take responsibility ? We the voters who vote based on our hatred, dislike, the color of ones skin or the people who look like us or we can relate to as far as culture and other unrelated reasons. Voting based on the candidates  policies comes in second. Hating, disliking, identifying as being the same race, ethnicity comes in first as to how we decide who should be President.

If you or I attempted to kill someone guess where we would be. In prison. Not our government. They can do whatever they like without any noise from the woke media, no accountability or consequences. People like Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon , Jimmy Kimmel, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, all the late night talk shows, Barbra Streisand, Bob Iger, many Hollywood Icons and business people and probably close to half of the voting population support the man who created this environment by none other than  President Biden and his administration.  Where is George Soros when you need him?

Those with “TDS” or Trump derangement syndrome are incurable so don’t bother trying to change their minds. It is a deep seated hate that they can’t intellectualize why they prefer President Biden over President Trump. When they go to the gas station or buy food, or pay the rent, real estate taxes, utility bills or have to tell the kids we can no longer go to McDonald s or KFC because things got expensive, these folks can’t connect the dots. People on entitlements don’t care nor do the very rich. It is the middle class who should start figuring out what is going on.

While our government regulates every nook and cranny of our tax paying lives, our businesses, jobs, air, global warming, pharmacy’s, medical profession, water, automobiles, aviation  and all  transportation, beauty salons, barber shops, nail salons, street vendors, restaurants and I could go on and on. They, that is our government completely ignores and overlooks one of the greatest most lucrative positive cash flow successful business enterprises  in the history of our country. You don’t need a license, a work permit, you don’t need any schooling or training, every dollar you earn is tax free from federal, state and city taxes and you can kill people without any repercussions or accountability.

You don’t have to be a resident or citizen and its even better if you are not. You don’t need a permit or any special training to carry a gun or automatic weapon  to protect your business or your life unless you are in American  law enforcement or a citizen of the United States. I am talking about the drug industry, not the legal one, the other one.

These narcotics business  people  get their support from one of America’s biggest most feared enemies, that being China.You are able to move freely back and forth across borders without a passport or visa to conduct your activities unlike Americans who are required to have these documents. And you don’t need to have your Covid shot or even prove you had it. If you have not figured it out yet I am referring to the China/Mexican Cartel/ U.S. government symbiotic alliance. That smells like a” RICO” statute violation? But since the justice department is controlled by President Biden they will never be investigated or charged. Only their enemies.

Some say President Biden  just looks the other way but he knows what he is doing. Too many Americans don’t know what he is doing. So as crazy as it sounds President Biden is working with China and the Cartels to kill our citizens, contaminate our culture , corrupt our society and what do we get for it? Lots of new Democrat voters for the future so there will be a one party system and you will never see another Republican or Independent President ever again. There are words for that: Dictatorship, autocracy, communism, banana republic, monarchy, oligarchy and perhaps a theocracy etc.

By the way Joe says the border is safe and secure. Does he really believe that? Let’s ask Dr. Jill Biden his wife or Kamala Harris who was appointed to fix the border crisis nearly 4 years ago and lets not forget  Alejandro Mayorkis head of Homeland Security who said the border is secure. They ought to know since they are in charge. We are just common ordinary citizens trying to make it through the week.

To put this into perspective, let’s compare 8 years of our active fighting in Vietnam with the loss of 58,220 American service men and woman. That is an annual loss of 7,278 lives per year over 8 years . While here in America where we have no war we are losing 110,000 young men and woman in one year from fentanyl and other opiods . During the Vietnam war era there were protests and rioting in the streets. But under President Biden’s open border policy no one is protesting except the southern border Governors. Don’t these lives matter? And why are we allowing China to export to us this poison and allow the Mexican cartels to  sell and distribute this crap and  make billions at the cost of American lives. Our government is failing us dramatically and no one is paying attention. Where is the media whose job it is to inform us factually and challenge injustices. They could be the 5th column.

This is  the Democrat parties policy that Robert DeNiro, the Hollywood elite, the Stephen Colbert show, Jimmy Kimmel show, Jimmy Fallon show, Seth Meyers show, Rachel Maddow show,  the woke left, the liberal media like CNN, NBC, NPR, ABC, MSNBC, The New York Times,  the Huffington Post, Washington Post and others are supporting. The woke media is another branch of the Biden administration.

Death of Americans is like a sport for Democrats and to the victor gets more imported votes. Yes they are the architects and complicit in the deaths of their citizens all for the sake of getting new and more Democrat voters in the future .It’s time for Americans to connect the dots and get an antidote for “TDS” Trump derangement syndrome. It’s a sever and deadly sickness.

Open borders results in over 300 dead Americans a day or over 110,000 a year. Thats equivalent to having 2 Boeing 737 Max 800 airplanes crash every day killing all occupants.

That type of tragedy would  never be tolerated and would be stopped immediately  but not as long as President Biden and the Democrat party’s play book death plan is in effect. Add in illegal invaders who die on the way here and we have more dead innocent people.

Yes, illegals are innocent for the most part with the exceptions of those who are coming here to use us or kill us. But they are crossing our border illegally and are therefore illegal invaders even though they were invited by President Biden. His invitation violates one of the most important fundamental statues of the United States Constitution, to protect our borders and our nation’s sovereignty.

When you go to the polling booths you have to vote for policy, not personality, ethnicity,color, religion or party. It’s fundamentally common sense. Vote for who has the best and practical policies.

When you kill an American you also destroy a family, a village and the country. This Administration has no decency, moral compass or ethics to be head of the country and the free world. It’s a crime beyond comprehension. It’s time for Americans to connect the dots and also find an antidote for “TDS” Trump derangement syndrome. It’s deadly!




Meeting with Independent Candidates and Debate of 25AD Republican Primary – June 20, 2024

Location of the June 20, 2024 meeting is at Grace Lutheran Church, 103-15 Union Turnpike, Forest Hills, Queens.  Doors open at 7:00 pm.

You could watch the meeting live on YouTube 7:30 pm sharp!

1. Pledge of Allegiance 7:30
2. Reading of club’s Mission Statement
3. Roll call of officers and board members (Jimmy Schwatzman)
4. Reading of club’s 5/16 minutes (David Kemp)
5. Report of the Financial Secretary/Treasurer
6. Committee Reports
7. Old Business
NYC Local Law 11 Non-Citizen Voting (March 2024)
Congestion Pricing (Gov. Hochul’s surprise!)
8. Announcement
Project Civica Focus Group, Steven Gillan
– John Patrick Healy, new president of Sunnyside GOP
– Jimmy Schwatzman, speech writing services
– Shruti Gajadhar Sukul
– Jeffrey Flores and Angela Sauretti
– Emily Zeng, Independent Voter Validation & Verification
– David Abraham, Stephen Weiner Surrogate Judge
– 50/50 Raffle
9. New Business
Debate of 25th AD Republican Candidates 8:00 pm or earlier
Kenneth Paek  vs. Kenneth Chiu,  Moderated by Isaiah Vega.

Independent Candidates: 8:45 pm
– Barry Seidel, Queens County coordinator of Robert Kennedy, Independent candidate for US President

Diane Sare, “LaRouche Party”, US Senate (Kirsten Gillibrand)
Jose Vega, “LaRouche”, US Congress 15 (Jamaal Bowman or George Latimer)
Marty Dolan, “Unity”, US Congress 14 (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)
– Misbaah Mahmood, “People First”, State Assembly 24 (David Weprin)
Please note that the list is subject to change. Candidates who spoke at the club before will be recognized, but time will be prioritized to those introducing themselves for the first time.

10. Adjournment 9:30

RSVP is recommended.

Next meeting is July 18, 2024.  We are planning to have a 2-hour social at the lawn of the church starting at 5:30.  Food, refreshment, entertainment… mingle with candidates and elected officials.


Mr. DeNiro: Do You Know What American Patriots Do and Why?

Mr. De Niro I believe loves America with all his heart. How do I know this? You can feel the energy, the passion and emotion in his words. He is willing to risk his celebrity, social status and financial stability to fight for the country he loves. He is fulfilling his patriotic duty as an American who has a voice and platform because of his fame and celebrity. That takes courage.

Behind all of this in his attempt to warn and inform Americans is a deep seated hatred and resentment of a man called Donald J. Trump. Mr. De Niro sincerely believes that Trump is the enemy of the people, has harmed and will continue to harm De Niro’s beloved America. I respectfully disagree.

The accuracy of his arguments are flawed. His knowledge and awareness of Trumps policy’s and accomplishments are apparently unknown and/or blinded by his anger as to who is the better candidate for President in 2024.

He doesn’t recognize not even one good thing that Trump has accomplished and without any objectivity he is willing to sacrifice the safety and economic well being of Americans because of this deep seated animosity.

I believe that much of Mr. De Niros arguments are not factual but are deeply rooted in what many call “TDS”, Trump derangement syndrome. No matter what, someone with “TDS” will never change their opinions. Don’t even try to change their minds. It is an effort in futility. And it is with this in mind that I accept Mr. DeNiro’s choice for President but will make a case to show where we disagree.

To begin with, Mr. De Niro has no basic mathematical common sense when comparing Trumps economic policies to those of President Biden’s. Mr. De Niro has succumbed to “TDS”. And for that the cure rate is practically zero.

Mr. De Niro, $2.00 a gallon of gasoline is better than $4.00 a gallon; prosecuting and jailing criminal recidivist is good, letting criminals go free is bad; less crime is better than more crime; a $1 McDonald’s hamburger is better than a $2.00 hamburger.

Sending money to Iran is a bad idea since they finance terrorism against Israel and other countries including our own. Is Bob DeNiro an Anti-Semite? I don’t think so.

Because of President Biden we are paying to house, feed, educate and treat medically 25 percent of our prison population who are illegal migrant invaders is really dumb. It should be less than 5 percent. These criminal invaders should have been removed from the U.S on day one or as soon as we discovered their criminal activity or pedigree.

Amongst the 2 opponents it’s a numbers game. The Democrats make statements without presenting numbers. They do it all the time.
Trump gives you data and statistics from the DOJ, FBI, ICE, DHS, CDC, NIH etc, to back up his arguments. Biden backs up his arguments with more rhetoric, no data. It`s called pivot, spin and redirect.

Mr. De Niro what world leader in their right mind finances and supports their enemies, but treats their allies, voters and citizens like the enemy? President Biden. He is not an American patriot. Biden’s open border policies invites our enemies to kill us on our own soil.
Biden’s policy to hire 89,000 IRS agents to collect money from all Americans to pay for his reckless and extravagant border policy spending on the illegal invaders is psychotic and anti-American. Our government is the enemy within. This is government assisted suicide.

Trumps hiring 89,000 I.C.E. and Border control agents to rid our country of these thugs to secure our nations border regain our national wealth , lower the budget deficit hence inflation and restore our nations sovereignty is good. Biden’s tears down America while Trump builds it back up. That Mr. DeNiro is reality. Trump is a “patriot”, Biden is not! You can still hate Trump. There is nothing wrong with that. And I know you will definitely vote for the re-election of President Biden and Vice President Harris.

Illegal immigrants are taking our tax dollars away from fixing pot holes, repairing highways, painting white separation lines on roads, increasing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Aren’t you tired of paying for unnecessary car repairs?

President Biden publicly invites strangers from all over the world to come to our homes, not to our nation’s capitol, to our residences; He even flies them in without needing a passport or visa but forces Americans and residents to have papers to prove who they are. You have to ask yourself why he is treating us differently as step children when we are the children of America on our own soil.

President Biden allows them to open up our doors without knocking or getting our permission and gives these illegal invaders and strangers’ access to our check books, savings accounts, our food supply, our personal and public spaces, our doctors, hospitals, emergency rooms and more. He gives without as much as a vote or referendum from we the people without due process as is required in the U.S. Constitution. Mr. De Niro would you allow anyone to come into your home without permission and have access to your wealth?

President Biden and his administration intentionally diminish the quality of life of all Americans for future voters. Biden is like a father who betrays his family. He shows no respect, only disdain to those of us hard working patriotic taxpaying Americans who put him in office. This is not what his job description is.

Illegal’s can fly into the United States for free without papers, passports or visas. Americans need to buy their tickets and have a passport. Illegal’s can drive motor cycles, motor bikes etc. without a plate on the back, Americans can’t. Illegals drive these bikes without insurance, Americans can’t. Illegal’s can hit a pedestrian or damage private property with no consequences. Americans have consequences and punishments. Illegal’s can be frivolous with their spending since they didn’t work for the money and they know how to get more without working but Americans have to be cautious because they get one pay check and it has to last or they must get a second job.

Illegal’s get free health care with no deductibles and co pays and don’t have to pay premiums for health insurance policies. That is Biden’s America. Americans are treated like second class citizens while illegals are treated royally as first class citizens.

Under Trump there were approximately 11 terrorist caught and identified entering the country across the border. Under Biden there were over 169 terrorist caught and identified crossing the border. How many “getaways” were there? We will never know. It has been reported that some were here to assassinate political enemies of Iran. Other reports indicate that they are here to destroy our infrastructure, contaminate our water supply and shut down our electrical grid. We are doomed to suffer severely in the not too distant future. Mr. De Niro you are supporting America last.

President Biden allows China to fly a spy balloon over our country to spy on our strategic and military sites demonstrates how week and compromised our President and America is. Biden’s family got money from China without delivering any services or products. Is this China balloon fiasco influence peddling and payoffs for access to our top secrets? None of the fake news, FBI, CIA, DOJ, and DOD said or did anything. This doesn’t sound like a banana republic, it is a banana republic. No accountability. This is not a Democratic Republic; we are living in a Dictatorship.

Mr. De Niro are you aware of these inconsistencies and mysteries of Biden’s foreign and domestic policies and did you know that the Biden family received money from China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries? Can you explain this to your followers?

A Russian fleet with nuclear submarines is allegedly 25 mile off our eastern coast heading for Cuba (6/13/2024). Another Cuban missile crisis in the making? Weak leadership by a weak President with a diminishing naval and military force focusing on teaching woke; politically correct policy’s invites serious consequences from our enemies. We have taken our military eye off the ball.

How selfish and egotistical is Biden and his politically motivated Democrat party in transferring mine and the wealth of all Americans, Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike to illegal invaders so he and his party can have enough Democrat voters so they can rule like a dictatorship forever. We are a Democratic Republic not an autocracy. You do not have absolute power. You have violated the laws of our land. These illegals are not our invited guests, these are invaders and intruders and you are their General. Immigration application procedural protocol has been trashed and eliminated.

President Biden has committed an atrocity so egregious against the American people and usurped the United States Constitution. This is “high crimes and misdemeanors “. You have betrayed all Americans. This is the worst crime against the American people in American history since slavery.

Biden supports the D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) program another form of racism and affirmative action which was declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme court.
Another bunch of letters and words to discriminate against White men, woman and children under the guise of being fair to minorities. What happened to the rule of law: “Equal justice under the law” and “All men are created equal”?

“Woke” policies, political correctness and identity politics are instruments of discrimination that Biden has used to bring our country into decline and less competitive in the worlds’ economy. Pandering to minority voters and pitting citizen against citizen in the worst display of corruption and immorality against one’s own citizenry and country.
Every American in today’s world can compete on the same level.

The “Jim Crow” days are over. White kids are just as important as minority kids and should not be handicapped, marginalized and have to compete in the world with one hand tied behind their backs traumatizing their confidence, self worth and ability to attain their dreams and goals because of the color of their skin. Teaching “CRT” corrective race theory in schools, in our governmental departments and our military is telling all of us that the White man is the oppressor and the minorities are the oppressed. This is a deliberate, organized and corrupt policy of discrimination forcing one race to fear another and creating a culture of hate and perhaps one day a violent reaction ending up in the downfall of our nation never seen since the civil war.

Social engineering has been corrupted by corrupt politicians and the victims are White men, woman and children and yes the minorities they claim to protect all in the name of votes for power.

In Biden’s world illegal invaders come first including seriously ill illegal migrants in need of major medical care are allowed to come to America in large numbers to have expensive life saving and critical medical procedures done at our expense overwhelming our hospitals, emergency rooms, drug and medical supplies and putting many hospitals and clinics into bankruptcy that are closing all over the country. Americans have to wait months to get appointments that they would normally get in weeks causing irreparable harm and sometimes death to Americans who pay taxes, and can’t use their health insurance as was promised and paid for.

And to add insult to injury we are paying for the illegal migrant’s health care and at the same time decreasing the level of care for we the people who are paying for it. This is Joe Biden’s world. America last. Mr. De Niro this is the President you have faith in who you believe is working on behalf of the American people and believe he is the right man for our times.

Having a President who spends almost forty percent of his time on vacation is bad. Having an ex-President who has “promises made promises fulfilled” and more and works around the clock for the American people is good. They say Trump gets less than 5 hours of sleep a night and wakes up full of energy. Biden works less than 5 hours a day and has no energy.

President Trump gave his annual pay check of $400,000 back to the American people. President Biden kept his.

Having an ex-President who has lifted every segment of society economically up in most categories of life here and throughout many parts of the world is good. Having a President who has with almost every decision made created havoc and instability in the world, lowered the standard of living of all, diminished the quality and abundance of our health care systems including the scarcity of certain drugs; contributing and enabling the bankruptcy and closing of hospitals and clinics throughout America , crushing the purchasing power and safety of Americans and people around the world like the Ukrainians, Palestinians, Israelis, Taiwanese, Japanese, South Koreans, Filipinos and others, that is bad.

Mr. De Niro this is the man you prefer as President.  While Biden is burning down and destroying America from within he is also destroying the value of the U.S. Dollar. He is doing all the dirty work of tearing down our country and saving China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and all our other enemies the trouble of doing so . Biden is making all the right decisions but not for Americans.

Biden’s’ family took millions from our enemies and they gave a piece of it to “the big guy”. Is this influence peddling and pay to play?
Jake La Turner (R-Kansas) received confirmation from ex business partner of Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski that the “big guy” is President Joe Biden. Emails between the Chinese company CEFC and Biden family business associates show 10 percent was held for the “big guy”.

There is a definite distinction here between both Presidential candidates. The main distinction is they are opposites of one another. One is doing mostly good things and the other is doing mostly bad things.

Countries all over the world are emptying out their prisons and mental institutions and sending them here and Biden accepts them while the world laughs at us as fools. Mr. De Niro that is bad. He is your choice over Trump. Is this normal behavior that benefits the American people or a twisted idea of what President thinks is normalcy? Where is common sense?

The FBI has identified Iranian assassin operatives here in the United States selected by the Iranian government because of their criminal backgrounds on a mission to kill President Trump, some of his staff and cabinet members as well as any Iranian citizens residing in the U.S. who have criticized the Iranian government.

Illegals are overwhelming our prisons, our hospitals, our schools, our recreational facilities, minimizing our ability of taking care of our beloved veterans who came home from war with impairments and psychological issues if they were lucky enough to come home at all.
Veterans are committing suicide at unusually high rates and we as grateful citizens need large amounts of tax dollars to help them if possible recover instead of giving these moneys to illegal aliens many of whom are criminals and mentally insane coming from over 150 countries looking for a free handout while American veterans and all Americans have to get to the back of the line.

Children’s diseases that were eradicated decades ago here in the United States are back in style and sitting next to your kids in school classrooms across this country and then brought into your homes.

It has been told that Biden said to one of his contractors who did work for him in Delaware that they should tell everyone they did his house as publicity which will bring them more business rather than get paid by Biden.

President Biden has turned the streets of America literally into public toilets where anyone can and do defecate , sleep out in the open, sell and do drugs, rob and assault innocent Americans with little or no retribution. Mr. DeNiro this is the man you prefer over Trump. What happened to respecting the constituency and keeping everyone safe?
Cartels are advertising on social media offering young people to drive to the southern border and make $2,000 for transporting illegals, drugs, slaves to specific addresses and safe houses. This Mr. De Niro is what the administration you support is enabling to happen. This could be America’s last stand before it disintegrates from within.

Gangs of invaders are coming here (MS13, Mexican mafia cartels, Sinaloa’s, etc) and other gangs as well as normal people estimated to be 10 million – 12 million since Biden has been in office. The criminal factor is estimated to be 10 % or 1 million 2 hundred thousand of these misfits, miscreants and offenders who are running around and trashing our country many with impunity and many are over loading our jails and prisons.

The security and sovereignty of our southern border is controlled by foreign criminal enterprises not our border control agents who are busy processing these illegal invaders and helping them change diapers. You President Biden are the architect and engineer of expediting the next 911 Twin Towers attack on American soil, allowing drug trafficking, human trafficking, the death of over 100,000 young Americans a year from fentanyl in order to create new Democrat voters. That is homicidal murder by a U.S. sitting President.

The plan is to create a Democrat ruling class party that will never relinquish power because of all the Democrat votes crossing our borders. This party’s’ agenda is to change America forever into a Socialist, Marxist and Communist state redistributing the wealth of the rich and middle class.

This radical agenda is supported by the financing and help of people like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos, Barbra Streisand, Bob Igor, Michael Bloomberg, Steven Spielberg, Barry Diller, Tom Steyer and many others. Why? The answer is not about good policy, it’s about “TDS”.

Trump against all political odds built over 500 miles of new wall to maintain our sovereignty and remove these foreign thugs and invaders ultimately saving American and illegal migrant lives. Where Trump had the invasion down to 400,000 annually you President Biden as of June 2024 have it annualized at over 2,000,000(Two Million). And to date since your time in office it is estimated you have brought in more people than our largest cities about 10-12 million new wards of the state. Some pundits say it could be much more.

Mr. De Niro which do you prefer the policy of death by Biden’s border policies or saving lives by Trumps policies? I know your answer because you hate Trump and would sacrifice the lives of innocent Americans rather than deal with reality. American patriots have to make tough decisions without letting their emotions get in their way. That is called smart leadership. In Trumps’ world it’s America first. In Biden’s’ world its America last. Mr. De Niro you have chosen the latter.
Allowing wide open access to our borders by Biden to criminal activities by foreign invaders, we as a nation are aiding, abetting and facilitating crimes against Americans and allowing these invaders to make more money than most Americans can even dream of.

The Mexican cartel syndicate revenues are in the billions. Trump had it under control and making it more secure. That was good. Biden in his warped desire to bring in future Democrat voters is bad.
Biden administration quietly offering ‘mass amnesty to 350,000 illegal migrants and is in the process of bringing 150,000 unknown Palestinians into our country the very same people who shout death to America and Death to Israel”. Mr. DeNiro that is bad.
Trump will send them all home.

If Trump were to allow these invaders in he would in his inimitable business minded way (I refer to his book “The Art of the Deal”) of making a profit. Trump would be placing a large tax on every illegal, the cartels who administer the entry to America and the Mexican government with a 100% import duty.

That’s the business end of Trump. Biden lets them in and we pay the illegals and allow the cartels to make money with impunity.
Biden has no business experience and never signed a pay check or employed anyone. He doesn’t understand the words profit and loss. Biden knows how to give our wealth away, spend and print money causing inflation.

Of course Trump is against this invasion so that would never happen. But since Biden’s policies are for this invasion why he isn’t taxing the cartels so the money can be used to help Americans in need as our veterans and homeless.

These invaders are here for the free entitlements and handouts, and some then take their spoils back home. If they are caught doing illegal activities by “Woke” D.A.s they are released without bail never to come back to court and many head home without punishment. These invaders for the most part do not qualify for entry based on the current immigration laws. And even if they did, America can’t afford the overwhelming numbers that have eroded the quality of life for Americans. We have no more money or space.

Under the United States Constitution it is a crime not to protect our sovereignty and our borders thus making Biden a felon and worse allowing so many to die without recognizing or trying to find a solution for it during his term in office. The fake news media follow Biden’s lead and say very little or refuse to criticize him for it. The media are complicit. That is why Trump calls them the enemy of the people and fake news. Mr. DeNiro, Biden’s border policies are killing people which is criminal and that is bad.

Some say you Mr. DeNiro compare Trump to being Hitler like. If Trump is Hitler like than you should go back and study your history books. Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel that was promised by so many Presidents before him but none kept their promise. Trump kept his promise. Trump cut off U.S. aid to Israel’s enemies to reduce the incidence of terrorist attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah. No other President has done that. Is Trump a good friend of Israel or Nazi like?

Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem as promised. Presidents before him broke their promise to do this. Trump cut off military aid to the Palestinians under the governing terrorist Hamas administration, no other President did this. Trump as promised recognized the Golan Heights as Israeli territory. No other President has done that. Trump authored the Abraham Accords with the help of his son-in law Jared Kushner which brought peace, economic ties and tourism between Israel, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Sudan and was in the process of having Saudi Arabia join the group until the Oct 7th attacks put a hold on this. Mr. DeNiro that is good. You seem to be selling “America and Israel last” Trump says we come first.

Trump’s daughter is an orthodox Jew and so are his grandchildren; Trumps son Donald Trump Junior was married to a Jew and his children are Jewish. I don’t think Hitler would have tolerated this in his family. Your Nazi analogy is flawed. If Trump is Hitler like than he must hate his family.

If Trump is Hitler like then we need more like him. Pick a better comparison. Your Hitler like analogy does not work. It sounds woke and weak.

Lest we forget that housing in major cities is scarce and in short supply for the Americans and rents are extremely high and un-affordable unless you are a of course a migrant and then you get housing for free along with everything else.

Part of this shortage is the overwhelming number of illegal needs apartments and yes they also live in nice hotels thanks to the Biden administration and the unwilling cooperation of the American tax payer. This is almost as bad as gentrification. Mr. De Niro this is extremely bad when Americans can’t afford a mortgage or reasonable rental prices. Biden calls his economic plan Bidenomics. Taking from Americans to feed illegal invaders. That is what you are supporting.
Mr. De Niro don’t you see what’s going on in right in front of your eyes in spite of your TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)? Or has your hatred blinded your common sense?

Biden supports teaching CRT (corrective race theory) in our schools to our newest students who are very impressionable. CRT teaches that White men and woman are the oppressors and minorities are the oppressed. Biden is planting the seeds of a future race war.
He is evil and you support him.

Biden supports having your kindergarten teacher and school determine what gender your kids identify as not the parents.
Biden supports destroying woman’s sports by allowing men with much bigger and denser muscles to compete in woman’s sports. This is an attack not just on woman but on our entire culture that should be celebrating the differences between men and woman and not attacking and pitting one against the other. Woman are denied the thrill of winning and competing, the rare opportunity of getting to go to a college for free on an athletic scholarship, the thrill of winning and breaking sport records , the right to privacy in their personal spaces like toilets, showers and locker rooms.

Biden is the man you think is honorable, ethical, and moral and doing a great job for all Americans. Well he left out half the world’s population namely woman. He does not care about our young woman starting out in life to begin a career and build a future some lucky enough to win scholarships. Affirmative action and D.E.I. is another crime against them.

Would you approve of men coming into your daughters private spaces to embarrass and humiliate her or take away her ability to compete in sports on an equal playing field to gain scholarships and achieve new sporting records? This is the man you support.

Biden is the man who makes decisions in favor of our enemies and you overlook that or can’t identify that because of your hatred of Trump. An American patriot as yourself and I believe you are has to make tough decisions.

Biden sends the FBI into school community board meetings to attack parents who voice opposition to these Biden woke policies and declare them domestic terrorist. That is a violation of the first amendment the right to free speech which Biden is suppressing and is a violation of his oath of office as President.

These are the ways of dictatorships, communist countries, 3rd world nations. This is what America under Biden is today. This is the America that Biden created, not Trump.

President Joe Biden says the greatest threat to America is White supremacy and the White man and woman. When you examine the FBI and the Department of Justice’s statistical data base you discover that these are lies and mis-information.

The incidences and crime numbers on record do not indicate this and show they are very low yet Mr. DeNiro your President Biden uses these harsh racist words to pander to the minorities for votes by stretching the truth, misleading minorities, misrepresenting DOJ statistics and dividing us as a nation. Biden said when running for President that he is the only one who can bring this country together. What he has done is perhaps seeding the population for an inevitable race war. This is the man you believe is a better President than Trump was.

Mr. De Niro what Biden has done is immoral and evil. He lies for votes. He is pitting Blacks and Hispanics against White men and woman. That is racist, an evil act so despicable, so mean, so sick, so psychotic that would deliberately force one race to hate another race for votes and has caused violence and death to White men and woman that you see and read about in the news daily. Fake news doesn’t call out Biden for his racist remarks nor do they cite statistics to prove him wrong regarding White supremacy. This is the man you say is honorable, decent and doing a good job. But Trump is Hitler like.
I see your rage and passion and I do believe you have honorable intentions, are a man of courage and deep conviction trying to be an American patriot but your hatred blinds you from what you are seeing and experiencing.

Even if Trump is everything you say he is, there is no question or a single iota of doubt that he has had 4 successful years fighting for Americans. His record speaks for itself. Biden has destroyed much of it and more. The world is laughing at us.

President Trump chooses to focus on the major categories of crime like Black on Black crime in major inner cities mostly blue cities, crime coming in from the southern border, drug and human slave trafficking, corruption in our capitol Washington, D.C. where in the city that makes the nation run, crime is one of the worst in the country while some of the richest counties in the country are around Washington D.C.

Trump asked Chicago mayor and others for permission to bring in Federal troops to begin the cleanup of crime in our inner cities but is always denied permission. Biden does nothing. They (the Democrat politicians) are afraid if Trump succeeded that would have made Blue city Democrat politicians look like failures and wouldn’t be re-elected.

The rape and penetration of our American borders results in the deaths of 110,000 innocent young Americans a year from opiods. That’s 300 deaths a day or one Boeing 737 Max crashing daily killing all passengers and crew. But President Biden never says anything or does anything because the goal of the Democrat party is to recruit future voters so there will only be Democrat politicians forever. Our lives don’t matter but the “Black Lives” movement did matter to the Democrats because they pander to minorities for votes. Mr. Di Niro do White lives matter?

They are more interested in power and keeping their political offices than protecting their citizens by crushing crime and bringing peace to their inner cities. Mostly minorities are the victims. Mr. DeNiro this is not only criminal, it is heartless, immoral and a dereliction of duty not to safe guard our citizenry.Where one tries to get votes by false and misleading rhetoric the other tries to get votes by his deeds and actions.

Mr. De Niro we are not voting for the Rose Bowl Queen, we are seeking a competent person who has experience in business and can use that experience to run our government efficiently, keep inflation and crime rates down, Americans safe, support our brave men and woman of law enforcement ,secure our borders, prosecute store thieves, turnstile jumpers, men who hit woman in the head in the middle of the street in broad daylight, protect our mom and pop businesses, keep taxes low, support our precious veterans, build and always have a strong military that will keep peace in the world (peace through strength) and help Israel eliminate one terrorist group Hamas once and for all. They call that leadership.

Is Trump a cad, a womanizer, a man with a big ego, a self promoter, a man with vanity, some would say so and worse? But he is the definition of a true American patriot, based on his actions not his words and a man with great success in business with the exception of a few bankruptcy’s.

He had approximately 500 enterprises with his name on it. Half were not his but he lent his name to for royalties. The other approximately 250 he built were his and only about 5 went bankrupt. 90 percent of new businesses fail within the first 5 years so you have to say that Trumps success rate gets an A+.

Biden’s solution for problems and failures is to raise taxes so failure in government is not taken seriously. In business you either make it and if you are struggling you cut costs, lay off people, cut salaries or go out of business. Trump knows how to run a lean mean business operation. That is why his failure rate in business is extremely low.

And for heaven sake let’s stop supporting and get out of the corrupt United Nations until their hate of Israel is squashed. It is being run by a group of 2nd and 3rd world country autocrats, theocrats, dictators, criminal governments, Marxist, Communist, Socialist and more.

Israel is the only Democrat country in the Middle East, home to Christians, Armenians, Greek Orthodox, Moslems, Arabs and yes even Jews. Which Moslem countries have Jewish houses of worship? Israel has every conceivable house of worship and anyone who is a citizen is able to run for office and represent their constituency in the Knesset their national house of legislation and that includes Arabs, Moslems, Christians and of course Jews.

Mr. De Niro that is morally, spiritually and ethically inspiring to know Israel respects all religions. You don’t have to be Jewish to practice your religion or be a citizen in Israel. Ask an Israeli Arab or Moslem where they would prefer to go to be a citizen. They choose to stay in Israel. Now why is that?

Biden supports Hamas based on his lifting the sanctions from Iran and allowing Iran once again to earn billions of oil revenue used to finance Hamas and other terrorist groups that threatens Israel .  From his first day in office even though we had Iran under severe sanctions long before Oct. 7, 2023 he sends billions of their money back to them even though they are officially classified as a terrorist nation and the number one proxy terrorist country in the world. Who proxy s for Iran against Israel? None other than Hamas whose mutual interests is to eliminate Israel from this world. The only Jewish state on this planet with a small population of 7 + million Jewish people along with millions of Arabs, Christians and Muslims living in peace together a smaller population than New York City.

He then goes ahead on day one of his administration and removes the sanctions on Iran’s oil industry a country that has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. Billions of dollars of oil revenue flood into a country that America had on its knees economically and had Iran coming to the negotiation table with very little fight left. So much money that Iran was able to finance the Oct 7th 2023 massacre on Israel by Hamas.


Is Biden Israel’s’ friend or is Trumps’ consistent Middle East policy make more sense. Biden acting like a proxy financed this massacre to kill Israelis. Yet 70 % of Jewish people vote for Democrats the very political party that is literally killing Israelis by their misguided or perhaps Biden’s deliberate anti-Semitic foreign policies. Jews must stop voting for Democrats including the Jewish ones. They all work as a block and now it is against Israel. The Democrat party of today is not the same Democrat party of our parents and grandparents although FDR was an anti-Semite and proved it by his actions during WWII.
Mr. De Niro if you are a friend of Israel and I think you are you have to evaluate the Biden foreign policy in the Middle East.

Biden says he supports Israel so why does he feed money to Iran who feeds it to Hamas and at the same time feeds money to Israel? His administration has no consistent clear cut foreign policy.
On one hand he supports the worst terrorists in the world and then he feeds money and weapons to Israel.

August 19, 2020 President Barack Hussein Obama said: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up.” Mr. DeNiro, that is the man you think is doing a good job, is honest and has the interests of you and the American people at heart.

Did you forget all the money that the Biden family got from China? The Ukraine, Russia and other countries and for what did they give in return? We know what they got now you tell me what did Hunter and Jim Biden give in return? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself.

I believe you are a true and sincere American patriot. You love America as much as any. But I can’t understand how you think Biden is doing a better job than that of Trump the man you allegedly called Hitler like.
Barack Obama urged Biden not to run for President in 2016 and 2020, preferred Hillary Clinton over his own vice president, questioned Biden’s ability to win, and warned others “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up.” And he was right.

With all due respect Mr. De Niro it’s time to put your hatred aside and think of the American people. Let’s clean up this country and put America first now and forever.

That’s what American patriots do.

God bless you and God bless America the land we both love.



Are the Hollywood Elite Inadvertently Supporting Hamas? Bob It’s a Small World. Barbra Can You Hear Me?

Are the Hollywood Elite Inadvertently Supporting Hamas? Bob and Barbra Can You Hear Me? We Love you! Please Help Us!

Facts for starters:

• Iran is the number 1 State sponsor terrorist country in the world.

• Iran’s number 1 target is Israel.

• Iran hates Jews and wants to eliminate Israel.

• Iran doesn’t want a 2 state solution; they want a “Final Solution”.

• Iran does not do its own dirty work. It finances and uses proxy terrorist organizations like  the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis for example amongst others to fight for them.

• Iran finances their arms, training and all other contingencies from their oil revenue to kill Jews and rid the Middle East of Israel.

• The United States of America under President Obama and President Biden send billions to Iran knowing this money will arm the terrorist to kill Jews and rid Israel from this earth.”From the river to the sea”.

• President Trump when he came into office immediately put a stop to this and placed sanctions on Iran which prevented Iran from raising any more oil revenue dollars to finance their proxy war on Israel.

* This brought Iran to its financial knees with little cash flow and emboldened its citizens to rise up against their oppressive government.

• President Trumps’ anti Iran pro Israel policy came to an end when President Biden signed an executive order on day one of his presidency to end President Trump’s sanctions against Iran.

* Billions of terrorist oil revenue rolled back once again into Iran’s bank accounts enough to finance the horrific invasion into Israel on Oct. 7th 2023 the worst onslaught and murdering of Jews since the Holocaust.

• President Biden’s reversal of President Trump’s executive order enabled Iran to finance Oct 7th 2023.

• Without U.S. sending dollars and ending the sanctions that raised billions of oil revenue dollars Iran could not have funded the terror on Oct 7th, 2023.

• 1,200 + Israelis and some American civilians brutally murdered and 140 + more kidnapped, many were eventfully murdered.

These are all facts that are incontrovertible and  cannot be denied.

The mystery is why would our Presidents’ do such things?

You decide: Are they Anti-Semites, anti-Israel, unfocused Presidents and Cabinet members, flawed foreign policy, bought and paid for, forced errors, pandering to both sides of the political spectrum for votes, playing both ends against the middle, incompetent administration? Who knows for sure?

One thing we do know is it was done by Democrat Presidents and their leadership, not on President Trumps’ watch.

President Obama sends Iran 400 million in 2016 held since 1981 plus 1.3 billion in interest much of it in dollars much of it secretly in the middle of the night in an unmarked airplane to Iran the world’s number 1 state sponsor of terror in the world targeting Israel. Why the secrecy?

In announcing the agreement, President Obama said that paying the $400 million – plus $1.3 billion in interest – was saving American taxpayers billions of dollars since Iranians had been seeking for more than $10 billion at arbitration.

Hollywood : If you love and support Israel and want the only Jewish State in the world to survive, then you have to stop voting for Democrats who whether they are Jewish or not pretty much vote as a block and followed President Obama and President Biden in sending money to kill Jews and annihilate Israel.

President Obama and President Biden profess their love and support for Israel. Yes?

Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do. They talk from both sides of their mouths pandering for votes not giving full and consistent support to Israel and Jews.

The Bob in the title is Bob Iger head of the Walt  Disney Company and the Barbra is Barbra Streisand both strong supporters of the Democrat party and haters of ex President Trump. They are isolated from the Biden administrations policy’s because of their economic and celebrity status. They are some of Hollywood’s richest elite.

Candidates Issues

Meeting on the State Budget – May 16, 2024

Click the image to view 2023 and 2024 slides.

Ana Champeny, Adjunct Lecturer at Baruch College and VP for Research at Citizens Budget Commission on the City and State Budgets

Video of the May 16 meeting on YouTube.

Nicholas Softy, who spoke at club’s April 18 meeting talks about New York’s Sanctuary Policies.


Old Business updates: NYC Local Law 11 Non-Citizen Voting (March 2024 before the Court of Appeals); Congestion Pricing to start June 30, 2024.  Malliotakis Gottheimer bill stalls in Congress.

Brandon Castro, Assembly 30 candidate
Candidate speakers: Jonathan Rinaldi, Assembly 28; Dwayne Moore, Assembly 29; Stephen Weiner, Surrogate Court; Julie Milner, Civil Court; Kenneth Paek, Assembly 26; and Jeremiah Kaambo, President of Namibia (speaking)

– Candidates who spoke at the meeting include:  Brandon Castro, State Assembly 30 (Steven Raga); Jonathan Rinaldi, State Assembly 28 (Andrew Hevesi);  Dwyane Moore, State Assembly 29 (Alicia Hyndman); Stephen Weiner, Surrogate Court Judge (open); Julie Milner, Judge of the Civil Court (Amish R. Doshi primary); Kenneth Paek, State Assembly 25 (Nily Rozic); and Jeremiah Kaambo, President of Namibia.

Next third Thursday meeting is June 20, 2024.  The club will host the only candidate debate between Kenneth Paek and Kenneth Chiu to represent the Republican Party for State Assembly in the 25th District.


Jews: Stop it! 

The case that I will try to make here is that 70-72% of American Jews are unwittingly supporting and contributing to the attacks on Israel by terrorist groups, the death and destruction of their own culture and the lives of their tribe by voting Democrat making the fight against Hamas, Hezbollah and the victory for Israel harder than ever before. Some Jews don’t get it so they keep voting against themselves. In essence working with the enemy. This may be hard for some to understand so let’s begin to connect the dots and let’s not forget to follow the money.

What we find is while President Obama and President Biden profess their strong devotion and support for Israel, then why do these 2 men financially support Hamas and Hezbollah via Iran, Israels’ enemy?

Let’s try “KISS” Keep it simple stupid and look for the enemies within America.

Approximately 70-72 % of Jews vote for Democrats. That’s a fact.

Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Their number one targets are Jews and the destruction of Israel. And they operate a proxy terrorist war with the help of Hamas and Hezbollah. That’s a fact.

Democrats under Presidents Obama and Biden send money to Iran the number one state sponsor terrorist country in the world and the number one enemy of Israel. This financial action by these two Presidents helps finance terrorism against Israel. That’s a fact.

Need I say more? But I will.

Why are these Presidents doing that? Are they anti-Israel and anti-Semites because they are financially supporting the annihilation of Jews and Israel?

Is this deliberate, a flawed foreign policy or accidental? Either way it doesn’t matter because the damage is done, irrevocable and continues.

If the Jewish voting bloc still votes for Democrats in the fall election of 2024 than they have not understood their actions. There are approximately 33 Jewish members of Congress following their Jewish leader Charles Schumer like sheep going to the slaughter house with few exceptions.

The Democrat party, its’ leaders Obama and Biden still till this day help finance Iran’s terrorism against Israel, Jews number one enemy. Yet Jews still vote for them. What am I missing?

The Obama administration airlifts 100’s of millions of U.S. dollars on pallets in an unmarked plane in the middle of the night to Iran. What for when Iran uses this money to feed weapons, training and support to Israel’s enemies Hamas, Hezbollah and others.

By proxy, Iran is waging a war of annihilation to eliminate all Jews and Israel once and for all. They don’t want a 2 state solution. They want a “Final Solution”. The death of all Jews and the elimination of Israel now and forever.

This is public information then why do these Presidents support a country that openly advertises death to Israel, death to America? The Palestinian chant “From the River to the Sea” means their goal is to end Israel. It doesn’t mean they want to live side by side in peace.

Trump sanctioned Iran so that they could not produce enough oil to finance their terrorism against Israel and other Middle Eastern countries. So Trump is Israel’s friend? Yes or No?

But somehow Jews don’t get it.

The answer is yes, like it or not. Donald J. Trump is your friend but you still vote for Democrats. To be on the polite side I’ll just say you are insane! I won’t say you are naïve or ignorant.

Iran is not just the enemy of the United States and Israel but of other countries in the Middle East.

Enemies of Iran include: Jordan: Jordan has been united against Iran with support from the United States; The United Arab Emirates has united against Iran with support from the United States; Qatar has been the target of an anti-Iran alliance that has demanded that Qatar end its relationship with Tehran; Saudi Arabia as well is at odds with Iran.

Iran finances Hamas, the Houthis, Hezbollah, the PLO, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and others. “Iran utilizes the proceeds of its black-market oil sales to fund its criminal activities, including its support of the IRGC, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Iranian aligned terrorist groups,” said Attorney General Merrick B. Garland. So I repeat myself: Then why did President Obama and why does President Biden send money, accommodate Iran’s selling oil by removing Trumps sanctions and at the same time say Israel is our friend, Israel is our ally, Israel will always have the backing and support of the United States?

Follow the money and it goes straight from the United States either directly to Iran or we allowing Iran to sell oil by lifting the sanctions set by President Trump that had Iran on their knees and unable to finance their proxy wars against Israel. Isn’t it the actions that count and not the words. Maybe pandering for Jewish votes and hope Jews don’t notice anything inconsistent.

Where Trumps sanctions stopped the flow of oil revenue to Iran, Obama sent cash and Biden lifted Trumps sanctions to allow 100s of millions of oil revenue dollars to Iran much of which is used to eliminate Jews and Israel.

Oct 7, 2023 is the direct outcome of these actions.

Don’t you see this? Or am I missing something? Please correct me if I am wrong. Why would you support the payment of your tax dollars to your enemies to kill your people, your friends, family and yourself? What’s wrong with you? Can’t you connect the dots?

Well that’s what you are doing when you support President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama and the Democrat party that supports the financing of terrorism in the Middle East via Iran.

These Democrat Presidents are financing and enabling the demise of Jews and Israel with your help. It’s clear as can be but you still vote for Democrats. And the Democrats in Congress almost to a letter vote together in one big bloc behind these Presidents to support these egregious foreign policies against Jews and Israel,

Ask yourself does that make these Presidents terrorist too and anti Semites? And why are the Democrat Jewish leaders in Congress supporting these policies and not crying out publicly and in both houses of Congress against this anti-Jewish, anti-Israel madness?
You have no choice in the fall election of 2024. Hate Trump or not you have to support Israel and Jewish people.

You have to vote for the preservation of Jewish life, the survival of your religion, your culture and the continued existence of your beloved country Israel. This election is not a popularity contest. It’s one that will change your history forever.

You always say” Never Again”. Here is your chance to save your culture.

Do you think that had President Biden not lifted Trumps sanctions against Iran allowing 100’s of millions of oil revenue dollars to flow to your enemy Iran Oct 7th 2023’s massacre of 1200+ Israelis and Americans would have happened?

It would never have happened!

There is no question that without the change of President Trumps foreign policy by President Biden this extreme inflow of oil revenue into Iran’s bank accounts there would have been no Oct 7th, no mutilation of babies in front of their parents, no decapitation of mothers in front of their children, no cooking babies in ovens, no raping and mutilating of woman in front of their families, no torturing and murdering of Jewish Israelis and American civilians and no kidnappings. Wake up Jews!

Hamas is a cult of evil using Palestinian men, woman and children to hide behind to avoid the IDF knowing that the IDF tries to minimize civilian casualties. Hamas uses their own civilians to hide behind when confronted by the IDF in hospitals, schools, and mosques.

They intentionally build their infrastructure of war in public places like schools, hospitals, civilian gathering places, homes etc. They store their weapons there; run their operations in and around and under these civilian public facilities to insure that the IDF will try and minimize civilian casualties.

They obviously don’t care about the innocent Palestinian civilians. Hamas uses them as human shields. 87 % of Palestinians voted for Hamas which is officially designated a terrorist organization. So as vulnerable as they are they are not totally innocent.

The lives of innocent Palestinian civilians are equally important. But what value does Hamas and Iran place on them? Jordan and Egypt don’t want Palestinian refugees into their countries due to incidences of the past, yet President Biden is talking about taking into the United States 100,000 Palestinian refugees without knowing who they are and knowing they would love to kill Jews.

Remember don’t trust what President Biden says, watch what he does. He says he loves Israel and will protect Jews so how does that help by letting in 100,000 people not knowing if they are civilians, terrorist or out to hurt America.

Is President Biden using the crisis in the Middle East as an excuse to bring in more Democrat voters?

Hamas indiscriminately dragged in their own civilian populations by unleashing the most vicious attack on Jewish civilians since the Holocaust. Instead of emanating from Germany it emanated by Hamas in Israel. Hamas’s attack in southern Israel Oct 7th 2023 was a Hitler like attack that brought the wrath of the Israeli people to defend themselves with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).

Hamas knew there was going to be strong retaliations by Israel and knew they were going to hurt their own people in a big way yet they showed no consideration for their own brothers and sisters. This is their moral mentality.

In essence Hamas became not only terrorist against Israel but terrorist against their own civilian populations.

When humanitarian aid comes to the Palestinian civilians, Hamas steals a good part of it and sells it to help fight their infatada.

There is enough aid from Israel, the United Nations, The United States, the Red Cross, private donations, charities, and other countries to eliminate famine but Hamas diverts much of it to support their military incursion in Israel. While Hamas with the financial aid of Iran helped in part by the support of President Obama and President Biden’s shipping money and removing of sanctions is supporting Hamas and at the same time praising Israel. America is funding both sides of the war. Supporting terrorism on one hand and supporting the only democracy in the Middle East Israel.

Hamas has denied their own civilians proper nutrition and medical supplies. They personify evil. Obama and Biden are helping support these evil terrorists’ organizations and that means killing Jews and Americans too. It’s so obvious but you can’t see it or you don’t want to believe it. Those with “TDS” aka Trump derangement syndrome harbor such a deep hate that it is not worth expecting them to understand the reality of how America is funding the destruction and death of Jews and Israel. These individuals are hopeless.

When a gun is pointed at you by Hamas terrorists attempting to kill you perhaps your fellow soldiers or your family and they are hiding behind innocent Palestinian civilians, what choice do you have? And when you defend yourself Hamas, the anti-Semites in the United Nations and certain people in Congress with their propaganda say you are deliberately killing woman and children. No, Hamas uses them as a shield. It’s either you or them if you want to see your wife, children and loved ones again.

Hamas chose this war and chose the rules of engagement, not Israel. Israel has to survive to live another day. And the Jews keep voting for Democrats.

President Biden allowed Iran to sell oil by removing sanctions on day one of his term in office yet at the same time puts sanctions and restrictions on the production of American oil and gas. This started the beginning of inflation and instead of the United States being a net exporter of energy we became a net importer thus cutting off our oil revenue and giving it to our enemies Russia, Iran Venezuela. etc.

President Biden is hiding something when he allows our enemies to make sales and profits from energy yet hurts America by taking away those sales revenue from the country he is President of, The United States of America .

The reduction of the supply of oil and gas in America by President Biden was the spark that triggered inflation in America not seen since 1990, 34 years ago. President Trump had inflation under control,(1.5%)not Biden’s 30-40 %(food,gas,rent,mortgages etc.) world conflicts at a minimum, and standards of living and wages increased for all races and classes of the population but 72 % of Jews still love Joe.

Food, energy and investments are not included in the inflation rate.
That is governments way of saying everything is better than you think. It’s a big lie. But we all buy this deceitful concept on how they measure inflation.

Food has risen along with energy more than anything else so you and I are being lied to when it come to inflation. Investments are also hurting for many industries related to energy, transportation, housing and others. Oil and gas is the blood that feeds the economic body aka the economy, jobs housing, consumer confidence and more. When you reduce the flow of cheap energy you are inflicting a mini stroke and heart attack on the American consumer and consumer confidence shrinks, people slow their spending habits and the economy falls like a rock in water. But I digress.

Jews you have only one friend and it’s not Adam Schiff, Charles Schumer, AG Garland, Mayorkas, Richard Blumenthal, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jerry Nadler, Jamie Raskin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Mitch McConnell, Kamala Harris, Hakeem Jeffries and so many others. Many here are Jews. Their voices were weak or not heard at all. Votes matter, you don’t.

The latest (May 2024) anti-Semitic action is that President Biden wants to bring in 100,000 Palestinians to America and fast track them to American Citizenship. Giving them everything from food, shelter, health care and you name it while holding back shipments of arms to Israel. The President is supporting Hamas while at the same time praising Israel. Pay attention to not what he says (that he uses to get votes) but what he does that counts.

Palestinians are taught in school from day one that the noblest thing is to kill Jews. Yet the Jewish voting bloc of Democrat politicians vote and back President Biden’s policies. Are Jewish children in schools in Israel taught to kill Palestinians? No!

Where are the Jewish politicians’ in Washington D.C. and in all the State legislatures when you need them and why aren’t their voices louder? In most cases where are their voices period.

It’s a power game for votes and results in anti-Semitism at its’ worst in a country that vows freedom of religion for all. There is no moral leadership from Washington D.C.s Jews. Jews are just cannon fodder and expendable in a game of power and politics.

And to the rich Jewish people like hedge funder Tom Steyer, Investor Donald Sussman, Wall Street financier James Simons, Deborah Simon, media mogul Michael Bloomberg, Henry and Marsha Laufer, hedge fund manager Stephen Mandel, Hedge funder George Soros, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, Facebooks’ Mark Zuckerberg; Didn’t he give 400 + million dollars to the Democrats in the election of 2020 to defeat Trump who is the real friend of the Jews?. I thought Mark went to Harvard University for awhile. You got to be very smart to go there. And there are many other Jews who did the same I am sure with good intentions to support their political party but they didn’t connect the dots as they were supporting the killing of Jews and the war of annihilation of Israel.

Rich Jews stop supporting the Neo-Marxist, socialist, anti-Semitic Democrat party, the liberal and left wing Colleges and Universities that do not protect your Jewish students and allows anti-semitism to exist on campus’s all over America and in the Middle East by some of our Presidents who have and are still supporting terrorism by the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world against Jews and Israel and that is Iran. Mark, Michael, Tom, George and others, please connect the dots.

Universities that teach this and or allow this behavior by left wing professors and then these students (50% of these student bodies at many of these schools are foreigners)when they graduate go and carry these prejudices into the work place here and abroad wherever they travel or live. Pay attention and connect the dots. Parents be careful where you send your kids for an education.

And stop supporting the United Nations which in a large part is an anti-Semitic, anti Israel bloc of second and third world haters. Let’s stop financing a corrupt organization and withdraw from the United Nations until they stop their hate. We pay most of the bills there so maybe a lack of funding will send a strong message to all the American and anti Israel haters . Without American funding of the U.N. their magic is practically gone.

Today’s’ Democrat party is not the same one of your parents and grandparents. It’s a new party of Socialists, Neo-Marxists, Communists and anti-Semites. Moral leadership in Washington D.C. is dead and most of the Jewish leaders in Washington D.C. are part of it. It’s the world of the “deep state” and “the swamp”.

Jews, stop it! You have only one friend. Don’t count on your Jewish leaders in Congress. They are playing both sides against the middle.

It’s DJT. You decide. This coming election will change Israel and America forever.72 % of Jewish voters have got to change their voting ways. Vote to protect Israel and the traditional way of American life . That includes say no to “Woke” Biden policies. Say yes to Donald J Trump.


Honduran Resident of America  is Angered Over Our Open Borders!

Honduran Resident of America is Angered Over Our Open Borders!

His name is Roberto and he is a hard working resident of the United States of America. He came to America the legal way. He applied for legal entry, filled out the paper work, paid his fees,had a background check, had his interview and waited his turn. Now he and his family live in the country of their dreams.

Today in America he labors everyday as a construction worker, works hard, supports his family and pays his taxes. When he sees people walking across the border and collecting over $100,000 to $150,000 in goods and services for free he gets upset.

Why should I work he asks?

When he sees what’s happening at the open borders it makes his blood boil. Roberto said the average Honduran worker in Honduras if he is lucky and has a good job may earn at most $1,000 a month.

But that’s not what World Data says.

According to, the average annual income in Honduras in 2023 is $2,750, making it one of the lower middle-income countries.

The average monthly salary in the formal sector is about $400–$500. Mind you,that’s a month. The illegal immigrants who come to America get $8,333.00 to $12,500 a month in goods and services just for doing nothing but showing up at the border.

Roberto does not understand how the American government allows this to happen and at the same time allows the deaths of over 100,000 Americans from Fentanyl. How the government allows the drug cartels to make billions and bad people to enter his new home America is a puzzle to him.

On one hand they protect the illegals and on the other hand they don’t protect the Americans. On one hand America protects the Ukrainian border and the Israeli border but does not protect his new countries border.

Roberto feels that President Biden has let him and his family down.

He is afraid to tell anyone but he said to me he will be voting for Donald J. Trump and so will a lot of his friends and relatives.

Candidates Issues

Meeting on Migrant Crisis – April 18, 2024

Nicholas Softy, State and Local Field Representative of Federation for American Immigration Reform gave a concise presentation filled with facts.

Candidates who presented themselves from left to right were Brandon Castro, State Assembly 30 against Steven Raga; Angelo King, State Assembly 27 against Sam Berger; Juan Pagan, State Senate 11 against John Liu; Bill Kregler, US Congress 7 against Nydia Velazquez; Paul King, US Congress 5 against Gregory Meeks; Thomas Zmich, US Congress 6 against Grace Meng; Dr. Josh Eisen, US Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand; William Shanahan, Queens Civil Court Judge; and Ruben Diario Cruz (not pictured), State Assembly 24 against David Weprin.

First time attendees were invited to speak.  Christopher Johnson delivered an impressive introduction!

Other updates discussed include the unconstitutional NYC Local Law 11/2022 Non-Citizen Voting being brought before the Court of Appeals; movement against NYS Equal Rights Amendment (“Parent Replacement Act”) ballot proposal in November 2024; MTA cutting deals with NJ, SI, UES, Battery Park lawsuit filers against Congestion Pricing; Governor Hochul’s state budget to include elements of “City of YES“, specifically, opting-in Accessory Dwelling Units.  The state budget has not been adopted as of April 18, 2024.

Click the image to view the Live Streamed meeting video.

The Club live streamed the meeting via YouTube for the first time.  We had a peak of 9 concurrent viewers.  Thank you!

The next third Thursday meeting is May 16, 2024.  Featured speaker is Ana Champeny from the Citizens Budget Commission on the New York State budget.  At the speaker’s request, the order of meeting’s agenda will be rearranged.  Ms. Champeny is up first from 7:30 pm to 8:15 pm.

Candidates Issues

Meeting on Petitioning and Albany – March 21, 2024

Petitioning, Albany and Haiti

Jude Elie, Presidential candidate of Haiti updated the club on the situation in his country.

Lester Chang, first Chineses Republican State Assemblyman (49 District), discussed how he won his race in 2022, and offered his guidance for candidates running this year.

Phil Grillo talked about his January 6, 2020 experience and his case before the federal court.

Candidates who spoke:  Yiatin Chu, State Senate 11 (Toby Ann Stavisky); Joseph Chou, US Congress 6 (Grace Meng); Ricardo Pacheco, State Assembly 34 (Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas); Robert Speranza, State Assembly 26 (Edward Braunstein); Ruben Diario Cruz, State Assembly 24 (David Weprin); Ken Li, State Senate 17 (Iwen Chu); David Rem, US Congress 14 (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez); and Juan Pagan, State Senate 16 (John Liu).

Petition collectors are needed.  Please contact  Some candidates are offering to pay.  April 4 is the last day to submit petitions.

– Next meeting is April 18, 2024.  Nicholas Softy, Field representative of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is scheduled to speak.

Video of March 21, 2024 meeting.


Redistricted Maps & History

Based on Special Master’s 2022 map, New York had 4 Congressional districts flipped to Republican in November 2022.  Albany Democrats had the Special Master’s map voided and Independent Redistricting Commission’s February 2024 proposal rejected to pass its own version on February 28, 2024, and was enacted by Governor Hochul on the same day.  It’s good until 2032.
State Assembly maps by the Independent Redistricting Commission adopted on April 24, 2023.  Nearly identical to the “unconstitutional” version signed into law on February 3, 2022.

Certified NYS Congressional and State Senate maps by the Special Master

The certified and approved Congressional and State Senate maps.

Certified Congressional Map for New York City

Redistricted maps on the New York City Board of Elections website first published on February 25, 2022.

Resources:  Have I been redistricted? by   Redistricting & You, the Twitter account of Michael Li NYU Law Brennan Center, and FiveThirtyEight.