Meeting on Petitioning and Leadership – February 27, 2023

Speakers on a snowy and slushy evening:
Tony Nunziato, Chairman of the Queens County GOP
James Pi, Margaurite Chandler, Rocco Ruggiero, Craig Tyson, Robert Bobrick, Wesley Rose, Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, Gerard Lally, Jim Strawhorn, Zhile Cao, Marvin Jeffcoat, Marilyn Miller, BOB TURNER, Juan Pagan, Martha Rowen, Eric Berend, Kevin O’Leary, David Kemp, Rosa Cerrato, Aaron Foldenauer, Chris Wright, Jim Schwatzman

Other speakers included: Edward Manfredonia, Patricia Soriano Cabuay, Richard Huber, and Aaron Foldenauer.

Republican City Council candidates:
Please support our candidates.  Any resident living in the City of New York could have his/her contribution up to $175 matched 8 to 1.

Eric Berend, 1st
Juan Pagan, 2nd
Robert Bobrick, 3rd
Brian Robinson, 4th (represented by Maxwell Thom)
Elizabeth Golluscio, 5th
Diane di Stasio, 6th
Robert Caemmerer, 11th
Phillis Nastasio, 13th
Kristy Marmorato, 13th
Grace Marrero, 13th
George Havranek, 13th
Hasime Samantha Zherka, 13th
Vickie Paladino, 19th (incumbent)
James Yu-Ching Pai, 20th
Jin Liang Chen, 20th
Bernard Chow, 23rd
Jonathan Rinaldi, 24th
Zhile Cao, 25th
Marvin Jeffcoat, 26th
Marilyn Miller, 27th
Danniel Maio, 29th
Robert Holden, 30th (incumbent)
Daniella May, 31st
Joann Ariola, 32nd (incumbent)
Martha Rowen, 33rd
Isaiah Vega, 37th
Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, 39th
Harold Tischler, 44th
Michael Ragusa, 47th
Avery Pereira, 47th
Anna Belfiore-Delfaus, 47th
Ari Kagan, 48th (incumbent)
Inna Vernikov, 48th (incumbent)
David Carr, 50th (incumbent)
Joseph Borelli, 51st (incumbent)


Heroes of the Holocaust WWII Poland

The Jan Karski Humanitarian Awards Reception May 20, 2019

Kosciuszko Foundation 15 East 65 Street New York City, NY

Key Note speaker Stan Norwalk, Assistant Chairman of the Polish Jewish Dialogue Committee

Honoring Irena Sendler with The Jan Karski Humanitarian Award Posthumously.

“Heroes of the Holocaust in Poland WWII”

Good evening distinguished guests, ladies and gentleman, my name is Stan Norwalk Assistant Chairman of the Polish Jewish Dialogue Committee.

Tonight we celebrate the Christian men and woman in Poland during World War II who did something most of us would probably not do. Save Jews. Their selflessness was noble, remarkable, and under many scenarios incredulous, perhaps bordering on insanity. Their actions  were bold and incomprehensible.

Who amongst us in their right mind would risk their own lives and those of their friends and family to save a Jew in WWII Poland?

Lets find out!


Your Choice for the Greatest Threat to America

President Joe Biden said that “White Supremacy” is the biggest threat to America. The numbers don’t support his inflammatory and racist narrative. That’s why the President or his administration doesn’t present any statistics to the American people to substantiate these reckless and dangerous claims that inflame minorities against law enforcement and White people. Where are the Department of Justices’ statistics? They are slim and feeble. Joe should write a book and call it “How to Get Votes Without a Conscience”

Is there White Supremacy? Of course ! Is it the biggest threat to America? Of course not. President Biden won’t back up his statements because the numbers are not there to justify the reckless anti White racial statements that it is the biggest threat to America.  Half of Spanish people are White. Had it been said about another race by a White person all hell would have broken out?

“Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa” would be marching in the streets burning down cities and accosting police with impunity and every liberal news outlet with few exceptions would be attacking White America. There would have been a D.O.J. and F.B.I. investigation  pandering to the races and people would have been arrested and or fired. And Reverend “the opportunist” Al Sharpton would be on his bully pulpit stirring up pots of hatred and inciting all kinds of negative actions instead of looking at the real numbers and statistics.

Media host Don Lemon of CNN said “The biggest terror threat to this country is White men”. And he still has his job. If a White news anchor or host or any White person said this about another race they would have been fired or at least demanded their resignation. Double standards. White men as a race are targets of racism. There has been a war on White men for quite awhile. They have been diminished to 2nd rate citizens. And it all began with affirmative action decades ago. Harvard University and many other universitys gives blacks who apply for admission an extra  300  plus points toward their admission scores over others as Asians and Whites to tip the scale in their favor. That’s racism! And yes it’s systemic.

We should have a pure merit based process to insure the very best for our country so that all men and woman are treated equally.  Asians have the highest wealth factor of all peoples and do better in school than all peoples and have lower crime rates than all peoples here in America . Let the chips fall where they may. It is simply good for all of us . Lets not encourage mediocrity in the name of equity and diversity when it is a formula for a second rate society. All Americans lose out in the worlds competitive international economy.

Instead let’s deal with the root causes and build on that . It all starts in the home . Single parent familys and a shallow empasis on education are some of them. Its the scurge of drugs that cross the Southern border. Its the appeal for materealistic things at an early age which encourages too many to want to make it the easy way on the streets of urban America.. Tight family units matter where single family parents get support from their other family members backed up by entitlements (government assistance).

Black people have been oppressed and discriminated against unfairly for centuries here in America and throughout the world. Right through the Jim Crow era. But Jim Crow is part of history.

Blacks and others need our support but  not by pushing Asians and Whites aside. That creates disharmony and resentment not just amongst ourselves but of our government.

Black leaders have to be more transparent, more vocal and more visible in leading, especially those leaders who are in the public eye and they  should be out there through the media expounding and educating all of us how to be better people better citizens and what it means to be a loving and supportive  family member .

Much has changed and Blacks and Latinos are doing well. We know having a strong family life, two parents is better, who demand of their children that doing well in school, respecting others, respecting law enforcement and staying in school increases their chances to succeed. Same goes for all families.


The Chinese Balloon Incident ! Is Joe Biden Compromised By His Sons’ Business Relationships with China?

February 4th, 2023 early afternoon the U.S. Air force shot down the Chinese balloon with a  sidewinder missile when they could have used the planes guns with dozens or perhaps hundreds of bullets that can pierce the metal armored tanks so that balloon should be a problem . Bullets cost hundreds of dollars and depending on how many were needed perhaps thousands of dollars.

The bullets would have had the same results and we would have been able to recover more of the balloon to examine .The disbursement of the debris would be spread over a smaller area.

Wikipedia says: The sidewinder cost US$381,069.74 (Block II) US$399,500.00 (Block II Plus) US$209,492.75 (training missile) (All as in 2019). We have high altitude fighter planes that could reach the altitude of the balloon and bullets that if they can penetrate armor plated steel tanks certainly could have brought down the balloon.

Let’s look at it from an economic point of view. I would prefer to spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on bullets than $400,000 dollars on a side winder missile.

This appears as if the military corporate complex wants our leaders to use their high tech, high cost equipment so they can get the benefit of a $ 400,000 dollar sale rather than sell a few bullets worth a few thousand dollars. Defense contractors using corporate lobbying and influence peddling really works.

And why did we wait for the balloon to travel for 7 days from the Western Aleutian Islands territory of Alaska to off the coast of the Carolina’s on the east coast collecting all kinds of top secret data and flying over highly sensitive military bases and nuclear missile sites?

Is our President compromised by his son’s business relationships with China like the 1.5 billion dollar deal that drug addict Hunter walked away with?  Or was Joe compromised by the 54.6 million dollars that flowed into the University of Pennsylvania between 2014 and 2019 from China after Joe opened his Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement? Oh and then there was another 31 billion dollar deal from the Chinese elite. Nice work if your name is Biden.

In order to succeed in this world you no longer have to go to college although Hunter did.  The new prerequisites for success are, get kicked out of the military for drug abuse after one year of service, hang out with hookers, get high on whatever your preferred drugs are, go after your dead brothers wife, and to put the icing on the cake have no experience in the business deals you are involved in yet earning millions and millions of Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian money because your dads name is Biden.  The cover-ups by the  liberal press ,the US attorney’s office, the FBI, the woke media, and perhaps the guy in the Presidency could make you very comfortable in life and stay out of the way of criminal prosecution. What part of that money did Joe get?

Why was that balloon allowed to freely move about? Joe says that had we shot it down it may have caused civilian casualties but there are plenty of open spaces between Alaska and the Carolina’s without populations that would have allowed Joe to issue the command to take this balloon down.

What if that balloon was preparing to attack our military bases, missile sites and other strategic and civilian locations?  The waiting could have been catastrophic. We know that it was at a minimum collecting data which is critical to our national defense. What else was it doing?  What type of payload was this balloon carrying?  This Presidential indecision has cost the USA dearly! To what extent? Will we ever know?

Have we not learned any lessons from 9/11/2011?

Why did our President allow this to happen? Was it stupidity? Incompetence? Carefulness? Diplomacy? Quid Pro Quo? Poor advice from his military and political advisors like President Barack Hussein Obama or Susan Rice ex National Security Advisor, or  Americas’ top military guy General Milley, Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff for Biden. The General had fallen asleep at the wheel being distracted by teaching CRT and “Wokeness” to our military instead of keeping an eye on how we leave Afghanistan with all our allies, equipment, safely and securely, or protecting our borders or paying attention to what is an unauthorized balloon doing flying over our sovereign skies?

America is being penetrated on the land and in the skies above at will by the entire world. We are no longer a country but a free candy store for all to enter and take from us whatever they want at the expense of our national security and tax payer dollars.

Our Government is not proactive but reactive. They are reckless and unaccountable to our citizens; many believe owned and payed for by some countries as well as corporations and some individuals.

Can anyone connect the dots? This administration is either compromised or stupid.  Perhaps in this “woke” generation our President identifies as the leader of the Peoples Republic of China.

You decide.





Meeting on 2023 City Council and Queens District Attorney candidates – January 19, 2023


George Grasso, candidate for Queens District Attorney

George Grasso, Queens District Attorney
Juan Pagan, City Council 2nd District
Robert Bobrick, City Council 3rd District
Elizabeth Golluscio, City Counil 5th District
Scott Harney, City Council 23rd District
Daniella May, City Council 31st District
Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, City Council 39th District
Michael Ragusa, City Council 47th District

Eric Berend, City Council 1st District
Zhile Cao, City Council 29th District
Mitchell Bosch, City Council 37th District

Juan Pagan, Robert Bobrick, Elizabeth Golluscio, Scott Harney, Daniella May, Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, Michael Ragua

Election of the Chairman of the club’s board (David Abraham, Martha Rowen, and Vic Starsky)

Gerald Kann, Elizabeth Golluscio, Eric Berend, Gerard Lally, David Kemp, Jimmy Schwatzman, Isaiah Vega, Robert Bobrick, Martha Rowen, Wesley Rose, Juan Pagan, Carol Krohn, Kathleen Lally, Joel Solomon, Daniella May, Stephen Weiner, David Abraham, Sharon Liao, Arkadiuz Tomaszewski and Danniel Maio
Candidates Issues

Election Saga of Tom Sullivan 23AD and Lester Chang 49AD

On November 8, 2022, Republican flipped 4 State Assembly seats in Queens and Brooklyn:  Tom Sullivan topped Stacey G. Pfeffer Amato by 246 votes in the 23rd District; Michael Novakhov trounced Steven Cymbrowitz by 4,215 votes in the 45th District; Alec Brook-Krasny bettered Mathylde Frontus by 797 votes in the 46th District; and Lester Chang knocked out Peter Abbate by 668 votes in the 49th District.

Queens: 23AD.  Assemblywoman Stacey G. Pfeffer Amato sued (Nov 15).  After absentee votes were cured and counted, Republican challenger Sullivan won by 3 votes (Nov 23).  Recount placed Assemblywoman Pfeffer-Amato up by 1 vote (Dec. 7).  Assemblywoman Amato won two court cases.  She led by 8 votes when counting 11 “overvotes” (Dec 22).  Count of the 74 “cured” ballots, 4 affidavits, and 11 “overvotes” gave her a 15 vote-margin and the win.  (Jan 4).

Brooklyn: 49AD.  Unlike in Queens, Assemblyman Peter J. Abbate, Jr. did not sue.  Instead, Assemblyman-Elect Lester Chang had to appear before the Assembly Judiciary Committee with mountain of documents.  He was seated January 3, 2023.

Photo by Yiatin Chiu.





Joe Biden
Stated on December 16, 2022 in a town hall for U.S. veterans:
After Joe Biden became vice president, at the behest of his father, he gave his uncle, Frank H. Biden, a Purple Heart for serving in the U.S. military during World War II.

By Yacob Reyes • December 20, 2022

Joe Biden
Stated on December 16, 2022 in a speech:
Says he has been to “Afghanistan, Iraq and those areas” twice as president.

By Tom Kertscher • December 20, 2022

Joe Biden
Stated on October 27, 2022 in a speech in Syracuse, N.Y.:
The price of gas is “down from over $5 when I took office.”

By Louis Jacobson • October 28, 2022

Joe Biden
Stated on October 23, 2022 in a forum with Now This:
Student loan forgiveness is “passed. I got it passed by a vote or two. And it’s in effect.”

By Louis Jacobson • October 25, 2022

Joe Biden
Stated on July 6, 2022 in a speech in Cleveland:
The “average federal income tax” paid by the richest Americans is “8%. … If you’re a cop, a teacher, a firefighter, union worker, you probably pay two to three times that.”

By Louis Jacobson • July 13, 2022


The January 6th Committee. Unanswered Questions & the Exclusion of Exculpatory Evidence! AKA Lying by Omission & Deception!

The House of Representative under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi created the January 6th commission to investigate the riot at the Capitol building. The biased, self serving commission did not allow President Trump to defend himself, have attorneys present, nor have witnesses to testify on his behalf or present contrary evidence. Videos were edited to eliminate any exculpatory evidence that would help the President. In essence it was a witch hunt. Below are some of the questions that we should be asking:

1) Why were real Republicans rejected to be on the January 6th committee but 2 RHINOS (Republicans in name only) were accepted.

2) Why did the committee consist of Trump haters only aka “Never Trumpers”?

3) Why was exculpatory evidence withheld from the hearings?

4) Why wasn’t Trump allowed to have lawyers present to the hearings?

5) Why wasn’t Trump allowed to have his witnesses testify on his behalf?

6) Why wasn’t Trump or his lawyers allowed to make statements in support of his defense?

7) Why were Trumps warnings of excessive crowds heading to D.C, unheeded and never entered as evidence?

8) Why were Trumps offers to have up to 20,000 extra security personnel along with Capital police, Washington D.C. police and National guardsmen rejected by Mayor Bowser and Nancy Pelosi who was in charge of the Capital building security along with the Capital Police Chief? And never entered as evidence. Was Trump being set up for failure?

9) Why did Nancy Pelosi reject the requests from the Capital police chief just days before the protest rally to have more security rejected as there was awareness of large crowds coming to the protest? And never entered as evidence.

10) What did Nancy Pelosi and Mayor Bowser know and when did they know it? Were they setting up Trump for failure to ruin his chances at another run for President?

11) Why did the video evidence by the January 6th committee of President Trumps’ speech before the march to the Capital building exclude and edited out him saying now go forth peacefully and patriotically and make your voices heard? It was edited out. Never entered as evidence.

12) When Trump saw what was happening he asked the crowds to disburse and go home peacefully. “I know your pain, I know you’re hurt,” Trump said. “But you have to go home now, we have to have peace. We have to have law and order; we have to respect our great people in law and order.”Why was this edited out of the video evidence presented before the January 6th committee? Never entered as evidence.

13) How is it that the protesters who were held in jail were not given their constitutional rights of being arraigned and charged within the constitutional legal time limits?

14) Why were many of the protesters who were arrested and held for such a long time before being charged and arraigned within the time restraints under the law? Once you have been arrested on a federal Ccmplaint and warrant, the government must hold a preliminary exam with 14-21 days unless you consent, and good cause is shown. Otherwise, the rules require that you be released.

15) Why were the protesters held being denied a fast and speedy trial?

16) Why were many of the protesters being delayed to post bail?

17) Why were some of the protesters being held not given proper medical care?

18) Why wasn’t the murder of Ashli Babbitt an unarmed white female Air Force veteran who was climbing through a broken door window and shot in the back not mentioned or properly investigated?

19 Why was the video of Ashli Babbitt edited out? Moments just before she was killed, police were ordered away from where she was killed.This has the appearance of some sort of scheme that was about to unfold but went wrong.

20) Why did Nancy Pelosi declare that the January 6th, 2021 protest and trespassing into the Capitol building to be the worst event in American history? No weapons were found and only one death occurred that day, that of Ashli Babbitt. Pelosi was in charge, never called as a witness and she should be charged with at least gross negligence and deriliction of duty. She should have resigned as speaker of the house.

Did Nancy forget things that were far worse than the 1 day event of January 6th 2021 as she proclaimed it the worst day in American history?

How about:

* The Civil War fought to hold the union together and free the slaves where 520,000 + mostly young lives were lost, bodies maimed, minds broken, families left in pain never to be whole again.

* World War I with 116,708 American deaths, 204,000 wounded and 757 civilian deaths.

* The Great Depression

* Pearl Harbor with the loss of 2,335 American military lives , 68 civilians, and what about the 1,143 wounded military plus 35 civilians never to be whole again? Pearl Harbor brought us into World War II with the greatest loss of lives in history.

* World War II, the deadliest military conflict in history where 407,000 American serviceman and woman were killed, + 12,000 civilians wounded and maimed for the rest of their lives? The deadliest war in history with the loss of 70-85 million lives lost mostly civilians.

* Korean War, 5 million dead, including 40,000 Americans dead 100,000 wounded.

* Did she forget the lies (the Domino theory) that brought us into the unpopular Viet Nam War killing 58,220 American men and woman and wounding severely hundreds of thousands? If you wanted to stop the spread of communism why Viet Nam, go right to the source which is China.

* Viet Nam War protests across America i.e. the murders at Kent State University in May of 1970 of unarmed students protesting, 4 were shot dead and 9 wounded by the Ohio National Guard.

* Deadliest terror attack in the world happened right here in the USA, the 9/11 attacks. Did she forget the terrorist attacks on 4 airplanes terrorizing passengers (246 passengers dead), 2 planes crashing into the world trade towers(2,753 dead),1 into the Pentagon building(184 dead) and 1 into the fields of Shanksville, Pennsylvania (40 dead).Total deaths 3,223.

* What about the Iraq War where the world was told there were weapons of mass destruction which were never found? Many of our allies said wait and let’s see the final report by the United Nations investigation. What we got was bedlam in the Middle East and more dead and wounded American soldiers.

President Bush had them down to his ranch in Texas, many paraplegics, crippled and with PTDS, invited for a bicycle run and then a BBQ. More young people’s lives and those of their families ruined in the name of what? Poor leadership.

* Wars where we were unable to get any significant victory. America fought five major wars after 1945 including Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan in addition to some minor wars in Somalia, Yemen, and Libya.

The January 6th Committee is a biased, political, undemocratic, one sided witch hunt to destroy an ex President who they fear if he runs again in 2024 will win. Why because if he wins he will uncover some of the largest abuse of power by corrupt individuals, politicians, organizations, lobbyists, and PACs in Washington D.C. where power and money rules and not the interests of the American people. “MAGA” is the enemy of the “deep state” and their “swamp”.

Candidates Issues

Meeting on 2022 General Election results – December 15, 2022

Wrapped up 2022.  On January 19, club will introduce Queens District Attorney and City Council 2023 candidates.

7 candidates presented their stories and recommendations.

Paul King, Congress 5th ag Gregory Meeks
Juan Pagan, Congress 7th ag Nydia Velazquez
Steve Speer, Congress 10th ag Dan Goldman
Robert Bobrick, State Senate 47th ag Brad Hoylman
Martha Rowen, State Senate 26th ag Andrew Giournardes
Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, State Assembly 44th ag Robert Carroll
Marilyn Miller, State Assembly 32nd ag Vivian Cook

3 chairman of the board candidates were nominated.
Martha Rowen, Vic Starsky and David Abraham.

Post election analysis by Eric Vineski


Should There Be Reparations for Slavery?

The question of reparations for the ancestors of American slaves has been around for a long time but nothing has come of it. Here I make a case for reparations but not only does it apply to American ancestors of slaves but it has to include all those who have been deeply afflicted, harmed, hurt, injured, pained, saddened , deceived, deluded, misguided,tricked for specific but historical events upon them by the American government of their citizens and or others.

How about reparations for millions of those who lost out in many ways to affirmative action people which is tantamount to reverse discrimination.

How about reparations for the ancestors of hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers and their families who were maimed or died to free the slaves and keep the Union together? Their loved ones carried this pain and economic loss through the rest of their lives and were denied any real compensation .

How about President Abe Lincoln and his  family? President Lincoln and his family never had the chance to finish and fulfill his second term of office and be grandparents together and they lost a father, husband and the special moments families share together. Their sorrow lived on after his assassination.

And Japanese Americans of WWII who were not compensated sufficiently?

How about billions of dollars for the death, injuries and damages from the 2020 riots (500+) all over America re: George Floyd’s killing?

Remember the Twin Cities riots being reported by MSNBC’s news correspondent and reporterAli Velshi May 29-30, 2020, as America watched on their TV screens large fires in the background, buildings burning ,and police abandoning their precinct building as gas lines were cut there, Mr Velshi calmly reported and I am paraphrasing; These are mostly protests, not generally unruly; clearly suggesting it was not a riot but peaceful protests.

The “woke” press insulting Americans what is clearly seen on the news to protect, control and diminish the impact of the handling of these riots and its effects on the Democrat party and its leadership.

What about compensation for millions of soldiers  and their families who died in wars fighting for our country? They made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. Too many who returned home were destroyed forever .

What about racial discrimination against Jews who were denied access to  higher education and professions and also reparations for Asians who were denied admissions to Colleges, Universities and specialty schools that they had worked hard for, sacrificed and rightfully earned the privilege to attend yet turned away?

Right now governments are looking into a law to pay reparations for pre civil war slavery. Reparations should be looked into for other failures by government and society and fairly applied to all Americans for their sacrifices and discrimination against them as well. These additional reparations listed below should be investigated and considered for inclusion into the law if such a law is passed.

Going on in Washington D.C. and in Albany are serious discussions of paying Blacks for reparations for slavery that ended 160 years ago. It is possible that legislation may go through. (At the end of this article is a photo of Clint Eastwood and words that express how many people feel). I don’t know if these are his words or he gave his approval of this photo but it sends a message that many Americans feel).

One question is should Americans who had nothing to do with slavery pay for the sins of others and should blacks who were the descendants of slaves get paid reparations when they have been paid already by affirmative action programs, and preferences by governments in giving special treatments to minority companies over others; university’s giving extra points(350) to their entry application scores to help them get into the schools, scores that were unearned to move minorities into their institutions that give a disadvantage to Whites and Asians disadvantaging them to the back of the admissions lines because they were White and Asians. American corporations who in order to get government contracts had to hire a certain percentage of minorities qualified or not.

Its punishing a successful hardworking group over a less successful hardworking group so that the discrimination became systemic against white and Asian families especially hurtful to those that are of lower income,and have only one parent in the home. They did not cause slavery so why should they be disappointed, punished, demonized or blamed for the sins of others. None of those being punished owned slaves and none of the recipients picked cotton or other products.

Should Black slave owners pay for reparations ? And what about the blacks of Africa who sold them ? Shouldn’t they pay reparations as well.

What made the freedom of slaves possible were the Abolitionist states and a strong sense of morality led by the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln to hold the Union together and fight and die for freedom. 300,000 to 400,000 Union soldiers were drafted to fight,hold the country together and free the slaves.

More men died, were wounded, mentally affected than any war in American history. Those who survived were maimed, got PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder, sometimes known as shell shock or combat stress, occurs after you experience severe trauma or a life-threatening event), some blinded, dismembered, tortured, imprisoned under the worst conditions; Nothing to ease their pain and many died in prison due to starvation, lack of medical care and those who survived along with their loved ones were never to be the same again.

It was these men and their families that suffered and deserve reparations.

If the congress in Washington D.C. or the legislature in Albany N.Y. enact laws for reparations for slavery as may happen the application of reparations should be considered for various inequitable actions to Americans who sacrificed in war and under affirmative action laws which are basically unconstitutional. They too should be considered for reparations.

Reparation Proposals:

1) Blacks whose ancestors were slaves in America (They were sold and delivered from Africa by Blacks. Many blacks in America were also slave owners. But no one will tell you this). All who were involved in the slave trade should share the responsibility of reparations for slavery not the people who had nothing to do with it .

2) Restitution should be given to the heirs of Abe Lincoln who lost his life to free the slaves. Lincoln did not have a chance to live out his second term in office or enjoy the rest of his life with his family and friends.

3) Reparations to Civil War Union soldiers to their heirs, including some family members who fought alongside them who died on the battle field or in prisons deprived of food, medical care, communications with their loved ones, many lost arms, legs, eyes, mind and spirit, came out of the worst war in American history. They left their farms, their businesses,  missed an education and lost their innocence behind to fight. All who survived lived the rest of their lives with PTSD and disabilities to cope with, along with their love ones. And some lost the chance to marry and have families becasue of their physical and mental conditions from the war.

4) White and Asian students who were denied a place in colleges. Their hard work and merit was diminished in order to give these seats to minority’s who had less achievement, grades, test scores and merit due to affirmative action programs that has been going on since the mid 1960s. Colleges and Universities gave a large of amount of extra admissions score points to them so they could jump ahead of the line and push out more deserving students of color . The colors of Asian and Whites.

5) It has to be fair in all areas of society if you truly believe in this philosophy. Equal application of the affirmative action laws should allow the balancing of the sport rosters to have a fair representation of players in professional sports. That would entail having more Whites, Asian and Hispanic athletes in professional sports as football, basketball etc. “Whats good for the goose should be good for the gander “. Lets eliminate double standards and hypocrisy

6) Reparations to White and Asians who were denied federal government contracts due to affirmative action.

7) Jews who were denied admissions to colleges, university, medical school, law schools and other professional schools due to quota systems even though as a group of 2 % of the population, Jews are a minority in population. There are black Jews, Sephardic Jews, Middle Eastern Jews, mixed race Jews etc. There are more hate crimes against Jews in America than any other group even though their crime rates are extremely low compared to other groups. Should there be affirmative action treatments for the persecuted or a group whose population is only 2% of the total population when other groups get preferences when their populations are 12-19%?

52 percent of Mexican Americans are White (Wikipedia). On average 52 percent of Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, Salvadorians, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hispanic Latin Americans and all others identify as White (Wikipedia).

In the Pew research poll 58 percent of Hispanics identify as White. The question here is why is this group given minority status and preference in jobs, colleges, government contracts, scholarship money over populations of Asians(5.6%) of the population, Jews(2%) of the population, especially when some are in single family homes at  poverty levels? Whites represent 58 percent of the population, Blacks 12 percent, Jews mostly White represent 2 percent, Hispanics 19 percent but of the 19 percent of which 52-58 percent identify as Whites from Spain and Latin America. Poor Whites and Asians should have minority status to compete on an equal footing as others.

There should be two standards for special treatment, one is your minority status and two is your economic status. Poor Whites  and Asians need affirmative action assistance as well and anyone on a poverty level regardless of race or ethnicity should share the same privileges and have the same opportunities. Why are Spanish given minority status when about half are White? It sounds like a political error or pandering for votes  at the expense of Whites and Asians especially the poor with single parents households.

The system doesn’t make sense and is not fair overall. Politicians preach fair and balanced but they don’t know what they are talking about.

8) Reparations for white and Asians who were denied work due to affirmative action.

9) Reparations to 125,284 Japanese Americans including families and individuals who during WWII were removed from their homes and businesses to be relocated, incarcerated and held at U.S. detention sights, losing their livelihoods, opportunity of education, dignity and self esteem.What they received was inadequate. They had to share housing with other families .

10) Reparations for military losses in all American Wars. No one can measure the pain and suffering.

11) Reparations due to the recent rioting (500 +) for the destruction to neighborhoods, businesses, homes, infrastructure, to families, police stations, first responders and individuals who were beaten, lost their lives, were traumatized when the “woke” media and their reporters called one riot a “peaceful demonstration” while buildings were clearly burning in the background as Mayors and Governors told their police to stand down and let the violence unfold. And these woke Mayors and Governors refused thousands of National Guard troops offered by President Trump to end the violence and destruction.

12) If you are a male and want to identify as a female and visa versa or if one is allowed to identify oneself as one sees fit, then my question is simple: Can you identify as an individual or one in a group of individuals in one of the categories above in order to receive reparations? The whole “Woke” philosophy is convoluted. “Woke” don’t work. Can I identity as black and get certain privileges others can’t get ?

13) Reparations for parents, grandparents, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters and children for the deaths of their loved ones caused by our governments’ negligence in keeping fentanyl out of our country. Fentanyl is estimated to killing 110,000 young Americans a year equivalent to 2 Boeing 737-800 Max airplanes crashing everyday and killing all its occupants 365 days a year. It doesn’t seem to get anyone’s attention in the White House. President Biden says the border is closed and it is under control. He hasn’t been there and his appointment of Vice President Kamala Harris has not gotten close enough to the border to see the truth becasue they dont want to see the truth . They are responsible for the death of these young lives (110,000 +annually )and the pain and suffering to their families .

Because the government is complicit and criminally negligent by not protecting our borders it must be concluded that they are deliberately allowing drugs to enter our country with disregard to the deaths of millions. This falls under the RICO criminal activities statutes and an assault on our Constitution. If it were you or I we would be in jail for the rest of our lives.

The point of all of this is where does it begin and where does it end and who will fund and pay for all of it. It’s a very complicated and complex issue. Besides the color of your skin and your ethnicity, economics and single family status  especially in the case of Whites and Asians should be added to the equation of giving restitution.  Times have changed but the systems old rules have not. And the “Woke” politicians don’t have a clear cut strategy .

Considering all the injustices, what is a fair formula of distribution of tax payers’ dollars for reparations caused by all kinds of injustices in the public and private sector so that all men and woman of all races, creeds and ethnicity’s are treated fairly and equally? Slavery should not be the only issue to be considered for reparations.
There should not be exclusivity when it comes to reparations by pandering to one group for votes and ignoring and insulting all the other deserving groups. There must be justice for all or nothing!