A thought on how NY is helping unemployed

A bipartisan bill sponsored by NY State Senator Jim Tedisco to match federal exemption of $10,200 of taxable income for 2020 was soundly defeated.  At the same time the State legislature authorized payments for unemployed illegals in the sum of $15,600 per person.

What an outrage but not surprising as the progressive wing of the Democratic party is now in control of the State legislature.

By Alan Fenster


Reports of biased attacks on Asian American

Erosion of support of those in the Asian community for the Democratic party are attributable due to the following reasons.

  • The push by progressive Democrats to end testing for admission to the city’s specialized schools. Which would place Asian students who make up a significant segment of those who have been admitted to these schools at a disadvantage in the future. By moving to a non merit system of selecting eligible students.
  • Some major Ivy league University’s such as Yale, Harvard etc. have instituted admission quotas based on social engineering rather than merit which means less slots for students who merit admission to a ivy league university and disproportionately leaves out Asian students who work hard and academically deserve to be admitted.The Asian community perceive the progressive policies of the Democrats and justifiably so on issues such as economic, criminal Justice, social and foreign policy as inimical to their best interests.

    The Democrats noting their erosion of support in the Asian community respond by pulling out the race card. And blaming the uptick for crimes against Asians
    on President Trump for correctly holding the Govt of China responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.  Rather than the soft on crime policies being enacted on the Federal State and local Government level by the Democrats.

By Alan Fenster


Ariola/Haggerty demanded cease and desist carrying “County endorsed” candidates

Saturday, March 13th, I received a certified letter on an envelope handwritten by John Haggerty from Queens County GOP chairwoman Joann Ariola who demanded that we cease and desist carrying petitions supporting candidates who appeared before our club. Ariola CeaseDesist

In the same letter, she states that “(Central Queens is) an illegal and unauthorized Republican Club.”


What is a County Committee? Postponed.

The Executive Committee of the Queens County Republican Committee certified on February 27 postponing election of County Committee members by one year.  It was filed March 1 at 4:47PM.



February 23 Special Election for City Council, 31st District

The top two candidates are Selvena N. Brooks-Powers with 2,613 votes and Pesach Osina, 2,406 votes out of 6,863 votes collected by machine.  Ranked choice will be used to determine the winner.


Trump increased Republican registration in Queens by 10%

When candidate Joe Biden secured the nomination for president on the Democratic Party line in June 2020, the number of registered Republicans active in Queens was about 126,972.

Four months later, that total was increased to 139,556 right before the General Election.  President Trump single-handedly increased voter registration of Republicans by 10%.


February 2nd Special Election for City Council, 24th District

Winner certified:  James F. Gennaro with 4,078 votes out of 6,783 cast.  He won the first round.  Ranked choice was not applied.

Issues Outreach

Is the Be Counted NYC campaign legal?

Be Counted NYC, funded by the Related Company, sent text messages, did phone calls and a mailing to convert Republicans and other non-Democrats to Democrat by the February 14 deadline.

The pre-printed ballot has “Democratic party” pre-checked together with a pre-paid envelope to the Board of Elections.  According to NYS Board of Elections, Lisa J. Blau in the name of Be Counted NYC (Filer ID 22572), personally contributed $1,519,500 as of January 14, 2021.

Our Republican response is Vote 2 Party.  Comment?

It failed. Number of active voters in Queens went up for ALL parties:

October 2020 vs. February 2021
Total registered:  1,260,126 vs. 1,268,878
Democrats:  802,922 vs. 807,229
Republican:  139,556 vs. 139,968
Conservatives: 5,474 vs 5,516
Working Families:3,237 vs. 3,412
Other: 32,674 vs. 32,944
Blank:  276,263 vs. 279,809


The Awful Truth

Rav Arora, an independent young journalist, wrote an article in the Post today. I think some of the numbers he gave, in trying to explain why some black lives didn’t seem to matter in 2020, is telling. Less than half a percent of black lives died in conflicts with the police. In 2020, the homicide rate in 34 cities was 30% higher than the previous year. Those victims were disproportionately African American. More than 1,000 African American lost their lives than in the previous year to homicides. “Violent crime is concentrated in primarily low-income, marginalized black communities where the police are underresourced and Democratic leadership has abysmally failed.” Additionally, 90% of black homicide victims are killed by black offenders! A Gallup poll found that 81 percent of black Americans favored police presence in their neighborhoods. Black residents in the city of Minneapolis have sued for the lack of police protection.

Defunding the NYPD is not the answer. We need more police to protect the high crime communities and protect the most vulnerable. We also need to address the root of crime and why blacks are harming other blacks more than any other group.


Jonathan’s thought on election integrity

Here’s my rough draft of the Fair Elections Act:

1. Voting registration should be handled by state and local governments. Registration information received should be passed on to a national voting registry in Washington, D.C. under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security.

2. Registration forms should request the full social security number of the registrant. The social security number and the name of the individual should then be submitted to the social security office for verification. If the information on the registration form matches the information that the social security office has on file then the registration should be processed. If the name doesn’t match the name that the social security office has for that social security number or the social security number is found to be fake, then the registration from should be rejected and a letter should be sent to this individual explaining why his application was rejected.

3. Every Board of Elections shall be required to contact county clerk’s offices to find out who died recently and request copies of the death certificates. The deceased individuals shall be removed from the list of registered voters as promptly as possible.

4. Every voter shall be required to show photo identification when he or she shows up to vote.  Every polling site should have either police officers or private security to check the photo IDs, make sure that the name of the individual is on the list and tell the voter where to sign.  Valid photo IDs include a driver’s license or a non-driver ID issued by a Department of Motor Vehicles or a United States Passport. Any United States citizen who is unable to obtain any valid form of photo identification should contact his or her local Board of Elections to get one free of charge.

5. Every precinct shall be required to ascertain the exact number of eligible voters for a particular election day before election day or early voting begins. If some voters vote with an absentee ballot, then the election day voter roll should reflect this so as to prevent the absentee voters from voting a second time.

6. All voting machines and processing systems must undergo rigorous testing before being used for an actual election. The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice must have records of all voting machinery and systems used for elections throughout the country.

7. If the numbers of votes reported for a precinct exceeds the number of people registered for that precinct then all votes cast for that precinct shall be disqualified. If the number of disallowed votes for such precincts would be enough to make a difference for a particular election then these precincts should have a do-over vote with much closer security and supervision to ensure that this mishap will not occur again.

8. If an entire county reports zero votes for a candidate of a major party then a thorough investigation shall be conducted to determine if the results are legitimate. If necessary, the county should have a do-over vote.

9. All voting shall take place at designated polling stations on election days. If an individual in unable to make it to his/her local voting location on election day, an absentee ballot may be requested in writing ahead of time but must be filled out and signed by the addressee and shall not be accepted if it is received after Election Day.

Jonathan Dyckman