What is a County Committee?

It is a creation in the New York State Elections Law.  Every official party is allowed up to 2 members per ED or Election District.  To become a member of this party position, your name must appear on a petition circulated every odd year for Republicans in Queens.

The State and County Committee members are required to meet on a date between September 17 and October 6 to elect a chairman, secretary, treasurer and other officers.  The committee may also draft rules governing the party within its political unit. As a qualified County Committee member, your sole responsibility is to vote, either in person or by proxy in September.

Since your name will appear on a petition, you will receive letters from the Board of Elections, AND a primary election may happen on June 22, 2021 if there are more than 2 names submitted in your ED.  Depending on turnout, 1 to 5 votes should be sufficient to win based on past results.

You must be registered Republican.  Interested?  Email us at

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