February 23 Special Election for City Council, 31st District

The top two candidates are Selvena N. Brooks-Powers with 2,613 votes and Pesach Osina, 2,406 votes out of 6,863 votes collected by machine.  Ranked choice will be used to determine the winner.

Queens has a second City Council Special Election in 2021.  This time, it is in the 31st District!  Brad Berfas is our Republican candidate, and the son of our Board member, Miriam Berfas!

14 candidates submitted their petitions by December 16th deadline.  Perri Pierre and Kevin Carter were ruled off by the Board on January 7th.  Vanessa Simon (Joseph Kasper) and Bradley Jared Berfas were also ruled off by having challenged each other’s petition.  The following 10 candidates are on the February 23rd ballot.

Selvena N. Brooks-Powers “Powers 4 Queens”
Manny Silva “People Powered”
Pesach Osina “Community Unity”
Nancy J. Martinez “Rockaway United”
Shawn Rux “Rux for Us”
Latanya Collins “Collins 4 Queens”
Rev. Sherwyn James “Time for Change”
Latoya R. Benjamin “The Time is Now”
Perri Pierre “Progess with PP”
Nicole S. Lee “Lee for Jobs”

Again, none of the candidates on the ballot is Republican.

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