Meeting Candidates Night – May 27, 2021

Keynote Speaker:  Darius Mayfield, NJ-12

5 candidates
Moderator. Candidates: Donghui Zang, Doug Shapiro, Angelo King, Mujib Rahman, and Sheryl Fetik.

City Council candidates – 24th District
Angelo King (R, confirmed)
Timothy Rosen (R, confirmed then declined)
Mujib U. Rahman (DC, confirmed)
James F. Gennaro (D, declined)
Moumita Ahmed (D, no response)
Saifur R. Kahn (D, no response)
Mohammad S. Uddin (D, no response)

City Council candidates – 29th District
Donghui Zang (D, confirmed)
Douglas J. Shapiro (D, confirmed)
Sheryl Fetik (D, confirmed)
Eliseo D. Labayen (D, declined)
Aleda F. Gagarin (D, declined)
Edwin Wong (D, declined)
Avi Cyperstein (D, undecided)
Michael Conigliaro (R, no response)
David Aronov (D, no response)
Lynn C. Schulman (D, no response)

Closed at 9:34 PM.

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