November 2, 2021 Wins

Candidates Night October 19, 2021

Mayor (1,149,172)
Eric Adams (D, 753,801)
Curtis A. Sliwa (R, Independent, 312,385)
William A. Pepitone (C, 12,575)
Catherine Rojas (Socialism & Lib, 27,982)
Stacey H. Prussman (Libertarian, 3,168)
Fernando Mateo (Save Our City, 1,870)
Raja Michael Flores (Humanity United, 2,387)
Quanda S. Frances (Empowerment, 3,792)
Skiboky Stora (Out Lawbreaker, 264)

Public Advocate (1,149,172)
Jumaane D. Williams (D, 744,183)
Dr. Devi Elizabeth Nampiaparampil (R, 250,823)
Anthony L. Herbert (C, Independent, 73,943)
Devin W. Balkind (Libertarian, 14,352)

Comptroller (1,149,172)
Brad Lander (D, 752,710)
Daby Benjamine Carreras (R, Save Our City, 249,460)
Paul A. Rodriguez (C, 59,251)
John A. Tabacco Jr. (Libertarian, Independent, 18,802)


5 Statewide Ballot Proposals

2021 Statewide Ballot Proposals (legal text from website)

League of Women Voters (abbreviated explanation)

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