Open Mic Meeting – March 30, 2022

Instead of listening to candidates and elected officials, our March 30th club meeting listened to YOU!  Members, non-members and the general public were invited to speak.

Havurat Yisrael, 106-20 70 Avenue, Forest Hills

AGENDA started at 7:35
1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Reading of club’s Mission Statement (Jim)
3. Roll call of officers and board members (Vic)
4. Reading of the February 23rd minutes (Sean)
5. Report of the Correspondence Secretary (Brenda)
6. Report of the Financial Secretary (Carol)
7. Old Business
(1) NYS Redistricting – April 4, 2022 60-day ruling deadline
(2) NYC’s Foreign Citizen Voting law – April 13, 2022 court date
8. New Business – Open Mic Speakers

2• Jeff Gottlieb
4• Phil McManus
7• Diane Sare
8• Amit Lal
9• Anthony Cibelli
10• Tzlil Levy
11• Jim Strawhorn
12• Arik Tomaszewski
14• Martin Henri
16• Kathleen Jones
17• Stephen Weiner
18• Rowen Giles
19• Alan Sherman
20• Rawatee Lal
21• David Kemp
22• Regina Faighes
23• Steve Speer

9. Adjournment ended at 9:31

19 officials invited.  Mayor Eric Adams, Comptroller Brad Lander; Public Advocate Jumaane Williams; Bob Holden, CD30; Lynn Schulman 29CD; Jim Gennaro, 24CD; Grace Meng, CD6; Gregory Meeks, CD5; Toby Ann Stavisky, SD16; Joe Addabbo, SD15; Leroy Comrie, SD 14; Brian Barnwell, AD30; Jeffrion Aubry, AD35; Catalina Cruz, AD39; Jenifer Rajkumar, AD38; David Weprin, AD24; Daniel Rosenthal, AD27; Nily Rozic, AD25; and Melinda Katz (Rokeya Akhter), Queens DA.

4 responses received:
• Brian Barnwell (AD30) “we should be in midst of debating Budget Bills”
• Lya Rothmann for Toby Stavisky (SD16) “will be in Albany working on the budget”
• Rokeya Akhter for Melinda Katz (DA) said she will send someone, but no one showed up.
• Mayor Eric Adams’ office declined.