The cost of clean air at any cost. Who pays for it? China Loves it.

The cost of clean air at any cost. Who pays for it?

Part of the problem is that wind energy supplies us with 3% of our energy needs and solar energy supplies us with 11 %. Oil, gas and atomic energy supply the balance. Perhaps we shut down the old technology too soon when the clean technology was not ready to fill in the loss of production. We shorted ourselves 2 million barrels a day so we had to depend on other countries to fill in the loss. Some of these countries are our enemies. Basically we are putting profits in the hands of our enemies.

Some refused to increase their production because due to the shortages they were making more money per barrel and getting richer by the day. The supply went down and the demand stayed stable so the prices started to go up.

So we turned to our National defense oil reserves used mostly for military emergencies in case of war and other catastrophes. The first initial amount released by the government was good enough for 2- 3 days of production. Still not enough to bring the price of gasoline and natural gas down. So the government authorized additional oil reserves to be used. Still not enough to keep the price of energy down but for a short time. Natural gas went from $1.95 to the $8 range in a relatively short time. Regular gasoline went from $1.89 to over $4.35 in some states and higher in others. Super premium gas in New York is in the $5.30 to $6 range.

In places like California gasoline climbed to somewhere in the $8 range. Analysts are predicting it will go higher as long as we are cutting back on production creating a shortage of oil being pumped here in the USA. Clean energy will take at least a decade or more to fill most of our clean energy needs so we will have to pay a price for a long time unless we change temporarily our short term energy policies to bring the price of fuel down. It’s the price we will bear for cleaner air. While we are trying to keep our air clean, China is building 30 or more coal production facilities as we speak. India is no better as well as other 2nd and 3rd world countries. Americans will pay the price while many other countries don’t care about clean air. While we do our part to clean the air that the whole world shares too many countries are not. They are benefitting by our clean air policies and we are being hurt by their non compliance to clean the air. Unless we (the world) act together it is an effort in futility.

What is the solution for America?


Candidates Issues

Meeting on Redistricting – May 12, 2022

Candidate speakers – Christopher Wright; Arkadiusz Tomaszewski; Juan Pagan; Tom Quiter
Aaron Foldenauer, election attorney

Petitioning schedule for State Senate and Congressional candidates.

Congressional maps submitted:
Republican (Bennet Moskowitz)
Democrat (Eric Hecker)
Empire Center (Cam McDonald)
Unity Map (Jose Perez, Jerry Mattamalla, Laurie Daniel Favors)
Common Cause (Neil Steiner)
Mary Schmidt Roth
University of Buffalo Law School (Frank Housh)
New York Law School (Jeffrey Wice)
Stanford Law (Nathaniel Persily)
Stephen Dunn (spoke 5/12/22)
Wilson Prieve (Brooklyn Tech student)
Ari Spinoza (Onondaga CC student)

State Senate maps submitted:
Democrat (same voided maps)
Empire Center
Unity Map
Common Cause
University of Buffalo Law School
Wilson Prieve
Ramond Lin
Central Queens Redistricting Coalition (Raj Korpan and Heather Beers-Dimitriadis)
Daniel Hennessy (35 years with LATFOR)
William Paton and Amanda Driskel

Steven Romalewski, Director of CUNY Mapping Service (rescheduled)