Meeting on Corruption in Albany – July 21, 2022

Our two featured speakers were Paul Rodriguez, Republican, Conservative and Independence candidate for State Comptroller and Matteo Moran, Manager of External Affairs at Manhattan Institute

Blair Horner of the NY Public Interest Research Group and Brad Lander, City Comptroller were also invited.  Blair had a scheduling conflict and Brad’s manager did not respond.

Other Speakers
1. Alex Syrov presented a clear frontline news from Ukraine.
2. Katherine James asked for members to join the “amen corner” on Friday, July 29, 9:30 at the Richmond County Supreme Court, 32 Central Avenue.
3. Yuon Tai Bak reported his June primary election integrity findings, and is looking for volunteers to convass the August 23 primary.  His email is

4.  Angelo King (R,C) candidate for State Assembly, 27 District.
5. Martha Rowen (Medical Freedom) candidate for State Senate, 26 District
6. Arkadius Tomaszewski (Medical Freedom) candidate for State Assembly, 44 District.
7.  Juan Pagan (R,C) candidate for US Congress, 7th District
8. Ruben Cruz (R,C,I) candidate for State Senate, 16th District
9. Chris Sperber (R,C) candidate for State Assembly, 11th District
10. Aamir Sultan (R,C) candidate for State Assembly, 10 District
11. Robert Bobrick (Medical Freedom) candidate for State Assembly, 47 District
12. Helen Qiu (R,C) candidate for State Assembly, 65 District
13.  Steve Speer (Medical Freedom) candidate for US Congress, 10th District
14. Marvin Jeffcoat (R) candidate for City Council, 26th District
15.  Mesidor Azor (R) candidate for State Assembly, 43rd District Special Election

Important Dates
– July 15, 2022 (First draft of the City Council lines)
– July 29, 2022 (Kathrine James’ lawsuit before Richmond County Supreme Court)
– July 31, 2022 (Family Fun Day BBQ sponsored by Republican Patriots)
– August 19, 2022 (Schedule announcement on redrawing the State Assembly line)
– August 22, 2022 (Northern Manhattan Republicans)
– August 23, 2022 (Congressional/Senate Primaries)


Is White Supremacy the Biggest Threat to America or is it White Men or Both? Says Who? President Biden and News Anchor Don Lemon.

President Joe Biden said that the biggest threat to America is White supremacy. He also says that the country has systemic racism. He says it all the time but he never backs it up with the Department of Justice statistics (D.O.J.) or any data for that matter. Talk is cheap but words matter. Sometimes it gets people killed.

In public service for 50 years, President Biden has aligned himself with segregationist but changes his politics whenever it is politically expedient. He has been to the inner cities of our country where minorities are murdering each other in extremely large numbers?  Cities like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, N.Y., L.A., mostly blue cities (Democrat cities) run by left wing leaders with no common sense; i.e. “No Bail” laws for recidivists who keep on committing felonies over and over again after they are released without bail and most never return to court until they are caught another time committing another crime and then released again.

Or allowing looting/shoplifting up to $950 – $1,000. It`s restitution for the past sins, oppression and the racism by White people. But most of these forgiven crimes are perpetrated against minorities. What does President Biden and the Democrats do? Nothing. President Trump offers thousands of troops to any Mayor or Governor who will allow him to clean up the crime as much as possible in the inner urban cities run by Democrats.

The Democrat politicians refuse Trumps offer because if Trump is successful it will cost the Democrats votes. That’s what Democrats think of Black lives and Spanish lives and all lives in crime ridden neighborhoods. Votes matter, not minority lives. And their favorite weapon is the “race card”.

President Obama and President Biden ran for office on the platform of bringing Americans together and uniting us. But when they ran out of “ammo” for minority votes they used the “race card”. Promises unfulfilled.

For 50 years minorities have voted for the Democrats who promised to reduce crime and crime has not changed. President Trump was eager to attack the high murder rates in minority communities but Democrat mayors would not allow him to bring in the military. Are these politicians self hating minorities that they would not welcome saving the lives of their own people?

What am I missing? I just don’t get it. It is the primary mission of all politicians to protect all citizens of every race. But they do not take a strong initiative or take that seriously.

Can we say gross negligence and dereliction of duty? Lives don’t matter only votes do.

The Biden administration surrounds themselves with people who use techniques that will cover his a__s. Press secretaries, department heads when asked a question will redirect the questions, side track, talk around it,”ropadope,” double talk, blame the previous administration,walk away when they know they have been had and can’t answer the question, redirect the questioner to another department, answer the question with an answer that doesn’t relate to the original question , insult the questioner , tell the questioner they know the answer to the question or that they have already answered it when in fact they haven’t etc.

They are more interested in appointing people who have multi “woke” attributes as opposed to specific work related skills. For example: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot has several. She is female, she is Black and she is gay. Many are selected in this way like President Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She is an immigrant, she is black, she is queer as she puts it, she is a female and lastly she is the first of her kind.

Is there anything wrong with this? No, but it seems to take precedence over selecting someone who has the best qualifications and skills. In the Biden administration it is a selection of these and others who can spin the news, replace him as speaker in taking questions that Biden is weak at as well as he doesn’t have the stamina or mental acuity to survive a long question period, can’t remember names, places he has been, have credible answers that are fluent and can perform convincingly not to mention he is an embarrassment on the world stage to our allies and whatever friends we have left and he emboldens our enemies to intimidate and invade countries.

Wake up America and stop making the same mistakes.

The Democrats are all about holding power and influence and the people are secondary. With Trump it’s the opposite. As a billionaire he has and knows power and influence. He wants his legacy to be; get rid of the corruption, the swamp, the deep state, the Marxists everywhere and give America back to the people and away from the criminals and power brokers who are destroying our country.

President Biden as he always says “Folks I know the deal” He does but why doesn’t he do something about it or at least talk about it. Why doesn’t anyone talk about it except the conservative media which is being eliminated by corporate America?

Why doesn’t the media as CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNBC, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, HLN, NY Times, Washington Post and others talk about the epidemic of black on black crimes in America? Why is it that the House of Representative and the Senate that is controlled by Democrats thru 12/31/22 don’t breathe a word of it?

Why don’t the alleged Black church leaders like Reverend Farrakhan, Reverend Jessie Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Wright (the church where the Obama’s went for 16 years and listened to a preacher who preached hatred for whites and Jews) why don’t they raise hell, condemn these crimes and create a plan to try and save Black lives, save their own race and make America safer for everyone? Are they schooled and ordained as Reverends or self proclaimed like the Reverend Al Sharpton where it is suspected he gets a piece of the action when he is involved as an advocate especially when there is an alleged White on Black crime. I never see him publically advocating for Black on Black victims of crimes. There is definitely a racial aspect to his “business model”. But then again I could be wrong. Do Black lives matter only when the alleged perpetrator is White?

Why don’t Black politicians especially in Washington D.C. cry out in despair and do something? Why don’t the Black Mayors, District Attorneys, U.S. Attorneys rally and establish a plan to save Black lives? The only place I hear about saving Black lives comes from conservative media and the White House under President Trump.

Why didn’t the first Black President in American history who served 2 terms and was elected mostly by Whites establish this as one of his priorities? What did the first Black American President do for his own people and for the rest of Americans to bring the races together? Every time there was an alleged White on Black crime the President was the first to the gate to condemn the alleged White perpetrator even before knowing all the facts in the case and often he was wrong. Why did he prejudge the alleged crime?

Our jurisprudence system says were all innocent until proven guilty by a jury of one’s’ peers. When Obama speaks out prematurely without knowing all the facts he is causing a great injustice to the principles of law and justice and inciting his own race to hate Whites or anyone who has attacked a Black person. This is either deliberate or an act of stupidity or both.

Is he pandering to minorities at the expense of White people? Does he truly and deeply believe that whenever there is an alleged White perpetrator against a Black alleged victim that the White perpetrator is always guilty even before President Obama has all the facts and evidence before him?

If memory serves me, President Obama was out there prejudicing the public and more importantly a future jury using his Presidential pulpit by condemning the White guy long before all the evidence was gathered, a jury selected and the verdict by a jury of one’s peers was in.

And when he is found to have errored he doesn’t apologize. The sad thing is he is a highly educated Columbia University graduate and a Harvard law school graduate. So he knows the rules of evidence and the fact that all men and woman are innocent until proven guilty. But not in President Obama’s world.

Remember that before he was President and Senator he was a community activist so perhaps he fell back to his old habits of stirring the pot of anti White behavior to advance his base and his career. Just a thought. Why is this “perhaps” thought? Because he ran on a platform of bringing Americans together and he did just the opposite to our great disappointment. We needed a Black leader to bring Whites and Blacks and Hispanics together and united. He failed perhaps intentionally.

The “Black Lives” protesters burnt down cities, police stations with police in it, looted and destroyed infrastructure, assaulted police and first responders in the name of “Black lives matter”. And Mayors told the police to “stand down” even though most of the damage was to minorities many of whom were Black. It seems that a Black life matters only when it is taken by a White cop. When Blacks kill each other it’s OK.

George Floyd Jr. is murdered by a White cop and the rioters destroy their own communities in protest. That’s one good reason for not legalizing “weed”.

Where was President Obama and why didn’t he rise to the occasion to save thousands of young Black lives? That is a legacy any Black leader would pursue. Why did Democrat officials reject Presidents Trumps’ offer of thousands of American troops to end the rioting and destruction and go into the inner cities and try and reduce the Black on Black crimes?

Is this their agenda to keep the status quo and if so why? Why aren’t minority mothers and fathers rioting in the streets and marching to Washington D.C. to demand justice and safety to their crime ridden communities and to save precious Black lives dying every day, every week and every year for decades? It’s almost like genocide by their own people.

News anchor Don Lemon said “The biggest terror threat in this country is White men”. He should look in the mirror and say what about Black men killing Black men in urban cities, mostly blue cities. It’s an epidemic. Why is he out of touch with reality? Because he finds Trump offensive and hates him and probably White people too. If a White man or woman said anything near that they would have lost their job or forced to resign.

There is a double standard that permeates our political and criminal justice system. The Democrat government weaponized the FBI and the Justice department against their political opponents and the Republicans and conservatives let them get away with it. We expect that from RHINOS but not from true conservatives and Republicans.

There is no fight in the Republican party. The leadership has been corrupted and around too long and have their fingers in the proverbial pie in one form or another. Many are part of the “Deep State”, the “Swamp” and won’t give up their “candy” that they are addicted too. It’s a real sickness.

So when an outsider who is independently wealthy doesn’t need power, money or prestige because he already has it comes to Washington D.C, to clean up the filth, they Republicans and Democrats alike will and did everything imaginable to destroy his credibility and get rid of him so they can continue to go to the “candy store”. It’s a political drug. How is it that so many come to Washington, D.C, to serve the people  mostly middle class, some poor and some wealthy ; the poor and middle class become rich and the wealthy become richer . That’s the “Deep State” and the “Swamp” in action.

Five of the top fifteen richest counties in America are just outside of Washington D.C. Number one is Loudoun County and number two is Falls Church. Can we connect the dots?

And the people keep voting for the same people because they watch the progressive media since the conservative media is far and few in terms of number of stations. The biased media is somehow involved and supports much of the bad behavior.

Most Americans don’t watch conservative news and commentators so basically they are getting a one sided picture.

It’s time for term limits. It’s time for a law that makes it illegal for any politician or media to knowingly lie to gain a political advantage or send a mythical falsehood because they don’t like someone.

It’s time for laws that make it a crime if a politician or media outlet knowingly lies to affect the results of an election or legislative action.

It’s time for standardization of Federal and State sentencing regulations. One guy gets 10 years for the same crime that someone gets 1 year for.

Don Lemon should be attacking the main stream media and Democrat leadership for not saving his Black race from crime in urban as well as crime in all areas of this country on Blacks, Asians, Whites, Hispanics, and Native Americans.

But he prefers to call Whites the biggest terror threat in America. Never offers data or statistics, only offers hateful political rhetoric. Never talks about illegal guns as the culprit and always blames guns that are legal. Now if that isn’t racism then what is?

Mr. Lemon is an intelligent, educated professional but he expounds hatred and racism that divides all Americans. As a news anchor and commentator he should be objective and do some statistical homework rather than stir the pot of hatred and bring violence on each other by his unfounded racist words. Words matter! Votes matter!

We don’ need to hate each other. We need to come together like President Obama and President Biden promised they would do when they ran for President but never fulfilled their promises.

Is this a political agenda that the media is going along with and he like so many others in the media are following a political policy that is mandated by Democrat leaders from the top down that have influence over the media, the FBI the US Attorney’s office and large tech like Twitter that leaches down to the local politicians and Mayors across the blue states?

The big question is why?

President Biden frequently claims that the country has systemic racism. It’s true; it’s called “Affirmative Action” in government jobs, contracts, universities and private industry by eliminating the best for the lesser best and the use of quota systems against the other people of color, Whites and Asians.

Has the President not been aware of the numbers of Americans being killed by fentanyl coming from China, 90 percent transported through the southern border killing over 110,000 Black, White, Spanish, Asians and Brown Americans a year yet the press and the government never talk about it.

By keeping open borders and allowing millions of unknown people to enter at will we the people represented by our elected officials are giving China and the cartels a billion dollar franchise industry in fentanyl killing our young who are supposed to be our future, allowing murder, crime, gun smuggling, human trafficking, child abuse and rape to persist while we as Americans can’t leave or return to this country without a passport and at one time proof of a Covid vaccination. I would say that our government is killing its own and not following the US Constitution to protect their citizens and our sovereignty.

We are the only country in the world that does not protect and respect our own borders. We have weak leadership at all levels and many are corrupt.

Between fentanyl(killing over 110,000 or more a year), Covid 19(killed over 1 million Americans mostly those with 4 co-morbidities and over the age of 60(75 % or better), spies disguised as students ( over 300,000 alleged students from China in this country many not showing up for class), the infiltration by China  of a spy driving Senator Diane Feinstein around for 20 years, (who was obviously unvetted or was hired in a quid pro quo deal  by a unsuspecting Senator) ; A congressman Eric Swalwell having a relationship with Chinese spy “Fang Fang” while he was on the House Intelligence Committee and never released from that committee after the spy was discovered and he never resigned ; we have and are being invaded by the Chinese with spy balloons, Chinese buying up land all over America near our sensitive military and nuclear facilities  and the President says White supremacy is the biggest threat to America and Don Lemon says its White men. That is pure unadulterated racism, racial propaganda and stupidity. Poor leadership and a biased hateful media that chose to divide us rather than protect us is a bigger threat to our country.

The fentanyl drug problem coming across the southern border with the help of China, Mexico, the cartels and yes our government is killing 300 Americans a day with the help of the Democrats and Joe Biden is equivalent to 2 Boeing 737 airplanes crashing every day, 365 days a year and killing all the passengers on board. Wholesale murder by the Democrat party under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, President Biden with the help of “RHINOS”, the ignorance and stupidity of American voters who keep putting these people in office over and over again.

This is numerically worse than the murderous governments of North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and perhaps even Russia. This has been going on for years and years so these numbers add up.

Why? Can anyone connect the dots and the motives of the officials who were voted in to protect us from enemies at home, foreign and abroad? An ill informed voting public is a danger to our country. And who is keeping them ill informed? The “Fourth Estate” that is 90 percent of the media, including social media which are all an arm of the Democrat party.

No patriotic administration would allow any of these planes to take off nor would the flying public fly in one until the problem was corrected. Deliberate malfeasance? I thought killing people in masses was a crime. It is criminal (RICO Act) of the highest order by government. Another woke policy? Perhaps genocide?

Our government is acting criminally by keeping open borders, allowing these drugs to come in along with diseases, undesirables, terrorist, in violation of our Constitution etc. is the greatest crime by an American government against its own people in our history and is a RICO violation.

So again I ask you are White men and White Supremacy the greatest threat to America?

They say our police forces and Whites are racists but what about our government allowing the murders of young Black and Hispanic people; isn’t that racist? Isn’t that systemic racism by one’s own government?

Keeping open borders is racism systemically. And the charismatic Black leaders who only attack Whites and allow Blacks to die, aren’t they self hating racists? Why is this not on the front pages of every news paper, on every liberal media channel and radio station, or the main story at every White House news conference?

Why won’t our Black leaders tackle this head on? The powers within would not allow President Trump to bring in thousands of Federal troops to begin a process to eradicate the sale and distribution of fentanyl, guns and other drugs and in doing so reduce the deaths of mostly young Black men . But they still call him a racist and anti-Semite.

The real systemic racism in America is coming straight from Washington D.C., Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat House of Representatives and the Senate.  By allowing the deaths of Americans here on our own soil and allowing   millions and millions of illegal’s coming into this country across the southern border will vote Democrat for generations and keep them in power forever. This is changing our culture with only one goal in mind and that is keeping Democrats in power forever and that has the appearance of racism without the people having a voice. That sounds like racism to me.

What about black families where 70% of the fathers are missing from the home and mothers are either married to the government or out there working hard to make a living to support their families by themselves?

White supremacy and or White men are not holding black youth back. It’s the lack of 2 parents in 70 percent of the family’s that is causing young black people to fall behind when they go to the same schools as whites and have the same opportunities. It’s the crime from open borders that allow drugs into our urban cities for kids to sell. In part it’s the failure to respect authority some of it taught in the home and on the streets, where gangs become the family that some never had.

Minorities have more opportunities because of affirmative action, special programs and grants to them that whites don’t have .Poor Whites and Asians have similar disadvantages as any minority especially in a single parent household. But they don’t get the same help.

The government has their hands on the scales of the lady of justice making it harder for Whites and Asians to compete and being treated fairly because of sins of others that they had not participated in. This is systemic racism against the innocent.

Blacks and Hispanics have advantages over poor Asians and poor Whites especially when there are 2 parents in their households. If you check on an application that you are Black, Hispanic, or Native American you are given opportunities and advantages over poor or middle class whites and Asians not to mention those without fathers and or mothers.

Yet more than half of Hispanics are White. Why are they considered minorities when Asians represent 6 percent, Hispanics 19 percent, Blacks around 13 percent and Jews 2 percent of our population?

Affirmative Action doesn’t consider family economics, wealth, in addition, doesn’t factor in as a minority the number of people as in the case of Asians (6%) and Jews (2%).

Since Affirmative Action was implemented 55 + years ago the economic and crime stats are pretty much the same so that affirmative action in most cases is not working nor is it attacking a major root cause the lack of fathers in the family unit. It makes these groups dependent on government and frees them of taking responsibility. And to make matters worse it discriminates against other groups who have the same or similar afflictions.

A new formula needs to be implemented to represent what a minority is and should include economic and wealth factors, the percentage of each group , as well as the lack of fathers in the all household, Black, White, Asian, Hispanics, Native Americans are all at a huge disadvantage, especially boys without fathers. That will affect their learning abilities.

Questions have to be answered. Are Hispanics minorities if more than half are white? Are Asians and Jews when they are 6 percent and 2 percent of the population and many with low incomes and some with single parents in the house?

Both are highly discriminated against as far as racial crimes go. The highest achievers percentage wise, the most peaceful low crime groups are the most victimized with regard to hate crimes. The Asian Americans had nothing to do with bringing in Covid to our shores.

Give incentives to absentee fathers to get them back into the household or at least participate as part of the family unit to bring guidance and leadership to their children. Don’t blame white supremacy and systemic racism as the primary cause which encourages and breeds hostility amongst races.

The primary causes lie in the disintegration of the family unit. Part of which is caused by Fentanyl, and other drugs that are one of the underlying causes of the breakdown of any family of all races and groups.

Our leaders don’t care about the destruction and death of our minority brothers and sisters in the minority communities inundated by crime mostly due to the sale and distribution of drugs like fentanyl coming across the southern border.

Young men trying to make money with no father figures to guide them in the right direction. These mostly young men are defending their drug territories and in the process killing each other.

When you hear the cry of white supremacy or systemic racism by political leaders like President Biden that this is America’s biggest problem, they never give statistics from the Department of Justice, the FBI or the U.S. Attorneys’ office.

Why? Because white supremacy is a small problem, they know it and these lies are to distract the minority communities from the real problems and try and draw them to vote for Democrats. The real systemic racism is reverse discrimination and “Affirmative Action” that deliberately and systemically puts whites and Asians aside in favor of Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans.

Don Lemon of CNN said the biggest threat to America is White men. President Biden said it was White Supremacy. This misinformation is promulgated primarily by White politicians to gain minority votes and the net effect is the hostility between the races. And to make matters worse, Black leaders say and do nothing to enlighten their own.

Other news casters and politicians some alleged to be racists or alleged to support racist ideology like Joy Reed, Reverend Al Sharpton, Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow sends similar messages. These callous, caustic words and misinformation are creating a lot of hatred and ill will toward White men, woman and children and in some cases discrimination, violence and death.

If a White newscaster would say such things about Blacks or Hispanics they would be fired immediately. There is a double standard. Of course those statements by Lemon and Biden were unsubstantiated and intended to draw votes from minorities.

There is no single “biggest threat to America” as Don Lemon and President Biden preached. There are many threats, like the powers running this country; its poor leadership supported by Marxist ideology.

When Mark Zuckerberg can spend 450 million dollars and George Soros not far behind him to sway the results of an election then something is not right. Money should not determine the outcome of an election. There should be new laws against this.

It is colleges and universities that suppress conservative thoughts and speech; It is the media that suppress news and free speech and knowingly disseminate misinformation to help Democrat candidates; like the epidemic of black youth killing each other, like millions of people, good ,bad or otherwise crossing the southern border from 150 + countries , including ,terrorist, drug dealers, human traffickers, fentanyl killing over 110,000 American youth who are our future, illegal’s overloading our medical infrastructure , classrooms, and budgets and in many instances voting; the fake news from the media, FBI, U S attorney’s office suppressing and or disseminating misinformation to change the outcome of an election, the mismanagement of our military as teaching CRT instead of effecting a smart and safe departure from Afghanistan where we left behind our allies, friends, Bagram air base, 87 billion dollars worth of the best and most technically advanced military equipment to our enemies to kill us or our allies and also copy our technology that we spent billions on developing; and leaving from the wrong airport which lead to the deaths of 13 of our best men and woman of the armed services due to gross negligence and misfeasance.

These are some of the greatest threats to America and not White supremacy or systemic racism. It’s our own government destroying our country from within by making decisions that benefit our enemies more than our country. Try and connect the dots.

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” William Shakespeare

Just before the 2020 Presidential election 51 senior intelligence officials lied and signed a document that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian mis-information. They were proven wrong. But they knew the truth anyway and tried to sway the election. It looks like they did.

How about a law against lying to Americans especially before an election and/or willfully holding back information to affect the outcome of an election(i.e. the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop) as has been alleged against Twitter, other social media, news channels, the FBI, US Attorney’s office, the White House press corp., etc. None even got as much as a slap on the wrist.

There should be a Federal law against politicians and public officials who lie. Most of us believe what they say because we don’t know any better and we wind up voting for people who mislead us by lying.

Then there is BLM, Antifa, the Generals who masterminded the dumbest withdrawal from Afghanistan, the selection of senior government officials by identity politics (Females, Blacks, homosexuals, transgender, and any combinations of these groups of people); government and schools taking over the role of parents by teaching children about sex, introducing them at an early age to homosexual entertainers, transgender and cross dressing people, teaching gender selection; politicians who are allowed to lie with impunity (need a law against that), public officials who take money from foreign governments including our enemies when these public officials make decisions that are not in our best interests but in the interests of the government or group that gave them money, creating a conflict of interest.

It’s Colleges and Universities that don’t allow free conservative speech; affirmative action programs which is reverse discrimination ; pandering to minorities; career politicians (need term limits across the board) and the attacks by school boards on parents rights because parents Black and White, Asian and Hispanics don’t want “CRT” corrective race theory taught to their kids. Basically CRT is teaching that minorities are the oppressed and it’s the Whites that are the oppressors. Thus creating hatred at a very early age.

What is missing is that we Americans can’t connect the dots, can’t tell there is a double standard of justice that affects all of us; can’t see the forest from the trees, buy all the lies and propaganda told to us and later we find out it to be false. We as citizens and voters are a major part of the problem!

So I ask you is White supremacy the greatest threat to America so says the President and is the White man the greatest threat to our nation so says Don Lemon of CNN? You decide.

For the greatest threat to America here are some candidates for us to consider.

The greatest threats to America  is the Marxist movement that is promoting  “Wokeness”, open Southern borders; It’s the crime wave in blue cites due to the fentanyl industry with the raw material sourced from China, manufactured and distributed by the Mexican cartels, protected by illegal guns (93% of crimes are committed with illegal guns). The greatest threats to America are  the “woke” politicians mainly working in the White House; You can add to your list  the liberal and left wing media, the weaponization of Federal law enforcement agencies, George Soros, the  premature war on fossil fuels which is part of the problem causing higher fuel prices from which 6,000 products are by-products in part from fossil fuels which evolved into another great threat to Americans  namely inflation and last but not least lobbyists, PACs, the military elite under its current leadership, the  FBI and the Justice Department under their  current leaders  and the left wing  people in Washington D.C. all  who are making our country the laughing stock of the world, and losing if not already have lost respect for what is supposed to be the greatest country in the world.

Remember, that if the media won’t report the truth then Americans are making decisions based on lies and propaganda. There should be laws against politicians, the media and public officials for lying to affect an election. This is a serious issue we should all be aware of.

The greatest threat to America is our executive leadership in the White House, the media who hide his imperfections and lies, the media who defends his compromised family, the Democrat politicians who lie with impunity, and Americans who are ill informed or vote for people they like rather than policies that would benefit Americans and America.

The Presidential election is not a popularity contest but a vote for sound policies.

A side note: 2/11/24 There is talk and rumors that terrorist who are in our country are plotting the poisoning of our water supplies, taking down our electrical grid and undermining our internet. In addition they will be sabotaging some of our infrastructure in parts of our country unknown.


Republican Primary – June 28, 2022

Lee Zeldin
Rob Astorino (Spoke 1/26)
Andrew Giuliani (Spoke 1/26)
Harry Wilson
x Skiboky Stora
x Derrick Gibson (Spoke 1/26)
*Mike Carpinelli (Spoke 1/26)

Lt. Governor (no primary)
Alison Esposito (Zeldin)
x Michael J. Grace (Astorino)
*Anthony Cibelli (Gibson, Spoke 1/26)

Attorney General (no primary)
Michael Henry
*Joseph Holland
*John Sarcone III

Comptroller (no primary)
Paul Rodriguez (to speak at club on July 21)

US Senate (no primary)
Joseph Pinion
*Aleksander Mici
*Mark Szuszkiewicz (Spoke 1/26)
*Joshua Eisen
*Pat Hahn (Spoke 1/26)

* Candidate did not file designating petition due April 7, 2022.
x Candidates ruled off the ballot

Anthony Cibelli, Mike Carpinelli, Pat Hahn, Mark Szuszkiewicz, Derrick Gibson, Andrew Giuliani at club’s January 26, 2022 meeting.

County Committee races
✅ Nirmal C. Paul (048/24)
Rina B. Bhuyain (048/24)
✅ Peter J. Spanopoulos (048/24)
Steve B. Schwartzberg (048/24)
✅ Ira Chazen (058/24)
✅ Anthony J. Zingale (058/24)
Andre S. Sarouna (058/24)
✅ Elena Chin (062/24)
✅ James F. Coppola (062/24)
Biane Peralta (062/24)
✅ Eileen F. Korby (017/25)
✅ Sol Korby (017/25)
Natasha Niemiec (017/25)
Maria A. Molesso (017/25)
Christopher L. Hanson (001/26)
✅ Felix W. Henckel (001/26)
✅ Caroline S. Vereline (001/26)
✅ Donald E. Keating (012/26)
✅ Philip S. Grillo (012/26)
Richard P. Zaslow (012/26)
Annie Zaslow (012/26)
Hemant M. Shah (014/26)
✅ Anita Diana (014/26)
✅ Thomas Diana (014/26)
Thomas Nguy (021/26)
✅ Robert J. Bishop (021/26)
✅ Suzanne L. Chronowitz (021/26)
Alan Laufer (021/26)
Marjorie E. Schulberg-Ulmer (054/26)
✅ Jeffrey M. Ulmer (054/26)
Ellen Laperna (054/26)
✅ Joseph J. Laperna (054/26)

Field Reports
(1) Some Republican voters were given Democrat ballots at PS101, PS99, West Side High School and Hunter College. (2) Several voters who changed their voter registration to Republican could not vote Republican. (3) Pollsite at PS682 did not have Republican ballots.  (4) Changed ED boundaries also meant changed pollsite in several cases.  No warning was issued, and many pollsites were further away and more difficult for seniors to walk to.  These incidents are being checked by our Election Integrity Committee.

Comments on low voter turnout by Gary Tilzer.