Mid-term elections fall of 2022 will determine if Americans are coming together

One of the major problems today is that people don’t respect each other’s right to “agree to disagree”. Freedom of speech is at stake. 1st amendment rights are being desecrated and trampled on by our friends, family, institutions of government and others. Can you listen with tolerance and patience without hating if you can’t have a meeting of the minds? This is a big problem in America.

As Abraham Lincoln said as he tried to bring the country together after the Civil War which was not civil at all. “With malice toward none with charity for all” spoken in his second inaugural address for his second term as president.

He wanted to bring the country together after the worst war in American history where it is estimated that over 600,000- 800,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died for their beliefs.

Righteousness prevailed and freed the slaves. The 2022 mid-term elections in the fall will see if we as a nation are coming together. Less than 4 months away.

By Stan Norwalk

B.A. Economics, MBA Finance and Business; Ex- school teacher; 25 years of owning and operating a high tech communications and satellite company in manufacturing, sales and service; Assistant Chairman of The Polish-Jewish Dialogue Committee working with the Polish Consulate to promote better relations between Jews and Christians; Board member Queens College Presidents Community Advisory Board; 20 + years Board member of a the Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association; Member of the Queens Boro Presidents Aviation Advisory Council; Assistant State Committeeman, Ex vice president of the JFK Regular Democrat Club; Have been asked to run for public office by senior Democrat leaders; Financing a scholarship program at Adelphi University for students in need; Created a free baseball ticket program in collaboration with the NY Yankees, NY Mets and the Brooklyn Cyclones to send kids and their families to baseball games, etc. Nearly 10,000 tickets have been given away; Writing a Column for the Central-Queens GOP.

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