100 + Reasons to Vote for Joe. Can Anyone Connect the Dots?

100 Plus Reasons to Vote for Joe. Can Anyone Connect the Dots?

  1. While Joe was running for President Jill his wife said America needs him so vote for Joe.
  2. Joe said we need an adult in the White House so vote for me.
  3. Nancy says he is doing a great job so vote for Joe
  4. If you think his ability of picking his staff by identify politics rather than their qualifications is wise then vote for Joe
  5. If you like someone to be politically correct then vote for Joe.
  6. If you like someone who selects department heads, White House executives, Ambassadors, and cabinet members by their gender, sex preference, ethnicity, color or being the first or combinations of any of these rather than their qualifications then vote for Joe
  7. If you like someone who thinks it is OK for men to compete in woman’s sports and allowed into woman’s private spaces including their showers, bathrooms and dressing areas then vote for Joe.
  8. If you think that trans-men who compete in woman’s sports that deprive woman of winning in competitions, thus losing scholarships and recognition for their hard work and achievements is fair and politically correct not to mention demoralizing them, then vote for Joe.
  9. If you favor China over America as Joe has demonstrated vote for Joe.
  10. If you like someone who spends too much time on vacation more than any other President then votes for Joe.
  11. If you like someone who gets small numbers of people at his rallies a dozen or so and who mostly ran his campaign from his basement more than answering questions in public then vote for Joe.
  12. If our government under the leadership of Joe favors Putin and Russia over Europe, NATO and America in the areas of natural gas and oil as Joe has done then vote for Joe.

(Remember Joe removed sanctions from the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline that was going into Germany and at the same time while we were energy independent he shut down our American Keystone XL pipeline, stopped drilling on Federal lands shifting the profits to Russia and away from America putting thousands of high paying American workers out of work and shifting part of the energy profits to Russia and at the same time propelling the prices of oil and gas to the highest level in history. The Keystone XL pipeline, a privately funded project, would double the current capacity of oil transported in the U.S. per day, provide the U.S. with a more stable cheaper source of crude oil, and significantly increase employment and capital within America. This by the way left us vulnerable in case of war or power shortages as we are experiencing today in parts of the U.S.).California is telling its citizens not to charge their electric vehicles during certain times of the day and turn down the air conditioners. And what powers car charges? Mostly coal.

  1. If You like someone who doesn’t hold too many press conferences(months go by) and doesn’t like to answer Americas questions unless they are pre written and the press corp. are pre selected who can ask questions, then vote for Joe.
  2. If you like someone who hasn’t accomplished much in his 40 to 50 years in Congress then vote for Joe.
  3. If you respect a leader who insults half the voting public when he promised while running for office only he can bring America together and he would, but he didn’t then vote for Joe. Remember half of Americans are a threat to our democracy.
  4. If you like recidivist criminals who have committed violent felonies as rape, attempted murder, carjacking and felony assaults back out on the street especially with no bail vote for Joe.

(Remember the Jan 6th rioters who broke into the Capital building without any weapons most just trespassed and some did damage and a few attacked cops were not allowed bail and many are in jail in solitary confinement, given terrible food and hardly any medical care and many are to this day in jail unlike the 350 riots that were lead by Antifa and Black lives Matter).

  1. If you like leaving Americans and friends behind in Afghanistan, at the mercy of their enemies the Taliban and Alkaida who hunted down, tortured, raped woman in front of their children, families and their husbands and the whole family was terrorized brutally murdered including innocent children and you believe Joe said when he said it was a successful departure then vote for Joe.
  2. If you think allowing drugs to come into our country to kill 110,000 + Americans a year from fentanyl and at the same time destroying their families and their communities (who knows how many years this has been going on) is killing more than double the number of Americans annually that were killed in Viet Nam in 14 years of war and our government and our black leaders are doing absolutely nothing to save these American lives then vote for Joe. 70% of crimes are committed by Blacks and Hispanics. Drug crimes affect all groups but mostly minorities. It seems to “Black Lives Matter” the only black lives that matter are those that are taken by white cops. The rest can be overlooked. Why isn’t Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rev Farrakhan, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah?
    Winfrey , Van Jones, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James Wendy Williams, Whoopie Goldberg, Don Lemon, Magic Johnson , Michael Jordan, Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago, Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C., Mayor Eric Adams of NYC, and all the other black politicians , religious leaders and celebrities saying something and doing something?. The sources of these problems lie at the southern border, the lack of fathers in the home and the lack of leadership.
  3. If you like to pay more for things vote for Joe. That you trust that the inflation rate being quoted by 8.3 percent is real. We all know that it’s much higher. My McDonald’s .99 hamburgers went to $1.29, and now is $1.99. And my eggs went from $1.29 to over $2.00. And that goes for most foods and materials. The mortgage rates went from under 3 % and today to 7% 10/15/22.Its like cutting your paycheck in half or getting a tax hike if you prefer that verbiage..
  4. If you think that inflation and the high cost of energy created initially by shutting down the oil and gas energy business here in the U.S. and in addition the spending and printing of trillions dollars of unearned tax revenue didn’t force the price of fuel, goods and services and was not inflationary then vote for Joe. We should throw into the mix the reversal of the previous administrations reduction of business regulations.
  5. If you think it is OK since Joe has been in office that due to inflation, the high cost of food, transportation and services that has forced Dads and Moms grandmothers and grandfathers to go back to work or to get second jobs and or work overtime to support their families to pay for the higher cost is a not a bi product of Joe’s executive orders just by reversing all of the previous administration’s executive orders then vote for Joe. And he takes credit for these new second jobs people must perform to stay alive as new jobs that were created under his administration.
  6. Do you agree with Joe that killing the fossil fuel industry immediately as he took office in favor of renewable s and cleaner energy was a good idea when fossil fuel is providing 90 percent of our current energy and renewable s around 10 percent and renewable s won’t be ready for 10 to 20 years to replace fossil fuels then vote for Joe. Remember our enemy China will be providing 90 percent of our batteries for electric cars, the solar panels, and the wind mills. If we ever have to go to war with China, not one bullet will have to be fired. Yes vote for Joe.
  7. There won’t be enough solar panels, wind mills, hydroelectric power if we switch over to electric vehicles and charging stations. California has rolling blackouts and our dependence on China for these products will put us in a vulnerable indefensible national security position. There will be a war without a shot being fired. China will just shut off the lights and deny us the materials for renewable energy. If Joe’s policies sounds like common sense then vote for Joe.
  8. If you like the lack of planning and foresight by his administration then vote for him.
  9. If you like to wait on line while illegal’s are in front of you in your E.R.s’, surgical theaters, dental offices, doctor’s offices, pharmacy’s, children’s class rooms (teacher shortages, large classes, not enough bilingual teachers), competition for limited supply of certain medications, and legal applicants for immigration who followed the rules will have to wait even longer then the years they have already waited then vote for Joe.
  10. If you like giving things away for free to illegal’s that you have to pay for then vote for Joe
  11. If you feel that the promise by Joe that he was the only one to bring Americans together and unite them is working then vote for Joe
  12. If you want 89,000 armed IRS agents scrutinizing you, your bank accounts, your spending habits in order to pay the debt created by printing too much money, giving away too much money and sharing Americans wealth with undocumented border crossers then vote for Joe.
  13. If you want a puppet especially without knowing who the puppet master is who is really running your country vote for Joe
  14. If you want an adult in the White House as Joe said he was the only one and promised he would be then vote for Joe
  15. If you want higher taxes vote for Joe
  16. If you want Susan Rice, Barack Obama and unknowns you did not vote for to run the country vote for Joe.
  17. If you liked how your 401Ks and IRA’s performed since he came into office then vote for Joe
  18. If you liked how your purchasing power went down vote for Joe
  19. If you like a leader who believes in two standards of justice and the lady of justice is not keeping her blindfold on and does not apply justice without passion or prejudice to ensure a result which is fair to both sides then vote for Joe
  20. If you like a porous border then vote for Joe
  21. If you like someone who shuts down our energy system and pipelines like the Keystone pipeline but simultaneously authorizes approval and removes restrictions for the Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2, which shifts the jobs, wealth and income to Russia and makes our European allies and NATO dependent on Russia than vote for Joe. America last. “MALA” Make America Last Again. Effectually we are financing the war on the Ukrainian people by putting at least a billion dollars a day into the hands of our enemy Russia.
  22. If you like being over regulated (regulations force business costs to go up dramatically) and over taxed then vote for Joe. All these costs are passed along to the consumer in higher prices of goods and services always.
  23. If you like a leader who allows China to build 30 new coal plants and India’s dependency as well on coal to dirty our air while Joe is restricting America which has the cleanest air and energy (15% better air quality way ahead of the Standards set by the Paris Accords) processing in the world and the energy money flows away from America to Russia to help pay for the war against the Ukraine then vote for Joe. We are subsidizing the funding of war against the Ukraine on behalf of Russia. Russia inadvertently has become our ally against the Ukraine. We are fighting a proxy war against the Ukraine unwittingly.
  24. If you prefer your NATO allies to be dependent on Russian and OPEC energy sources while we can supply them with cleaner and cheaper energy and at the same time keep Europe and America stronger richer and safer then vote for Joe.
  25. If you enjoy seeing Germany forced to go to coal because America has forced them to depend on Russian fossil fuel rather than us because Joe on his first day in office shut down our fossil fuel industry that had provided us with clean natural gas for energy then vote for Joe.
  26. If you like paying higher prices for gas and energy and look forward to a cold winter, then vote for Joe
  27. If you like being dependent on our enemies for solar panels, batteries, chips and strategic metals that go into batteries and atomic products then vote for Joe.
  28. If you like how we exited Afghanistan leaving thousands of our Americans, our Afghanistan workers who helped us for 20 years fighting the Taliban and Alkaida, as we left them with no notice, protection or assistance then vote for Joe.
  29. If you like how when we left Afghanistan leaving behind state of the art new high tech military equipment worth 87 billion dollars to our enemies and left a strategic Bagram Air force base (cost 83 Billion) just 400 miles from China in the hands of the Taliban and the Chinese along with scarce strategic metals (like lithium.) used for manufacturing batteries vote for Joe who believes in America last.
  30. If you don’t believe Joe is compromised with his brother and his sons’ relationships with Russia, Ukraine and China then vote for Joe.
  31. If you believe that favoring and giving advantages to Russia and China by Joe is good for America then vote for Joe.
  32. If you think that when Joe welcomed home the 13 dead soldiers who died in Afghanistan because of our poorly planned and unsecured departure there, while General Milley was focused at the time on training our military on CRT(Critical Race Theory) instead of our leaving from a densely populated and unsecured Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, on 26 August 2021, rather than a safe, secure and strategic departure from Bagram Air force base in a more remote military air base which we abandoned to our enemy’s
    As the 13 dead bodies of our soldiers were being taken off the airplane at Dover Air force base in Delaware Joe kept looking at his watch. If you think that this is a good sign of his character, intellect, respect and compassion for these soldiers, their families, American soldiers and Americans then vote for Joe.
  33. If you believe that the world as they watch America, respect, admire and trust us then vote for Joe.
  34. If you think that Joe has the intellect, energy, full mental capacity, years of accomplishments, and is not in any way beholding to foreign governments, corporations, and is not compromised by his, son and his brother James business dealing with China, Russia, Ukraine and others then vote for Joe.
  35. If you think that his sons receipt of 31 million from sources in China where he has no experience in the fields he is supposedly being paid for and acting as an advisor makes any sense then vote for Joe.
  36. If you think as the FBI and the US Attorney said just before the elections of 2020 that Joe’s son’s laptop is full of Russian misinformation and propaganda as the media suppressed the story then vote for Joe. 10 % or more of the voters polled said if they knew about Hunters lap top before the election they would not have voted for Joe. Especially independent registered voters. Some democrats too.
    53. If you believe that Joe’s high spending and giving money away in the trillions is non inflationary then vote for Joe.
  37. If you believe as VP Kamala and Alesandro Mayorkas Secretary of Homeland Security declared that our borders are secure and safe then vote for Joe.
  38. If you believe that fentanyl, 90 percent of it coming across the southern border is not killing 110,000 American youth up till the age of 45 years old then vote for Joe.
  39. If you believe that allowing people in the millions to cross our border without being vaccinated for Covid or vetted for criminal back grounds like MS 13 and terrorists associations is OK while Americans are losing their jobs and pensions because they are not vaccinated then vote for Joe.
  40. If you believe that the Mexican cartels which are making billions on the business of moving illegal’s, guns and drugs as well as human trafficking into our country should not be the reason to close our borders then vote for Joe.
  41. If you believe that Joe is doing all in his power to secure our border as is mandated in our Constitution, following our laws and protecting Americans then vote for Joe.
  42. If you feel that Joe is doing everything in his power to reduce crime by reducing the flow of drugs a source of great profits and the guns needed by criminals to protect their drug business, then vote for Joe.
  43. If you believe that Kamala Harris has fulfilled her assigned task to control the border effectively when she was appointed by Joe then vote for Joe. I don’t think she got to the border but did go once near the border and to Guatemala and Mexico to find out the root causes of why people from the Central American Triangle violate our laws when it comes to crossing the borders. We are still waiting for her report so if that is OK then vote for Joe.
  44. If you think we are better off than before Joe took office then definitely vote for Joe.
  45. If you believe every word he speaks and he never tells a fib or white lie then vote for Joe.
  46. If you like his selections for cabinet members (many have none or little experience), Vice president, department heads and staff members then vote for Joe. He likes to appoint the first in their categories, first female, first black, first Trans gender, first gay, first black gay female, etc.
  47. If you believe that affirmative action selections, identity politics and combinations of sexual, racial and gender types are the best criteria to select leadership positions in the cabinet, and other high positions is a common sense idea then vote for Joe.
  48. If you think that Joe has his priorities in order then vote for Joe.
  49. If you think that Joe had nothing to do with his sons foreign connections, sources of income and his sons connections to business and monetary gains from China, Russia, Ukraine and others and that Hunter and his Uncle James Biden did it all on their own, based on their education, expertise, business backgrounds, knowledge of the foreign languages required to meet and do business then vote for Joe.
  50. If you don’t think that by now all states are Border States then vote for Joe.
  51. If you believe that Joe made no money and had no influence, connection or was involved in any way with the transactions by his brother and son with the millions they made with foreign governments and businesses then vote for Joe.
  52. If you believe that make America great again is a bad idea than vote for Joe.
  53. If you believe that MAGA people about half of Americans are bad for this country as Joe has said repeatedly while at the same time saying he is the only one who is the adult in the room and the only one to bring Americans together then vote for Joe.
  54. If you believe that putting our enemies first is better than putting America first then vote for Joe.
  55. If you believe it is good for Americans to work overtime and take 2nd and 3rd jobs to pay for the increases in energy housing and food aka “inflation” which they falsely claim is 8.3 % and Joe even said that there was no inflation during the summer month of July 2022 then vote for Joe.
  56. Do you believe that woman especially young woman in sports are being treated equally, fairly and morally then vote for Joe.
  57. If you agree that shutting down Canadian and American pipelines hurting the flow of oil and gas in North America driving up costs of everything and removing our ability for the first time in history to be a net exporter of energy to our Allies in Europe including NATO that was bringing in huge revenues to USA while Joe at the same time removed restrictions on the Russian pipe line Nord Stream 2 thus transferring the wealth from America and our allies to Russia. America last. Then vote for Joe. Does Joe have ulterior motives? Can anyone connect the dots?
  58. If you like America to be dependent for oil from friends and foe like Canada, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, then vote for Joe.
  59. If you are forced to take 2nd and 3rd jobs and/or send your wife and sometimes your children out to work to help pay the bills to offset the inflation (aka tax increases or pay cuts) leaving the kids in some instances on their own unsupervised. Vote for Joe.
  60. If you think it is fair transferring the burden, cost and responsibility for clean air to America and allowing China and India (2020 -2050) the worst polluters off the hook as the costs fall on Americans while we clean up the air they are making it dirty so nothing is gained as we all share the same air. We pay the costs while China is building 30 new coal mines because they don’t have oil or gas where we could have sold them gas and oil if we did not restrict our fossil fuel industry thanks to Joe then vote for Joe.
  61. If you think that securing the border and vetting illegal’s or forcing them to apply for entry to the USA the legal way and get on line like the rest of the applicants is racist as is the mantra of Democrats then vote for Joe.
  62. If you think that those people who applied for entry to America and played by the rules, obeyed our regulations , followed the application process and paid their fees are now and have been tossed to the back of the line by the current and past crossing violations by illegal’s is fair? Then vote for Joe.
  63. If you think it is OK to murder a new born baby one minute after it is born for any reason then vote for Joe. The Constitution said “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. If this is against your beliefs then vote for Joe.
  64. If you think Joe didn’t get 10% of the millions that Hunter and Joe’s brother received from their business arrangements with foreign governments then vote for Joe.
  65. If you believe that Hunters’ laptop from hell showing Hunter carousing, doing drugs and brandishing a gun walking around practically naked is as the DOJ and the FBI said just before the 2020 Presidential elections was Russian mis-information then vote for Joe.
  66. If you believe that Hunter did not lie on his pistol permit application by not mentioning his drug background which would have denied him his permit then vote for Joe.
  67. If you believe that half of Americans are deplorable s and a threat to America then vote for Joe.
  68. If you believe that Joe is doing a good job and taking America in the right direction then vote for Joe.
  69. If you believe the best way to select the best people to work for you is to pick people who are the first in race, gender, mixed ethnicity’s, or any combination of these fates of birth is the way to pick your top staff then vote for Joe .Kamala Harris is the first African American, Asian female to be Vice President in History. Many of Joe’s selections are based on this concept. So if this is OK then vote for Joe. That is what he wants his legacy to be.
  70. If you believe it is better to depend on foreign countries, friend and foe alike for our energy, chips, drugs, strategic metals and sources of renewable energy products rather than be independent then vote for Joe.
    87. If you believe our foreign policy is working to our advantage and helping our European allies and other free as well as poor nations in the world then vote for Joe.
  71. If you believe we don’t have to keep our promises to our Afghanistan military and civilian associates who risked their lives and those of their families and friends for our 20 years of war in their country when promised we would take them with us when we left. And our allies were not notified as we left in the middle of the night. Thousands are still there if they are still alive when left behind over a year ago and we never went back to keep our promise when Joe said “We will leave no one behind”; If you think we were ethical and did the right thing then vote for Joe.
  72. If you feel that Joe is surrounded by competent, honorable, independent minded, experienced people, with priorities in place such as cabinet members, Executive office chief of staff, military chief of staff, department heads, V.P., Democrat members of the House and Senate that are not robots and stand up to Joe and his puppet masters for things that they feel are wrong and are not the very best solutions for America then vote for Joe
  73. If you think that the election of 2020 was not compromised in any way, that States who changed the voting rules at the last minute when they saw that they were falling behind in the votes without legislating them as required by States law and Mark Zuckerberg spending 450 million dollars for the Democrats was not a violation amongst many others not mentioned here then vote for Joe.
  74. If you thing that Mark Zuckerberg who spent $440 million to support Joe part of which went to having flimsy, outside voting collection drop off boxes that were not secured was not a violation of voting laws then vote for Joe.
  75. If you believe that when Joe was behind in the votes in one state in particular that a call was made to have a truck load of votes delivered. And the truck driver brought loads of votes from I believe it was NY or Long Island to Pennsylvania sounds ordinary and regular and passes the smell (sniff) test. And when Joe was falling behind in the votes, in some instances they illegally extended the voting hours and the next votes that came in went 90% for Joe and 10 % for Donald which is mathematically impossible. If you think this is OK then vote for Joe.
  76. If you feel that the administrations fiscal and monetary policies are working for mom and pop businesses, employees, and Americans overall then vote for Joe.
  77. If you believe that people who are paying for health insurance and getting less services than people on Medicaid which is basically a free health program for low income Americans and illegal’s is fair and equitable and morally correct then vote for Joe.
  78. If you believe that the Affordable Care Act the legacy legislation under Obama allowed you to keep your doctors, keep your hospitals, keep your health care plans and brought the cost of your plan for you and your family down then vote for Joe.
  79. If you in your heart of hearts, soul of souls feel that by allowing the porous southern border open is not responsible for the deaths of Americans and the destruction of American families, our culture, our quality and our way of life thanks to China where the drugs emanate from is being properly and efficiently assessed and controlled by our leaders then vote for Joe.
  80. If you think that Joe as VP under Obama did not use his prestigious and powerful office to influence the receiving of favors, help business dealings that resulted in millions of dollars going to his son and brother then vote for Joe.
  81. If you believe that his son and brother were the very best qualified in the areas they were doing business in Russia, Ukraine, China and other places, if they made these business connections on their own and were acting morally, were experienced in the business they were performing in, were mentally and physically fit to perform for the millions they received or just a connection to the influence of the VP in the Obama Administration then vote for Joe.
  82. If you believe as Joe said that the greatest threat in history to America is White Supremacy over and above the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center , the allowing of criminals, criminally insane people, MS 13 and other gangs including terrorist crossing our southern border, violent groups like Antifa , Black Lives Matter, the deaths to 100,000’s of White and mostly minority Americans from the drugs and guns and gangs crossing our borders that lower the quality of life of all taxpaying Americans in sanctuary cities (800 +/- ?) is lesser of a threat than White supremacy then vote for Joe.
  83. If you feel safe when you leave your house, traveling on public transportation to work or to social events, or walking in the streets and parks; if you don’t worry that safety is a top priority in America by our government; If you don’t fear that some lunatic will sucker punch you or throw you onto the train track, or drive a vehicle high on drugs and marijuana in the streets and on the highways of the sanctuary cities of America; If you don’t fear that some criminal sociopath that has committed crime after crime and is out of jail for the “Umpteenth” time with no bail and may never return for their appointed court date as “woke” District attorneys and U.S. attorneys feel that these poor souls had a bad break in life, no fathers in the home, single parent families and someone has give them another chance in life even though it is at the expense of honest, law abiding Americans then vote for Joe.
  84. If you think that the “No Bail Law” for criminals especially recidivists, drug dealers, violent offenders, gang members, mentally insane who committed heinous crimes with the use of a weapon or physically attacking people, that these offenders should be let out on the street to wait for their court date if they show up at all, then vote for Joe.
  85. If you think that criminals who have repeatedly committed violent crimes against old people, woman, in some cases children, mom and pop businesses, crimes on public transportation etc and have been in and out of the court system over and over again and have been incarcerated over and over again should be released with no bail on the chance they might and have proven to commit crimes again then vote for Joe.
  86. If you think that now is the time to shut down oil and the natural gas industry while California has rolling blackouts and Governor Newsome is asking people with electric cars not to plug them in at certain hours and set their air conditioners at 78 degrees and leave them off when you can is the standard we want here in America then vote for Joe and the Governor too for that matter.
  87. If you deeply believe that we have common sense leaders who are directing our future then vote for Joe.
  88. If you feel that the media including the press, radio and TV news are accurate, honest, unbiased, act as a sort of watchdog of the constitution for the people as the 4th estate and apologizes when they make errors then vote for Joe. Or is most of the media an arm of the democrat machine voluntarily?
  89. If you believe that our leaders in Washington and throughout America support the police, believe in their safety and well being, respect them and their families, do not create an environment of hate and distrust, enhance their morale and teach Americans that a very small percentage of Law enforcement are bad, less than 1 percent which is a pretty big number then vote for Joe. More than half of law enforcement are minorities.
  90. If you believe that the puppeteers in Washington who control our leaders are more interested in us the American people than their pursuit for power, privilege, prestige, wealth and great jobs after they leave public life then vote for Joe.
  91. If you believe as the January 6th 2021 Trump rally was approaching that Nancy the House Majority leader as well as she being in charge of security of the Capital building and the Congressman, Mayor Bowser of Washington DC, and others were offered 20,000 National Guards men and woman by President Trump to protect the Capitol building as Trump was advised that large numbers of people were coming to Washington for the rally on January 6 2021. They all refused Trumps help either because their assessment was different or they were setting up Trump for failure to make him look bad and then prosecute him. The National Police asked Nancy for help but she also declined their requests for more security. She is in charge of security at the Capital building. If you feel that this oversight by the Democrats was not deliberate then vote for Joe.
  92. If you don’t wonder why that over 550 riots in this country that took place prior to the breaking in and trespassing of the Capital building on Jan 6, 2021 which burned down police stations, attacked and killed first responders and civilians, injured seriously others, set on fire police vehicles, first responder vehicles , incurred mass destruction, looting, vandalism of businesses, public buildings and churches, used weapons and violently attacked and destroyed businesses of all kinds especially in minority neighborhoods. Then you have to ask yourself why none of these riots were and rioters ever investigated yet the one break in and trespassing at the Capitol building was investigated hundreds of arrests and detentions were made when there was little damage. If you feel that there was justice here then vote for Joe
    There was one woman who was directly killed at the Capital building invasion and she was a veteran named Ashli Babbitt who was shot in the back of the neck shoulder area as she climbed through a broken window. She was unarmed and not a threat to anyone as she barely had her head through the window with her back to the Capital police officer who was hailed as a hero for shooing her. The capital police hailed the officer for killing Ashli for preventing and potentially saving Members of Congress and staff from serious injury and possible death. Anyone who applied for a pistol license, got a permit or is or was a member of a police force and has been required to get training to qualify for a gun knows that the rules of engagement were not followed as there was no threat to anyone life at that moment and Ashli could have been controlled by security personnel that were there or by the use of non deadly force. If you feel that there was equal justice for Ashli then vote for Joe
  93. If you believe that “Make America Great Again” is unpatriotic, ill intended , a menace to Americans and American businesses, a threat to our economy, diminishes our safety, puts America last and our enemies first and is a monumental threat to our national security then vote for Joe.
  94. If you look forward to working longer hours,(ridiculous) or finding a second job or a third job in some instances, or having members in your family have to go out to work, or pulling your children from private schools or colleges, or cutting down on your car trips, mini vacations, trips to McDonald’s, cutting back on your life style due to inflation , tax increases and the burdens of paying for illegal’s as you believe that our leaders are taking our nation in the right direction then vote for Joe.
  95. If you think nothing is wrong when Joe has a rare press conference and people from the side lines off camera tell him what to do and say and he has to read from an index card which tells him not to repeat himself or who he can and can’t talk to, then Joe is your man.
  96. If you agree with Joe that our withdrawal from Afghanistan was 100 percent successful and his promise that no one would be or was left behind who didn’t want to be left behind happened, then vote for Joe.
  97. If you think he is fully cognizant when he got off of his helicopter Marine One and walks in the wrong direction in his attempt to get to the White House and someone has to tell him which way to go then vote for Joe.
  98. If you wonder why he was shaking hands in the air as if someone’s hands were at the other end then Joe is your man.
  99. If you think that the CPI consumer price index went up 8.3 percent and Joe even said zero percent one month as you see food going up by 10 % or much higher and the package contents decrease by 10 % or higher then vote for Joe.
  100. The higher price of oil and gas forces the cost of the Plastic containers to go up as they are derivatives of oil and gas so not only does the transportation costs drive up the cost of goods and services so does the packaging, manufacturing and other byproducts of oil and gas force the price of goods and services up. If you believe that the government planned their energy policies carefully then vote for Joe. By the way renewable energy will not be 90 % available for 10 to 20 years so perhaps we cut off our energy supplies a little bit too early. And we have to wait for China to give us the goods.
  101. If you don’t believe Barack Obama said about Joe “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f… things up.” then vote for Joe.
  102. If you want to spend your tax dollars on immigrants crossing our southern border without vetting or filing paper work before they get here this is what we are up against so vote for Joe and Democrats.
    “Immigrants are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
    Emergency Medicaid (includes labor and delivery), Full-Scope Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicare “Premium-Free” Part A (hospitalization) (Eligibility based on work history.)

Premium “Buy-in” Medicare, HUD Public Housing and Section 8 Programs, Title XX Block Grants, Social Security, Children’s admission to public education and language programs; Other Federal Public Benefits Subject to Welfare Law’s Restrictions, Benefits Exempt from Welfare Law’s Restrictions”

Qualified immigrants are: refugees, asylees, persons granted withholding of deportation/removal, conditional entry or paroled into the U.S. for at least one year; Cuban/Haitian entrants; battered spouses and children with a pending or approved, application for cancellation of removal/suspension of deportation, whose need for benefits has a substantial connection to the battery or cruelty (parent/child of such battered child/ spouse are also “qualified”; victims of trafficking and their derivative beneficiaries who have obtained a T visa or whose application for a T visa sets forth a prima facie case. (A broader group of trafficking victims who are certified by or receive an eligibility letter from the Office of Refugee Resettlement are eligible for benefits funded or administered by federal agencies, without regard to their immigration status.)

  1. If you feel that defunding the police was a great and innovative idea and succeeded as it was intended to then vote for Joe.
  2. Nancy said that she was inspired by the work Kamala was doing. If you agree then vote for Joe.
  3. If you agree with Joe that the MAGA crowd is a unique threat to American democracy then vote for Joe. Didn’t he also call them fascist?
  4. If you agree with Joe’s remarks that The MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic then vote for Joe.
  5. If you noticed that after Joe shut down the fossil fuel industry that gas more than doubled in price and natural gas you use in your home quadrupled and as Joe says it was due to the Ukrainian War and inflation then vote for Joe.
  6. – The “Me Too Movement” said that accusers should be believed before fact-checking. If you agree that the accused should be punished without due process to establish their guilt in a court of law by a jury of their peer’s then vote for Joe.
  7. If you believe that since Thomas Jefferson owned slaves; that monuments, cities, schools and buildings should have his name removed then vote for Joe.

Keep in mind at least twelve presidents were slave owners at some point during their lives: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk, Zachary Taylor, Andrew Johnson, and Ulysses S. There should be one standard for all if you want to deny their greatness.

  1. If Joe’s leadership as the most powerful man in the world has made the world safer and brought peace to the world then vote for Joe.
  2. If you believe that the 350 plus riots were mostly peaceful as some of our politicians were proclaiming as the buildings were burning and mostly minority businesses in minority neighborhoods were being destroyed right in front of our eyes on TV and the Democrats did not say anything or condemn Black Lives Matter or Antifa then vote for Joe.
  3. If you think it is OK to stand in front of a Jurist home like the Supreme Court Justices homes, picket and threaten them with violence if they don’t vote their way then vote for Joe. That is a crime by the way but no one is enforcing it. That is a crime if you threaten anyone in the court room including witnesses, court employees, and lawyers, everyone involved in a case.
  4. If you think we need 89,000 additional I.R.S. agents rather than border patrol agents, vote for the “Big Guy”.
  5. If you agree that the FBI should investigate parents who go to school board meetings to protest the curricula like CRT and binary sex, sex changes and are domestic terrorist etc. vote for Joe
  6. If you think that the 574 riots in the U.S. in 2020 should not be investigated and the one at the Capital building Jan 6, 2021 was the only one necessary for investigation by the commission, vote for Joe.
  7. If you think that the January 6th Committee investigation, investigating the riot and or break-in at the Capital building was fair keeping in mind that:

1) Nancy Pelosi turned down 10,000 -20,000 National Guardsman to protect the elected officials and the building offered by President Donald J Trump.
2) An equal offer was made by President Trump to Mayor Bowser of Washington D.C. and she too declined the offer.
3) Nancy Pelosi rejected for the investigatory committee two real Republicans and instead selected 2 un-real Republicans in name only “Rhinos” who hated Trump.
4) There was no one allowed to represent the President during the proceedings.
5) No cross examination was allowed.
5) No witnesses on behalf of Trump were called to testify.
6) The request by the Capital Police for additional man power was rejected by Nancy Pelosi,
7) All members on the committee hated Trump.
8) The video presented as evidence cut out the President’s remarks before the riot and during the riot. President Trump asked the D.C. marchers to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”. And when he found out that the protest was going badly he told them to “Go home with love and in peace”. These pieces of evidence were never admitted as testimony and edited out of the video.

If you think that Nancy Pelosi and her committee treated the investigation with honesty, integrity and in search of the truth then vote for Joe.

If you think that this was a political lynching and to get the countries mind off of Joe’s failures before the upcoming midterm elections(Nov, 2022) with the crisis going on of inflation, high gasoline prices high crime rates surging out of control in blue cities, failing energy policy’s, foreign policy blunders, a treacherous and failing open border policy that is literally killing 140,000 Americans annually, no rule of law, lack of respect, defunding and lack of support for our police men and woman, flip flopping on Covid rules and regulations , supply chain crisis, the failure of Joe because he was unable by begging for oil production increases and supplies from a few of our enemies like Iran , Russia , Venezuela and even from some friends like Saudi Arabia , and the Emirates and so much more than vote for Republicans .

  1. Yesterday 10/17/22 Joe was being interviewed in an ice cream parlor eating ice cream and when asked about the economy he said it was doing great .The comment came during a conversation with a reporter at a Baskin Robbins in Portland, Oregon, who asked the president if he had any worry about the strength of the U.S. dollar amid rising inflation. With a chocolate chip ice cream cone in his hand, Biden answered: “I’m not concerned about the strength of the dollar. I’m concerned about the rest of the world. Our economy is strong as hell.” If you believe this, one of you is out of touch with reality.
  2. While 100,000 of thousands of mostly blacks, Hispanics and whites as well but not as many are dying of opiods thanks to China and the American government who is inadvertently supporting the Mexican cartels unless they have a covert deal
    Guess who is hiding and not protecting our youth and their constituency.

Here is a partial/short list “Honor Roll” of failed minority leadership.

Joy Reid, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Reverend Farrakhan, President Barack Obama, First lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey,Van Jones, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, Wendy Williams, Whoopie Goldberg, Don Lemon, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago, Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C., Mayor Eric Adams of NYC, and all the other black politicians, celebrities and so-called religious leaders. Do you know what these famous and influential people are saying? NOTHING.

  1. If you think that Joe’s mental and physical conditions are not failing then Joe is your man.
  2. If you believe that Joe has not made error after error and made poor decision after decision with few exceptions and has not put America last then vote for Joe.
  3. If you believe those “MAGA” citizens are bad and “Making America Great” is a bad idea than vote for Joe.
  4. if you like that many decisions our President makes favors our enemies instead of us than vote for Joe.




Meeting on COVID – September 8, 2022

The club thanks our speakers and Steve Speer for organizing the panelists.  Recording of the speakers, thanks to Christopher Leon Johnson and to NYCForYourself for videos of Fischer, Gilmore, and Cox.

Greg Fischer

Retired business owner and Economist, with degrees including:  General Management, from CUNY; Finance, SUNY New Paltz; Operations Management, SUNY Albany.

He is a 911 First Responder, Publisher of the Political Patriot Newspaper, Father of 4, lives in Calverton, New York.

He has waged many Political campaigns in Suffolk County, NY for the past 12 years.  In 2022 he started to conduct free Public Seminars helping more than 500 people who refused to be vaccinated and lost their jobs to re-apply and fight for unemployment benefits.  Has made significant legal attacks upon the Covid Vaccine Mandates and Mask Mandates.  He continues to research and document the negative effects of the Covid Vaccines and boosters.  He could be reached via Telegram @GregFischerUS. (Rumble with permission from NYCForYourself)

John Gilmore

John Gilmore has been an advocate for 20 years working on issues related to autism, developmental disabilities and vaccine injury and rights, including access to health care, insurance coverage, epidemiology,  special education, civil rights and liberties, vaccine safety and consent issues. He is a founder and Executive Director of Children’s Health Defense New York Chapter. And he serves as the Executive Director of the Autism Action Network, a national 501c4 non-profit organization that works on issues related to autism, developmental disabilities, civil rights, and vaccine policy. He is the founder of the Autism Community Walk, and serves on the board of the New York Alliance for Vaccination Rights. He lives in Long Beach, New York, with his wife and his adult vaccine-injured son who is diagnosed with autism. He has a Master’s degree in public policy from the University of California, Berkeley. (Rumble with permission from NYCForYourself)

Bobbie Anne Flower Cox

Bobbie Anne Flower Cox has been a New York attorney for almost 25 years.  Formerly with a large, international law firm, Attorney Cox is now the principal at Cox Lawyers, PLLC.  She has extensive experience suing government entities on behalf of her clients, particularly with regards to unjust property valuations.  She recently won a historic lawsuit against New York Governor Kathy Hochul and the NYS Department of Health, striking down their unconstitutional quarantine camp regulation.  In so doing, Attorney Cox has saved millions of New Yorkers from suffering the probable effects of illegal forced quarantines by a tyrannical State government that is truly out of control.  Shamefully, Governor Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James plan to appeal.  (Youtube  Rumble With permission from NYCForYourself)

1. Pledge of Allegiance 7:29
2. Reading of club’s Mission Statement (Jim Strawhorn)
3. Roll call of officers and board members (Vic Starsky)
4. Reading of club’s 7/21 minutes (David Kemp)
5. Report of the Financial Secretary/Treasurer (Yuon Tai Bak)
6. Committee Reports
– Election Integrity – August 23 Primary (Yuon Tai Bak)
– Queens Infrastructure (Danette Rivera)– Nominating and membership (October 13)
7. Old Business
– Non-Citizen Voting (Kathrine James, July 27, 2022)
– Redraw State Assembly line (September 16, 2022)
– Proposed City Council lines (Ruben Cruz)
8. Announcements
– Congestion Pricing Hearing (online comment until September 9)
4 Proposals on the November ballot
Middle Village GOP (Craig Caruana)
South Queens Republican Club (Sept 20)
Bridge to Life 30th Anniversary Gala (Sept 25)
Queens Village Republican Club (Phil Orenstein)
– Northern Manhattan Republicans (Edwin de la Cruz)
Blexit Foundation (Dion Powell)
– Marijuana litigation plaintiffs wanted (Haris Bhatti)
– Square Deal (Joe Concannon)
– Conservative Republican Alliance (Chris Wright)
– Free Yankees vs Pittsburgh Pirates tickets (September 20, 7 pm)
– 50/50 Raffle (1. 3 steins, 2. 2 weeks Taichi lessons by Master Joan, 3. Influence, New And Expanded: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. – a classic – practically an encyclopedia on the subject of persuasion, 4. How To Work A Room, Fully Revised and Updated: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lasting Connections – in Person and Online, by Susan Roane – also a classic – the title speaks for itself)

9. New Business – CQRC investigates COVID and November ballot Candidates
Tom Zmich, 6th Congressional
Robert Bobrick, 47th State Senatorial (Manhattan)
Martha Rowen, 26th State Senatorial (Brooklyn)
– Cynthia Acevedo-Nelson, 70th State Assembly (Manhattan)
– Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, 44th State Assembly (Brooklyn)
– Steve Speer, 10th Congressional (did not speak)
Danniel Maio, 15th State Senatorial (did not speak)

– Next two meetings are on October 13 and November 8 at Anshe Sholom Chabad in Kew Gardens.
10. Adjournment 9:38

Becoming a Poll Worker.