The January 6th Committee.Unanswered Questions & the Exclusion of Exculpatory Evidence! AKA Lying by Omission & Deception! Just Close and Lock the Doors Stupid!

The House of Representative under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi created the January 6th commission to investigate the riot at the Capitol building. The biased, self serving commission did not allow President Trump to defend himself, have attorneys present, and have witnesses to testify on his behalf or present contrary evidence. Videos were edited to eliminate any exculpatory evidence that would help the President. In essence it was a witch hunt. Below are some of the questions that we should be asking:

1) Why were real Republicans rejected to be on the January 6th committee but 2 Trump hating RHINOS (Republicans in name only) were accepted?

2) Why did the committee consist of people with “TDS” Trump derangement syndrome aka “Never Trumpers”?

3) Why was exculpatory evidence withheld from the hearings?

4) Why wasn’t Trump allowed to have lawyers present to the hearings?

5) Why wasn’t Trump allowed to have his witnesses testify on his behalf?

6) Why wasn’t Trump or his lawyers allowed to make statements in support of his defense?

7) Why were Trumps warnings of excessive crowds heading to D.C, unheeded and never entered as evidence?

8) Why were Trumps offers to have up to 20,000 extra security personnel along with Capital police, Washington D.C. police and National guardsmen rejected by Mayor Bowser and Nancy Pelosi who was in charge of the Capital building security along with the Capital Police Chief? And never entered as evidence. Was Trump being set up for failure?

9) Why did Nancy Pelosi reject the requests from the Capital police chief just days before the protest rally to have more security rejected as there was awareness of large crowds coming to the protest? And this never entered as evidence.

10) What did Nancy Pelosi and Mayor Bowser know and when did they know it? Were they setting up Trump for failure to ruin his chances at another run for President?

11) Why did the video evidence by the January 6th committee of President Trumps’ speech before the march to the Capital building exclude and edited out him saying now go forth peacefully and patriotically and make your voices heard? It was edited out. It was never entered as evidence.

12) Why were 16,000 hours of video concealed, hidden and not presented in the hearings or available to defendants to help in their defense? What are they hiding in these 16,000 hours of video? Perhaps it will show that many of the arrested are not guilty and the Capitol police and others encouraged, escorted, and led the protesters in and around the Capitol building and 2 heavy Capitol building Rotunda doors weighing 20,000 pounds and secured with a magnetic code were opened electronically from the inside with the code that only authorized Capitol personnel have. Someone gave the command to open these doors but why?

There was 1 simple solution that hundreds of people who were running the show like Nancy, Chuck, Adam, Jerry, Mayor Bowser, and head of Capital police, Washington D.C police and undercover cops, FBI, DOJ could have done.


This appears to be collusion and a deliberate political act, all acting in concert to make a sitting President look like a traitor and or an insurrectionist when in fact it was just the opposite.

It’s right in front of their noses.

CLOSE AND LOCK ALL THE DOORS if you really don’t want trouble.

Perhaps they the Trump haters wanted trouble!

The 16,000 hours of video tape never offered as evidence or allowed by the January 6th committee so the defendants and their lawyers would have the opportunity to show that many of the protestors just walked around waiving their flags and protest banners. This was called an insurrection. That would not apply because you can’t have an insurrection without weapons and none were found.

13) When Trump saw what was happening he asked the crowds to disburse and go home peacefully. “I know your pain, I know you’re hurt,” Trump said. “But you have to go home now, we have to have peace. We have to have law and order; we have to respect our great people in law and order.” Why was this edited out of the video evidence presented before the January 6th committee? It was never entered as evidence.

14) How is it that the protesters who were held in jail were not given their constitutional rights of being arraigned and charged within the constitutional legal time limits?

15) Why weren’t the protesters who were arrested and held for such a long time before being charged and arraigned within the time restraints under the law? Once you have been arrested on a federal complaint and warrant, the government must hold a preliminary exam with 14-21 days unless you waive your rights consent, and good cause is shown. Otherwise, the rules require that you be released.

16) Why were the protesters held being denied a fast and speedy trial?

17) Why were many of the protesters being delayed to post bail?

18) Why were some of the protesters being held not given proper medical care?

19) Why wasn’t the murder of Ashli Babbitt an unarmed white female Air Force veteran who was climbing through a broken door window and shot in the back not mentioned or properly investigated? The Capitol police officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt (had a previous record of mishaps) did not follow the departments gun rules of engagement.

20) Why was the video of Ashli Babbitt edited out? Moments just before she was killed, police were ordered away from where she was killed. This has the appearance of some sort of scheme that was about to unfold but went wrong.

21) Why didn’t the many security forces close and lock the doors?

22) Why were there many undercover people in the crowd who were pretending to be part of a group known as the “Proud Boys” to be waiving the protesters to move forward and encouraging them to enter the building (This just came out recently April 11, 2023). These alleged “Proud Boys” were never called as witnesses because the January 6th committee were all Trump haters including two Republicans. Their testimony would have exposed the intent of the Democrats which was to prove that Trump incited the riot.

23) Why did Nancy Pelosi declare that the January 6th, 2021 protest and trespassing into the Capitol building to be the worst event in American history? No weapons were found and only one death occurred that day, that of Ashli Babbitt.

24) Why were the Capitol Police and other security forces encouraging and waiving the protestors into the Capitol building?

25) Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi or the capitol police and undercover agents just order all the doors to be closed and locked which would have ended the intrusion into the Capitol building? Was this a plan to demonize President Trump by engineering a total invasion into the Capitol building?

26) Why weren’t thousands of hours of tapes omitted and not used as evidence in the Jan 6 investigation? Perhaps this evidence would have exonerated many including the President and shown culpability by Nancy Pelosi, the Capitol Police, the Washington D.C. Mayor, and the Democratic leadership?

27) Why wasn’t Nancy Pelosi who was in charge, never called as a witness?

28) Why were the Capitol police who were working directly outside the Capitol building energetically and enthusiastically waving the crowd toward and into the building? Was this a Democrat conspiracy to encourage potential criminal activity and later call it an insurrection and blame it on President Trump?

29) Why were the Capitol police who were working inside the building waving people along and not stopping them? In some cases even leading them through the building.

30) Why did the Capitol police who were standing in front of unarmed Ashley Babbitt as she was struggling to creep through a tight broken window leave their posts momentarily before she was murdered by another Capitol policeman? They leave her seconds before she was shot dead. They are waving each other away and left their posts.

Was this coincidental or was there another motive? She was unarmed and caught in a tight window space and posed no threat to anyone but herself with the possibility of being injured with broken glass and wood.

There are strict rules of engagement for an officer of the law to use deadly force. That is he was in no immediate danger, she posed no threat to him or anyone else, she showed no weapons, there was no report that she verbally threatened anyone, her back was to the police officer who murdered her so what was his mental state or motive.

His reason for using deadly force was flawed and criminal. He has had issues in the past. There was a feeble investigation, ultimately making him a hero, gave him an award and cleared his name of any wrong doing.

I have held two hand gun carry permits, received specialized training in the use of a firearm, trained on the rules of engagement and the laws that govern firearms and know unless you or someone else is in imminent danger of bodily harm you cannot use a firearm to shoot someone. Even if the perpetrator is walking away with your $100,000 dollar diamond ring. In my opinion I believe that there was no probable cause, no imminent threat of bodily harm to that officer or others and that officer committed the crime of murder and should be charged with a capital crime. Another chapter in the Washington swamp and deep state. Justice for me but not for thee.

Another of many attempts to keep Robin Hood away from running for the Presidency where he wants to demolish the crime, corruption, illegal lobbying and the stench that has existed in the nation’s capital for decades. The answer is simple; they fear he might do just that.

We have two unpopular candidates currently vying for the number one job in the world.
Most don’t like either one. I suggest you put your emotions aside, use your intellect, check your stock portfolio,401Ks, IRAs , ask the family what could they do with the extra money if inflation was where it used to be , gas prices and food prices were lower as before, crime was far less prevalent and so on and so forth. That’s the guy you want in the White House.

Make your family and friends happy. Vote for cheaper oil and gas, cheaper food, cheaper fast food establishments so you can take your kids back to their favorite ones, closed borders to stop the deaths of 300 young people a day via fentanyl and other opiods, stop the cartels from making billions and controlling our border, stop the illegal migrants who some are terrorists, criminals, mentally ill not to mention human and child trafficking and prostitution. Our country has become the bedrock of immorality and destruction of the middle class and the laughing stock of the world. Wake up America; we are losing time to save our beautiful country.

Nancy Polisi should have been charged with at least gross negligence and dereliction of duty. She should have resigned as speaker of the house.

Nancy Pelosi dramatically called Jan 6th the worse day in American history? Did Nancy forget that there were far worse days than the 1 day event of January 6th 2021 as she proclaimed it the worst day in American history? It appears as if she never passed her history courses.

How about:

* The Civil War fought to hold the union together and free the slaves where 520,000 + mostly young lives were lost, bodies maimed, minds broken, families left in pain never to be whole again.

* World War I with 116,708 American deaths, 204,000 wounded and 757 civilian deaths.

* The Great Depression

* Pearl Harbor with the loss of 2,335 American military lives , 68 civilians, and what about the 1,143 wounded military plus 35 civilians never to be whole again? Pearl Harbor brought us into World War II with the greatest loss of lives in history.

* World War II, the deadliest military conflict in history where 407,000 American serviceman and woman were killed, + 12,000 civilians wounded and maimed for the rest of their lives? The deadliest war in history with the loss of 70-85 million lives lost mostly civilians.

* Korean War, 5 million dead, including 40,000 Americans dead 100,000 wounded.

* Did she forget the lies (the Domino theory) that brought us into the unpopular Viet Nam War killing 58,220 American men and woman and wounding severely hundreds of thousands? If you wanted to stop the spread of communism why Viet Nam, go right to the source which is China.

* Viet Nam War protests across America i.e. the murders at Kent State University in May of 1970 of unarmed students protesting, 4 were shot dead and 9 wounded by the Ohio National Guard.

* Deadliest terror attack in the world happened right here in the USA, the 9/11 attacks. Did she forget the terrorist attacks on 4 airplanes terrorizing passengers (246 passengers dead), 2 planes crashing into the world trade towers (2,753 dead), and 1 into the Pentagon building (184 dead) and 1 into the fields of Shanksville, Pennsylvania (40 dead) .Total deaths 3,223.

* What about the Iraq War where the world was told there were weapons of mass destruction which were never found? Many of our allies said wait and let’s see the final report by the United Nations investigation. What we got was bedlam in the Middle East and more dead and wounded American soldiers.

President Bush had them down to his ranch in Texas, many paraplegics, crippled and with PTDS, invited for a bicycle run and then a BBQ. More young people’s lives and those of their families ruined in the name of what? Poor leadership.

* Wars where we were unable to get any significant victories. America fought five major wars after 1945 including Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan in addition to some minor wars in Somalia, Yemen, and Libya.

The January 6th Committee is a biased, political, undemocratic, one sided witch hunt to destroy an ex President who they fear if he runs again in 2024 will win. Why because if he wins he will uncover some of the largest abuse of power by corrupt individuals, politicians, organizations, lobbyists, and PACs in Washington D.C. where power and money rules and not the interests of the American people. “MAGA” is the enemy of the “deep state” and their “swamp”.

Wake up America and stop voting for the same loser’s .Vote for yourself, your family and your future which right now looks bleak. Don’t vote party, vote policy whether that person is a Democrat, Independent or Republican. And for heaven’s sake that candidate doesn’t have to look like you for you to vote for them. Stop voting against yourself!

Candidates Issues

Meeting on 2022 General Election results – December 15, 2022

Wrapped up 2022.  On January 19, club will introduce Queens District Attorney and City Council 2023 candidates.

7 candidates presented their stories and recommendations.

Paul King, Congress 5th ag Gregory Meeks
Juan Pagan, Congress 7th ag Nydia Velazquez
Steve Speer, Congress 10th ag Dan Goldman
Robert Bobrick, State Senate 47th ag Brad Hoylman
Martha Rowen, State Senate 26th ag Andrew Giournardes
Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, State Assembly 44th ag Robert Carroll
Marilyn Miller, State Assembly 32nd ag Vivian Cook

3 chairman of the board candidates were nominated.
Martha Rowen, Vic Starsky and David Abraham.

Post election analysis by Eric Vineski


Should There Be Reparations for Slavery? How About Reparations for the Unconstitutional Affirmative Action Laws and Other Egregious Events ?

The question of reparations for the ancestors of American slaves has been around for a long time but nothing has come of it. Here I make a case for reparations but not only does it apply to American ancestors of slaves but it has to include all those who have been deeply afflicted, harmed, hurt, injured, pained, saddened , deceived, deluded, misguided, tricked for specific but historical events upon them by the American government of their citizens and or others.

How about reparations for millions of those who lost out in many ways to affirmative action people which is tantamount to reverse discrimination.

How about reparations for the ancestors of hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers and their families who were maimed or died to free the slaves and keep the Union together? Their loved ones carried this pain and economic loss through the rest of their lives and were denied any real compensation.

How about President Abe Lincoln and his  family? President Lincoln and his family never had the chance to finish and fulfill his second term of office and be grandparents together and they lost a father, husband and the special moment’s families share together. Their sorrow lived on after his assassination.

And Japanese Americans of WWII who were not compensated sufficiently?

How about billions of dollars for the death, injuries and damages from the 2020 riots (500+) all over America re: George Floyd’s killing?

Remember the Twin Cities riots being reported by MSNBC’s news correspondent and reporter Ali Velshi May 29-30, 2020, as America watched on their TV screens large fires in the background, buildings burning, and police abandoning their precinct building as gas lines were cut there, Mr. Velshi calmly reported and I am paraphrasing; These are mostly protests, not generally unruly; clearly suggesting it was not a riot but peaceful protests.

The “woke” press insulting Americans what is clearly seen on the news to protect, control and diminish the impact of the handling of these riots and its effects on the Democrat party and its leadership.

What about compensation for over a million three hundred thousand +/- dead American soldiers leaving their families alone who died in wars fighting for our country?  Can anyone imagine their final moments, their agony, their fear, their physical pain, their final longing to say goodbye or see a loved one or have someone hold them in these final desperate moments as they made the ultimate sacrifice, some as teenagers.  They made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. The lucky ones died instantly. Too many who returned home were destroyed forever along with their families. What about them and their loved ones? Too many of us take these lives for granted.

Military Losses in American Wars:

  • Civil War                     620,000
  • World War II               405,399
  • World War I                 116,516
  • Vietnam                          58,209
  • Korea                              36,516
  • Revolutionary War        25,000
  • War of 1812                    20,000
  • Mexican War                   13,283
  • Iraq-Afghanistan               6,626
  • Spanish American War     2,446
  • Gulf War                                258

What about racial discrimination against Jews who were denied access to  higher education and professions and also  reparations for Asians who were denied admissions to Colleges, Universities and specialty schools that they had worked hard for, sacrificed and rightfully earned the privilege to attend yet turned away? Asians are real minorities in America but because they are so smart they were discriminated against. Jews are real minorities if you want to count numbers. The definition of minorities is discrimination in itself. More than half of Spanish are White but are considered minorities. It’s all political and subjective and not scientific or objective. There is real pain to so many when the government picks their favorites based on politics and not reality.

Right now governments are looking into a law to pay reparations for pre civil war slavery. Reparations should be looked into for other failures by government and society and fairly applied to all Americans for their sacrifices and discrimination against them as well. These additional reparations listed below should be investigated and considered for inclusion into the law if such a law is passed.

Going on in Washington D.C. and in Albany are serious discussions of paying Blacks for reparations for slavery that ended 160 years ago. It is possible that legislation may go through.

At the end of this article is a photo of Clint Eastwood and words that express how many people feel. I don’t know if these are his words or he gave his approval of this photo but it sends a message that many Americans feel.

One question is should Americans who had nothing to do with slavery pay for the sins of others and should blacks who were the descendants of slaves get paid reparations when they have been paid already by affirmative action programs, and preferences by governments in giving special treatments to minority companies over others; university’s giving extra points(350) to their entry application scores to help them get into the schools, scores that were unearned to move minorities into their institutions that give a disadvantage to Whites and Asians disadvantaging them to the back of the admissions lines because they were White and Asians. American corporations who in order to get government contracts had to hire a certain percentage of minorities qualified or not.

It’s punishing a successful hardworking group over a less successful hardworking group so that the discrimination became systemic against White and Asian families especially hurtful to those that are of lower income, and have only one parent in the home. They did not cause slavery so why should they be disappointed, punished, demonized or blamed for the sins of others. None of those being punished owned slaves and none of the recipients picked cotton or other products.

Should Black slave owners pay for reparations? And what about the blacks of Africa who sold their Black brothers and sisters ? Shouldn’t they pay reparations as well?

What made the freedom of slaves possible were the Abolitionist states and a strong sense of morality led by the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln to hold the Union together and fight and die for freedom. 300,000 to 400,000 Union soldiers were drafted to fight, hold the country together and free the slaves.

More men died, were wounded, mentally affected than any war in American history. Those who survived were maimed, got PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder, sometimes known as shell shock or combat stress, occurs after you experience severe trauma or a life-threatening event), some blinded, dismembered, tortured, imprisoned under the worst conditions; Nothing to ease their pain and many died in prison due to starvation, lack of medical care and those who survived along with their loved ones were never to be the same again.

It was these men and their families that suffered and deserve reparations.

If the congress in Washington D.C. or the legislature in Albany N.Y. enact laws for reparations for slavery as may happen the application of reparations should be considered for various inequitable actions to Americans who sacrificed in war and under affirmative action laws which are basically unconstitutional. They too should be considered for reparations.

Reparation Proposals:

1) Blacks whose ancestors were slaves in America (They were sold and delivered from Africa by Blacks. Many blacks in America were also slave owners. But no one will tell you this). All who were involved in the slave trade should share the responsibility of reparations for slavery not the people who had nothing to do with it.

2) Restitution should be given to the heirs of Abe Lincoln who lost his life to free the slaves. Lincoln did not have a chance to live out his second term in office or enjoy the rest of his life with his family and friends.

3) Reparations to Civil War Union soldiers to their heirs, including some family members who fought alongside them who died on the battle field or in prisons deprived of food, medical care, communications with their loved ones, many lost arms, legs, eyes, mind and spirit, came out of the worst war in American history. They left their farms, their businesses, missed an education and lost their innocence behind to fight. All who survived lived the rest of their lives with PTSD and disabilities to cope with, along with their love ones. And some lost the chance to marry and have families because of their physical and mental conditions from the war.

4) White and Asian students who were denied a place in colleges. Their hard work and merit was diminished in order to give these seats to minority’s who had less achievement, grades, test scores and merit due to affirmative action programs that has been going on since the mid 1960s. Colleges and Universities gave a large of amount of extra admissions score points to them so they could jump ahead of the line and push out more deserving students of color. The colors of Asian and Whites.

5) It has to be fair in all areas of society if you truly believe in this philosophy. Equal application of the affirmative action laws should allow the balancing of the sport rosters to have a fair representation of players in professional sports. That would entail having more Whites, Asian and Hispanic athletes in professional sports as football, basketball etc. “Whats good for the goose should be good for the gander “. Let’s eliminate double standards and hypocrisy.

6) Reparations to White and Asians who were denied federal government contracts due to affirmative action.

7) Jews who were denied admissions to colleges, university, medical school, law schools and other professional schools due to quota systems even though as a group of 2 % of the population, Jews are a minority in population. There are black Jews, Sephardic Jews, Middle Eastern Jews, mixed race Jews etc. There are more hate crimes against Jews in America than any other group even though their crime rates are extremely low compared to other groups. Should there be affirmative action treatments for the persecuted or a group whose population is only 2% of the total population when other groups get preferences when their populations are 12-19%?

52 percent of Hispanic Americans are White (Wikipedia). On average 52 percent of Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, Salvadorians, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hispanic Latin Americans and all others identify as White (Wikipedia).

In the Pew research poll 58 percent of Hispanics identify as White. The question here is why is this group given minority status and preference in jobs, colleges, government contracts, and scholarship money over populations of Asians (5.6%) of the population, Jews (2%) of the population, especially when some are in single family homes at poverty levels? Whites represent 58 percent of the population, Blacks 12 percent, Jews mostly White represents 2 percent, Hispanics 19 percent but of the 19 percent of which 52-58 percent identify as Whites from Spain and Latin America. Poor Whites and Asians should have minority status to compete on an equal footing as others.

Let’s redefine the definitions of what minorities are not based on  political manipulations and  pandering but based on real factors as economic minorities of all groups should be a major category regardless of your race, creed, sex, national origin or religion. A person in need economically should be the first measure of a minority. Another factor that should be considered is the number of people in each group in quantity order. Although Hispanic and Latino people are a minority in numbers they are approximately 50% White so which group do they fall into. Or should we divide them into White Hispanics and Latinos and non White Hispanics and Latinos. Latino and Hispanics are approximately 19 % of the population.

White Americans are the majority representing 58 % and in that group are the Jewish populations which are 2% of the U.S. population and the world population. Among Jews there are dark Jews, Hispanic and Latino Jews, Chinese and Black Jews; so as a 2 % minority of the American population and 2% of the world population,  shouldn’t they be classified as a minority? The same for Asians representing 6 % of the population and Blacks are 13 % of the population. Minorities should be listed in percentage order and the economic need should be the primary standard.

Whites are the largest group although the numbers are changing as we are allowing millions of illegal’s into the country each year. They shouldn’t be considered a minority with the exception of economic minority status where there income falls below a certain level. Keep in mind that Whites too have single parent households and many fall below the poverty level. These criteria should be considered for all racial groups in determining minority status.

There should be two standards for special treatment, one is your minority status and two is your economic status. Poor Whites and Asians need affirmative action assistance as well and anyone on a poverty level regardless of race or ethnicity should share the same privileges and have the same opportunities. Why are Spanish and Latinos given minority status when about half are White? It sounds like a political error or pandering for votes at the expense of Whites and Asians especially the poor with single parents’ households.

The system doesn’t make sense and is not fair overall. Politicians preach fair and balanced policy’s but they don’t know what they are talking about. The system needs an overhaul. Who sets the guidelines that determines who and what are minorities  and why aren’t  they applied  using the same standards? Were they pandering to the minorities for votes?

8) Reparations should be given to Whites and Asians who were denied work due to affirmative action. Who were denied admissions to colleges and universities . Who were denied promotions. The Supreme court just ruled that affirmative action is and was illegal and unconstitutional after 60 +/- years of discrimination illegally  instituted by our government under the Lyndon  B. Johnson administration in 1964 and implemented  by private and public companies, schools and institutions. Crimes against Whites and Asians .

9) Reparations to 125,284 Japanese Americans including families and individuals who during WWII were removed from their homes and businesses to be relocated, incarcerated and held at U.S. detention sights, losing their livelihoods, opportunity of education, dignity and self esteem. What they received was inadequate. They had to share housing with other families.

10) Reparations for military losses in all American Wars. No one can measure the pain and suffering to the soldiers and their loved ones.

11) Reparations due to the recent rioting (500 +) for the destruction to neighborhoods, businesses, homes, infrastructure, to families, police stations, first responders and individuals who were beaten, lost their lives, were traumatized when the “woke” media and their reporters called one riot a “peaceful demonstration” while buildings were clearly burning in the background as Mayors and Governors told their police to stand down and let the violence unfold. And these woke Mayors and Governors refused thousands of National Guard troops offered by President Trump to end the violence and destruction.

12) If you are a male and want to identify as a female and vice versa or if one is allowed to identify oneself as one sees fit, then my question is simple: Can you identify as an individual or one in a group of individuals in one of the categories above in order to receive reparations? The whole “Woke” philosophy is convoluted. “Woke” don’t work. Can I identity as black and get certain privileges others can’t get?

13) Reparations for parents, grandparents, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters and children for the deaths of their loved ones caused by our governments’ negligence in keeping fentanyl out of our country. Fentanyl is estimated to killing 110,000 young Americans a year equivalent to 2 Boeing 737-800 Max airplanes crashing everyday and killing all its occupants 365 days a year. It doesn’t seem to get anyone’s attention in the White House. President Biden says the border is closed and it is under control. He hasn’t been there and his appointment of Vice President Kamala Harris as border czar has not gotten close enough to the border to see the truth because they don’t want to see the truth. They are responsible for the death of these young lives (110,000 +annually) and the pain and suffering to their families. Some say the deaths are in the hundreds of thousands.

Because the government is complicit and criminally negligent by not protecting our borders it must be concluded that they are deliberately allowing drugs to enter our country with disregard to the deaths of millions. These actions fall under the RICO criminal activities statutes and an assault on our Constitution.

If it were you or I we would be in jail for the rest of our lives. Those Presidential administrations that allow illegal immigrants from all over the world along with the Mexican cartels to control our borders and come and go at random are criminally libel for the deaths of 300 +/- young Americans a day from fentanyl  and another 5  a day that are murdered by these illegals that cross our borders with the help of the President, Homeland Security and any politician that doesn’t take action to stop the violations of our Constitution and the sovereignty of the United States of America.

The point of all of this is where does it begin and where does it end and who will fund and pay for all of these reparations. It’s a very complicated and complex issue. There are more grievances besides the color of your skin and your ethnicity. The economics and single family status  of  Whites and Asians should be considered to the equation of giving restitution.  Times have changed but the systems old rules have not. And the “Woke” politicians are pandering to the minorities at the expense of the rest of the American population.

Considering all the injustices, what is a fair formula of distribution of tax payers’ dollars for reparations caused by all kinds of injustices in the public and private sector so that all men and woman of all races, creeds and ethnicity’s are treated fairly and equally? Slavery should not be the only issue to be considered for reparations.
There should not be exclusivity when it comes to reparations by pandering to one group for votes and ignoring and insulting all the other deserving groups. There must be justice for all or nothing!



Tell Me Why Leadership Lacks Common Sense and Americans Can’t Connect the Dots!

** If we don’t let athletes bet on games that they have the ability to influence the outcome of, then why do we allow Congress to invest in companies they regulate or have information before the public gets it? Self serving double standards placing Americans last and the political elite first.

** Why is it that too many congressional politicians go to congress as middle class people but wind up as millionaires on the salary’s they make.(I didn’t say earn I said make.).

** Why is it that when archaeologists find human remains, they always determine that they are either male or female and none of the other “woke” genders.

** Why is it that so many Americans are more outraged that the WNBA basketball star Brittney Griner is stuck in Russia than they were about Americans being stranded in Afghanistan to fend for themselves to avoid capture, torture, rape, murder etc?
Or leaving behind in Russia a White senior U.S. Marine veteran Paul Whelan locked up for 4 years while Brittney spent 10 months is more important? “Woke is making us lose our sense of justice, fairness and morality.
In exchange for Brittney we gave up one of the worst imaginable criminals. Griner was successfully exchanged via a prisoner swap for the release of Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer nicknamed “The Merchant of Death.” Bout had been convicted by a New York jury on four counts that included conspiring to kill American citizens. Great negotiations; a murderer for a basketball player. Poor judgment and leadership.
I suppose if they were gay, black, female, and famous, was “woke”, had left wing political ideology’s, declared their hate for America, had not served in the military and refused to listen to the national anthem Joe would have saved those he left behind in Afghanistan and saved the marine who has been incarcerated in Russia for 4 years. Never the less we are grateful to have Brittney Griner back in her home country! Welcome home!

** How is it that the government can’t control gasoline prices, inflation and an orderly, safe exit from Afghanistan but the weather is something they can fix?

** If kids knew what they wanted to be at age eight, the world would be filled with cowboys and princesses. Some wanted to be pirates. Thank goodness nobody took them seriously and scheduled them for eye removal and peg leg surgery—Bill Maher. There should be parental decisions on certain matters of education to very young children. “Wokeness” prevails?

** Why were we told to lower our AC usage on hot days to prevent overwhelming the electric grid while simultaneously being told to trade in our gas cars for electric vehicles, and depend on wind mills and solar energy? What happens if the wind stops blowing and the solar panels don’t have enough back up to cover these moments? I hope you are not on an operating table in a hospital.

** Why is canceling student debt a good idea? Does it make sense to reward people who do not honor their financial commitment by taxing the people who do?

** Why do we let recidivist out of jail but don’t protect the citizens. “Wokeness” is alive and well.

** Why is talking sexually in the workplace considered sexual harassment but talking about sexuality to children K-3 at school is considered education? Isn’t that the parent’s role?

** Who else had a “ministry of truth” Hitler, Goebbels, Stalin?

** Isn’t eliminating the production of 500,000 American home grown barrels of oil a day to buy 500,000 barrels a day from your enemy’s like Russia, Venezuela, and Iran who calls out “death to America and Israel”, stupid? Not to mention the loss of revenues, profits, energy independence and exporting oil to our allies in Europe who are being held hostage for Russian oil and gas?
Oh and equally important helping keep the price of gasoline at the $2.00 level. Remember 6,000 products are a bi-product of oil and gas. When oil and gas prices go up there is a multiplier and domino effect and everything goes up as well. Economics 101.
(Read MIT professor, Harvard graduate and Noble prize winner in economics Paul Samuelson’s introductory college book on the basics of economics and the relationship between supply and demand.}

** If your electric car runs out of power on the interstate, do you walk to a charging station to get a bucket of electricity by the way which is powered by fossil fuels? Can the electric grid handle our energy needs now? No! Timing is everything. “No wine before its time”

** Why are we running out of money for Social Security and Medicare and not for welfare, illegal’s and free college? Priorities are out of order. Again poor leadership by many, who never worked in private industry, ran a business or had to make a payroll. Government is the most wasteful and flawed of many if not all institutions.

** Why are we treating illegal aliens better than American residents and citizens?

** If an 18 year old isn’t mature enough to own a firearm, or drink then maybe five year olds’ aren’t mature enough to decide to change their gender.

** If you don’t want to stand for the national anthem, prefer to kneel in protest perhaps you should give your legs to a veteran who lost theirs so you can be free. That way a real man or woman can stand in your place.

** If socialism is so good and capitalism is so bad then why aren’t the caravans heading to Venezuela? Why are people trying to escape from North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and China.etc?

In a speech on Nov. 11, 1947, Sir Winston Churchill reminded the UK’s House of Commons that “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those others that have been tried.” In a similar fashion, capitalism is the worst economic system, except for all the others.” “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.”

** Why is it that Republicans do not support Donald J. Trump? Is it because they are part of the “swamp”(“swamp creatures”) and the “deep state” and they know he is trying to expose their involvement in the “swamp”, their corruption and hypocrisy that permeates both sides of the “aisle” in Washington D.C. ?
As a major contributor to both parties he knew the value of subtle persuasion to enhance his real estate business like all the other wealthy business people do and did. He decided to go to Washington and get rid of the “sludge” and the “muck” that was corrupting American society. He dug up a can of worms, he tore down the bees nest and they all turned on him, Democrat, Independent and Republicans alike.


Why Are We So Stupid ?

Why is our government deliberately killing our citizens by acting as co-conspirators, aiding and abetting in the wholesale murder of Americans mostly young Americans, who represent our future? Our government is aiding in narcotics trafficking, guns smuggling, human trafficking, aiding thru negligence the admittance of terrorists, spies, diseases (more Covid, cholera, SRV, foreign diseases native to the cultures from where they came from), encouraging rape on migrant woman and girls with impunity by allowing open borders. Americans are being punished and betrayed by their own government whose constitutional duty has been abandoned in favor of illegal’s who get better treatment than we the people. But the people just don’t get it.

Whats this all about? I don’t get it. Is this about importing votes for the government to be in power in perpetuity in exchange for allowing anyone from over 100 + countries regardless of their background or history to cross our borders and getting in exchange $150,000 in goods and services?

We have to be stupid!

In the process our government who loves votes and power more than they love America is selfishly and immorally destroying American families, punishing them in the most sever way, ripping their hearts and souls out without any remorse, sense of duty or any sense of morality.

Aiding and enriching Mexican cartels, mules, drug gangs including MS-13, China and all the countries moving drugs our way, making them extremely rich while Washington D.C. stands on the side lines while Mayorkas, Harris and Joe say the border is secure as our quality of life gets flushed down the toilet.

Why would Washington D.C. Democrats, Republicans, “RHINOS”, independents, left wingers, lobbyist, blue city mayors and elected officials allow our country to be destroyed from outside thru our open borders and from within our borders emanating from the very top in D.C. and spiraling downward to our neighborhoods. Is this a “RICO” violation? Do “no bail” laws apply to illegal’s who commit crimes after they are here?

“Uncle Sam” is bringing in millions of people and these numbers are bigger than most of our cities in America, (They say the numbers reported are really much, much, much, larger)? In other words the government is not reporting the true numbers of people crossing our borders illegally. They are changing the demographics of our country without a referendum, not providing for the common defense and security of our citizens or keeping our sovereignty as a nation. We are over burdening our states, cities, and our village’s right down to all our neighborhoods.

They are overloading our infrastructure which includes hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental clinics, school systems, housing units, transportation systems, over burdening our budgets which bring higher taxes to the middle class. We are having droughts on drugs. Some used for hospital procedures, some for cancer treatment and antibiotics etc. 100s are in short supply not to mention hospital beds for children with SRV. (Go to for a list of drugs in short supply). Have you noticed to get an appointment to see a health care person or have a medical procedure done takes longer? Connect the dots!

What is truly amazing is that the people who are victimized the most, are mainly minorities who live in minority communities whether they be Black, White, Hispanic , Native American , Asian or others, they still vote for the same politicians who continue the same “woke” policies that did not protect them from criminals for decades. What happened to common sense? Fentanyl that crosses the southern border alone kills 300 to 350 Americans a day equivalent to 2 Boeing 737 jet liners crashing each and every day for 365 days. We can end this if we wanted to but our government has selfish motives not to end it.

Where are our elected officials who are elected to make our lives better not worse? Is it because we elect the same liars who promise us everything but do very little especially the high priority things like keeping us safe? Both sides of the aisle in large percentages are part of the swamp, the deep state and don’t forget the complicit large corporations, social media, the press and TV.

The value of all these goods and services given to these illegal immigrants amounts to $150,000.00 ++, more than any middle class Americans earn in one year and they are the ones who are paying for it. They, the American working class are not being treated equally. Illegal immigrants are being treated better than our own American citizens. What government does that to their own? Each and every one of these illegal’s won the American lottery laughing at us all the way to the bank. Our bank, while middle class Americans are struggling with inflation.

We want immigrants but they must come the legal way with I.D.s, no criminal or mental health histories, in good health, with a legitimate need for asylum which is what they are all asking for. We have a system for vetting legal immigrant applicants but we are not using it for illegals.

Americans are being murdered, beaten, and victimized by illegals and the enemies within. Breaking the backs, spirit and pocket books of hard working people. Immigrants must know that they cannot just come here to use our system for major hospital procedures or any expensive services which they can’t afford or is not available in their own countries of origin.

Most Americans feel helpless to do anything and are frustrated. They are too preoccupied with making a living, staying healthy and taking care of their loved ones. Not to mention taking second jobs or working overtime or both to pay for the inflation that is not 8.3 percent as the government reports but most likely 40% or better.

Please, please tell me why they, mostly the minority voters who are mostly the victims have made the same voting mistakes for the last 50 years +/-. I am beyond my wits to figure out why are people so stupid to vote for and ask for more of the worst policies that deny them peace of mind and body, safety and a quality of life in their neighborhoods that is freer from crime that we all want and deserve. No disrespect intended to anyone.

“Woke Don’t Work”. No bail laws don’t work. Sympathy for career criminals doesn’t work. What works is zero tolerance, stop and frisk, under cover anti drug and anti gun police units, reinstate the “broken windows” policy and allow judges discretion on who should be released and what bail to set.

Find tough police commissioners with track records. Put the recidivist predators in prison and then give them the professional mental health care they need. Get rid of the “Woke” D.A.s, mayors, governors and politicians. Let’s walk the streets and ride public transportation again without fear. Bring back Mayors Bloomberg and Giuliani and their “broken windows policies”.

Equally important is we must have a new law that will make it illegal for any politician who is not under oath to lie to Americans to gain political advantages and stir up the population causing hatred, violence, mistrust and sometimes death. Penalties should be severe.

Politicians think they have the right to lie to gain political advantage against their opponents. Too many have been lying and they know it when they do lie. Why? Because they know they won’t be punished or shamed. They have not been held accountable. This law should be created immediately and should be applied to the media and any public figures as well. Words matter!

China has done to America what enemies do. Shut down our economy via Covid, stealing our technology, killing our future by killing our youth via fentanyl, buying influence and control by giving Hunter Biden and the Biden family 31 million, infiltrated our country with hundreds if not thousands of spies under the guise of being students, purchased and is purchasing large tracts of land that are near to our top secret military bases and operations. Spying via balloons from Hawaii’s’ Pacific Ocean to the Carolinas’ Atlantic while Joe dismisses it as nothing.

In return for these lucrative quid pro quo Biden family deals with China, Joe Biden has sold the Chinese millions of barrels of our oil from the emergency strategic oil reserve; given them access to Bagram Air base; access to 87 billion worth of new weapons, airplanes, some of the latest war technology, armored military vehicles and more.

Then there was  $61 million between 2017 and 2020 that Chinese donors fed to the University of Pennsylvania. Was it intended for the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement a think tank for President Biden at the University? And is there any connection to the classified documents at the Penn Biden Center that was discovered there?

Too many Americans voted for Biden’s talking points instead of Trumps results. Too many of us voted for the most liked and not for the most hated yet more successful and accomplished.

You decide. Are we stupid? Some say if you connect the dots the voters are stupid and the government is compromised. The proof is in the pudding.