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Meeting on 2022 General Election results – December 15, 2022

Wrapped up 2022.  On January 19, club will introduce Queens District Attorney and City Council 2023 candidates.

7 candidates presented their stories and recommendations.

Paul King, Congress 5th ag Gregory Meeks
Juan Pagan, Congress 7th ag Nydia Velazquez
Steve Speer, Congress 10th ag Dan Goldman
Robert Bobrick, State Senate 47th ag Brad Hoylman
Martha Rowen, State Senate 26th ag Andrew Giournardes
Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, State Assembly 44th ag Robert Carroll
Marilyn Miller, State Assembly 32nd ag Vivian Cook

3 chairman of the board candidates were nominated.
Martha Rowen, Vic Starsky and David Abraham.

Post election analysis by Eric Vineski

The 2022 midterm general election, many of us Republicans were very complacent going into the night and the prior weeks. The democrats were complacent on their own before the final weeks of the election due to a handful of overperformances in special elections and white working class turnout was blatantly low while social leftists were turning out their ballots in droves.

The pundits and democrat operatives were haste to ram down people’s throats through media outlets that these results were the consequences of the overturning of roe v. wade and it being extremely unpopular even among rural voters and these Trump democrats who have only started voting Republican recently due to his populistic and nationalistic agenda. These people possibly believed this was the case or they tried to demoralize Republican politicians to roll back their pro-life stances as well as discourage Republicans from voting by gaslighting them into believing a blue wave was imminent and not a red one through this questionable and subjective narrative.

But in the final weeks their deceit and smugness was no more as even some of the most left leaning pollsters but not all, had Republicans leading crucial races or having it neck and neck, night and day compared to their previous polls which had Democrats up immensely in a majority of contested races across the country; pollsters will never determine how a state will vote for the record but it just goes to show how hysterical and worried democrats were at the time. So it was now the Republicans who were adamant there would be a red wave if not a red tsunami and why wouldn’t they?

An economy and inflation that hasn’t been so abysmal since the 1970’s,  gas prices that also hasn’t been so high since that era, skyrocketing crime that everyone knows it’s the Democrats’s compassion to criminals and their extinguishment of law and order that is to blame, the sitting president who is objectively cognitively incompetent and most of the populace is actually aware and disturbed by that, a hot war with Russia that day by day is losing more and more support, a border that is more than a crisis but rather pure anarchy and its effects are irreversible, etc.

History shows though that the economy is a voter’s number one issue and you would think that; not abortion. Going into the election as the results started to come in, it seemed a Republican tsunami was indeed imminent as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who was being relentlessly ridiculed by mainstream media and in social media because he and the Florida Republican delegation actually did their job and welded the power in the will of the people who elected them by passing bills that received national attention, won by 19 points and several house races were going red as well as Marco Rubio winning overwhelming too.

But as the night went on and the cracks started to show in plenty of other battleground house races in northeast and midwest, hmm maybe Florida was just a fluke and the election mafia who are all these leftist pollsters were right all along. After everything was said and done, Republicans reclaimed the house by the skin of their teeth only because Lee Zeldin made many Republicans running in New York outperform expectations and the California Republican apparatus decided to take advantage of ballot harvesting and do it effectively; the Democrats would actually go on to hold the senate while even managing to gain an additional seat.

So as Democrat incorporated stirred up, was our major embarrassment due to the overturning of roe v wade? Absolutely not as the autopsy shows in fact besides Florida which takes the cake, New York and California which California even had an abortion referendum on the ballot which depressingly passed by over 60%, anyway California and New York were one of the few states and by few I mean about 5 that even experienced a red wave. Many would cite that Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon in Michigan was defeated tremendously by governor Gretchen Whitmer due to Michigan having a similar abortion referendum which also passed by a haunting margin but what logic is that if Republicans hit a gold rush of their own in California in a state that is far less religious and far less conservative culturally wise?

The aforementioned low turnout with white working class voters wasn’t an anomaly in these special elections but a foreshadow to absolutely pathetic results with this demographic on the general election night. White working class voters that inhabit these rural and exurban counties by the far majority across the nation besides in the very few states that were mentioned, swung anywhere from five to over twenty points towards the democrat compared to the 2020 presidential election result while ironically the suburbs and metropolitan swing Republican exponentially or barely voted more democratic than Biden’s 2020 percentage.

So why was white working class turnout so low or those who voted, actually voted democratic…. multiple reasons actually. One is simply party registration, many of these people are still registered democrats from before the Trump era and sure Trump endorsed almost all the candidates running; but this cycle not being a presidential year with Trump not on the ballot didn’t drive these voters to vote down ballot republican and the voters who didn’t even vote just either didn’t care because it was a midterm election or were just too busy to go out of their way and take the time out of their day to actually go and vote since the right wing discourages voting by mail which we need our views on that….sure we should still absolutely be ardent opponents of it and still encourage people to show up to the polls but don’t drill in these people’s minds that if they vote by mail, it’s a guarantee they will be disenfranchised because their vote will just be thrown out or switched to the democrat which many people think that which is true in some instances but almost certainly not in these rural areas.

And what about the slew of candidates we had running who barely campaigned or never even bothered to once; cough cough….Allan Fung running for RI-2, Jim Bognet running for PA-7, JD Vance running for senator of Ohio, Ted Budd running for senator of North Carolina…both Vance and Budd are phenomenal candidates and won but won by mediocre margins because they never campaigned, Tudor Dixon, Derick Schmidt, Mark Roncetti, Christine Drazen, Brain Dahle running for governor of the states of Michigan, Kansas, New Mexico, Oregon, and California respectively. May I go on with these candidates, there’s lots more, And the candidates who campaigned were totally weak on or didn’t address the issues that mattered to these working class voters and didn’t provide an actual alternative to the democrats who they much rather and are used to voting for decades now.

Sure the Republicans who did campaign hammered Democratic leadership on the economy, inflation, and gas prices but these working class voters cared far more about their social security and their health care which in voting Republican they very much know they would relinquish that and that will only make them poorer and suffer more than the current economy ever could even if it does get slightly worse in their minds and kinda rightfully so.

As a Republican Party we need to assure the public that we will defend social security just like Donald Trump did and promise them that we will reform and save the program more so than the democrats ever could, and we need to provide our own version of a healthcare system…one that is more financially responsible and populist against big pharma and these ultra rich thugs with that being an understatement who are totally against the American people and they are objectively criminals of humanity and these last 3 years was the prime demonstration of it. And some candidates were genuine people and were fairly spot on in terms of the issues and campaigned nonstop, take Doug Mastrino who ran for Governor in Pennsylvania and Blake Masters who ran for senator in Arizona; both were defeated tremendously with Mastrino losing by 14 points. So why’d both candidates flop and what was a contributing factor to our national underperformance,,,money.

It is true that the GOP has far less donors than the democrats but our donors are totally divided, it’s either they are willing to fund any candidate which are the minority of the donors while the rest of them will only donate to old guard-establishmentarian Republicans. Our donors are actually actively working against the real Republican Party who are obviously the people and not the few but powerful heads in Washington by spending tens of millions in primaries to get the establishment shill nominated and since they know that candidate will not win, they’ll do it anyway so Republicans aren’t galvanized behind the genuine candidate who is a firebrand for the working class voters who wins.So what happens is these candidates are left to be fed to the wolves due to lack of funds and these candidates either don’t know how to or care self-fund. This results in people like Doug Mastrino being outspent 41-1 and Blake Masters being at a funding disadvantage of 72 million dollars. Here in the city our candidates need to self-fund, advertise both efficiently and effectively, and take advantage of programs that our city offers that literally give us money regardless of party or what you’re running for.

And New York City is not rural to the slightest but what it is prominently is non-college educated and working class. Pulled straight from the census bureau facts which entails the 25+ population with a college degree; Queens is only 34% college educated, Brooklyn is 40%, Staten Island is actually 35% college educated and yes the culture and people are very different there but it is immensely more Republican than Queens which is slightly less educated, the Bronx is only 21%, and well Manhattan is over 60% and we need a whole other platform that stresses different issues to appeal to those voters…but what these numbers show is we have a lot of work to do in at least 4 boroughs that are can be very politically malleable.

And why does education matter? These voters make far less compared to their educated counterparts for the most part and a far majority of them are religious and family people who will actually sympathize or fully support social conservatism. So why is at least Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx so blue? Well it’s because of how diverse these counties are in terms of ethnicity and culture and many of these people are either apolitical and only vote due to the programs the democrats operate. Our candidates need to go into these communities and open these people’s eyes on how the democrats turned their community into economic shambles and a crime infested den, we must embrace economic populism and pledge to these voters we’re going to first clean up their streets and then invest money to restore their community…there’s no reason their community cannot be like any other current safe neighborhood in the city, and we’re not gonna bend on social and cultural issues which these voters are very irate on what the democrats are for nowadays.

And last a method of getting our vote out that applies to every demographic no matter income or education; ballot harvesting. A meeting before early voting starts, we need to have sign-ups where people will make a commitment that they will more than likely show up to ballot harvest and we will provide multiple dates that fall on weekends. With this group we will target two institutions in contested areas that are the most favorable to us as Republicans; churches and nursing homes that we have gained permission from… with churches of course after the service has ended. After we have finished our ballot harvesting in these two areas, we will go door by door ballot harvesting in the areas that are most politically favorable to us where we will converse with, state our platform, and hopefully gain the vote of the person.

When we encounter a democrat or someone disrespectful to our cause, we will leave the premises in peace and not give them a ballot… we are not democrats who will collect and toss out Republican ballots. So with the reflection of my analysis and we act upon the resolutions I propose, I believe…no…we will make serious red inroads in the NYC metropolitan area and forget politics; quality of life will increase to levels we haven’t seen in quite a while.

Meeting started at 7:30, adjourned 9:45.

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