Meeting on 2023 City Council and Queens District Attorney candidates – January 19, 2023


George Grasso, candidate for Queens District Attorney

George Grasso, Queens District Attorney
Juan Pagan, City Council 2nd District
Robert Bobrick, City Council 3rd District
Elizabeth Golluscio, City Counil 5th District
Scott Harney, City Council 23rd District
Daniella May, City Council 31st District
Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, City Council 39th District
Michael Ragusa, City Council 47th District

Eric Berend, City Council 1st District
Zhile Cao, City Council 29th District
Mitchell Bosch, City Council 37th District

Juan Pagan, Robert Bobrick, Elizabeth Golluscio, Scott Harney, Daniella May, Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, Michael Ragua

Election of the Chairman of the club’s board (David Abraham, Martha Rowen, and Vic Starsky)

Gerald Kann, Elizabeth Golluscio, Eric Berend, Gerard Lally, David Kemp, Jimmy Schwatzman, Isaiah Vega, Robert Bobrick, Martha Rowen, Wesley Rose, Juan Pagan, Carol Krohn, Kathleen Lally, Joel Solomon, Daniella May, Stephen Weiner, David Abraham, Sharon Liao, Arkadiuz Tomaszewski and Danniel Maio
Candidates Issues

Election Saga of Tom Sullivan 23AD and Lester Chang 49AD

On November 8, 2022, Republican flipped 4 State Assembly seats in Queens and Brooklyn:  Tom Sullivan topped Stacey G. Pfeffer Amato by 246 votes in the 23rd District; Michael Novakhov trounced Steven Cymbrowitz by 4,215 votes in the 45th District; Alec Brook-Krasny bettered Mathylde Frontus by 797 votes in the 46th District; and Lester Chang knocked out Peter Abbate by 668 votes in the 49th District.

Queens: 23AD.  Assemblywoman Stacey G. Pfeffer Amato sued (Nov 15).  After absentee votes were cured and counted, Republican challenger Sullivan won by 3 votes (Nov 23).  Recount placed Assemblywoman Pfeffer-Amato up by 1 vote (Dec. 7).  Assemblywoman Amato won two court cases.  She led by 8 votes when counting 11 “overvotes” (Dec 22).  Count of the 74 “cured” ballots, 4 affidavits, and 11 “overvotes” gave her a 15 vote-margin and the win.  (Jan 4).

Brooklyn: 49AD.  Unlike in Queens, Assemblyman Peter J. Abbate, Jr. did not sue.  Instead, Assemblyman-Elect Lester Chang had to appear before the Assembly Judiciary Committee with mountain of documents.  He was seated January 3, 2023.

Photo by Yiatin Chiu.





Joe Biden
Stated on December 16, 2022 in a town hall for U.S. veterans:
After Joe Biden became vice president, at the behest of his father, he gave his uncle, Frank H. Biden, a Purple Heart for serving in the U.S. military during World War II.

By Yacob Reyes • December 20, 2022

Joe Biden
Stated on December 16, 2022 in a speech:
Says he has been to “Afghanistan, Iraq and those areas” twice as president.

By Tom Kertscher • December 20, 2022

Joe Biden
Stated on October 27, 2022 in a speech in Syracuse, N.Y.:
The price of gas is “down from over $5 when I took office.”

By Louis Jacobson • October 28, 2022

Joe Biden
Stated on October 23, 2022 in a forum with Now This:
Student loan forgiveness is “passed. I got it passed by a vote or two. And it’s in effect.”

By Louis Jacobson • October 25, 2022

Joe Biden
Stated on July 6, 2022 in a speech in Cleveland:
The “average federal income tax” paid by the richest Americans is “8%. … If you’re a cop, a teacher, a firefighter, union worker, you probably pay two to three times that.”

By Louis Jacobson • July 13, 2022