Meeting on Petitioning and Leadership – February 27, 2023

Speakers on a snowy and slushy evening:
Tony Nunziato, Chairman of the Queens County GOP
James Pi, Margaurite Chandler, Rocco Ruggiero, Craig Tyson, Robert Bobrick, Wesley Rose, Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, Gerard Lally, Jim Strawhorn, Zhile Cao, Marvin Jeffcoat, Marilyn Miller, BOB TURNER, Juan Pagan, Martha Rowen, Eric Berend, Kevin O’Leary, David Kemp, Rosa Cerrato, Aaron Foldenauer, Chris Wright, Jim Schwatzman

Other speakers included: Edward Manfredonia, Patricia Soriano Cabuay, Richard Huber, and Aaron Foldenauer.

Republican City Council candidates:
Please support our candidates.  Any resident living in the City of New York could have his/her contribution up to $175 matched 8 to 1.

Eric Berend, 1st
Juan Pagan, 2nd
Robert Bobrick, 3rd
Brian Robinson, 4th (represented by Maxwell Thom)
Elizabeth Golluscio, 5th
Diane di Stasio, 6th
Robert Caemmerer, 11th
Phillis Nastasio, 13th
Kristy Marmorato, 13th
Grace Marrero, 13th
George Havranek, 13th
Hasime Samantha Zherka, 13th
Vickie Paladino, 19th (incumbent)
James Yu-Ching Pai, 20th
Jin Liang Chen, 20th
Bernard Chow, 23rd
Jonathan Rinaldi, 24th
Zhile Cao, 25th
Marvin Jeffcoat, 26th
Marilyn Miller, 27th
Danniel Maio, 29th
Robert Holden, 30th (incumbent)
Daniella May, 31st
Joann Ariola, 32nd (incumbent)
Martha Rowen, 33rd
Isaiah Vega, 37th
Arkadiusz Tomaszewski, 39th
Harold Tischler, 44th
Michael Ragusa, 47th
Avery Pereira, 47th
Anna Belfiore-Delfaus, 47th
Ari Kagan, 48th (incumbent)
Inna Vernikov, 48th (incumbent)
David Carr, 50th (incumbent)
Joseph Borelli, 51st (incumbent)


Heroes of the Holocaust WWII Poland

The Jan Karski Humanitarian Awards Reception May 20, 2019

Kosciuszko Foundation 15 East 65 Street New York City, NY

Key Note speaker Stan Norwalk, Assistant Chairman of the Polish Jewish Dialogue Committee

Honoring Irena Sendler with The Jan Karski Humanitarian Award Posthumously.

“Heroes of the Holocaust in Poland WWII”

Good evening distinguished guests, ladies and gentleman, my name is Stan Norwalk Assistant Chairman of the Polish Jewish Dialogue Committee.

Tonight we celebrate the Christian men and woman in Poland during World War II who did something most of us would probably not do. Save Jews. Their selflessness was noble, remarkable, and under many scenarios incredulous, perhaps bordering on insanity. Their actions  were bold and incomprehensible.

Who amongst us in their right mind would risk their own lives and those of their friends and family to save a Jew in WWII Poland?

Lets find out!


Your Choice for the Greatest Threat to America

President Joe Biden said that “White Supremacy” is the biggest threat to America. The numbers don’t support his inflammatory and racist narrative. That’s why the President or his administration doesn’t present any statistics to the American people to substantiate these reckless and dangerous claims that inflame minorities against law enforcement and White people. Where are the Department of Justices’ statistics? They are slim and feeble. Joe should write a book and call it “How to Get Votes Without a Conscience”

Is there White Supremacy? Of course ! Is it the biggest threat to America? Of course not. President Biden won’t back up his statements because the numbers are not there to justify the reckless anti White racial statements that it is the biggest threat to America.  Half of Spanish people are White. Had it been said about another race by a White person all hell would have broken out?

“Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa” would be marching in the streets burning down cities and accosting police with impunity and every liberal news outlet with few exceptions would be attacking White America. There would have been a D.O.J. and F.B.I. investigation  pandering to the races and people would have been arrested and or fired. And Reverend “the opportunist” Al Sharpton would be on his bully pulpit stirring up pots of hatred and inciting all kinds of negative actions instead of looking at the real numbers and statistics.

Media host Don Lemon of CNN said “The biggest terror threat to this country is White men”. And he still has his job. If a White news anchor or host or any White person said this about another race they would have been fired or at least demanded their resignation. Double standards. White men as a race are targets of racism. There has been a war on White men for quite awhile. They have been diminished to 2nd rate citizens. And it all began with affirmative action decades ago. Harvard University and many other universitys gives blacks who apply for admission an extra  300  plus points toward their admission scores over others as Asians and Whites to tip the scale in their favor. That’s racism! And yes it’s systemic.

We should have a pure merit based process to insure the very best for our country so that all men and woman are treated equally.  Asians have the highest wealth factor of all peoples and do better in school than all peoples and have lower crime rates than all peoples here in America . Let the chips fall where they may. It is simply good for all of us . Lets not encourage mediocrity in the name of equity and diversity when it is a formula for a second rate society. All Americans lose out in the worlds competitive international economy.

Instead let’s deal with the root causes and build on that . It all starts in the home . Single parent familys and a shallow empasis on education are some of them. Its the scurge of drugs that cross the Southern border. Its the appeal for materealistic things at an early age which encourages too many to want to make it the easy way on the streets of urban America.. Tight family units matter where single family parents get support from their other family members backed up by entitlements (government assistance).

Black people have been oppressed and discriminated against unfairly for centuries here in America and throughout the world. Right through the Jim Crow era. But Jim Crow is part of history.

Blacks and others need our support but  not by pushing Asians and Whites aside. That creates disharmony and resentment not just amongst ourselves but of our government.

Black leaders have to be more transparent, more vocal and more visible in leading, especially those leaders who are in the public eye and they  should be out there through the media expounding and educating all of us how to be better people better citizens and what it means to be a loving and supportive  family member .

Much has changed and Blacks and Latinos are doing well. We know having a strong family life, two parents is better, who demand of their children that doing well in school, respecting others, respecting law enforcement and staying in school increases their chances to succeed. Same goes for all families.


The Chinese Balloon Incident ! Is Joe Biden Compromised By His Sons’ Business Relationships with China?

February 4th, 2023 early afternoon the U.S. Air force shot down the Chinese balloon with a  sidewinder missile when they could have used the planes guns with dozens or perhaps hundreds of bullets that can pierce the metal armored tanks so that balloon should be a problem . Bullets cost hundreds of dollars and depending on how many were needed perhaps thousands of dollars.

The bullets would have had the same results and we would have been able to recover more of the balloon to examine .The disbursement of the debris would be spread over a smaller area.

Wikipedia says: The sidewinder cost US$381,069.74 (Block II) US$399,500.00 (Block II Plus) US$209,492.75 (training missile) (All as in 2019). We have high altitude fighter planes that could reach the altitude of the balloon and bullets that if they can penetrate armor plated steel tanks certainly could have brought down the balloon.

Let’s look at it from an economic point of view. I would prefer to spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on bullets than $400,000 dollars on a side winder missile.

This appears as if the military corporate complex wants our leaders to use their high tech, high cost equipment so they can get the benefit of a $ 400,000 dollar sale rather than sell a few bullets worth a few thousand dollars. Defense contractors using corporate lobbying and influence peddling really works.

And why did we wait for the balloon to travel for 7 days from the Western Aleutian Islands territory of Alaska to off the coast of the Carolina’s on the east coast collecting all kinds of top secret data and flying over highly sensitive military bases and nuclear missile sites?

Is our President compromised by his son’s business relationships with China like the 1.5 billion dollar deal that drug addict Hunter walked away with?  Or was Joe compromised by the 54.6 million dollars that flowed into the University of Pennsylvania between 2014 and 2019 from China after Joe opened his Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement? Oh and then there was another 31 billion dollar deal from the Chinese elite. Nice work if your name is Biden.

In order to succeed in this world you no longer have to go to college although Hunter did.  The new prerequisites for success are, get kicked out of the military for drug abuse after one year of service, hang out with hookers, get high on whatever your preferred drugs are, go after your dead brothers wife, and to put the icing on the cake have no experience in the business deals you are involved in yet earning millions and millions of Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian money because your dads name is Biden.  The cover-ups by the  liberal press ,the US attorney’s office, the FBI, the woke media, and perhaps the guy in the Presidency could make you very comfortable in life and stay out of the way of criminal prosecution. What part of that money did Joe get?

Why was that balloon allowed to freely move about? Joe says that had we shot it down it may have caused civilian casualties but there are plenty of open spaces between Alaska and the Carolina’s without populations that would have allowed Joe to issue the command to take this balloon down.

What if that balloon was preparing to attack our military bases, missile sites and other strategic and civilian locations?  The waiting could have been catastrophic. We know that it was at a minimum collecting data which is critical to our national defense. What else was it doing?  What type of payload was this balloon carrying?  This Presidential indecision has cost the USA dearly! To what extent? Will we ever know?

Have we not learned any lessons from 9/11/2011?

Why did our President allow this to happen? Was it stupidity? Incompetence? Carefulness? Diplomacy? Quid Pro Quo? Poor advice from his military and political advisors like President Barack Hussein Obama or Susan Rice ex National Security Advisor, or  Americas’ top military guy General Milley, Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff for Biden. The General had fallen asleep at the wheel being distracted by teaching CRT and “Wokeness” to our military instead of keeping an eye on how we leave Afghanistan with all our allies, equipment, safely and securely, or protecting our borders or paying attention to what is an unauthorized balloon doing flying over our sovereign skies?

America is being penetrated on the land and in the skies above at will by the entire world. We are no longer a country but a free candy store for all to enter and take from us whatever they want at the expense of our national security and tax payer dollars.

Our Government is not proactive but reactive. They are reckless and unaccountable to our citizens; many believe owned and payed for by some countries as well as corporations and some individuals.

Can anyone connect the dots? This administration is either compromised or stupid.  Perhaps in this “woke” generation our President identifies as the leader of the Peoples Republic of China.

You decide.