Your Choice for the Greatest Threat to America

President Joe Biden said that “White Supremacy” is the biggest threat to America. The numbers don’t support his inflammatory and racist narrative. That’s why the President or his administration doesn’t present any statistics to the American people to substantiate these reckless and dangerous claims that inflame minorities against law enforcement and White people. Where are the Department of Justices’ statistics? They are slim and feeble. Joe should write a book and call it “How to Get Votes Without a Conscience”

Is there White Supremacy? Of course ! Is it the biggest threat to America? Of course not. President Biden won’t back up his statements because the numbers are not there to justify the reckless anti White racial statements that it is the biggest threat to America.  Half of Spanish people are White. Had it been said about another race by a White person all hell would have broken out?

“Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa” would be marching in the streets burning down cities and accosting police with impunity and every liberal news outlet with few exceptions would be attacking White America. There would have been a D.O.J. and F.B.I. investigation  pandering to the races and people would have been arrested and or fired. And Reverend “the opportunist” Al Sharpton would be on his bully pulpit stirring up pots of hatred and inciting all kinds of negative actions instead of looking at the real numbers and statistics.

Media host Don Lemon of CNN said “The biggest terror threat to this country is White men”. And he still has his job. If a White news anchor or host or any White person said this about another race they would have been fired or at least demanded their resignation. Double standards. White men as a race are targets of racism. There has been a war on White men for quite awhile. They have been diminished to 2nd rate citizens. And it all began with affirmative action decades ago. Harvard University and many other universitys gives blacks who apply for admission an extra  300  plus points toward their admission scores over others as Asians and Whites to tip the scale in their favor. That’s racism! And yes it’s systemic.

We should have a pure merit based process to insure the very best for our country so that all men and woman are treated equally.  Asians have the highest wealth factor of all peoples and do better in school than all peoples and have lower crime rates than all peoples here in America . Let the chips fall where they may. It is simply good for all of us . Lets not encourage mediocrity in the name of equity and diversity when it is a formula for a second rate society. All Americans lose out in the worlds competitive international economy.

Instead let’s deal with the root causes and build on that . It all starts in the home . Single parent familys and a shallow empasis on education are some of them. Its the scurge of drugs that cross the Southern border. Its the appeal for materealistic things at an early age which encourages too many to want to make it the easy way on the streets of urban America.. Tight family units matter where single family parents get support from their other family members backed up by entitlements (government assistance).

Black people have been oppressed and discriminated against unfairly for centuries here in America and throughout the world. Right through the Jim Crow era. But Jim Crow is part of history.

Blacks and others need our support but  not by pushing Asians and Whites aside. That creates disharmony and resentment not just amongst ourselves but of our government.

Black leaders have to be more transparent, more vocal and more visible in leading, especially those leaders who are in the public eye and they  should be out there through the media expounding and educating all of us how to be better people better citizens and what it means to be a loving and supportive  family member .

Much has changed and Blacks and Latinos are doing well. We know having a strong family life, two parents is better, who demand of their children that doing well in school, respecting others, respecting law enforcement and staying in school increases their chances to succeed. Same goes for all families.

But to tear down some groups of people to build up other groups many who have similar single parent households and economically are in the lower middle class adds an additional burden for them as well because now they have to get to the back of the line, fight affirmative action, have less of a chance at getting government contracts although they may be more worthy and experieced.

A boy without a father or a girl without a mother or visa versa has an enormous disadvantage regardless of whatever race they are from. And if they have income issues, it’s an uphill struggle for all groups including Whites. We all have the support of entitlements if we are at a certain economic level .

These problems should not be addressed racially but by economic status as well as family status. Whites, Asians and others have similar problems as Blacks but of course the color of one’s skin can be a greater detriment in circumstances even today.

Woke Corporations and Media are placing a heavy emphasis by promoting and recognizing Black achievements. This is fine but it is being done by diminishing and making irrelevant White and Asian people, especially the White male.

In the case of the President his racial anti White rhetoric is a ploy to create a notion that the problem is pandemic when in reality White supremacy is not .

A White Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden creates a negative narrative about White men in order to draw votes away from the Republican candidates to the Democrat candidates from the Black and minority communities by demonstrating that he is on their side and they need him to fight White supremacy and in doing so moves votes from Republicans to Democrats. This tactic works because too many of us trust politicians and their words.

After all we are just ordinary average citizens and they know and we don’t. We depend on the fake news and the politicians because we are too busy to do our homework and fact check because we have our lives to run, our families to take care of and yes take care of our pets and all those other responsibilites. We have to get our information from somewhere so who better than a biased media, politician or leader. What do I know? I have to trust somebody.

White supremacy is  a lie by omission. The omission is not putting up the statistics to show the severity of his proclamation.  So can we say that politicians who lie are some of the greatest threats to America and to the unity of our diverse cultures in order to gain votes?

President Ronald Reagan popularised the words “Trust but verify”.

As Joe said to one black radio interviewer Charlemagne on “The Breakfast Club”: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Another threat is “Wokeness” which is a concept of alertness to racial and gendered discrimination.  In these current times we can make the opposite case in the favor for “Wokeness” of Whites and Asians who have been pushed to the sidelines and to the end of the line in favor of Blacks and Hispanics. Can we say reverse “Wokeness”?

One of the biggest racial discrimination legislation of all time was the affirmative action laws in the fall of  1965’s which legislated the sub standardization in college and university admissions, corporate America, government jobs, medicine and others categories . To get government contracts, grants and subsidies you had to admit and or hire a certain percentage of minorities. In effect legislating mediocrity, lower standards and the discrimination of other groups. A group of laws discriminating mostly against Whites. Perhaps this should be promoted and considered as reparations for slavery.

“Identity Politics”, thy name is Joe Biden. Add in affirmative action and you have the makings of mediocrity.

Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg are good examples of that? Pete got his job because he is a gay man and the first thing he does is he  goes on maternity leave when he first starts his job as head of the Department of Transportation while there is a supply chain crisis on the West Coast and the airlines are in disarray with staffing, scheduling and other issues. Poor work ethics, no sense of urgency, low priorities. He knew he was going to have a new baby so he should have never taken the job and turned his back on America. President Biden made a poor selection for Secretary of the Department of Transportation.

Kamala was selected because she is a Black woman. She has accomplished nothing so far but is astute at giggling her way through questions asked of her and astute at staying away from securing the Southern border since President Biden assigned her the task of tackling the illegal migrant issues. She is the champion of the “word salad” and giggling which some would say she is good at “multi tasking”. Again President Biden made a poor choice for his running mate of Vice President.

It is estimated that since Kamala has been in office and appointed in charge of the Southern border by President Biden she has done a wonderful job for the illegal migrants coming here for their winning lottery ticket thanks to the generosity of the American tax payer who by the way never was consulted in this matter. Kamala as the “identity politics” selectee for VP, over 5 million plus illegal’s entered the United States and close to an equal number of illegal’s ran away when after entering the United States. More than any in history.

Why would anyone run away from a gift basket or if you prefer a lottery ticket of $150,000.00  worth of goods, services, education, housing, and in some cases like NYC nights at a hotel costing the tax payers $400-$500 per night. They also get health care, food, clothes, free dental, and surgery in certain cases and many other benefits by settling in one of the greatest economic and free countries in the world. They went from rags to riches.

On TV I see some of them wearing new designer sneakers, nice jeans and for their long journey look well groomed, well dressed and carrying their babies so we can feed them all.  Especially when where these people came from most earned between $1,500.00 dollars a year to $7,500.00 dollars a year if they earned that and from an oppressive, hostile, crime ridden, mediocre society?

Some bringing with them diseases, some of which we haven’t seen in a long time, many with criminal backgrounds, some wanted for serious crimes in their country of origin. Some with emotional and psychological illnesses , serious needs for immediate medical attention and surgery, many who traveled deliberately for these expensive health care procedures that they couldn’t afford or get in their country.

Between Chinese incursions, and illegal migrant incursions , I was wondering if all these train derailments with highly toxic cargo, spy balloons, utility outages, aviation problems, the recurring of diseases not seen in a long time, not to mention Chinese distribution of Covid and their new variants, ransom ware, Robo calls, internet interruptions, the invasion of Ukraine, our catastrohic departure from Afghanistan leaving Americans, allies, billions of weaponry, Bagram air base all behind including our military dogs have anything to do with President Biden being compromised by his son and his relationships, financial of course with China. The symptoms being    weak foreign policy, weak leadership and many of his decisions favoring our enemies and not America. Just a thought. Can anyone connect the dots?

Thanks Kamala for helping those that cross our borders and not us. Over 100 were caught that were on a terrorist watch list. How many were not caught. I predict there will be terrorism that the government will deny such as downing of our electrical grids, derailments of trains carrying dangerous gases and liquids and other strategic products. I think we forgot “Remember 911”.

The open border allowing the entry of unvetted illegal migrants is the reckless policy of the Biden Administration  which continuously allows  the entry of spies, terrorist, mentally insane, smugglers of guns, drugs and humans to name a few resulting in the death of Americans in unimaginable numbers, resulting in the exposure of our citizens to a dangerous uncertain future along with the  diminishing quality of life and costs that are no longer affordable unless we raise taxes again and again .

Some governments were emptying their prisons and mental institutions under our generous welfare and human resources program due to the generosity of the unsuspecting  American people who had no say on how Joe, Kamala, Nancy and the “woke” Congress spend our hard earned money. These migrants are treated better than the poor hard working Americans. Take care of our veterans and homeless Americans first.

The migrant counts of entries are bigger than 95 percent of the populations of our biggest cities, changing the demographics without the input of the American people. And now breaking the bank and pocket books of cities and states across the country, overloading our hospitals, schools, housing, clinics, food supplies, (remember the shortage of baby formula ? The migrants didn’t have an issue in Texas at the border. They got their baby formula while American mothers struggled).

Eric Adams  our new “woke” Mayor of NYC which is a sanctuary city in a sanctuary state,  one of 800 +/- sanctuary cities in America  is now screaming and I paraphrase ” No more ” we have no space left or money.

Then beside the open Southern borders issue we recently heard  in the news the Canadian border issue ; These policies bring on the crime wave mostly in blue cites due to the fentanyl industry killing over 300 + Americans a day, sourced from China, manufactured and assembled in Mexico, smuggled across the Southern borders by the Mexican cartels who hire mules and illegal aliens to do their transporting not just of drugs but humans and guns under the licensing and supervision of Joe Biden’s Government.

These corrupt purveyors of death, the cartels, mules, smugglers, spies, terrorists don’t need licensing fees, health certificates to operate, certificates of occupany, Covid shot certifications we had to have to move about, keep our jobs. They don’t have to wear masks or adhere to  regulations like we have for taxi drivers, hot dog vendors, restaurants, teachers, nurses, first responders, military,  etc. They are treated better than Americans! How come? Can anybody connect the dots?  Why is there a double standard?

Americans couldn’t board an airplane, cruise ship, leave or return to America, go to work, enter a restaurant, get a haircut or go to a beauty parlor, check into a hotel, go to school without an I.D. a clean bill of health via Covid testing. Who are the illegal ones, them or us? Politicians who made the rules like Nancy got caught having her hair done and with no mask on. Governor of California was out eating in a restaurant with his entourage in a fancy restaurant and no one was wearing a mask.  Hypocrites, liars and thieves.

We would all go to jail if we followed these examples.

And the illegal immigrant industry participants don’t have to pay taxes like the rest of us. Joe is a compassionate President. After all these illegal migrants have issues in their own countries so why not help them. America’s doors are open to all who are oppressed just like in the days of Ellis Island. (Sarcasm)

This couldn’t happen on the scale it is happening if it wasn’t for the biggest cartel of all which is the Executive and Legislative  branches of the U. S Government, run and managed by  Joe Biden’s puppeteers  at the White House, and  Nancy, Chuck, Adam, Jerry and others working  in the Congress.

They are dead set against stopping their future voters from entering this country at any cost. They feel that the Democrats are entitled to stay in office forever even at the expense of killing Americans and ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of American families and the quality of life for all of us.

Why would our President allow open borders? The man who ran for office who said he would make America safe, get rid of crime and drugs that Trump couldn’t do and his administration would be transparent when Trump was not.

Remember he is the man who is responsible for the deaths of 13 of America’s finest service men and woman who were murdered due to his and General Milleys reckless departure from Afghanistan. Instead of focusing on efficiently leaving the disaster known as Afghanistan. They were spending too much time educating our troops and school kids on CRT and binary-ism. Part of the “woke culture”.

And when these 13 soldiers bodies were brought home to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware; as the bodies were removed from the plane one by one in the presence of their families, in a somber and heart breaking military ceremony to honor our heroes, President Joe Biden was constantly checking his watch as if he had to be somewhere else that was more important than honoring our best and bravest.

He does not value human life and using his son Hunter as the bag man in the many quid pro quo business deals especially with China shows he has no respect or concern for his son.

It’s all about votes. The logic is that appreciative illegal’s allowed here without any vetting will vote for Democrats in perpetuity. President Biden is willing to be a co-conspirator in killing hundreds of thousands of Americans over time, destroying American families and the quality of life for all of us  to keep the Democrat party in power for as long as possible.

You can add to your “threat list”  the liberal and left wing media(CNN, CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, The Washington Post, New York Times and others ; “woke” corporations to name a few (Disney, Google, Twitter, Facebook, American Airlines, Starbucks, Ford , GM and too many others) ;

Billionaire George Soros is financing many of these campaigns to get left wing and liberals voted into office that allow criminals to run free, cities to burn and cops to be abused.

The  premature war on fossil fuels which is part of the problem causing higher fuel prices,(6,000 products or byproducts in part coming from fossil fuels) which evolved into another great threat to Americans  namely inflation.

The green energy program is in its infancy state and is not ready to replace fossil fuels and by shutting down this industry the President started one of the worst crises in American economic history.

Inflation, supply chain interruptions and other economic issues such as increases in interest rates to curb inflation thus causing a housing crisis for first time buyers of homes, condos, coops and problems for renters.

Can parents take their kids to McDonald’s anymore without having to think twice about it?  Everyone just about are cutting back on their expenses , taking second jobs, working overtime if available and more. The stay at home mom or dad has to find a job.

Other possibilities singularly or jointly are social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube;   lobbyists, PACs, special interest groups, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Single parent homes, the “woke” military elite under its current leadership, the  FBI and the Justice Department both weaponized as the political arm of the  Democrat party under their current leadership against their Republican opponents; Insider trading by members of Congress; The puppeteers who are controlling and telling the President what to say and do (perhaps Obama and Susan Rice); Allowing politicians who knowingly lie to the public to hurt their opponents chances in winning elections knowing they will not be criminally held accountable.

Case in point, the Hunter Biden laptop which was called Russian disinformation by President Biden, the FBI, the Attorney General, news media and others (big lie) was kept secret before the elections of 2020 to help Biden win the election. 15% of the voters surveyed said that had they known about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the election, they would not have voted for Biden. These law enforcement agencies, media and others entered the no man’s land of politics by being weaponized by the Democrats and the President of the United States to illegally influence the outcome of an election.

All of these actions and non-actions demonstrate to the world especially our enemies that we are weak and stupid, have no respect for our citizens, making our country the laughing stock of the entire world, and losing if not already lost the respect for what is supposed to be the greatest country in the world could no longer be.

In conclusion I think the biggest threat to America is the current administration with the help of the media and the corrupt politicians who don’t have Americans interest as the most important thing.

Nearly every decision made has been a big mistake bringing on more crime, inflation, desecration of our meritocracy, the violation of our sovereignty, the loss of purchasing power, loss of the wealth of all Americans’, making our country vulnerable to invasion and the reduction of the quality of life.

The end game for the Democrats with President Biden as the head of the party and his puppeteers is to recruit future Democrat voters many are illegals crossing our sovereign border by giving everything away (Socialism) and the Presidents need to accommodate the Chinese because of the Biden family’s’ business relationship with them.

White Supremacy doesn’t even come close to being the biggest threat to America. Good try President Biden and CNN’s host Don Lemon but White men are not the biggest threat to America, you are.

Did we leave anything out?  What say you?




By Stan Norwalk

B.A. Degree, Major in Economics, Minor in Psychology, M.B.A. Degree in Finance and Business; Social worker for the City of NY while attending Graduate school full time ; Ex-school teacher; 7 years of business consulting for major corporations including Mt Sinai Medical Center, Kansas Central Medical Center, Ohio Medical Products(Airco), Citi Bank, Vlasic Pickle, and others ; 25 years creating,owning and operating a high tech communications and satellite company in manufacturing, sales and service; Assistant Chairman of The Polish-Jewish Dialogue Committee working with the Polish Consulate and other organizations to promote better relations between Jews and Christians; Keynote speaker at the Polish Consulate and the Kosciuszko Foundation; Board member of the Queens College Presidents' Community Advisory Board; 22 + years Board member of the Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association and Acting President for 2 years ; Member of the Queens Boro Presidents Aviation Advisory Council; Assistant State Committeeman, Ex Vice-President of the JFK Regular Democrat Club; Have been asked to run for public office by senior Democrat leaders; Since 2003 Financing a scholarship program at Adelphi University for students in need; Created a free baseball ticket program in collaboration with the NY Yankees, NY Mets and the Brooklyn Cyclones to send kids and their families to baseball games; Nearly 10,000 tickets have been given away; Currently writing a column for the Central-Queens GOP.

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Greatest threat to Anetica is the washington Swamp. Guys like BLM that spread hate of white people- giving Blacks NOTHING,,, LGBT whose primary mission is to entice children to their abnormal life style.Open borders to allow illegal voters,criminals,diseased people ,drug gangs, terrorists and all kinds of undesireables which destroy this beautiful country,GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Thanks for your well thought comments. I tend to agree with you. I only wish that those voters who voted for the guy who is currently in the White House could see the reality of it all. There is a thing out there called “TDS” or Trump derangement syndrome. Trump could part the oceans, invent cures for cancers, save the lives of those in all the holocausts worldwide in history and they would still vote for whoever ran against him because they hate him and vote for a likable personality and not meaningful policy’s. This is not a popularity contest but a contest of sound policies.

It is great to see someone not being afraid to voice their opinion and truth about the world we currently live in. Thank you for putting your insights in writing for others to read and allow them to analyze what it may mean to them. Great work!

Dear Stan, I recently read your article on Slavery reparation. My name is Vic Starsky sgt at arms CQRC. My Great Great Grandfather was in the civil war as well as a Great Great Uncle. Who was a hospital steward at Gettysburg. Both Irish NY Regiment, Gr Gr Grandfather was captured and did time in Andersonville and was prisoner of war exchange. The army made him finish his time even after release as pOW. I have his papers they paid a bounty of $70.00 and had to pay for his uniform. Gr Gr uncle served as a hospital steward at Gettysburg and Chickmunga and was improperly discharged; taught for his pension got an honorable discharge in 1909 and died in 1910. Who gonna pay them reparation!
Vic starsky Largehands55@ let’s talk we can write an article for St Patrick’s day.

Dear Vic, Thank you very much for your reply. It’s heart breaking to hear your family story and I know there are tens of thousands of stories if not more like yours from the Civil War and from all wars as well. These men suffered so much and no one can put a price on this. And the pain to their families who had to live with this the rest of their lives. It is noble of you to remember their sacrifice and we should emphasize in our schools not just the history of the Civil War and what it meant to America and Black Americans but the extreme pain and suffering to these men and their families that most of us never experienced or will ever understand.

No one talks about the Civil War suffering of the men and their families especially the ones who gave up their lives and limbs. We must honor the men and woman of all wars with reparations if any reparations are to be paid at all. And like when a policeman is killed in the line of duty they are promoted to a higher rank, their families get a bigger pension and a greater honor so too should all of our armed force combatants receive the same.

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