Candidates Issues

Meeting on Business, Housing and Real Estate – April 25, 2023

Avi Yankelewitz and Nisan Zaghi guided the club members and Republican candidates housing and real estate issues.

Tenants could get free Legal Aid Society attorneys, but landlords must pay.  Nisan’s advise to landlords seeking an eviction is “don’t” because it will cost more going through the legal system.

T. Levy and Rico Paniccia gave first hand horror stories trying to evict their tenants.  Tenants would file so many unsubstantiated reports, damage property, skip hearings, use the system to get a free ride.  Several city and state programs would even subsidize tenants at above market price without vetting.  Landlords are assumed guilty by city agencies.

Craig T. mentioned that “Good Cause” eviction proposal would have the effect of rent stabilization on all multi-family units.

Solution?  Stephen W. said, “elections”!

So many homeowners and landlords prefer not renting out available space to avoid the hassle from the City.  Even the paperwork to remove multi-family units out of the system is expensive and complicated.

Other announcements were made by George Stein (Bayside Live TV), David Solano (InfraGard), Jay Lin (CEC D28 election), Kent Gomez (New York Citizens Audit), Martha Rowen (CQRC May 23 meeting on homeless and mentally illed), and Steve Speer (Medical Freedom).

Candidates who spoke:

2nd Councilmanic: Juan Pagan (R)
3rd Councilmanic: Robert Bobrick (R)
5th Councilmanic: Elizabeth Golluscio (R)
23rd Councilmanic: Bernard K. Chow (R,C)
24th Councilmanic: Jonathan D. Rinaldi (R,C)
27th Councilmanic: Marilyn M. Miller (R)
29th Councilmanic: Danniel S. Maio (R,C)
31st Councilmanic: Daniella M. May (R)
33rd Councilmanic: Martha Rowen (R,C)
37th Councilmanic: Isaiah Orlando Vega (R,C)
39th Councilmanic: Arkadiusz T. Tomaszewski (R,C)

NYS Dept of Homes and Community Renewal letter to NYC Rent Guideline Board dated May 25, 2022.


Bring Back Ellis Island The Isle of Vetting

Bring Back Ellis Island the Isle of Vetting
Author: Stan Norwalk

50% of Federal criminal prosecutions are for illegal Aliens for such crimes as murders, drug dealings, human trafficking, rapes, child abuse and molestation’s,burglary’s,child pornography, armed robberies, assaults, grand larceny auto, weapons charges etc.

Many countries are releasing their criminal and mentally ill populations so they don’t have to pay for them and deal with their criminal activities as Fidel Castro did in Cuba with the Mariel Boat Armada. Many of these Cuban refugees had been released from jails and mental health facilities in Cuba into our populations. Are we stupid to allow this whenever anyone wants to come here at our expense financially and diminishing the quality of our lives? Politicians are trying to import new Democrat voters at the expense and detriment to the American people both Democrats and Republicans as well as independents. Americans last is occurring each and every day as people pour across our borders. 800 +/- sanctuary cities are changing the character and culture of America.

The woke and progressive politicians have created an industry for the drug cartels, mules, MS13, the Mexican mafia, the drug runners, and the gun runners. We are importing death, disease, long lines at the emergency rooms, long lines waiting to get a bed in a hospital, the reduction of elective surgery, the competition for housing, health care, the loss of jobs to migrants away from higher priced American priced labor, the competition for doctors appointments, the contribution to larger classrooms and less time for American kids as Spanish speaking kids are needing and getting more time from the teacher in the class room that would normally go to American kids. Losing and diverting capital and tax dollars away from the American people to illegal immigrants and their families. The importing and creation of a double standard, the low standard for illegals and the high standard for Americans. Americans are either stupid, feel helpless or are not focused and aware what is happening around them. The bread winner in most cases the fathers are working overtime and wives are going out to work leaving the kids at home alone to help pay the ever increasing taxes and the inflation that comes along with high spending and the printing of money to support these programs and others. Americans have co pays, deductibles and have to think twice if they have the money to get medical treatment. The illegals don’t have these requirements nor do they have to worry about them. Millions of illegal’s who enter the country have literally won the American lottery with the help of our politicians while the quality of Americans lives are going down and backwards. Many Americans don’t fully understand what is happening, the fake press says nothing and the beat goes on.

Wake up America. Bring back Ellis Island so we can bring in good people in an intelligent and reasonable way. We need to welcome immigrants but in on our terms. We have a system so why don’t we use it and take in the ones who applied first. How many of us like people jumping the line? We have been in the midst of an invasion for years perhaps decades. We are in the middle of a major crime spike and all our politicians say at their news conference is:”that’s terrible, we won’t tolerate it”, but their actions are worthless. I am tired of seeing the news with the heading “Breaking News”

The cost to Americans for prisons, transportation, housing, food, clothes, processing them through the justice system (more judges, court reporters, court officers, cooks, clerks, etc) clerical costs, customs officers, I.C.E., Marshals, and prison guards is in the billions of dollars. That’s your hard earned tax dollars. To administer health care and everything else is close to $100,000 dollars per prisoner. Don’t forget if moms are in jail then we have to support their kids and those who care for them.

Eventually most of the prisoners will be released into the general population many with no skills and they will again commit more crimes and inflict pain on the American people .The recidivist rate is about 70% which means they will eventually go back to prison again. And once more we will pay.
These illegal invaders of which most are,(some are very legitimate) enter this country with the help of the drug cartels, mules, our President and elected officials They don’t pay a dime to us but they pay the drug cartels and mules $6,000 + to get across the border. Then they get some fresh clothes, a hot meal, shower, toiletries, some travel cash and a free cell phone. And then they are on their way to a neighborhood near you without getting your permission.

Most of us pay for health insurance, deductibles and co pay’s not to mention all the other things required to live. For them it’s like winning the lottery. Keep in mind that their annual wages are around $2,000 – $2,500 a year in Guatemala, $4,000 a year in El Salvador, and $2,500 a year in Honduras. So when we hand them a package of goods and services worth over $100,000 that will continue for who knows how long, they are racing to our borders. They are literally striking it rich on our dime.

Some are legitimate but we don’t vet them, do security checks or check their health status. So we don’t know. Do they test them for diseases? Any illegal in their right mind will seek asylum saying we are victims of crimes, political and religious persecution or whatever their trainers teach them to say. The cartels charge around $6,000 and more per head. If you multiply that by 200,000 entries a month, that’s 1 billion two hundred million a month to the cartels. That’s food that feeds the drug trade and the cartels who handle it.

The 200,000 people are those that we catch but how many slip through the system, so the numbers are higher. In essence if you connect the dots we the United States of America are subsidizing the cartels and the drug trade thereby killing 100,000 plus Americans of our own annually. The government is a co-conspirator and acting in concert with the cartels like organized crime. That’s a “RICO” violation. Passed in 1970, AKA “the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations” Act.

To violate “RICO”, a person must engage in a pattern of racketeering activity connected to an enterprise. The law defines 35 offenses as constituting racketeering, including gambling, murder, kidnapping, drug dealing, bribery, foreign commerce, robbery, dealing in obscene matter, theft, fraud, obstruction of justice, slavery, money laundering. Human smuggling, acts of terrorism and others. It’s already been documented that people on the U.S.A. terrorist watch list have been caught but then there are those that have not been caught. What happened to the words “Remember 911?”

There is only one way to accept foreigners and that is by vetting them, checking their backgrounds and they should get at the back of the line and wait their turn like all the others who want to come to America. Bring back Ellis Island.

The deadly drug fentanyl kills over 100,000 Americans a year mostly under 40 years old.90 percent of it comes from China across the southern border. If you like to kill Americans then don’t finish the wall.

The completion of the wall on the southern border will lower the amount of drugs entering our country and lower the number of deaths and crime that is caused by these drugs. We must secure the Southern border and restore law and order for and to Americans. You might even get a hospital bed a little earlier if less people invade our emergency rooms.
Israel built a wall and eliminated 99 % of the crime and carnage that came from the other side. If walls don’t work then why does Nancy Pelosi want one around her house as does the Clinton’s and Obama’s? Why do sporting arenas have walls; to control who comes in. The same for prisons, computers, houses and the like.

Common sense must be the policy of our political leaders. Pick your politicians by what they say and do and not whether you like them or not. There are not too many likable politicians these days.
We all want to feel and be safe but our leaders in Washington D.C. are not listening

Bring Back Ellis Island, The Isle of Vetting! PLEASE!