Meeting of June 27 Primary Candidates and Leaders – June 29, 2023

Joe Pinion headlined the evening on behalf of State GOP Chairman Ed Cox.

– Ziaul Chowdhury (values at US Army)
– Phil Grillo (candidate against George Santos)
– Robert Skaretka (report on early voting and election day)
– Jonathan Rinaldi (R,C,MF,Parent,Mad as Hell) 25th District

Hasime Samantha Zherka on the nepotism of Bronx County GOP

Ying Tan on hard work and winning in Brooklyn


Queens Candidates
– Marilyn Miller (R,MF) v. Nantasha M. Williams (D) 27th
– Daniella May (R,Parent,Mad as Hell) v. Selvena Brooks-Powers (D) 31st
– Rusat Ramgopal (R,Common Sense) v. Adrienne Adams (D) 28th
– Zhile Cao (R,MF) v. Shekar Krishnan (D,WF) 25th
– Bernard Chow (R,C,MF,Common Sense) v. Linda Lee (D) 23rd
Brooklyn candidates
– Marguerite Chandler (MF) v. Jennifer Gutierrez (D,WF) 34th
– Martha Rowen (R,C,MF) v. Lincoln Restler (D,WF) 33rd
– Arkadiusz Tomaszewski (R,MF) v. Shanana Hanif (D,WF) 39th
– Daniel Lally (MF) v. Rita Joseph (D,WF) 40th
Bronx candidate
– Robert Caemmerer (R,C,MF) v. Eric Dinowitz (D) 11th
Manhattan candidates
– Elizabeth Golluscio (R) v. Julie Menin (D) 5th
– Robert Bobrick (R,MF) v. Erik Bottcher (D) 3rd

Help Republican, Conservative and/or Medical Freedom candidates to qualify for Campaign Finance Board’s matching fund

The following participating candidates have not met the second threshold of $5,000 as of June 12th.  Any person having an address in the City of New York will count.  Their status will be updated after  July 13 (Statement #6), the next deadline.

Contribute to Robert Bobrick (Manhattan 3rd) $310 reported
Contribute to Elizabeth Golluscio (Manhattan 5th) $1,050 reported
Contribute to Jonathan Rinaldi (Queens 24th) $582 reported
Contribute to Zhile Cao (Queens 25th) $2,288 reported
Contribute to Marilyn Miller (Queens 27th) $0 reported
Contribute to Danniel Maio (Queens 29th) $790 reported
Contribute to Martha Rowen (Brooklyn 33rd) $233 reported
Contribute to Isaiah Vega (Brooklyn 37th) $255 reported
Contribute to Paul Rodriguez (Brooklyn 38th) $640 reported
Contribute to Arkadiusz Tomaszewski (Brooklyn 39th) $121 reported

Our next meeting will be held on July 20th (Thursday) at Grace Lutheran Church, 103-15 Union Turnpike in Forest Hills, 7:30 pm.

Meeting was recorded by NYC for Yourself

Video of meeting


Mr. President You Do Not Speak for US!

Mr. President, you do not speak for us! Your values are not our values. Your no is not our no. Your yes is not our yes. You do not represent us to the world. You represent an extreme ideology that is not what America is about. You promised you would bring us together, for that many voted for you but your words and actions tell us otherwise. You have betrayed the trust of the American people. You have weaponized the DOJ and the FBI against your political enemies.  That is an assault on Republican voting Americans and 70% of Democrat voting Americans who don’t want you to run for office again. That is not what our founding fathers intended when they wrote the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  It was written with equal justice for all and not for thee. God did not shed his grace on thee only.

You hold the most awesome, most powerful and most influential position in the world, more than any single individual. You were supposed to be the leader of the free world. You are not an honest, transparent and competent leader. You do not walk the road for us. You walk the road for yourself and the Biden family. You have betrayed our trust. You are supposed to represent the American people and not your self interests.

You have proven that you are not the lineal descendant of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, or Reagan and will never be enshrined in legend. You are not America! You are not “We the people”, the symbol of honor, equal justice, freedom and liberty for all.

We pray for you and may God shed his grace on thee.