Meeting of June 27 Primary Candidates and Leaders – June 29, 2023

Joe Pinion headlined the evening on behalf of State GOP Chairman Ed Cox.

– Ziaul Chowdhury (values at US Army)
– Phil Grillo (candidate against George Santos)
– Robert Skaretka (report on early voting and election day)
– Jonathan Rinaldi (R,C,MF,Parent,Mad as Hell) 25th District

Hasime Samantha Zherka on the nepotism of Bronx County GOP

Ying Tan on hard work and winning in Brooklyn


Queens Candidates
– Marilyn Miller (R,MF) v. Nantasha M. Williams (D) 27th
– Daniella May (R,Parent,Mad as Hell) v. Selvena Brooks-Powers (D) 31st
– Rusat Ramgopal (R,Common Sense) v. Adrienne Adams (D) 28th
– Zhile Cao (R,MF) v. Shekar Krishnan (D,WF) 25th
– Bernard Chow (R,C,MF,Common Sense) v. Linda Lee (D) 23rd
Brooklyn candidates
– Marguerite Chandler (MF) v. Jennifer Gutierrez (D,WF) 34th
– Martha Rowen (R,C,MF) v. Lincoln Restler (D,WF) 33rd
– Arkadiusz Tomaszewski (R,MF) v. Shanana Hanif (D,WF) 39th
– Daniel Lally (MF) v. Rita Joseph (D,WF) 40th
Bronx candidate
– Robert Caemmerer (R,C,MF) v. Eric Dinowitz (D) 11th
Manhattan candidates
– Elizabeth Golluscio (R) v. Julie Menin (D) 5th
– Robert Bobrick (R,MF) v. Erik Bottcher (D) 3rd

Help Republican, Conservative and/or Medical Freedom candidates to qualify for Campaign Finance Board’s matching fund

The following participating candidates have not met the second threshold of $5,000 as of June 12th.  Any person having an address in the City of New York will count.  Their status will be updated after  July 13 (Statement #6), the next deadline.

Contribute to Robert Bobrick (Manhattan 3rd) $310 reported
Contribute to Elizabeth Golluscio (Manhattan 5th) $1,050 reported
Contribute to Jonathan Rinaldi (Queens 24th) $582 reported
Contribute to Zhile Cao (Queens 25th) $2,288 reported
Contribute to Marilyn Miller (Queens 27th) $0 reported
Contribute to Danniel Maio (Queens 29th) $790 reported
Contribute to Martha Rowen (Brooklyn 33rd) $233 reported
Contribute to Isaiah Vega (Brooklyn 37th) $255 reported
Contribute to Paul Rodriguez (Brooklyn 38th) $640 reported
Contribute to Arkadiusz Tomaszewski (Brooklyn 39th) $121 reported

Our next meeting will be held on July 20th (Thursday) at Grace Lutheran Church, 103-15 Union Turnpike in Forest Hills, 7:30 pm.

Meeting was recorded by NYC for Yourself

Video of meeting