Meeting on Understanding NYC’s $107 Billion Budget – July 20, 2023

$107 Billion was the budget reported June 29, but the truth is $112.6 Billion!

Ana Champeny VP for Research at Citizens Budget Commission  Presentation Slides in PDF
Lisa Neary, First Deputy of NYC IBO
Logan Clark, Assistant Director of NYC IBO  Presentation Slides in PowerPoint

Other Speakers
– Jonathan Dyckman, election integrity
– Camille Ladson, July 30 Conservative Rep Alliance
– Jimmy Schwatzman, on Mike Lindell
– Mark Chronowitz, Queens Village July 23 BBQ
– Joel Anabilah-Azumah, 9th Congressional District
Turbo Huang, Alexis de Tocqueville from China
– Josephine Aronson, New York Citizens Audit
– Ricardo Pacheco, City Council 25 District
– Mekita Jacqueline Coe, 3rd Congressional District
– Bill Schacht, resiliency in CCB6

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