Is the U.S. and China Engaging in Chemical Warfare On American Citizens?

110,000 young Americans, Americas’ future are dying each and every year from Fentanyl crossing the southern border coming from China manufactured and distributed by Mexican cartels sanctioned unofficially by our government because of President Biden’s’ open borders.

President Biden’s’ administration has unofficially and inadvertently licensed these cartels allowing them to make billions of dollars while inflation is driving purchasing power for Americans down about 30-40 percent leaving Americans with a disastrous quality of life and economic problems.

Chinese spy balloons are allowed to fly to Hawaii across the Pacific Ocean to the west coast of America and allowed to continue across the mainland over key military and other critical facilities to the east coast with impunity. Once the Chinese spy balloon clears the east coast line of our sovereign land and has taken all the photos it needs our President decides now is the time to shoot it down. Whose team is he on?

Our government allows China to buy up large parcels of land near our strategic military bases and facilities; Allows thousands of Chinese to enter our country for a college education and many never show up for class and disappear into the population; allows hundreds if not more young Chinese men to sneak into the United States of America primarily through the southern border and Mayorkas, Harris and Biden say are borders are closed and secure.

The media many that are complicit with this message along with our homeland security department run by Mayorkas, and the President of the United States of America do not talk about it seriously and do or say anything at all.

If Black lives matter and all the lives of Americas’ youth matter, then why are we allowing fentanyl to enter our country through open borders along with millions of illegals, coming unvetted some with illnesses, criminal and mental histories, some with evil intentions and some with wanting everything for free. Is President Biden trying to find new Democrats to vote in future elections or is he a benevolent humanitarian at the tax payers’ expense. We are talking about 6 million counted and estimates of another 2 million getaways or runaways since President Biden has taken over our country in the last 2 1/2 years.

Think about the runaways. Some are up to no good. Could another 9/11 be in the cards? The deck is stacked against good, honest, hard working taxpaying Americans. America last!

President Biden sends Billions to the Ukraine, but sends $700 per household to Hawaiians whose homes and belongings were lost and ravaged by runaway fires. 114 have already been confirmed dead and up to 1,000 unaccounted for of which many are children.

It is reported that President Biden works from 10 Am – 3 pm and has spent approximately 40 % of his time in office on vacation.

Border security czar Vice President Kamala Harris appointed by President Biden as the border czar to secure the border has never been to the border and is part of this whole alleged co-conspiracy with China against our citizens, along with the cooperation of our Executive branch, the Democrat party, some Republicans especially the Rhinos (i.e. Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and others) are allegedly acting in concert with our enemies to inadvertently commit chemical warfare and other crimes on our citizens bringing Americas cities and neighborhoods to its’ knees with these opiods making China and the cartels rich. What do Americans get? Death and destruction of our cities and the families that live there inflicting physical, mental, emotional and moral decay of our country.

There is a racial aspect to the deaths of Americas’ citizens with fentanyl in that percentage wise, deaths from fentanyl and other opiods along with the crimes that go hand in hand with drugs affect proportionally primarily the minority residents of the inner cities and ghettos of America. Some might say this is a form of genocide by our leaders and the media fails to criticize our President and his cabinet for allowing open borders that allows the deadly chemical fentanyl to slaughter our youth. What happened to the free press, the 4th estate that is supposed to expose evil and not minimize its effects on our culture? They are practically silent.

China supplies 90 % of the drug, the cartels manufacturer it, bring it across the border and distribute it and the President allows this by having porous borders. Can we legally say that the United States government is acting in concert with China and the cartels in the deaths of 110,000 +/- young Americans with such gross malfeasance and negligence? Does this fall under the RICO crime law called the Racketeering Influenced, Corrupt Organizations Act? The liberal press, TV, radio and social media give little exposure to what is the destruction of America from within and not getting the message to the American people effectively.


By Stan Norwalk

B.A. Degree, Major in Economics, Minor in Psychology
M.B.A. Degree in Finance and Business Administration Adelphi University
Social worker for the City of NY while attending Graduate school full time
Ex-public school teacher, New York City school systems
7 years of business consulting experience working for major corporations including Mt Sinai Medical Center, Kansas Central Medical Center, Ohio Medical Products (Airco), Citi Bank, Vlasic Pickle, Charmer Industries ,Home Juice, Molla Industries, Monarch Boat, United Technologies, B.A. Railton and others
25 years creating, owning and operating a high tech microwave communications and satellite TV company in manufacturing, sales and service
Assistant Chairman of The Polish-Jewish Dialogue Committee working with the Polish Consulate and other organizations to promote better relations between Jews and Christians
Keynote speaker at the Polish Consulate and the Kosciuszko Foundation
Board member of the Queens College Presidents' Community Advisory Board
22 + years Board member of the Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association and Acting President for 2 years
Member of the Queens Boro Presidents Aviation Advisory Council
Ex-Assistant State Committeeman
Ex Vice-President of the JFK Regular Democrat Club; have been asked to run for public office by senior Democrat leaders
Board Member of the Central Queens Republican Club
Since 2003 Financing a scholarship program at Adelphi University for students in need
Created and administer a free baseball ticket program in collaboration with the NY Yankees, NY Mets and the Brooklyn Cyclones to send kids and their families to baseball games; Over 10,000 free tickets have been given away
Columnist for the Queens Beacon and the Central-Queens GOP in NY which is re-distributed in Florida to Republican organizations, donors and individuals

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