Meeting on the Special Election for the 27 Assembly District – August 17, 2023

Republican and Conservative candidates:
David Hirsch (State Assembly, 27th District), September 12, 2023 Special Election.  Presentation.
William Shanahan (Civil Court Judge, 6th Municipal District), Michael Mossa (Queens District Attorney), Gary Muraca (Supreme Court Judge).
William Shanahan, Michael Mossa, Gary Muraca and David Hirsch.

Other speakers:
– Stephen Weiner on Missouri v. Biden  DOJ FBI subpoenaed (Epoch Times 8/17/23)
– Taisha Parrott and Laura Schmitt on Moms for Liberty
– Bill Schacht on Resiliency
– Edward Manfredonia

Lessons Learned on the Campaign Trail (Jim Strawhorn)
– Robert Bobrick (3rd City Council district) on fundraising
– Martha Rowen (33rd City Council district) on fundraising
– Danniel Maio (29th City Council district) on absentee ballot law

Help Republican, Conservative and/or Medical Freedom candidates to qualify for Campaign Finance Board’s matching fund

The following participating candidates have not met the second threshold of $5,000 as of August 25th.  Any person having an address in the City of New York will count.  Their status will be updated after October 8 (Statement #8), the next deadline.

Contribute to Robert Bobrick (Manhattan 3rd) $6,267 reported
Contribute to Elizabeth Golluscio (Manhattan 5th) $2,824 reported
Contribute to Jonathan Rinaldi (Queens 24th) $582* reported
Contribute to Zhile Cao (Queens 25th) $5,423 reported
Contribute to Marilyn Miller (Queens 27th) $0* reported
Contribute to Danniel Maio (Queens 29th) $3,142 reported
Contribute to Martha Rowen (Brooklyn 33rd) $2,324 reported
Contribute to Isaiah Vega (Brooklyn 37th) $2,006 reported
Contribute to Paul Rodriguez (Brooklyn 38th) $4,299 reported
Contribute to Arkadiusz Tomaszewski (Brooklyn 39th) $556 reported

2 replies on “Meeting on the Special Election for the 27 Assembly District – August 17, 2023”

As we have expressed before, the Berger campaign is happy to participate in an event to debate solutions to the pressing issues facing our Queens community, should it follow the standard conventions of being organized by a non-partisan organization and hosted at a neutral, in-district venue. The event described does not come close to meeting this basic threshold for a fair debate and thus we regret to inform you that we will not be participating.

Ricky Malone
Campaign Manager
Friends of Sam Berger