“How to destroy America for Dummies” A Lesson for All!

• Elect a President who has a history of lying, a history of racism, self hating of their own race to use it to pander to other races. An individual who likes to cheat, experienced in plagiarism, helping our enemies, a person who appears to be senile and inept. Preferably adept at speaking publicly in a soft whispering tones and is capable of mumbling and stumbling mentally and physically.

A person who will be very generous to our enemies, illegal border crossers amongst whom may be terrorist, criminals, mentally ill, carriers of unknown diseases, drug transporters, criminals to rob and steal with little or no consequences, a person who makes favorable decisions for our enemies that will not benefit our citizens and turns their backs on Americans like our veterans, homeless and senior citizens who should not receive special treatment and be ignored.

• Pair this individual with a politically correct (identity politics) selection for Vice President preferably a woman or even better a black woman or even better a gay Black woman or even better a gay Black woman immigrant, or even better a gay Black woman transsexual immigrant who has biracial trans sexual parents. This Vice President should be one who appears to be drunk at times and doesn’t do much of anything but giggle, and excellent at creating word salads out-loud while no one will know what they are trying to say. And that Vice President probably doesn’t know either.

• To qualify, this President should not value American lives and should allow evil people to cross our so called sovereign borders unrestricted and unvetted. Make certain they prefer to welcome MS13, Mexican cartels, thousands of undocumented Chinese young men of military age, and terrorist that come to plan the next 9/11. Who said we shall never forget!

* A President who will bring into the United States people who will diminish and degrade the quality of life for Americans by inviting human traffickers, drug smugglers who plan on getting a piece of the billion dollars drug trade so they can kill Americans at a rate of 300 +/- a day , criminals released from their countries jails and prisons and mental institutions who have the blessings of their mother country to come to America and collect their lottery ticket of $10,000 per person a month in goods and services, free cell phones,and 3 square meals a day that is culturally appropriate.

Our border records document that we are receiving illegal’s from 170 countries in essence changing our demographics, culture, and political base in violation of the US Constitution. But that’s OK because this President is trying to rebuild the Democrat party of the future to increase the voting margins so Republicans will never win another election again. Basically creating a one party autocratic system like they have in Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Afghanistan, Venezuela and during World War II Germany, Italy and Japan.

• Find a President who publicly, openly proclaims that illegal’s are welcome here even though our country doesn’t have the money, the availability of housing, the medical and schooling infrastructure or the legal authority.

• A person who allows all our enemies a free pass like China who sends fentanyl and opioid into the country to kill us with the help of the Mexican cartels without recrimination. China is never challenged nor have we had discussions on this.

A leader who will allow the Chinese to photograph our military facilities from their spy balloons without as much as a protest; allows them to steal our proprietary technology; allows Chinese students to stay here even though many never show up for class. A leader who will take money for unknown reasons from China perhaps because the Chinese are very kind, benevolent and generous. Maybe for some small favors.

* A President that allows a Chinese spy to work for Senator Dianne Feinstein for 20 years to act as office director on payroll records, serve as her driver in San Francisco while reporting to China’s Ministry of State Security through China’s San Francisco Consulate. Congress does nothing and the main stream media hardly mentions it.

* Another example where the leadership allows Eric Swalwell California Representative and member of the House Intelligence Committee who was alleged to having a working and personal relationship with Chinese spy aka “Fang Fang” to continue to allow Representative Swalwell to sit on this important and sensitive committee with no repercussions or condemnation from the media or the body politic.

• A President who thinks it is OK to allow Mexican cartels to manufacture the drug fentanyl getting the raw material from China, distributing it into the US and making billions but it is not OK for President Trump making a phone call to the President of the Ukraine to investigate Hunter Bidens’ potential corruption and violations of the FARA Act (Foreign Agent Registration Act) since Hunter Biden never registered as a foreign agent regarding his dealings with the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma Holdings where he sat on their board of Directors without any experience in the oil or gas business. The net result of that perfect phone call was the impeachment of President Trump. But the current Presidents indulging Mexican cartels, the Chinese government and others in drug distribution, allowing them to control our southern border, allowing terrorist and malcriants, human traffickers, gun runners and other deviants is acceptable.

• Allow single men of military age in their 20s to enter the country without knowing where they came from and what if any criminal or mental problems they have or what are their backgrounds or motives. No common sense. Again it is the systemic method of the Democrat party to eliminate the two party systems and become an autocratic state with just one part the Democrat party for ever.

• Give each and every one of the illegal border crossers’ $10,000 dollars worth of goods and services a month ($120,000 a year) at the expense of our veterans, homeless, seniors and all tax payers without their permission and at the same time changing the culture and demographics of our country. While most Americans on Social Security make between $1,200 to $3,000 per month and had to earn it by being employed for 40 quarters (13.33 years) in their life time, illegal’s had no requirements. Just show up and declare they want sanctuary.

* Venezuela has one of the highest crime rates in the world. There is a high threat from violent crime and kidnapping throughout Venezuela, which has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Armed robbery, mugging, carjacking, and burglary are all common and are often accompanied by extreme levels of violence so why not give special statues to the good people of Venezuela as our President just did this past week ending 9/24/23.

• A President who insults each and every American each and every day by putting his countryman and woman last and our enemies and illegal’s first.

• A President who has no plan and lost track of half of the illegal’s along with the children who come here. Assigning immigration court dates 5 years out but 90% never show up and we know that.

• Allow all the illegal’s to jump the line ahead of those who obeyed the law and waited their turn to come to America. An insult to those who are residents legally now who immigrated the right way and to those waiting to hear about getting their green cards.

• Need a leader who can kick out senior citizens, the homeless, and our beloved veterans to house the illegal’s without contingency plans or feeling guilty.

• A President who allows the intruders to over run our hospitals, schools, housing facilities, compete for our dentists, doctors, specialists while Americans have to wait to get appointments and compete for over 100 drugs that are in scarce supply and more .

• Allow 86,000 children to get lost in our country, unaccompanied and being used as sex slaves and transporters of drugs and other contraband. Not knowing where they are going or who they are with. Catholic Charities and the Archdiocese are helping in a large way assisting these new guests to settle here and there is a hefty profit and a chance to fill the empty Sunday mass chairs that so many have abandoned over the years.

• You need a man who calls White people racist; homophobes, xenophobes, white supremacists and he along with Don Lemon say unequivocally that the greatest threat to America is white men and white supremacy where there is not an iota of evidence to this political propaganda in any FBI or DOJ data base. A President who will never admit and say that it may be all the terrorist and drugs entering and killing our young people as the biggest threat.

• A man who gives illegal’s driver licenses for free and at the same time registers them to vote when this violates the Constitution and the laws of The United States of America.

• A man who feels no shame in overloading our class rooms with illegal foreign children who speak dozens of languages none of which is English where we don’t have enough translators, teachers or seats. Giving them an education that cost $25,000 ~ $$30,000 dollars per child per year without contributing to our. While your child is raising their hand for help, the teacher may be busy trying to translate and or assist and illegal immigrant child. American children last and they will be ill prepared to enter the labor market when they are adults.

• You want a President who must raise taxes and lower services to pay for these illegal’s so they can have the same standard of living or better than our own without any skin in the game or any contribution to our society.

• A President who unashamedly co conspires and allows China to supply the cartels enough fentanyl and opiods to kill every America adult and child in the U.S. Allowing China to fly balloons over our critical military facilities, gives them Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, allows them to build 28 coal facilities instead of selling them clean energy like LNG gas which we have right under our feet but refuse to process it and prefer to allow the Russians and the Middle Eastern oil producers to get rich while America pays the price for high energy and higher inflation.

• A President who kills our gas car industry when there is not enough electricity in the grid or wind power to replace gas cars and thus making China rich because for the most part China manufactures and supplies the U.S. with the batteries and infrastructure for wind turbines, wind mills and solar panels thus killing the American automobile industry and exporting jobs overseas.

• A President who is orchestrating with the help of the socialist, Rhinos and communist in Washington, D.C. The entry of illegal’s that will be the current and future Democrat voters so eventually we will be a one party system that of the Democrat Party and no other (not the same Democrat Party of the past of JFK and Bill Clinton). To build a Democrat voting bloc that will keep Republicans out of office for ever and allow the Democrats to change American culture and democratic process for ever.

• Perhaps the end of America without our First and Second Amendment rights of freedom of speech, press, religion, right to peaceful assembly, the right to keep and bear arms.

• Weaponizing the FBI, CIA, DOJ and every local and state D.A. and A.G. who will eliminate their political enemies by filing false charges, preventing them from lawyer client confidentiality and bankrupting them due to the high unimaginable cost of legal fees that the government doesn’t have to bear since they use the tax payers money to prosecute and all the resources and man power of their offices at our expense.

• Lying to advance their social and political causes and not being held accountable. (We need a severe law that would prohibit any politician or media from deliberately lying knowingly to affect the outcome of an election.) The great form of corruption.

• They charge their political enemies with crimes with no evidence just to mar their reputations as to influence an election, and to embarrass, humiliate and bankrupt them so to scare others who might want to exercise their freedom of speech rights to retreat from doing so as not to suffer the same consequences.

• Destroy exculpatory evidence that would allow the defendants evidence that would exonerate them and help them win their case. (There should be a law to stop the government from destroying evidence that would help the defendant.)

• A government that impeaches or charges their political enemies to eliminate them from running for office by depriving them of their lawyer client privilege and confidentiality so they can build a strong defense.

• A government that brings false or weak charges against their political opponents in attempts to bankrupt them with high legal fees thus forcing them to plead guilty turn against their own by lying or stretching the truth or plea bargaining to avoid long jail sentences or any jail time when in fact they are innocent.

• Threaten Supreme Court Judges who don’t agree with you.

• Fill the House and Senate with socialists, communists and greedy people who can be bribed and tempted with material or political benefits.

• A white President who deliberately taunts the minorities to vote for him by lying that America is racist and White supremacy is the biggest threat to America when there is nothing in our justice department’s data base of statistics to document this. It is a big lie.

* Elect a President who shows weakness to our enemies throughout the world and whose wish is to be nice so they will do what we want them to do. A President who operates from a position of weakness. Case in point is the # 1 proxy terrorist country in the world Iran.

In the case of Iran in a hostage exchange deal we returned billions of their dollars that were being held due to sanctions that were imposed on them. Iran is the worlds largest terrorist country and has been developing nuclear facilites that we are told will be capable of having a nuclear weapon in a matter or months if not weaks as some have said. Their religious leaders shout in their parliaments and houses of worship “Death to America”, “Death to Israel” the only democratic country in the Middle East.

A President by supporting this country by returning their frozen funds allows them to fund terrorist organizations like Hezbollah just north of the Israeli border in Lebanon and Hammas headquarted in the Gaza Strip south of Israei. Both terrorist groups share borders with Israel.Their goal is to kill Israelis and Americans, especially Jewish Americans. In releasing these funds America is indirectly financing terrorism against Israel and America. Yes we are funding terror against ourselves.

This is “How to Destroy America for Dummies”

And it wouldn’t surpise me if America and Israel are being shot at with American weapons we left behind in Afghanistan in our retreat after 20 years of fighting to defeat the Taliban. President Biden said that the Afghan government will now be able to keep the Taliban out because of the work we have done there. The fact is they returned weeks after the U.S. left. 20 years of American lives lost, bodies mangled, American families tortured and destroyed and trillions of dollars squandered for nothing.

We need a law that if any politician or media lies to the public knowingly beyond a reasonable doubt to change the outcome of an election or eliminate their opponents should be charged with a felony, put on trial, fined and jailed if found guilty.


Meeting on Bail Reform and Migrant Crisis – September 21, 2023

Bail Reform and Migrant Crisis

George Grasso, Public Safety Queens DA candidate
Michael Mossa, Republican and Conservative Queens DA Candidate

Other Speakers:
Diane Sare, US Senate 2024 candidate
– Ilan Riss, Israel’s handling of illegal migrants
– Dr. Jeff Weil, help offer for candidates
Kelly Klingman, Republican candidate against Tiffany Caban, 22nd District
– Eric Vineski, ready for Eagle Scout
– Rick Horan on QueensLink
– Steve Speer, rats
– Laura Schmitt, Queens County Beacon
– Queens County GOP October 23 Gala
– Elena Chin, president of Moms for Liberty, Queens Chapter
– Stephen Morena, Dutch Kills Civic Association

Lessons Learned on the Campaign Trail
– Jonathan Rinaldi, City Council 24th District
– Bernard Chow, City Council 23rd District
– Ruben Diario Cruz, past City Council, 32nd District

Help Republican, Conservative and/or Medical Freedom candidates to qualify for Campaign Finance Board’s matching fund

The following participating candidates have not met the second threshold of $5,000 as of October 6th.  Any person having an address in the City of New York will count.  Their status will be updated after October 27 (Statement #9), the next deadline.

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Congratulations to Bob, Elizabeth, Zhile, Isaiah and Paul!
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