Meeting on Bail Reform and Migrant Crisis – September 21, 2023

Bail Reform and Migrant Crisis

George Grasso, Public Safety Queens DA candidate
Michael Mossa, Republican and Conservative Queens DA Candidate

Other Speakers:
Diane Sare, US Senate 2024 candidate
– Ilan Riss, Israel’s handling of illegal migrants
– Dr. Jeff Weil, help offer for candidates
Kelly Klingman, Republican candidate against Tiffany Caban, 22nd District
– Eric Vineski, ready for Eagle Scout
– Rick Horan on QueensLink
– Steve Speer, rats
– Laura Schmitt, Queens County Beacon
– Queens County GOP October 23 Gala
– Elena Chin, president of Moms for Liberty, Queens Chapter
– Stephen Morena, Dutch Kills Civic Association

Lessons Learned on the Campaign Trail
– Jonathan Rinaldi, City Council 24th District
– Bernard Chow, City Council 23rd District
– Ruben Diario Cruz, past City Council, 32nd District

Help Republican, Conservative and/or Medical Freedom candidates to qualify for Campaign Finance Board’s matching fund

The following participating candidates have not met the second threshold of $5,000 as of October 6th.  Any person having an address in the City of New York will count.  Their status will be updated after October 27 (Statement #9), the next deadline.

Contribute to Jonathan Rinaldi (Queens 24th) $582* reported
Contribute to Marilyn Miller (Queens 27th) $0* reported
Contribute to Danniel Maio (Queens 29th) $3,405 reported
Contribute to Martha Rowen (Brooklyn 33rd) $3,029 reported
Contribute to Arkadiusz Tomaszewski (Brooklyn 39th) $1,231 reported

Congratulations to Bob, Elizabeth, Zhile, Isaiah and Paul!
Contribute to Robert Bobrick (Manhattan 3rd) $6,690 reported
Contribute to Elizabeth Golluscio (Manhattan 5th) $5,962 reported
Contribute to Zhile Cao (Queens 25th) $5,598 reported
Contribute to Isaiah Vega (Brooklyn 37th) $6,832 reported
Contribute to Paul Rodriguez (Brooklyn 38th) $10,983 reported

One reply on “Meeting on Bail Reform and Migrant Crisis – September 21, 2023”

I went to vote in person on Sept 12.
Saw a huge Berger sign and the Georgetown Mews Financial Officer – Board member standing there.
So I enquired if she thought that was legal, so close to the polling place.
– She claimed it was 100 feet from the door so was ok.
I then said I was going in to vote and she replied that she’d already used early voting to get it over with.
So why was she standing there in the hot day at around 2pm? It was like 81 degrees.
I went in, voted and exited.
As I passed by Ms Fischer, she said “ here he is, Mr Berger.”
I looked at him and said hi and “ I voted for the other guy!” He said “ that’s ok” and I walked away.
I’d been on the zoom share holder meeting where we were all upset about the bill to unleash the Green new deal nonsense climate hoax taxes – Ms Fischer was on it. She’d even responded to my questions on how paying for exorbitant taxes would change temperatures around the world . It wouldn’t of course. This was a few weeks ago.
– But she apparently was stumping for the D party and not the issues that matter to our co op.
Just thought to let you know what I experienced since Mr Hirsch was outspent and I don’t feel any election is fair today.
The next shareholders meeting when residents are expressing-concerns I will remind Ms Fischer that she voted against us.
Sorry I cannot attend the upcoming Sunday meeting with you.