Meeting on Candidates Appreciating Volunteers – October 19, 2023

Sharmela Bachu, Civil Court Judge
Robert Bobrick, 3rd City Council
Elizabeth Golluscio, 5th City Council
Bernard Chow, 23rd City Council
Jonathan Rinaldi, 24th City Council
Zhile Cao, 25th City Council
Marvin Jeffcoat, 26th City Council
Martha Rowen, 33rd City Council
Isaiah Orlando Vega, 37th City Council

Click here to see list of all the candidates and proposals on the ballot.

$5,000 threshold status of of October 27, 2023 (Statement #9)

Thank you for your support!

Jonathan Rinaldi (Queens 24th) $582* reported
Marilyn Miller (Queens 27th) $0* reported
Danniel Maio (Queens 29th) $3,036 reported
Arkadiusz Tomaszewski (Brooklyn 39th) $1,581 reported

Congratulations to Bob, Elizabeth, Zhile, Martha, Isaiah and Paul!
Robert Bobrick (Manhattan 3rd) $11,729 reported
Elizabeth Golluscio (Manhattan 5th) $6,493 reported
Zhile Cao (Queens 25th) $5,773 reported
Martha Rowen (Brooklyn 33rd) $5,374 reported
Isaiah Vega (Brooklyn 37th) $7,148 reported
Paul Rodriguez (Brooklyn 38th) $13,9239 reported

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