Candidates Issues

Meeting on Post-Election Lessons Learned – November 16, 2023

Now that the 2023 November 7th General Elections are over, what’s next ? Candidates looked back and planned forward.  Click here to see the results.

– NY’s Congressional lines could be redrawn!
– Vic Starsky against Mayor Adams’ “City of Yes” proposal  Video on Future of Housing in NYC
– Edward Manfredonia
– Martha Rowen on Election Day experience

– Michael Mossa, Queens District Attorney
– William Shanahan, Civil Court Judge, 6th Municipal
– Juan Pagan, 2nd City Council
– Robert Bobrick, 3rd City Council
– Elizabeth Golluscio, 5th City Council
– Diane di Stasio, 6th City Council
– Robert Caemmerer, 11th City Council
– Hasime Samantha Zherka, 13th City Council
– Yu-Ching James Pai, 20th City Council
– Jonathan Rinaldi, 24th City Council
– Zhile Cao, 25th City Council
– Marvin Jeffcoat, 26th City Council
– Rusat Ramgopal, 28th City Council
– Martha Rowen, 33rd City Council
– Marguerite Chandler, 34th City Council
– Isaiah Orlando Vega, 37th City Council
Our next next meeting will be December 21st (third Thursday).  Instead of a holiday party, we are doing a peer-to-peer training/discussion of potential candidates in the 2024 election cycle:  US President; US Senate; Congress; NYS Senate and NYS Assembly.  If you are interested in running for an office, join us as past candidates share experience and paperwork guidance.  Election attorneys will be invited.