Meeting on 2024 Elections – December 21, 2023

Candidates committed or interested to run for US Senate, US Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, and judge in 2024 presented themselves.

February 13, 2024 is the date of the Special Election for the third Congressional district.  Mazi Melesa Pilip is the Republican/Conservative candidate against Tom Suozzi.  Candidate Kellen Curry said he will support Pilip in the Special.

Candidates from left to right:  Steven Wang (State Assembly 25), Kenneth Chiu (State Assembly 25), Philip Wang (State Assembly 40), Paul King (US Congress 5), Juan Pagan (State Assembly 26), Mekita Jacqueline Coe (US Congress 5), Kellen Curry (US Congress 3), Jonathan Rinaldi (US Congress ?), Diane Sare (US Senate), Stephen Weiner (Queens Surrogate Court), and Joseph Chou (US Congress 6).  Not pictured is Joel Anabilah-Azumah (US Congress 9) due to not having enough chairs on the stage.

The newly-elected (October 6, 2023) Brooklyn County GOP Chairman, Richie Barsamian, gave a rousing leadership speech!
Craig Tyson on Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to bar President Trump’s ballot access.

Other topics presented were Israel-Hamas situation by Jonathan Dyckman; Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to ban President Trump’s primary ballot access in that state by Craig Tyson;  NYIRC hearing on 12/28 on the to-be-redrawn Congressional lines in New York State; club’s attention on election integrity including Josephine Aronson’s report on NY Citizens Audit; and Mayor Eric Adams’ City of Yes proposal as a future meeting topic.

2024 Officers and Board of Directors submitted by the Nominating Committee on November 16, 2023 were confirmed with one objection.

Brian Earleg from Boston won the 50/50 raffle.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:39 pm.