An Email to a Trump Hater who is a Close Friend and Ex Boss

A letter to a close friend and ex Director/Boss when I was a business consultant at Mt Sinai Medical Center in NY. Yes  my friend and ex-boss  hates Donald J Trump!


I love you but you always avoid my direct questions about Donald J Trump, his policies and accomplishments  by pivoting and deflecting around the issues. You love to say ” I don’t want to talk about it”.

This signifies you don’t want to discuss or admit what is reality because you deeply hate Trump. You can hate him as a lot of Americans do but if you had strong arguments why,  you would present them.

Therefore you qualify as having TDS. Trump derangement syndrome which in essence is hating Trump with no understanding of the political issues that surrounds us; what Trump has accomplished in his 4 very interrupted years of his term in office.

There is no logic to your opposition to an ex-President who has  accomplished more than many Presidents put together. Running for office is not a popularity contest but a contest of accomplishments and policies.

All the  accusations, impeachments, investigations, indictments , criminal and civil litigation’s are by Democrats, Democratic operatives and Trump haters  who know based on President Biden’s reckless and  non-accomplished administration along with his low approval ratings   is a way of taking Trump out of the race for President because Democrats know with that and all  their foreign and domestic policy failures, President Biden and any other Democrat who may run for President in Biden’s place are trailing in the polls and don’t stand a chance of winning in the fall of 2024 Presidential elections.

The weaponized DOJ, FBI, State and local  attorneys offices in many states especially NY(some of which is financed by George Soros) will do anything to see that Trump won’t win. They have  smeared his reputation, lied about him, impeached him twice , prosecuted him, investigated him, including his past Presidential team and supporters, and other pro Trump associates to get him out of the Presidential race or at worst lose which is the only chance they have.

The more they go after him the more popular he becomes based on  the public polling results. The public is not naive or stupid as the Democrats were counting on  .

Trump haters will always be haters but the independents and Democrats leaning on the right slowly are moving closer to Trump.

The first thing Donald J. Trump should do on day one of his second term as President besides as he says “drill baby drill,  drill baby drill, is he should start the largest expulsion of illegal aliens in the history of America is to pursue the passing of a law that if any politician, public figure, news media or others whose motive is to knowingly and willingly lie to influence the outcome of an election should be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the new law.

Frank I understand that you believe what President Biden and Kamala Harris have said repeatedly that they have secured the borders.  You then support a puppet regime run by President Obama who is really running Joe Biden behind the scenes; you like catch and release, no bail laws, woke policies like CRT, men competing in woman’s sports and allowed in their locker rooms and bathrooms, open borders, north and south now where countries are emptying their jails and mental institutions and sending them to us.

You support the removal of sanctions against Iran which allows them to again have a free rain at selling oil, the revenue which they use to finance the terrorist groups in the Middle East like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, PLO and others who want a one state solution for the Palestinians and now once again have the financial means to kill Jews and Americans, thanks to Iran who yell “Death to America, death to Israel.”

In case you don’t understand that, it means the complete elimination of Israel as it clearly suggests in the Hamas Charter. And the Palestinians overwhelming voted for and support Hamas.

The Palestinians teach their children to hate Israelis, and killing them is a good thing so that says it all. They even give pensions to Palestinians whose family member kills a Jew. More is better with extra money as a reward.  They don’t want a two state solution and never did since Hamas took over from the PLO in 2005.

With these policies by Hamas, Israel has only one choice and that is to eliminate Hamas completely or there will never be peace between the Palestinians and Israel. But again I repeat you voted inadvertently for Hamas by allowing Iran to get sanctions removed which is the current U.S. policy.

You support American policies by the President Biden administration that due to its energy, domestic and foreign policy’s puts America and Americans last and our enemies first.

72 percent of Jews voted for Obama and Biden so whats that all about. Do they support killing Jews and eliminating Israel?

After all who is sending money to Iran and assisting in their production of oil which is the fuel that produces money to buy arms, and send money to the terrorist that hate Jews and kill them whenever the opportunity presents itself. It’s the Democrats not Trump.

Jews this is a wakeup call! 72 % percent of you have to reconsider who you should vote for.

You like those Universities who screen their applicants and admit 80% + Democrat students with woke ideology if possible and hiring professors and teachers of which 90 % + are progressive and lean to the left.

Many suppress conservative speech on campus and even off campus. You think it is fair that minority applicants to many colleges get extra 300 +/- applications points which put Asians and White people at the back of the line and at a disadvantage so they will struggle to have an equal chance to secure a better education, job opportunities with one hand tied behind their back. That’s what you call a level playing field. That’s why President Biden and the fake news say White people have White privilege and White supremacy is the biggest threat to America. The crime stats don’t support it nor do the economic family income stats either.

I thought the biggest threat to America was 300 fentanyl deaths a day, the acceptance of allowing countries to send us their mentally ill, vicious criminals, the aiding and abetting of transporting deadly drugs across the border and licensing the cartels to make billions of dollars by producing, transporting and distributing them throughout our country to addict and kill our youth who are supposed to be our future.

Or perhaps it could be the drug trade in the mostly blue cities where competing drug lords mostly minorities are murdering their own to protect their drug business and territories. Or perhaps it’s the trafficking of woman and children from the border crossings. Or perhaps it’s the U.S. government that allows all this and more to happen.

You decide.

Open borders allow the transporting of disease like Covid and new strains of existing bacteria and viruses, by untested illegal’s(even though our police , military, hospital workers , teachers and so many others lost their jobs if they didn’t take the vaccine and had to be tested).

The Presidents of the U.S. and the Mayors of the blue cities are the Presidents and Mayors of the illegal’s not the Americans and legal residents.

Tax payers have no voice but the illegal’s do and they get free everything. Go put a price on that.

The Mayor of NY Eric Adams repurposed the use of Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn to house illegals. One of the purposes was to serve as an alternate emergency airport to be used for air traffic going into the local airports that have emergencies like running out of fuel or mechanical problems and need to land right away.

Frank my friend you believe what President Biden says that the biggest and greatest threat to America is White Supremacy and Don Lemon says the biggest threat to America is White men.

And the liberal news anchors don’t get fired unless they are conservatives. Democrat leaders don’t get prosecuted only Republicans get prosecuted under a corrupt DOJ and FBI orchestrated by the puppeteer Barack Hussein Obama. Both men said they will be transparent and bring Americans together. It didn’t happen except in your eyes.

You like affirmative action which again puts Whites (that’s you) and Asians at a great disadvantage and to the back of the line in government contracts, entitlements, admissions to Universities, appointments to specialized military academies, advancements in government jobs, military promotions, small business opportunities and other endeavors.

That is affirmative action, reverse discrimination and systemic racism neatly rolled up into one package. It also produces a generation of less qualified workers and leaves us behind as we compete in the world market.

America should be a land of meritocracy not a land of mediocrity. The root cause of inequality is not political correctness and Woke policy’s are bringing America to its knees. White people but the lack of fathers in the household. That’s where the focus should be. Fathers should be held accountable to nurture and support their families.

You feel as a White man that is your way of making up for past misdeeds by the United States government and White people who owned slaves.

Keep in mind most of the states today were not states during slavery. There were 34 states, 19 were Free states and 15 were slave states. The Border States had very few slaves and there were blacks that had money some who also owned slaves.

So should the Free states make restitution and what about the states that were not states yet? And what should the 350,000 to 400,000 dead Union soldiers and their families get?

You believe that Blacks of today should get reparations for slavery even though they were never slaves and today’s Whites never owned slaves. How about Black immigrants who never were slaves but came here from another country? Should they get reparations?

Yes, some Black people owned slaves if they could afford them. The slave market has been around for centuries since the beginning of time. I am not justifying it at all. The black slave traders of Africa controlled the buying and selling of slaves that came to the Caribbean and United States. Should they pay restitution? After all they kidnapped their own brothers and sisters and sold them.

You are comfortable with affirmative action and discrimination against Whites and Asians and believe that Spanish are considered minorities and get to jump the line even thought 52 % of Spanish people are not minorities but in fact White . The government makes the rules on who is a minority not science and uses racial discrimination to get votes and they convinced you.

The Democrat party is the party of slavery, the Klu Klux Klan, segregation, Jim Crow laws, affirmative action, political correctness, “woke ideology”, identity politics, anti meritocracy, weaponizing the Department of Justice against its political enemies , their associates and supporters;  the party of lies, half truths; the party that violates the fundamental civil rights of its citizens and prioritizes the well being of illegal aliens over law biding American working class. The party that has committed criminal acts by not following  the Constitution of the United States of America !

You Frank dislike Trump also because he was a womanizer and allegedly assaulted woman. The woman who sued Trump and accused him of rape and sexual assault at Bergdorf Goodman in NY was E. Jean Carroll. She did not remember the day or year that this action occurred over thirty years ago.  Why all of a sudden is she suing now?

Why because rich Trump haters who don’t want him to be President are paying her for her legal fees and want to smear his reputation and put him out of the race and that is why she is suing now. Otherwise she had over 30 years to sue him. And besides she said that rape is exciting so why bother suing. They even extended the statue of limitations just to prosecute Trump. Whats that all about?

Trump was a high profile and recognizable personalities in the 1990’s and people recognized him and many followed him around. Even my 8 year old niece Nicholle chased him and got a photo with him at Trump Tower.

If he raped her why didn’t she yell for help as the dressing rooms at Bergdorf  Goodman  are small with people all around and is known for the service and attention to high paying rich people by the sales staff?

In this store sales people greet you when you get off the elevator and are always assisting customers when they go to the dressing room either inside but mostly outside as a courtesy.

After all the clientele are paying crazy prices for the garments and products there that most can’t afford. Bergdorf Goodman caters to the elite wealthy class. The customers expect and get the very best service and courtesy.

Trump would have been seen and asked to wait outside. He would not risk the embarrassment of getting caught. He had too much to lose.

  1. Jean Carroll said she thinks rape is exciting why would Trump take a chance in a very small dressing room and subject himself to being arrested?

The entire scenario makes no sense. There is no smoking gun or corroborating witnesses.  It does not pass “the smell test” .This appears to be a political smear to take out Trump and diminish his chances of winning the Presidential election in the fall  of 2024. The bottom line is he was found guilty so we have to accept the verdict and not demean the victim E. Jean Carroll.

You alleged that Trump cheated on his wife or wives without any evidence to back it up. If he did it was wrong. Where is the evidence? It’s possible!

Did I send you information of other Presidents who cheated on their wives? Check it out. Here is a partial list.

  • Washington
  • Jefferson
  • Grant
  • FDR
  • Eisenhower
  • JFK
  • LBJ
  • HW Bush
  • Clinton

And there were others. Unfortunately our leaders are not perfect so we make the best decisions for who we think is the best candidate.

In conclusion, are you better off today under President Biden or were you better off under President Trump. That’s what counts.

Your Friend

Stan Norwalk




By Stan Norwalk

B.A. Degree, Major in Economics, Minor in Psychology
M.B.A. Degree in Finance and Business Administration Adelphi University
Social worker for the City of NY while attending Graduate school full time
Ex-public school teacher, New York City school systems
7 years of business consulting experience working for major corporations including Mt Sinai Medical Center, Kansas Central Medical Center, Ohio Medical Products (Airco), Citi Bank, Vlasic Pickle, Charmer Industries ,Home Juice, Molla Industries, Monarch Boat, United Technologies, B.A. Railton and others
25 years creating, owning and operating a high tech microwave communications and satellite TV company in manufacturing, sales and service
Assistant Chairman of The Polish-Jewish Dialogue Committee working with the Polish Consulate and other organizations to promote better relations between Jews and Christians
Keynote speaker at the Polish Consulate and the Kosciuszko Foundation
Board member of the Queens College Presidents' Community Advisory Board
22 + years Board member of the Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association and Acting President for 2 years
Member of the Queens Boro Presidents Aviation Advisory Council
Ex-Assistant State Committeeman
Ex Vice-President of the JFK Regular Democrat Club; have been asked to run for public office by senior Democrat leaders
Board Member of the Central Queens Republican Club
Since 2003 Financing a scholarship program at Adelphi University for students in need
Created and administer a free baseball ticket program in collaboration with the NY Yankees, NY Mets and the Brooklyn Cyclones to send kids and their families to baseball games; Over 10,000 free tickets have been given away
Columnist for the Queens Beacon and the Central-Queens GOP in NY which is re-distributed in Florida to Republican organizations, donors and individuals