Americans Are Not Paying Attention as Terrorist Are Plotting Our Demise

Somehow we keep voting for the same people who once they are elected become the advocates and leaders of the illegal’s migrants who have broken our laws by crossing our borders.

Our elected politicians instead of working for the American people are giving more to these illegals than to their citizens. Mayor Adams is the Mayor of the illegals as is Governor Hochul and President Biden instead of representing the security and well being of Americans.  You can also add the NYC City Council hell bent on giving voting rights to illegal’s to vote in local elections.

Time to change our voting habits. The current Democrat party is not democratic. They are not the same party of our parents and grandparents. The new Democrat party are Marxists, Socialist and more.  They like to redistribute the wealth of the middle class and give it to illegal’s s while neglecting our veterans, homeless and mentally ill.

While our government leaders are at sleep at the helm their priorities are worrying about the next election as terrorists who have crossed our borders could be plotting the poisoning of our water supplies, destroying our electrical grids, our internet communications and sabotaging our infrastructure. 300 + Americans die each and every day from Fentanyl and 5 Americans are murdered each day by illegal migrants.

As Americans we are not paying attention and are allowing ourselves to be governed by our inferiors.



By Stan Norwalk

B.A. Degree, Major in Economics, Minor in Psychology, M.B.A. Degree in Finance and Business Adelphi University; Social worker for the City of NY while attending Graduate school full time ; Ex-school teacher; 7 years of business consulting for major corporations including Mt Sinai Medical Center, Kansas Central Medical Center, Ohio Medical Products(Airco), Citi Bank, Vlasic Pickle, and others ; 25 years creating, owning and operating a high tech communications and satellite company in manufacturing, sales and service; Assistant Chairman of The Polish-Jewish Dialogue Committee working with the Polish Consulate and other organizations to promote better relations between Jews and Christians; Keynote speaker at the Polish Consulate and the Kosciuszko Foundation; Board member of the Queens College Presidents' Community Advisory Board; 22 + years Board member of the Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association and Acting President for 2 years ; Member of the Queens Boro Presidents Aviation Advisory Council; Assistant State Committeeman, Ex Vice-President of the JFK Regular Democrat Club; Have been asked to run for public office by senior Democrat leaders; Since 2003 Financing a scholarship program at Adelphi University for students in need; Created and administer a free baseball ticket program in collaboration with the NY Yankees, NY Mets and the Brooklyn Cyclones to send kids and their families to baseball games; Over 10,000 free tickets have been given away; Writing a column and articles for the Queens Beacon and the Central-Queens GOP in NY which is re-distributed in Florida to Republican organizations, donors and individuals.