Meet Candidates on the Queens ballots: October 19, 2021

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Eric Adams (D)
Curtis A. Sliwa (R, Independent, spoke at club Aug 26)
William A. Pepitone (C)
Catherine Rojas (Socialism & Lib)
Stacey H. Prussman (Libertarian)
Fernando Mateo (Save Our City)
Raja Michael Flores (Humanity United)
Quanda S. Frances (Empowerment)

Public Advocate
Jumaane D. Williams (D, NY1 on Oct 19)
Dr. Devi Elizabeth Nampiaparampil (R, Save Our City, NY1 on Oct 19)
Anthony L. Herbert (C, Independent, accepted Oct 19)
Devin W. Balkind (Libertarian, invited Oct 19)

Brad Lander (D, invited Oct 19, declined)
Daby Benjamine Carreras (R, Save Our City, accepted Oct 19)
Paul A. Rodriguez (C, accepted Oct 19)
John A. Tabacco Jr. (Libertarian, Independent, invited Oct 19)

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Queens GOP contributing to its own demise

Elected Queens GOP Republican officials Eric Ulrich and Anthony Como hosted fundraiser for Eric Adams, not for our official candidate, Curtis Sliwa.  Read the Queens Ledger article.

GOP fundraiser for Eric Adams

3 Republican Patriots June 22nd Wins!

We are for freedom of individual belief and expression instead of suppression of ideas and dissent.  We are committed to growing the Republican party by…

• Allowing competitive primaries and letting voters choose
• Fighting issues that reflect our values instead of staying silent
• Growing Republican enrollment actively not missing in action

✔︎ Curtis Sliwa for Mayor
Danniel Maio for Queens Boro President (off)
Kathy Wu Parrino for Civil Court Judge, 3rd Municipal District (off)
Alex Amoroso for City Council, 23rd District (LOST)
Angelo King for City Council, 24th District (LOST)
Stephen A. Sirgiovanni for City Council, 32nd District (LOST)
Philip A. McManus, Jr. for State Committee male, 23rd District (off)
Margaret Wagner for State Committee female, 23rd District (off)
Phil Orenstein for State Committee male, 24th District (off)
Anita Uppal for State Committee female, 24th District (off)
Craig Tyson for State Committee male, 25th District (LOST)
✔︎ Susan B. Erlebacher for State Committee female, 25th District
Daniel Noble for State Committee male, 27th District (off)
David Abraham for State Committee male, 28th District (off)
Yanling Z. Wagner for State Committee female, 28th District (off)
✔︎ Joseph R. Concannon for State Committee male, 33rd District
Catherine Washell for State Committee female, 33rd District (LOST)
Stephen H. Weiner for State Committee male, 37th District (off)
Betty Ann Hogan for State Committee female, 37th District (off)


31 candidates, 3,000 signatures, 0 qualified?

Is there a Republican Primary?  April 14-No, April 26-No, May 13-Yes, May 18-Yes, June 11-Some, June 17?

It is common knowledge that if you want to run for an office in the City of New York, be it as a Democrat, Conservative, Working Families or Republican, it is critically important to get the blessing of your official party county committee on the ballot.  Otherwise, proceed with caution.

Let me share our Queens County Republican story.


Candidates Night: May 27, 2021

Keynote Speaker:  Darius Mayfield, NJ-12

5 candidates
Dewan Tarek, Moderator. Candidates: Donghui Zang, Doug Shapiro, Angelo King, Mujib Rahman, and Sheryl Fetik.

City Council candidates – 24th District
Angelo King (R, confirmed)
Timothy Rosen (R, confirmed then declined)
Mujib U. Rahman (DC, confirmed)
James F. Gennaro (D, declined)
Moumita Ahmed (D, no response)
Saifur R. Kahn (D, no response)
Mohammad S. Uddin (D, no response)

City Council candidates – 29th District
Donghui Zang (D, confirmed)
Douglas J. Shapiro (D, confirmed)
Sheryl Fetik (D, confirmed)
Eliseo D. Labayen (D, declined)
Aleda F. Gagarin (D, declined)
Edwin Wong (D, declined)
Avi Cyperstein (D, undecided)
Michael Conigliaro (R, no response)
David Aronov (D, no response)
Lynn C. Schulman (D, no response)

Moderator:  Dewan Tarek
Closed at 9:34 PM.


Ariola/Haggerty demanded cease and desist carrying “County endorsed” candidates

Saturday, March 13th, I received a certified letter on an envelope handwritten by John Haggerty from Queens County GOP chairwoman Joann Ariola who demanded that we cease and desist carrying petitions supporting candidates who appeared before our club. Ariola CeaseDesist

In the same letter, she states that “(Central Queens is) an illegal and unauthorized Republican Club.”


February 23 Special Election for City Council, 31st District

The top two candidates are Selvena N. Brooks-Powers with 2,613 votes and Pesach Osina, 2,406 votes out of 6,863 votes collected by machine.  Ranked choice will be used to determine the winner.


February 2nd Special Election for City Council, 24th District

Winner certified:  James F. Gennaro with 4,078 votes out of 6,783 cast.  He won the first round.  Ranked choice was not applied.


2 Republicans in Queens were ahead 11/3, but lost 12/1

3rd Congressional candidate, George A.D. Santos (R,C,L) is ahead of Thomas R. Suozzi (D,W,I) by 4,000 votes: 137,864 vs. 133,634.

John Alexander M. Sakelos (R,C,I) is ahead of Edward C. Braunstein (D) in the 26th Assembly District (Bayside) 19,599 to 17,808.

When absentee votes were counted and certified on December 1st, Santos was behind by 46,505 votes: 161,907 vs. 208,412; and Sakelos lost by 5,080 votes: 23,603 vs. 28,683.