Candidates Issues

Meeting on the State Budget – May 16, 2024

Location of the May 16, 2024 meeting is at Grace Lutheran Church, 103-15 Union Turnpike, Forest Hills, Queens.  Doors open at 7:00 pm.  Meeting is held upstairs.

You could watch the meeting live on YouTube 7:30 pm sharp!

1. Pledge of Allegiance 7:30
2. Reading of club’s Mission Statement (Jim Strawhorn)
3. Roll call of officers and board members (Jimmy Schwatzman)
4. Reading of club’s 4/18 minutes (David Kemp)
5. Report of the Financial Secretary/Treasurer
6. Featured speaker:  Ana Champeny, Adjunct Lecturer at Baruch College and VP for Research at Citizens Budget Commission will advise the failures and problems of the late $237 Billion State Budget. The club is splitting the agenda so the first half of the meeting could be dedicated to her presentation and audience questions from 7:40 to 8:15. Do not miss this!

7. Old Business
NYC Local Law 11 Non-Citizen Voting (March 2024)
Congestion Pricing (June 30, 2024) Malliotakis Gottheimer bill.

8. Announcement
– Shruti Gajadhar Sukul
– Jeremia Kaambo, Presidential candidate in Namibia
– Steven Wang, Candidate for State Assembly
– 50/50 Raffle
9. New Business – Invited Candidates

– Stephen Weiner, Surrogate Court Judge
– Julie Milner, Judge of the Civil Court (Amish R. Doshi)
– Kenneth Paek, State Assembly 25 (Nily Rozic)
– Dwyane Moore, State Assembly 29 (Alicia Hyndman)
Please note that the list is subject to change. Candidates who spoke at the club before will be recognized, but time will be prioritized to those introducing themselves for the first time.

10. Adjournment 9:30

RSVP is recommended.

Next meeting is June 20, 2024.

The club is planning to invite all elected official in Queens to speak at its July 18 or August 15 meeting.
Republican and Conservative Candidates
– Michael Sapraicone (R,C) US Senate
– Stephen H. Weiner (R,C) Surrogate Court Judge
– William D. Shanahan (R,C), Judge of the Civil Court, Queens #1
– Jacob Zeimanovitz (C), Judge of the Civil Court, 5th Municipal Kings #12
Michael LiPetri (R,C), US Congress 3
– Paul King (R,C), US Congress 5
– Thomas J. Zmich (R,C), US Congress 6
– Bill Kregler (R,C), US Congress 7
– John J. Delaney (R,C), US Congress 8
– Menachem M. Raitport (R,C), US Congress 9
– Alexander Dodenhoff (R), US Congress 10
– Paul J. Briscoe (C), US Congress 10
– Nicole Malliotakis (R,C), US Congress 11
– Michael Zumblaskas (R,C), US Congress 12
– Ruben Dario Vargas (R,C), US Congress 13
– Tina Forte (R,C), US Congress 14
– Gonzalo Duran (R,C), US Congress 15
– Miriam Levitt Flisser (R), US Congress 16
– Michael A. O’Reilly (R,C) State Senate 10
– Yiatin Chu (R,C), State Senate 11
– Han-Khon To (R,C), State Senate 12
Danniel Maio (C), State Senate 15
Juan Pagan (C), State Senate 16
– Stephen T. Chan (R,C), State Senate 17
– Simcha Felder (R,C,D), State Senate 22
– Marko Kepi (C), State Senate 23
– Andrew J. Lanza (R,C) State Senate 24
– Vito J. Labella (R,C), State Senate 26
– Louis Puliafito (R), State Senate 28
– Tanya Carmichael (R,C), State Senate 29
– Woodrow Hines Jr. (R), State Senate 31
– Bernadette Stroud (R,C), State Senate 32
– Dion Jordan Powell (R,C), State Senate 33
– Emily Yiexin Miller (R), State Senate 47
– Thomas P. Sullivan (R,C), State Assembly 23
– Ruben D. Cruz (R,C), State Assembly 24
– Kenneth Chiu (R), State Assembly 25
Kenneth Chong Paek (R,C), State Assembly 25
Robert J. Speranza (C), State Assembly 26
Angelo King (R), State Assembly 27
– Jonathan Rinaldi (R), State Assembly 28
– Dwayne Moore (R), State Assembly 29
– Brandon P. Castro (R), State Assembly 30
– Philip S.C. Wong (R,C), State Assembly 40
– Carl Caller (R), State Assembly 41
Kalman Yeger (R,C), State Assembly 41
– John L. Bennett (R,C), State Assembly 44
Michael Novakhov (R,C), State Assembly 45
– Alec Brook-Krasny (R,C), State Assembly 46
– David Sepiashvili (R,C), State Assembly 47
– Simcha Eichenstein (C), State Assembly 48
– Lester Chang (R,C), State Assembly 49
– Erik S. Frankel (R,C), State Assembly 51
– Brett Wynkoop (C), State Assembly 52
– Berneda W. Jackson (R,C), State Assembly 55
– Jaime R. Williams (R,C), State Assembly 59
– Michael W. Reilly Jr. (R,C), State Assembly 62
– Sam T. Pirozzolo (R,C), State Assembly 63
– Michael Tannousis (R,C), State Assembly 64
– Josiel Andujar (R), State Assembly 71
– Dr. Awadhesh Gupta (R), State Assembly 73
– Norman Sobe McGill (R), State Assembly 77
– Elianni Del Carmen Tejada Fabia (C), State Assembly 77
– John Santiago (R,C), State Assembly 78
– Sharon Darby (R), State Assembly 79
– Emmanuel A. Findlay Jr. (C), State Assembly 79
– Grace Marrero (C), State Assembly 80
– Nicholas Marricco (R), State Assembly 80
– Kevin Pazmino (R,C), State Assembly 81
– Juan De La Cruz (R,C), State Assembly 82
– Stephanie Liggio (R,C), State Assembly 83
– Rosaline Nieves (R), State Assembly 84
– Tyreek Goodman (C), State Assembly 84
– Kelly Atkinson (R), State Assembly 85
– Gary W. Lutz (C), State Assembly 85
– Woodrow Hines Jr. (R), State Assembly 86
– Darney Rivers (C), State Assembly 86
– Theresa Kemp (C), State Assembly 87

Candidates Issues

Meeting on Migrant Crisis – April 18, 2024

Nicholas Softy, State and Local Field Representative of Federation for American Immigration Reform gave a concise presentation filled with facts.

Candidates who presented themselves from left to right were Brandon Castro, State Assembly 30 against Steven Raga; Angelo King, State Assembly 27 against Sam Berger; Juan Pagan, State Senate 11 against John Liu; Bill Kregler, US Congress 7 against Nydia Velazquez; Paul King, US Congress 5 against Gregory Meeks; Thomas Zmich, US Congress 6 against Grace Meng; Dr. Josh Eisen, US Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand; William Shanahan, Queens Civil Court Judge; and Ruben Diario Cruz (not pictured), State Assembly 24 against David Weprin.

First time attendees were invited to speak.  Christopher Johnson delivered an impressive introduction!

Other updates discussed include the unconstitutional NYC Local Law 11/2022 Non-Citizen Voting being brought before the Court of Appeals; movement against NYS Equal Rights Amendment (“Parent Replacement Act”) ballot proposal in November 2024; MTA cutting deals with NJ, SI, UES, Battery Park lawsuit filers against Congestion Pricing; Governor Hochul’s state budget to include elements of “City of YES“, specifically, opting-in Accessory Dwelling Units.  The state budget has not been adopted as of April 18, 2024.

Click the image to view the Live Streamed meeting video.

The Club live streamed the meeting via YouTube for the first time.  We had a peak of 9 concurrent viewers.  Thank you!

The next third Thursday meeting is May 16, 2024.  Featured speaker is Ana Champeny from the Citizens Budget Commission on the New York State budget.  At the speaker’s request, the order of meeting’s agenda will be rearranged.  Ms. Champeny is up first from 7:30 pm to 8:15 pm.

Candidates Issues

Meeting on Petitioning and Albany – March 21, 2024

Petitioning, Albany and Haiti

Jude Elie, Presidential candidate of Haiti updated the club on the situation in his country.

Lester Chang, first Chineses Republican State Assemblyman (49 District), discussed how he won his race in 2022, and offered his guidance for candidates running this year.

Phil Grillo talked about his January 6, 2020 experience and his case before the federal court.

Candidates who spoke:  Yiatin Chu, State Senate 11 (Toby Ann Stavisky); Joseph Chou, US Congress 6 (Grace Meng); Ricardo Pacheco, State Assembly 34 (Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas); Robert Speranza, State Assembly 26 (Edward Braunstein); Ruben Diario Cruz, State Assembly 24 (David Weprin); Ken Li, State Senate 17 (Iwen Chu); David Rem, US Congress 14 (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez); and Juan Pagan, State Senate 16 (John Liu).

Petition collectors are needed.  Please contact  Some candidates are offering to pay.  April 4 is the last day to submit petitions.

– Next meeting is April 18, 2024.  Nicholas Softy, Field representative of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is scheduled to speak.

Video of March 21, 2024 meeting.


Redistricted Maps & History

Based on Special Master’s 2022 map, New York had 4 Congressional districts flipped to Republican in November 2022.  Albany Democrats had the Special Master’s map voided and Independent Redistricting Commission’s February 2024 proposal rejected to pass its own version on February 28, 2024, and was enacted by Governor Hochul on the same day.  It’s good until 2032.
State Assembly maps by the Independent Redistricting Commission adopted on April 24, 2023.  Nearly identical to the “unconstitutional” version signed into law on February 3, 2022.

Certified NYS Congressional and State Senate maps by the Special Master

The certified and approved Congressional and State Senate maps.

Certified Congressional Map for New York City

Redistricted maps on the New York City Board of Elections website first published on February 25, 2022.

Resources:  Have I been redistricted? by   Redistricting & You, the Twitter account of Michael Li NYU Law Brennan Center, and FiveThirtyEight.

Candidates Issues

Meeting on the 2/13 Special Elections and Taxes – February 15, 2024

Post February 13 Special Elections and Taxes!

Republican lost both races.  Mazi Melesa Pilip and Norman McGill have an open invitation to talk about their race in any future meeting.

The redrawn Congressional lines have been adopted by the Independent Redistricting Commission, and submitted to the State legislature for adoption on February 15Most of the lines have not changed much except for some upstate districts.  But it does favor incumbents more.  Result indicates that Governor Hochul’s challenge to Special Master’s 2022 map was a waste of taxpayer money.

Bob Chou, chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, Queens County, talked about his life, experience and conservative values.  

Steve Gillan presented Project Civica to help get out the vote and registration, to train poll watchers, to challenge voter irregularities, and to support candidates signing on its Common Sense Contract.  Vanessa DeLise discussed her Liberty Neighborhood meetings to inform and educate homeowners on common issues and concerns. Several members and attendees offer their expertise and connection to help.  Elena Chin, president of the Queens Chapter of Moms of Liberty, talked about the organization and the protest at its January 18 town hall in Manhattan.  Antonella Spaventa had signatures collected to have a street in Bay Ridge named after Nicholas Funaro, a Silver Star veteran.

Candidates who presented themselves were Hasime Samantha Zherka, US Congress 14 (AOC); Michael O’Reilly, NYS Senate 10 (Sanders); Dwayne Moore, US Congress 5 (Meeks); David A. Bellon, US Senate (Gillibrand); Juan Pagan, NYS Senate 16 (Liu);  Jonathan Rinaldi, US Congress 14 (AOC); and Joseph Chou, US Congress 6 (Meng).

Thank you, Tzlil Levy (holding the raffle bucket), for running the meeting!

The next meeting is March 21, 2024 (Thursday) at Grace Lutheran Church, 103-15 Union Turnpike, Forest Hills, Queens.

April 2, 2024 is New York’s Presidential Primary.  Early voting starts March 23.  Schedule of Presidential Primaries.   June 25, 2024 is the Primary; and November 5, 2024 is the General.



Americans Are Not Paying Attention as Terrorist Are Plotting Our Demise

Somehow we keep voting for the same people who once they are elected become the advocates and leaders of the illegal’s migrants who have broken our laws by crossing our borders.

Our elected politicians instead of working for the American people are giving more to these illegals than to their citizens. Mayor Adams is the Mayor of the illegals as is Governor Hochul and President Biden instead of representing the security and well being of Americans.  You can also add the NYC City Council hell bent on giving voting rights to illegal’s to vote in local elections.

Time to change our voting habits. The current Democrat party is not democratic. They are not the same party of our parents and grandparents. The new Democrat party are Marxists, Socialist and more.  They like to redistribute the wealth of the middle class and give it to illegal’s s while neglecting our veterans, homeless and mentally ill.

While our government leaders are at sleep at the helm their priorities are worrying about the next election as terrorists who have crossed our borders could be plotting the poisoning of our water supplies, destroying our electrical grids, our internet communications and sabotaging our infrastructure. 300 + Americans die each and every day from Fentanyl and 5 Americans are murdered each day by illegal migrants.

As Americans we are not paying attention and are allowing ourselves to be governed by our inferiors.




Does President Obama and President Biden like killing Jews?

We can’t allow President Biden(puppet of Ex President Barack Obama) to continue to allow Iran to pump oil which is generating up to 100 Billion dollars in oil revenue annually that is financing terrorism in the Middle East . Iran is funding the Houties, Hezbollah, Hamas, the PLO and other terrorist organizations. A vote for Biden is a vote to kill Jews and Christians. President Trump had Iran under wraps and starving for revenue which prevented Iran from waging a full terrorist program in the Middle East. When President Biden took office Iran was sanctioned, near bankruptcy, pumping 200,000 barrels of oil a day and the Iranian people were protesting in the streets for regime change. President Biden removed the sanctions immediately  upon taking office , and now Iran is pumping between 4-5 million barrels of oil a day enough money to fund, renew and elevate their terrorism against Israel. Sanction Iran again to save Jewish lives. Iran is the number one terrorist country in the world. Why did President Obama and President Biden send cash to Iran and also allow Iran to sell oil to finance terrorism against Israel?
77 +/- percent of Jews supported and/or voted for President Biden. 70 % voted for President Obama. Oil money to Iran is blood money. Try and connect the dots! These actions are in effect killing Jews and funding the demise of Israel. The Hamas attack was the worst anti-Semitic attack since the Holocaust



Meeting on Issues: Marijuana & “City of YES” – January 18, 2024

Against “City of YES” and legalization of marijuana.

Speaker Vic Starsky’s warning on “City of YES” zoning changes.

NEW YORK – Department of City Planning (DCP) Director Dan Garodnick today announced that DCP will hold monthly public information sessions on components of the City of Yes for Housing Opportunity proposal, highlighting how they will benefit New Yorkers and address the city’s housing crisis. Held once a month from January to April via Zoom, the info sessions will offer the public opportunities to learn and ask questions about the Universal Affordability Preference (UAP), diverse housing types (ADUs, conversions, and shared and small homes), “Missing Middle” housing types, and the proposal as a whole, respectively.

  • Tuesday, January 30: The Universal Affordability Preference – register here
  • Tuesday, February 27: Diverse Housing Types (ADUs, Conversions, & Shared/Small Homes) – register here
  • Wednesday, March 27: “Missing Middle” Housing Types (transit-oriented development and “town center” zoning) – register here
  • Wednesday, April 17: Overview of the City of Yes for Housing Opportunity Proposal – register here

Each of the info sessions will take place from 6:30-8:30 PM.

Candidates Issues

Meeting on Post-Election Lessons Learned – November 16, 2023

Now that the 2023 November 7th General Elections are over, what’s next ? Candidates looked back and planned forward.  Click here to see the results.

– NY’s Congressional lines could be redrawn!
– Vic Starsky against Mayor Adams’ “City of Yes” proposal  Video on Future of Housing in NYC
– Edward Manfredonia
– Martha Rowen on Election Day experience

– Michael Mossa, Queens District Attorney
– William Shanahan, Civil Court Judge, 6th Municipal
– Juan Pagan, 2nd City Council
– Robert Bobrick, 3rd City Council
– Elizabeth Golluscio, 5th City Council
– Diane di Stasio, 6th City Council
– Robert Caemmerer, 11th City Council
– Hasime Samantha Zherka, 13th City Council
– Yu-Ching James Pai, 20th City Council
– Jonathan Rinaldi, 24th City Council
– Zhile Cao, 25th City Council
– Marvin Jeffcoat, 26th City Council
– Rusat Ramgopal, 28th City Council
– Martha Rowen, 33rd City Council
– Marguerite Chandler, 34th City Council
– Isaiah Orlando Vega, 37th City Council
Our next next meeting will be December 21st (third Thursday).  Instead of a holiday party, we are doing a peer-to-peer training/discussion of potential candidates in the 2024 election cycle:  US President; US Senate; Congress; NYS Senate and NYS Assembly.  If you are interested in running for an office, join us as past candidates share experience and paperwork guidance.  Election attorneys will be invited.



Police have been demoralized and threatened over the past few years since the George Floyd incident. One bad cop punished a whole nation of law enforcement men and woman and therefore we the people. It was murder by not following ones’ moral conscience, not following police protocol, common sense and human decency. Yes George Floyd was a repetitive criminal not cooperating and under the influence but when he said he can’t breathe it’s time to help him regardless of his background and behavior. That’s basic human common sense.

The reaction that ensued was an opportunity for special interest groups, politicians and community activists to stir the pot of racism by spreading a lie that White people are racists and White cops are racists. This is hardly the case. Just check out the Department of Justice’s crime statistics, but it convinced a lot of angry and upset citizens to do unorthodox things like burning down businesses, police stations and the like hurting mostly minority communities by their own people who were protesting.

Cops were publicly insulted, humiliated, physically attacked, spit on, threatened with law suits, some were assassinated, some lost their pensions and jobs over real and alleged accusations and complaints. Police budgets were slashed to the bare bone(defund the police was the rallying cry), removing special police undercover cops from the minority neighborhoods and making them wear uniforms so the criminals can see them coming. Eliminating stop and frisk patrols and reducing the number of cops in the terrorist patrols.

Policeman’s families shared this fate with them. No bail laws and the revolving doors of justice that criminals pass through daily with no recrimination made cops feel that they were wasting their time, jeopardizing their lives and the quality of life for themselves and their families.So they took it easy with a police slowdown.

Their morale was at its’ lowest. They felt betrayed and unappreciated by too many including the politicians, the communities, their leadership and the general public. Was it worth it? Many retired early, quit or changed jobs or moved to more friendly police outposts in other cities. Between defunding the police, the no bail laws, Woke District Attorneys who would not enforce the laws, led to the loss of recruits and crime started to rise dramatically as the community retreated indoors and the criminals flourished in plain sight.

The result was and is that police are making much less arrests thus less crime is reported and this shows up in the statistics. Crime is not being reduced , police arrests are being reduced. The Mayor and politicians I believe are misleading us to make them look like they are doing a great job by reducing crime.

Crime is not down. Arrests are down because the cops don’t want to make them unless it is necessary.