What is a County Committee? Postponed.

The Executive Committee of the Queens County Republican Committee certified on February 27 postponing election of County Committee members by one year.  It was filed March 1 at 4:47PM.



New Year’s Resolutions 2021

What are your thoughts for Republicans in Queens in 2021?

If we want to get noticed perhaps need to get involved in current hot button issues
– opening up schools
– opening up businesses/indoor dining
– forced testing COVID in schools with out parents being present
List goes on and on….. (Regina)

My concerns are low quality education with leftist indoctrination, destruction of small business, crime, and how bad city services will get when the day of financial reckoning comes. (Stephen)

Win elections!  (Danniel)


Welcome to the Central Queens Republican Club!

Welcome to the club!   Membership is open, and ALL are welcomed!

Send us an email or leave a message at (347) 450-6814 if you would like to be a member.