What is a County Committee?

It is a creation in the New York State Elections Law.  Every official party is allowed up to 2 members per ED or Election District.  To become a member of this party position, your name must appear on a petition circulated every odd year for Republicans in Queens.

The State and County Committee members are required to meet on a date between September 17 and October 6 to elect a chairman, secretary, treasurer and other officers.  The committee may also draft rules governing the party within its political unit. As a qualified County Committee member, your sole responsibility is to vote, either in person or by proxy in September.

Since your name will appear on a petition, you will receive letters from the Board of Elections, AND a primary election may happen on June 22, 2021 if there are more than 2 names submitted in your ED.  Depending on turnout, 1 to 5 votes should be sufficient to win based on past results.

You must be registered Republican.  Interested?  Email us at


New Year’s Resolutions 2021

What are your thoughts for Republicans in Queens in 2021?

If we want to get noticed perhaps need to get involved in current hot button issues
– opening up schools
– opening up businesses/indoor dining
– forced testing COVID in schools with out parents being present
List goes on and on….. (Regina)

My concerns are low quality education with leftist indoctrination, destruction of small business, crime, and how bad city services will get when the day of financial reckoning comes. (Stephen)

Win elections!  (Danniel)


Welcome to the Central Queens Republican Club!

Welcome to the club!   Membership is open, and ALL are welcomed!

Send us an email or leave a message at (347) 450-6814 if you would like to be a member.