Are the Hollywood Elite Inadvertently Supporting Hamas? Bob It’s a Small World. Barbra Can You Hear Me?

Are the Hollywood Elite Inadvertently Supporting Hamas? Bob and Barbra Can You Hear Me? We Love you! Please Help Us!

Facts for starters:

• Iran is the number 1 State sponsor terrorist country in the world.

• Iran’s number 1 target is Israel.

• Iran hates Jews and wants to eliminate Israel.

• Iran doesn’t want a 2 state solution; they want a “Final Solution”.

• Iran does not do its own dirty work. It finances and uses proxy terrorist organizations like Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis for example amongst others to fight for them.

• Iran finances the arms, training and all other contingencies from their oil revenue to kill Jews and rid the Middle East of Israel.

• The United States of America under President Obama and President Biden send billions to Iran knowing this money will arm the terrorist to kill Jews and rid Israel from this earth.”From the river to the sea”.

• President Trump when he came into office immediately put a stop to this and placed sanctions on Iran which prevented Iran from raising any more oil revenue dollars to finance their proxy war on Israel.

* This brought Iran to its financial knees with little cash flow and emboldened its citizens to rise up against their oppressive government.

• President Trumps’ anti Iran pro Israel policy came to an end when President Biden signed an executive order on day one of his presidency to end President Trump’s sanctions against Iran. And the billions of oil revenue terrorist money rolled back once again into Iran’s bank accounts enough to finance the horrific invasion into Israel on Oct. 7th 2023 the worst onslaught and murdering of Jews since the Holocaust.

• President Biden’s reversal of President Trump’s executive order enabled Iran to finance Oct 7th 2023.

• Without U.S. sending dollars and ending the sanctions that raised billions of oil revenue dollars Iran could not have funded the terror on Oct 7th, 2023.

• 1,200 + Israelis and some American civilians brutally murdered and 140 + more kidnapped, many were eventfully murdered.

These are all facts that cannot be denied.

The mystery is why would our Presidents’ do such things?

You decide: Are they Anti-Semites, anti-Israel, unfocused Presidents and Cabinet members, flawed foreign policy, bought and paid for, forced errors, pandering to both sides of the political spectrum for votes, playing both ends against the middle, incompetent administration? Who knows for sure?

One thing we do know is it was done by Democrat Presidents and their leadership, not on President Trumps’ watch.

President Obama sends 400 million of Iran’s money in 2016 held since 1981 plus 1.3 billion in interest much of it in dollars much of it secretly in the middle of the night in an unmarked airplane to Iran the world’s number 1 state sponsor of terror in the world targeting Israel. Why the secrecy?

In announcing the agreement, President Obama said that paying the $400 million – plus $1.3 billion in interest – was saving American taxpayers billions of dollars since Iranians had been seeking more than $10 billion at arbitration.

Hollywood : If you love and support Israel and want the only Jewish State in the world to survive, then you have to stop voting for Democrats who whether they are Jewish or not pretty much vote as a block and followed President Obama and President Biden.

President Obama and President Biden profess their love and support for Israel. Yes?

Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do. They talk from both sides of their mouths pandering for votes not giving full and consistent support to Israel and Jews.


Jews: Stop it! 

The case that I will try to make here is that 70-72% of American Jews are unwittingly supporting and contributing to the attacks on Israel by terrorist groups, the death and destruction of their own culture and the lives of their tribe by voting Democrat making the fight against Hamas, Hezbollah and the victory for Israel harder than ever before. Some Jews don’t get it so they keep voting against themselves. In essence working with the enemy. This may be hard for some to understand so let’s begin to connect the dots and let’s not forget to follow the money.

What we find is while President Obama and President Biden profess their strong devotion and support for Israel, then why do these 2 men financially support Hamas and Hezbollah via Iran, Israels’ enemy?

Let’s try “KISS” Keep it simple stupid and look for the enemies within America.

Approximately 70-72 % of Jews vote for Democrats. That’s a fact.

Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Their number one targets are Jews and the destruction of Israel. And they operate a proxy terrorist war with the help of Hamas and Hezbollah. That’s a fact.

Democrats under Presidents Obama and Biden send money to Iran the number one state sponsor terrorist country in the world and the number one enemy of Israel. This financial action by these two Presidents helps finance terrorism against Israel. That’s a fact.

Need I say more? But I will.

Why are these Presidents doing that? Are they anti-Israel and anti-Semites because they are financially supporting the annihilation of Jews and Israel?

Is this deliberate, a flawed foreign policy or accidental? Either way it doesn’t matter because the damage is done, irrevocable and continues.

If the Jewish voting bloc still votes for Democrats in the fall election of 2024 than they have not understood their actions. There are approximately 33 Jewish members of Congress following their Jewish leader Charles Schumer like sheep going to the slaughter house with few exceptions.

The Democrat party, its’ leaders Obama and Biden still till this day help finance Iran’s terrorism against Israel, Jews number one enemy. Yet Jews still vote for them. What am I missing?

The Obama administration airlifts 100’s of millions of U.S. dollars on pallets in an unmarked plane in the middle of the night to Iran. What for when Iran uses this money to feed weapons, training and support to Israel’s enemies Hamas, Hezbollah and others.

By proxy, Iran is waging a war of annihilation to eliminate all Jews and Israel once and for all. They don’t want a 2 state solution. They want a “Final Solution”. The death of all Jews and the elimination of Israel now and forever.

This is public information then why do these Presidents support a country that openly advertises death to Israel, death to America? The Palestinian chant “From the River to the Sea” means their goal is to end Israel. It doesn’t mean they want to live side by side in peace.

Trump sanctioned Iran so that they could not produce enough oil to finance their terrorism against Israel and other Middle Eastern countries. So Trump is Israel’s friend? Yes or No?

But somehow Jews don’t get it.

The answer is yes, like it or not. Donald J. Trump is your friend but you still vote for Democrats. To be on the polite side I’ll just say you are insane! I won’t say you are naïve or ignorant.

Iran is not just the enemy of the United States and Israel but of other countries in the Middle East.

Enemies of Iran include: Jordan: Jordan has been united against Iran with support from the United States; The United Arab Emirates has united against Iran with support from the United States; Qatar has been the target of an anti-Iran alliance that has demanded that Qatar end its relationship with Tehran; Saudi Arabia as well is at odds with Iran.

Iran finances Hamas, the Houthis, Hezbollah, the PLO, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and others. “Iran utilizes the proceeds of its black-market oil sales to fund its criminal activities, including its support of the IRGC, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Iranian aligned terrorist groups,” said Attorney General Merrick B. Garland. So I repeat myself: Then why did President Obama and why does President Biden send money, accommodate Iran’s selling oil by removing Trumps sanctions and at the same time say Israel is our friend, Israel is our ally, Israel will always have the backing and support of the United States?

Follow the money and it goes straight from the United States either directly to Iran or we allowing Iran to sell oil by lifting the sanctions set by President Trump that had Iran on their knees and unable to finance their proxy wars against Israel. Isn’t it the actions that count and not the words. Maybe pandering for Jewish votes and hope Jews don’t notice anything inconsistent.

Where Trumps sanctions stopped the flow of oil revenue to Iran, Obama sent cash and Biden lifted Trumps sanctions to allow 100s of millions of oil revenue dollars to Iran much of which is used to eliminate Jews and Israel.

Oct 7, 2023 is the direct outcome of these actions.

Don’t you see this? Or am I missing something? Please correct me if I am wrong. Why would you support the payment of your tax dollars to your enemies to kill your people, your friends, family and yourself? What’s wrong with you? Can’t you connect the dots?

Well that’s what you are doing when you support President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama and the Democrat party that supports the financing of terrorism in the Middle East via Iran.

These Democrat Presidents are financing and enabling the demise of Jews and Israel with your help. It’s clear as can be but you still vote for Democrats. And the Democrats in Congress almost to a letter vote together in one big bloc behind these Presidents to support these egregious foreign policies against Jews and Israel,

Ask yourself does that make these Presidents terrorist too and anti Semites? And why are the Democrat Jewish leaders in Congress supporting these policies and not crying out publicly and in both houses of Congress against this anti-Jewish, anti-Israel madness?
You have no choice in the fall election of 2024. Hate Trump or not you have to support Israel and Jewish people.

You have to vote for the preservation of Jewish life, the survival of your religion, your culture and the continued existence of your beloved country Israel. This election is not a popularity contest. It’s one that will change your history forever.

You always say” Never Again”. Here is your chance to save your culture.

Do you think that had President Biden not lifted Trumps sanctions against Iran allowing 100’s of millions of oil revenue dollars to flow to your enemy Iran Oct 7th 2023’s massacre of 1200+ Israelis and Americans would have happened?

It would never have happened!

There is no question that without the change of President Trumps foreign policy by President Biden this extreme inflow of oil revenue into Iran’s bank accounts there would have been no Oct 7th, no mutilation of babies in front of their parents, no decapitation of mothers in front of their children, no cooking babies in ovens, no raping and mutilating of woman in front of their families, no torturing and murdering of Jewish Israelis and American civilians and no kidnappings. Wake up Jews!

Hamas is a cult of evil using Palestinian men, woman and children to hide behind to avoid the IDF knowing that the IDF tries to minimize civilian casualties. Hamas uses their own civilians to hide behind when confronted by the IDF in hospitals, schools, and mosques.

They intentionally build their infrastructure of war in public places like schools, hospitals, civilian gathering places, homes etc. They store their weapons there; run their operations in and around and under these civilian public facilities to insure that the IDF will try and minimize civilian casualties.

They obviously don’t care about the innocent Palestinian civilians. Hamas uses them as human shields. 87 % of Palestinians voted for Hamas which is officially designated a terrorist organization. So as vulnerable as they are they are not totally innocent.

The lives of innocent Palestinian civilians are equally important. But what value does Hamas and Iran place on them? Jordan and Egypt don’t want Palestinian refugees into their countries due to incidences of the past, yet President Biden is talking about taking into the United States 100,000 Palestinian refugees without knowing who they are and knowing they would love to kill Jews.

Remember don’t trust what President Biden says, watch what he does. He says he loves Israel and will protect Jews so how does that help by letting in 100,000 people not knowing if they are civilians, terrorist or out to hurt America.

Is President Biden using the crisis in the Middle East as an excuse to bring in more Democrat voters?

Hamas indiscriminately dragged in their own civilian populations by unleashing the most vicious attack on Jewish civilians since the Holocaust. Instead of emanating from Germany it emanated by Hamas in Israel. Hamas’s attack in southern Israel Oct 7th 2023 was a Hitler like attack that brought the wrath of the Israeli people to defend themselves with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).

Hamas knew there was going to be strong retaliations by Israel and knew they were going to hurt their own people in a big way yet they showed no consideration for their own brothers and sisters. This is their moral mentality.

In essence Hamas became not only terrorist against Israel but terrorist against their own civilian populations.

When humanitarian aid comes to the Palestinian civilians, Hamas steals a good part of it and sells it to help fight their infatada.

There is enough aid from Israel, the United Nations, The United States, the Red Cross, private donations, charities, and other countries to eliminate famine but Hamas diverts much of it to support their military incursion in Israel. While Hamas with the financial aid of Iran helped in part by the support of President Obama and President Biden’s shipping money and removing of sanctions is supporting Hamas and at the same time praising Israel. America is funding both sides of the war. Supporting terrorism on one hand and supporting the only democracy in the Middle East Israel.

Hamas has denied their own civilians proper nutrition and medical supplies. They personify evil. Obama and Biden are helping support these evil terrorists’ organizations and that means killing Jews and Americans too. It’s so obvious but you can’t see it or you don’t want to believe it. Those with “TDS” aka Trump derangement syndrome harbor such a deep hate that it is not worth expecting them to understand the reality of how America is funding the destruction and death of Jews and Israel. These individuals are hopeless.

When a gun is pointed at you by Hamas terrorists attempting to kill you perhaps your fellow soldiers or your family and they are hiding behind innocent Palestinian civilians, what choice do you have? And when you defend yourself Hamas, the anti-Semites in the United Nations and certain people in Congress with their propaganda say you are deliberately killing woman and children. No, Hamas uses them as a shield. It’s either you or them if you want to see your wife, children and loved ones again.

Hamas chose this war and chose the rules of engagement, not Israel. Israel has to survive to live another day. And the Jews keep voting for Democrats.

President Biden allowed Iran to sell oil by removing sanctions on day one of his term in office yet at the same time puts sanctions and restrictions on the production of American oil and gas. This started the beginning of inflation and instead of the United States being a net exporter of energy we became a net importer thus cutting off our oil revenue and giving it to our enemies Russia, Iran Venezuela. etc.

President Biden is hiding something when he allows our enemies to make sales and profits from energy yet hurts America by taking away those sales revenue from the country he is President of, The United States of America .

The reduction of the supply of oil and gas in America by President Biden was the spark that triggered inflation in America not seen since 1990, 34 years ago. President Trump had inflation under control,(1.5%)not Biden’s 30-40 %(food,gas,rent,mortgages etc.) world conflicts at a minimum, and standards of living and wages increased for all races and classes of the population but 72 % of Jews still love Joe.

Food, energy and investments are not included in the inflation rate.
That is governments way of saying everything is better than you think. It’s a big lie. But we all buy this deceitful concept on how they measure inflation.

Food has risen along with energy more than anything else so you and I are being lied to when it come to inflation. Investments are also hurting for many industries related to energy, transportation, housing and others. Oil and gas is the blood that feeds the economic body aka the economy, jobs housing, consumer confidence and more. When you reduce the flow of cheap energy you are inflicting a mini stroke and heart attack on the American consumer and consumer confidence shrinks, people slow their spending habits and the economy falls like a rock in water. But I digress.

Jews you have only one friend and it’s not Adam Schiff, Charles Schumer, AG Garland, Mayorkas, Richard Blumenthal, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jerry Nadler, Jamie Raskin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Mitch McConnell, Kamala Harris, Hakeem Jeffries and so many others. Many here are Jews. Their voices were weak or not heard at all. Votes matter, you don’t.

The latest (May 2024) anti-Semitic action is that President Biden wants to bring in 100,000 Palestinians to America and fast track them to American Citizenship. Giving them everything from food, shelter, health care and you name it while holding back shipments of arms to Israel. The President is supporting Hamas while at the same time praising Israel. Pay attention to not what he says (that he uses to get votes) but what he does that counts.

Palestinians are taught in school from day one that the noblest thing is to kill Jews. Yet the Jewish voting bloc of Democrat politicians vote and back President Biden’s policies. Are Jewish children in schools in Israel taught to kill Palestinians? No!

Where are the Jewish politicians’ in Washington D.C. and in all the State legislatures when you need them and why aren’t their voices louder? In most cases where are their voices period.

It’s a power game for votes and results in anti-Semitism at its’ worst in a country that vows freedom of religion for all. There is no moral leadership from Washington D.C.s Jews. Jews are just cannon fodder and expendable in a game of power and politics.

And to the rich Jewish people like hedge funder Tom Steyer, Investor Donald Sussman, Wall Street financier James Simons, Deborah Simon, media mogul Michael Bloomberg, Henry and Marsha Laufer, hedge fund manager Stephen Mandel, Hedge funder George Soros, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, Facebooks’ Mark Zuckerberg; Didn’t he give 400 + million dollars to the Democrats in the election of 2020 to defeat Trump who is the real friend of the Jews?. I thought Mark went to Harvard University for awhile. You got to be very smart to go there. And there are many other Jews who did the same I am sure with good intentions to support their political party but they didn’t connect the dots as they were supporting the killing of Jews and the war of annihilation of Israel.

Rich Jews stop supporting the Neo-Marxist, socialist, anti-Semitic Democrat party, the liberal and left wing Colleges and Universities that do not protect your Jewish students and allows anti-semitism to exist on campus’s all over America and in the Middle East by some of our Presidents who have and are still supporting terrorism by the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world against Jews and Israel and that is Iran. Mark, Michael, Tom, George and others, please connect the dots.

Universities that teach this and or allow this behavior by left wing professors and then these students (50% of these student bodies at many of these schools are foreigners)when they graduate go and carry these prejudices into the work place here and abroad wherever they travel or live. Pay attention and connect the dots. Parents be careful where you send your kids for an education.

And stop supporting the United Nations which in a large part is an anti-Semitic, anti Israel bloc of second and third world haters. Let’s stop financing a corrupt organization and withdraw from the United Nations until they stop their hate. We pay most of the bill there so maybe a lack of funding will go a long way.

Today’s’ Democrat party is not the same one of your parents and grandparents. It’s a new party of Socialists, Neo-Marxists, Communists and anti-Semites. Moral leadership in Washington D.C. is dead and most of the Jewish leaders in Washington D.C. are part of it. It’s the world of the “deep state” and “the swamp”.

Jews, stop it! You have only one friend. Don’t count on your Jewish leaders in Congress. They are playing both sides against the middle.

It’s DJT. You decide. This coming election will change Israel and America forever.72 % of Jewish voters have got to change their voting ways.


Honduran Resident of America  is Angered Over Our Open Borders!

Honduran Resident of America is Angered Over Our Open Borders!

His name is Roberto and he is a hard working resident of the United States of America. He came to America the legal way. He applied for legal entry, filled out the paper work, paid his fees,had a background check, had his interview and waited his turn. Now he and his family live in the country of their dreams.

Today in America he labors everyday as a construction worker, works hard, supports his family and pays his taxes. When he sees people walking across the border and collecting over $100,000 to $150,000 in goods and services for free he gets upset.

Why should I work he asks?

When he sees what’s happening at the open borders it makes his blood boil. Roberto said the average Honduran worker in Honduras if he is lucky and has a good job may earn at most $1,000 a month.

But that’s not what World Data says.

According to, the average annual income in Honduras in 2023 is $2,750, making it one of the lower middle-income countries.

The average monthly salary in the formal sector is about $400–$500. Mind you,that’s a month. The illegal immigrants who come to America get $8,333.00 to $12,500 a month in goods and services just for doing nothing but showing up at the border.

Roberto does not understand how the American government allows this to happen and at the same time allows the deaths of over 100,000 Americans from Fentanyl. How the government allows the drug cartels to make billions and bad people to enter his new home America is a puzzle to him.

On one hand they protect the illegals and on the other hand they don’t protect the Americans. On one hand America protects the Ukrainian border and the Israeli border but does not protect his new countries border.

Roberto feels that President Biden has let him and his family down.

He is afraid to tell anyone but he said to me he will be voting for Donald J. Trump and so will a lot of his friends and relatives.


An Email to a Trump Hater who is a Close Friend and Ex Boss

A letter to a close friend and ex Director/Boss when I was a business consultant at Mt Sinai Medical Center in NY. Yes  my friend and ex-boss  hates Donald J Trump!


I love you but you always avoid direct questions about Donald J Trump, his policies and accomplishments  by pivoting and deflecting around the issues. Or you love to say ” I don’t want to talk about it”.

This signifies you don’t want to discuss or admit what is reality because you deeply hate Trump. You can hate him as a lot of Americans do but if you had strong arguments why,  you would present them.

Therefore you qualify as having TDS. Trump derangement syndrome which in essence is hating Trump with no understanding of the political issues that surrounds us. There is no logic to your opposition to an ex-President who has  accomplished more than many Presidents put together. Running for office is not a popularity contest but a contest of accomplishments and policies.

All the  accusations, impeachments, investigations, indictments , criminal and civil litigation’s are by Democrats, Democratic operatives and Trump haters  who know based on President Biden’s reckless and  non-accomplished administration along with his low approval ratings   is a way of taking Trump out of the race for President because Democrats know with that and all  their foreign and domestic policy failures, President Biden and any other Democrat who may run for President in Biden’s place are trailing in the polls and don’t stand a chance of winning in the fall of 2024 Presidential elections.

The weaponized DOJ, FBI, State and local  attorneys offices in many states especially NY will do anything to see that Trump won’t win. They have  smeared his reputation, lied about him, impeached him twice , prosecuted him, investigated him, including his past Presidential team and supporters, and other pro Trump associates to get him out of the Presidential race or at worst lose which is the only chance they have.

The first thing Donald J. Trump should do on his first day of his second term as President besides as he says “drill, drill, drill baby, and start the largest expulsion of illegal aliens in the history of America is to pursue the passing of a law that if any politician, public figure, news media or others whose motive is to knowingly and willingly lie to influence the outcome of an election should be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the new law.

Frank I understand that you believe what President Biden and Kamala Harris have said repeatedly that they have secured the borders.  You then support a puppet regime run by President Obama who is really running Joe Biden behind the scenes; you like catch and release, no bail laws, woke policies like CRT, men competing in woman’s sports and allowed in their locker rooms and bathrooms, open borders, north and south now where countries are emptying their jails and mental institutions and sending them to us.

You support the removal of sanctions against Iran which allows them to again have a free rain at selling oil, the revenue which they use to finance the terrorist groups in the Middle East like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, PLO and others who want a one state solution for the Palestinians and now once again have the financial means to kill Jews and Americans, thanks to Iran who yell “Death to America, death to Israel.”

In case you don’t understand that, it means the complete elimination of Israel as it clearly suggests in the Hamas Charter. And the Palestinians overwhelming voted for and support Hamas.

The Palestinians teach their children to hate Israelis, and killing them is a good thing so that says it all. They even give pensions to Palestinians whose family member kills a Jew. More is better with extra money as a reward.  They don’t want a two state solution and never did since Hamas took over from the PLO in 2005.

With these policies by Hamas, Israel has only one choice and that is to eliminate Hamas completely or there will never be peace between the Palestinians and Israel. But again I repeat you voted inadvertently for Hamas by allowing Iran to get sanctions removed which is the current U.S. policy.

You support American policies by the President Biden administration that due to its energy, domestic and foreign policy’s puts America and Americans last and our enemies first.

72 percent of Jews voted for Obama and Biden so whats that all about. Do they support killing Jews and eliminating Israel?

After all who is sending money to Iran and assisting in their production of oil which is the fuel that produces money to buy arms, and send money to the terrorist that hate Jews and kill them whenever the opportunity presents itself. It’s the Democrats not Trump.

Jews this is a wakeup call! 72 % percent of you have to reconsider who you should vote for.

You like those Universities who screen their applicants and admit 80% + Democrat students with woke ideology if possible and hiring professors and teachers of which 90 % + are progressive and lean to the left.

Many suppress conservative speech on campus and even off campus. You think it is fair that minority applicants to many colleges get extra 300 +/- applications points which put Asians and White people at the back of the line and at a disadvantage so they will struggle to have an equal chance to secure a better education, job opportunities with one hand tied behind their back. That’s what you call a level playing field. That’s why President Biden and the fake news say White people have White privilege and White supremacy is the biggest threat to America. The crime stats don’t support it nor do the economic family income stats either.

I thought the biggest threat to America was 300 fentanyl deaths a day, the acceptance of allowing countries to send us their mentally ill, vicious criminals, the aiding and abetting of transporting deadly drugs across the border and licensing the cartels to make billions of dollars by producing, transporting and distributing them throughout our country to addict and kill our youth who are supposed to be our future.

Or perhaps it could be the drug trade in the mostly blue cities where competing drug lords mostly minorities are murdering their own to protect their drug business and territories. Or perhaps it’s the trafficking of woman and children from the border crossings. Or perhaps it’s the U.S. government that allows all this and more to happen.

You decide.

Open borders allow the transporting of disease like Covid and new strains of existing bacteria and viruses, by untested illegal’s(even though our police , military, hospital workers , teachers and so many others lost their jobs if they didn’t take the vaccine and had to be tested).

The Presidents of the U.S. and the Mayors of the blue cities are the Presidents and Mayors of the illegal’s not the Americans and legal residents.

Tax payers have no voice but the illegal’s do and they get free everything. Go put a price on that.

The Mayor of NY Eric Adams repurposed the use of Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn to house illegals. One of the purposes was to serve as an alternate emergency airport to be used for air traffic going into the local airports that have emergencies like running out of fuel or mechanical problems and need to land right away.

Frank my friend you believe what President Biden says that the biggest and greatest threat to America is White Supremacy and Don Lemon says the biggest threat to America is White men.

And the liberal news anchors don’t get fired unless they are conservatives. Democrat leaders don’t get prosecuted only Republicans get prosecuted under a corrupt DOJ and FBI orchestrated by the puppeteer Barack Hussein Obama. Both men said they will be transparent and bring Americans together. It didn’t happen except in your eyes.

You like affirmative action which again puts Whites (that’s you) and Asians at a great disadvantage and to the back of the line in government contracts, entitlements, admissions to Universities, appointments to specialized military academies, advancements in government jobs, military promotions, small business opportunities and other endeavors.

That is affirmative action, reverse discrimination and systemic racism neatly rolled up into one package. It also produces a generation of less qualified workers and leaves us behind as we compete in the world market.

America should be a land of meritocracy not a land of mediocrity. The root cause of inequality is not political correctness and Woke policy’s are bringing America to its knees. White people but the lack of fathers in the household. That’s where the focus should be. Fathers should be held accountable to nurture and support their families.

You feel as a White man that is your way of making up for past misdeeds by the United States government and White people who owned slaves.

Keep in mind most of the states today were not states during slavery. There were 34 states, 19 were Free states and 15 were slave states. The Border States had very few slaves and there were blacks that had money some who also owned slaves.

So should the Free states make restitution and what about the states that were not states yet? And what should the 350,000 to 400,000 dead Union soldiers and their families get?

You believe that Blacks of today should get reparations for slavery even though they were never slaves and today’s Whites never owned slaves. How about Black immigrants who never were slaves but came here from another country? Should they get reparations?

Yes, some Black people owned slaves if they could afford them. The slave market has been around for centuries since the beginning of time. I am not justifying it at all. The black slave traders of Africa controlled the buying and selling of slaves that came to the Caribbean and United States. Should they pay restitution? After all they kidnapped their own brothers and sisters and sold them.

You are comfortable with affirmative action and discrimination against Whites and Asians and believe that Spanish are considered minorities and get to jump the line even thought 52 % of Spanish people are not minorities but in fact White . The government makes the rules on who is a minority not science and uses racial discrimination to get votes and they convinced you.

The Democrat party is the party of slavery, the Klu Klux Klan, segregation, Jim Crow laws, affirmative action, political correctness, “woke ideology”, identity politics, anti meritocracy, weaponizing the Department of Justice against its political enemies , their associates and supporters;  the party of lies, half truths; the party that violates the fundamental civil rights of its citizens and prioritizes the well being of illegal aliens over law biding American working class. The party that has committed criminal acts by not following  the Constitution of the United States of America !

You Frank dislike Trump also because he was a womanizer and allegedly assaulted woman. The woman who sued Trump and accused him of rape and sexual assault at Bergdorf Goodman in NY was E. Jean Carroll. She did not remember the day or year that this action occurred over thirty years ago.  Why all of a sudden is she suing now?

Why because rich Trump haters who don’t want him to be President are paying her for her legal fees and want to smear his reputation and put him out of the race and that is why she is suing now. Otherwise she had over 30 years to sue him. And besides she said that rape is exciting so why bother suing. They even extended the statue of limitations just to prosecute Trump. Whats that all about?

Trump was a high profile and recognizable personalities in the 1990’s and people recognized him and many followed him around. Even my 8 year old niece Nicholle chased him and got a photo with him at Trump Tower.

If he raped her why didn’t she yell for help as the dressing rooms at Bergdorf  Goodman  are small with people all around and is known for the service and attention to high paying rich people by the sales staff?

In this store sales people greet you when you get off the elevator and are always assisting customers when they go to the dressing room either inside but mostly outside as a courtesy.

After all the clientele are paying crazy prices for the garments and products there that most can’t afford. Bergdorf Goodman caters to the elite wealthy class. The customers expect and get the very best service and courtesy.

Trump would have been seen and asked to wait outside. He would not risk the embarrassment of getting caught. He had too much to lose.

  1. Jean Carroll said she thinks rape is exciting why would Trump take a chance in a very small dressing room and subject himself to being arrested?

The entire scenario makes no sense. There is no smoking gun or corroborating witnesses.  It does not pass “the smell test” .This appears to be a political smear to take out Trump and diminish his chances of winning the Presidential election in the fall  of 2024. The bottom line is he was found guilty so we have to accept the verdict and not demean the victim E. Jean Carroll.

You alleged that Trump cheated on his wife or wives without any evidence to back it up. If he did it was wrong. Where is the evidence? It’s possible!

Did I send you information of other Presidents who cheated on their wives? Check it out. Here is a partial list.

  • Washington
  • Jefferson
  • Grant
  • FDR
  • Eisenhower
  • JFK
  • LBJ
  • HW Bush
  • Clinton

And there were others. Unfortunately our leaders are not perfect so we make the best decisions for who we think is the best candidate.

In conclusion, are you better off today under President Biden or were you better off under President Trump. That’s what counts.

Your Friend

Stan Norwalk





What Is Happening At Our Border?

The surprise penetration of the southern Israeli border from the Gaza strip by Hamas on the morning of October 7th 2023 was highly unexpected and improbable. Israel is a country that is constantly threatened and therefore always on high alert.

The assault by Hamas and the deliberate and vicious murders of Israeli civilians was highly implausible as Israel is extremely careful, has an abundance of high tech surveillance equipment and military personnel surveilling the border 24/7.

By some unlikely miracle there was a total breakdown of security which  as yet the cause has not been determined. The result was that Israel was the target of the most heinous invasion and slaughter of civilians since the Holocaust of WWII.

Could we be next? The short answer is yes and most definitely yes.

In contrast to Israel , the enemies of our country don’t have to worry about the difficulty of violating our borders since we pretty much have an open border policy and a weak if not nonexistent vetting system of weeding out the bad guys. In any event we don’t have the man power or personnel to do it efficiently.

The only help our government gives the border patrol and customs is National Guards personnel to help the newly arrivals get processed and yes amongst other thing help change diapers. There is a common ground here. That is there is a direct link between diapers and politicians. They both are full of it and should be changed frequently.

Our enemies are definitely sending their soldiers disguised as asylum seekers here to kill us and tear down our infrastructure. The selfish and devilish reason of the Democrat government under President Biden for open borders is the building up of future Democrat voters in hopes that no future Republican candidate will ever win an election.

The trade off by the Biden administration is to gamble the lives of innocent Americans in order to gain future voters. This will keep them in power and almost guarantee their monopolistic strangle hold on America so that a Republican may never hold power again.

There is very little outrage by our citizens that 110,000 young Americans die from fentanyl each and every year. However there is a lot of outrage against Israel for bombing the Gaza strip to rid it of Hamas and other terrorist.

Fentanyl is smuggled into our country with China as the supplier with the help of their partners the Mexican cartels as the manufacturers and distributors of the final product and the United States government as the franchiser regulating this criminal operation . And now we see young Chinese men coming across as well probably here to do us harm I presume with impunity.

While they are killing us with drugs, destroying families and neighborhoods we enable them to make billions of dollars at the same time. Could this be the Biden Cartel? There is more to it than meets the eye. What is Biden’s list of motivations that permits him to enable our enemies to kill us under the guise of seeking asylum?

One of the byproducts of this is additional deaths from the distribution business by our own citizens primarily in the inner cities of mostly people of color who trade in these drugs for money and the competition for sales and territory brings on deadly results. It causes the destruction and breakdown of the family unit, the neighborhoods and the quality of life for all Americans.

The primary and secondary costs are incredible and destroy our culture.President Biden and the Democrats turn their heads away from the obvious destruction of our country in plain view.

When Democrat District Attorneys and Mayors tell us that crime is down, the answer is No, crime is not down, arrests are down which when you run the statistics converts to crimes are down. Cops are not and don’t want to make arrests unless absolutely necessary. So if there are fewer arrests it looks like there is less crime. That’s the big lie!

That’s how much our government respects its’ people. They deliberately have their eye off the ball for political power and influence. People don’t matter, votes matter. Our government knows that we are allowing in criminals, disease, the mentally ill, the sick, terrorist, human traffickers, opportunists and drug smugglers.

They know they are overloading our infrastructure, medical facilities, emergency rooms, medicines and supplies,  schools, jail and prison facilities, housing units and more.  They are co-conspirators acting in concert with China, Mexico and other players worse than the mafia . The people in charge should be charged with criminal RICO violations , prosecuted and if found guilty jailed.

Venezuela has the lowest crime rate in decades . Why because they have emptied out their jails and prisons and sent them here to the U.S.A.

The number of terrorists and criminals coming in  are in the tens of thousands. You have to know that one day there will be a reckoning and innocent Americans will pay a deadly price just like Israel did on Oct 7th 2023. But the greed for power and influence means more to President Biden than the lives of Americans. To the Democrats its just the cost of doing business.

You have to ask yourself why did N.Y. Governor Hochul send the national guard to the subways instead of relocating police from safe neighborhoods to the subways? I suspect that they are not telling us the truth. Could there be a “intelligence” report warning about an impending attack on our subway system that our leaders are not sharing with us?

Based on past blunders by the current administration, any rational person with common sense can predict this outcome. Americans will pay a large price. It’s coming but we don’t know when and where.
We have thousands of our enemies already here, ready to kill us at a time and place of their own choosing.

Our Constitution says that the President is supposed to maintain our borders and our sovereignty and protect the people of the United States. He don’t care at all . Don’t listen to what he says , watch what he does.

Woke politics is destroying our country and our reputation in the international community.  Woke don’t work. When you go woke you  go broke.

Our government  is the enemy within. A country that is careless with the lives of its citizens and is self destructing. Washington D.C. has lost their morality and moral compass. There is no integrity, compassion or responsibility. They can no longer tell right from wrong or good from bad because they deliberately don’t want to. American lives have no value to them. The Party is more valuable than the people.

Democrats are not our friends especially to Jews and Israel .

Be careful when you go out and be careful where you go. Now we all have to look over our shoulders. If you see something say something.

It is just a matter of time when the United States of America will get hit hard again from within due to our open borders. Open borders that were designed to produce future Democrat voters from an illegal invading population  over the interest and safety of American citizens.

Republicans don’t have the courage to take strong action and many are “Rhinos and  part of the “deep state”. So the people must take action on  election day November 2024. Can they see the forest from the trees and make the right choice? If they understand what “Bidenomics” and Biden’s polities  has done to our economy they will make the right choice.

The election for the office of the President is not a popularity contest . It is a vote for policies that improve and secure the lives of Americans . President Joe Biden is not the answer nor is the left wing and woke policies of the Democrat party. There is no choice but one !

According to “Politico“, the former President Barack Hussein Obama said: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f…k things up.”



The statistics of who Jews voted for is from the Jewish Virtual Library a project of AICE website through 7/12/2023
Their Sources: L. Sandy Maisel and Ira Forman, Eds. Jews in American Politics. (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2001), p. 153.
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American Jews tend to favor Democratic candidates, with 71% of Jewish voters choosing Democratic candidates on average and 26% choosing Republicans since 1968. In essence voting against their longevity as a people and for death and mayhem to themselves. But somehow they can’t connect the dots.

The Democrat party supports sending billions of dollars to the number one State terrorist country in the world Iran; A terrorist country who hates America and Jews, who takes our money and uses it to kill Americans and Israelis. Jews who vote for Democrats don’t see the connection.

The Democratic Party today is not the same party as the Democratic party of our parents and grandparents. The party of F.D.R., Truman, and J.F.K. Today we have a Democratic party that is not so democratic but heavily influenced by woke politics from politicians on the left like Bernie Sanders, (a Jew) and “the Squad”. The four founding members are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, NY-14, Ilhan Omar, MN-5, Ayanna Pressley, MA-7, Rashida Tlaib, MI-12 and the subsequent members, Jamaal Bowman, NY-16, Cori Bush, MO-1, Greg Casar, TX-35, Summer Lee, PA-12.

These squad members are pro Palestinian and some of them have made anti-Semitic remarks that are not checked or confronted by Jewish politicians in their party.

Democrat Jews like Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Richard Blumenthal, Dianne Feinstein, Al Franken, Bernie Sanders and others say very little or nothing about anti-Semitic remarks made by people in the Congress. That makes these members of Congress complicit and sends the wrong message to the enemies of Jews and Americans. This emboldens Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah when they see dissension, weakness, and timidity. Perhaps they are self hating Jews demonstrated by their public stance on these matters? It sends the wrong message to their enemies who view them like sheep heading to the slaughter house. What happened to the phrase “Never Again?”

Perhaps they are more into the power game than the defense and protection of their own Jewish brothers and sisters. And for this they have blood on their hands by not checking the anti-Semitism in the Congress. But if something is said about another group they are outraged and there in a hurry to defend them. But never dare to ask them about the hateful rhetoric from the “Squad”.

Jews are voting for their own demise and the elimination of Israel. Jews are financing and writing their own “death warrant”.


Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama said many great things about Israel and made promises to keep them safe and if elected would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel where he would place an embassy; He got elected but never kept his promise; but Obama as President goes ahead and secretly and stealthily in the middle of the night in an unmarked jet sends 400 million dollars on pallets in foreign currency to the number one enemy of Jews, that being Iran who in turn uses it to provide weapons to their proxies of hate and killing of Jews and America. That being Hamas,Hezbollah,Isis,the PLO, the Islamic State, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)who have each been designated by the U.S.Department of State as terrorist organizations.

President Joe Biden did just that in 2 ways. 1) He did not adhere to the sanctions on Iran by Ex-President Trump stopping Iran from selling their oil and holding onto 6 billion of Iran’s money to restrict their terrorism against Israel and others in the region and 2) Biden allowed Iran to produce and sell oil making 60 Billion  plus dollars in the latest report while at the same time slowing  down production of  the American oil and fossil fuel industry causing losses of billions in profits for the American oil companies and allowing rogue and enemy countries like Iran and Venezuela to prosper.

In addition President Biden re-instated sending money to Hamas and Hezbollah that President Trump had stopped. You have to ask yourself, who is a friend of the Jewish people? President Biden or ex-President Trump? President Biden is not the friend of Jews .

While Biden pumps money to the enemies of Jews, he also sends money to Israel . Biden is working both sides where Trump supported only Israel. Iran is developing a nuclear weapon that’s main purpose is to eradicate Israel and Jews. Yet 71 % of Jews vote for Democrats. They can’t connect the dots.

Jews who vote for Democratic Presidents unwittingly and naively are participating in the financing of wars against Israel.

President Biden allows our enemies like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela to pump oil and dirty oil at that while he shuts down our clean oil production process and in doing so takes away opportunities for profits and exports them to our enemies. Then President Biden sends Iran 6 billion of Iran’s own money that was frozen and being held up by the sanctions by ex-President Trump.

Killing Jews is in the Palestinian charter. They also educate their youth to hate Jews, that Jews are their enemy and that the Jews are occupying their land.

They have a policy if a Palestinian kills a Jew, their family will receive a pension for this deed. And yet Democrat Presidents Obama and Biden send money to Iran and 70% of Jews still vote Democrat. When the Iranian leadership chants death to Israel and death to America, they mean it and Jewish ears are shut tight.

Ex-President Donald. J. Trump stopped sending millions to any country that harbored terrorist and is fighting with Israel in order to protect Israel and save Israeli lives. Yet you hear Jewish voices saying Trump hates Jews even though his daughter converted to Judaism and Trump has grandchildren who are Jewish.

When you shut down the industry that is the heart and soul and runs America that being the oil, gas and fossil fuel industry you are creating inflation and “Bidenomics”. 6,000 products are derived from oil and when oil more than doubled in price from around $40 dollars a barrel to $90 dollars a barrel, those 6,000 items and the cost of freight goes up exponentially. That drives unions to go on strike to get increases to cover their members’ higher living costs.

From “The Hill” 1/11/2020

“President Trump spelled this out in no uncertain terms on Wednesday when he addressed the nation while seeking to dial down the imminent threat Iran may pose to our nation, the Middle East and the world.

Said the president in part, “Iran’s hostilities substantially increased after the foolish Iran nuclear deal was signed in 2013 and they were given $150 billion, not to mention $1.8 billion in cash. … Then, Iran went on a terror spree, funded by the money from the deal and created hell in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel. The missiles fired last night at us and our allies were paid for with the funds made available by the last administration.” (Obama).

Iran is indeed a dangerous terrorist state that not only has a powerful standing army, air force, navy and advanced weapons systems — including ballistic missiles and a growing space program — but also controls multiple proxy terrorist organizations responsible for killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children. Included on that list of victims are thousands of American military personnel and contractors.

These were facts that former President Obama knew when he deliberately chose a policy of appeasement and cash payoffs instead of strength and accountability as the way to deal with Iran. Why would any President send money to a rogue theocratic terrorist country that says it out loud “death to America and death to Israel?” Whose side is President Obama on?

Doesn’t he care about Americans, America and our allies? Does his fathers’ family background having some influence when his father converted to Islam contribute to his decision to send money to the Islamic Republic of Iran a terrorist country as opposed to keeping a strong hold on Iran who chants “death to America, death to Israel”?

President Trump spelled this out in no uncertain terms on Wednesday when he addressed the nation while seeking to dial down the imminent threat Iran may pose to our nation, the Middle East and the world.

As we have seen and heard, some — especially Democrats, their allies in the media and Obama supporters — chose to challenge or quibble with Trump’s statement. That said, I spoke with a former senior intelligence official who said that much of the $1.8 billion cash payoff from the Obama administration was used explicitly to fund terrorism as an additional “screw you” from the leaders of Iran — including Soleimani — to the United States. The rest of the money, my source believes, ended up in the bank accounts of corrupt Iranian leaders and terrorists.

The cash payment authorized by Obama is one of the most disgraceful and shameful “negotiations” in the history of our nation. It was a payment the Obama’s’ White House first denied, then ignored and then grudgingly acknowledged.”

Jewish Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont criticized Israel for their retaliatory attacks after the slaughter of Israelis on October 7th 2023, after Hamas specifically and intentionally targeted civilians to create terror of the worst kind. Hamas killed Americans, murdered Israeli infants, children, cutting off their heads in front of their parents and then killing their parents, killing old men and woman, raping, kidnapping about 200, including Americans in Israel. Senator Sanders called for restraint by Israel to protect innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

But I did not hear him say that Israel has a right to defend themselves and Senator Sanders and President Biden never mentioned now or in the past where all this terror ideology and money emanates from that being Iran. Iran is a forbidden name to be mentioned. Iran’s leaders cry out over generation’s death to America and death to Jews and Israel. And no one takes these words seriously.

Jews of America there are so few of you left in the world. You are only less than 2% of the World and 2% of the American population. Stop making terrible and reckless decisions. You are supposed to be a highly intelligent group but when it comes to picking your friends in Congress you fail miserably. Some American Presidents don’t like you and you help them to kill Jews and destroy Israel.

You do a lot of good in this world but people don’t give you enough credit and they don’t fear you because you are very civilized and polite. It’s time to fight back and be bold. Let America know that you are not timid or meek. Perhaps a little craziness and boldness will make people fear and respect you. Between the Yom Kippur war and the attacks of Oct 7, 2023 you failed your own people. A country that is hated and despised by their neighbors and surrounded on all sides in the middle of a region where Jews are not welcome must keep vigil 24/7 with multiple redundancy security systems and personnel or “Never Again” will not have any meaning or significance.

These two events and the fact that you overwhelmingly vote for Democrats shows the world you are not paying attention. And they take advantage of your wreck less decisions.

How can Jews vote for a party that finances death of Jews?

But America still keeps on feeding the dragon and Jews keep voting for people who support sending money to Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. They can’t connect the dots hence Jews keep dying and Israel keeps being threatened.

Iran has a solution!

It’s called the “final solution” and ultimately becomes the one state solution. Push all the Jews and Israel into the sea and have just the State of Palestine. But Jews keep voting for Democrats. It’s like putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger.

From referring to the October 7th, 2023 Hamas invasion of Israel

“Sen. Bernie Sanders slammed the Israeli government Wednesday, accusing the country of violating international law after Israeli leaders said they would cut electricity and denies food to Gaza in response to the devastating Hamas-led incursion over the weekend that left hundreds of Israeli civilians dead.

“The targeting of civilians is a war crime, no matter who does it. Israel’s blanket denial of food, water, and other necessities to Gaza is a serious violation of international law and will do nothing but harm innocent civilians,” Sanders (I-Vt.) said in a statement Wednesday.

Senator Sanders supports Israel but not in the Congress against the hate speech by the Squad. And other Jewish Congressman and woman who also say nothing. But if it were another group being attacked they defend them vociferously.

Presidents have promised when they campaign to recognize Jerusalem as the capital if elected and move the American embassy to Jerusalem. They promise full support of Israel. But when they get most of the Jewish vote they fail to fulfill their promises except for one candidate who kept his promise Donald J Trump. But Jews don’t pay attention.

Every Jew knows or should know that the number one terrorist state in the world is Iran and their number one target is Israel. If you haven’t figured it by now. Iran does not want a two state solution, one Free State for the Jews and one for the Palestinians.

Jews worldwide should know Iran wants a one state solution as their leaders chant death to America and death to Israel and all Jews. It is time the United States and Israel should take these words seriously. But the way the Jewish block votes makes one wonder what are they doing to themselves. Pardon the analogy but with all due respect to make the point clearer, they might as well be voting for the Nazis because that’s what Hamas is.

There are many educated Jewish people who hate Trump and will still vote for Biden if he runs again. And there are many Jewish people who think Israel is the oppressor. What is that all about? It’s stupidity!

And then comes another war and another and another. Jews, stop supporting candidates who send your money to your enemies to help kill you. Democrats are not your friends. Maybe one day they will be but today is not the day. They appease the squad and Iran and what do Jews get? The most gruesome wars and deaths to their brethren.

Stop and think about what you are voting for. Try and connect the dots! I understand you don’t like Trump and Biden seems like a better person but is that how you are supposed to vote? This is not a popularity contest. This is a contest of life or death. 70% of you choose death.

The Democrat party of today is not the Democrat party of our parents and grandparents. If you hate Donald J Trump, vote for him anyway. He is the only friend you have.

Choose life. L’Chaim.


Over 70,000 illegal aliens from terrorist or suspect nations encountered at border

An eye opening article by Virginia Allen of the Daily Signal, October 10th 2023 and reproduced here .

The post Data Reveals over 70,000 Illegal Aliens from Terrorist or Suspect Nations Encountered at Border appeared first on The Daily Signal.

The U.S. Border Patrol has encountered 72,823 “special interest aliens” on America’s borders over the past two years—many from the Middle East—according to an exclusive Fox News report.

A special interest alien is a government term used to refer to an illegal alien from a nation that either promotes terrorist activity, harbors terrorists, or poses a possible security threat to the U.S.

Data obtained by Fox and “confirmed by multiple CBP [Customs and Border Protection] sources … which reflects apprehensions between ports of entry between Oct. 2021 and Oct. 2023, shows that agents encountered 6,386 nationals from Afghanistan in that period, as well as 3,153 from Egypt, 659 from Iran and 538 from Syria,” according to the outlet.

Additionally, in the last two years, Fox News’ Bill Melugin reports that Border Patrol agents have encountered 139 illegal aliens from Yemen, 123 from Iraq, 164 from Lebanon, 1,613 from Pakistan, 15,594 from Mauritania, 13,624 from Uzbekistan, and 30,830 from Turkey.

“Border Patrol sources tell me they have extreme concerns about who is coming into the country because they have little to no way of vetting people from these special interest countries,” Melugin wrote on X, formerly Twitter, Tuesday.

“I’m told unless [illegal aliens] have committed a crime previously in the U.S., or they are on some sort of federal watch list, there’s no way to know who they are because most of their home countries don’t share data/records with the U.S., so there is nothing to match a name to when BP agents run fingerprints,” Melugin said.

The numbers Melugin reports do not include those encountered at ports of entry or “gotaways” who have successfully evaded Customs and Border Protection.
Responding to Melugin’s report, Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., asked in an X post, “If these individuals were caught, how many got away?”

A new report from the House Judiciary Committee found that “more than 1.7 million known ‘gotaways’” have successfully evaded Border Patrol agents and entered the country during the first 26 months of the Biden administration.

News of the “special interest aliens” who have been encountered on America’s borders comes just a few days after Hamas launched an unprecedented attack against Israel, killing hundreds, including Americans. Victoria Coates, Heritage Foundation’s vice president of the Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, says Iran no doubt provided Hamas with resources to launch the missile and ground attacks on Israel. (The Daily Signal is Heritage’s news and commentary outlet.)

A side note: 2/11/24 There is talk and rumors that terrorist who are in our country are plotting the poisoning of our water supplies, taking down our electrical grid and undermining our internet. In addition they will be sabotaging some of our infrastructure in parts of our country unknown.



Saturday October 7, 2023 Israel was viciously and brutally invaded and attacked by a group of 1,200 or so Hamas terrorist at the southern Israeli border by the Gaza Strip, 7,000 feet from their nearest target. The Gaza Strip is home to 2,300,000 plus Palestinians governed by the tyrannical and terrorist organization called Hamas.

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has struggled to govern Gaza and remains committed to violently eliminating Israel completely from the earth. In their Charter, Article 7 it calls for the killing and extermination of Jews and to obliterate them from this earth. Their policy and ideology is genocidal, thus eliminating any possibility for the 2 state solution, one state for Israel and one state for the Palestinians. Hamas won’t have it. So the war will continue until one faction is completely eliminated.

These invaders came by air, land and sea using para-gliders, drones, motor bikes, cars, pickup trucks and anything they could drive. This egregious act of terror and savagery against Israeli civilians was financed primarily by Iran with the help of the United States of America and others. Did America know what it was doing by releasing 6 billion dollars to Iran recently, Iranian money that was frozen in South Korean banks in a prisoner exchange with the number one terrorist country in the world? Now since the agreement, the money is currently in Qatar waiting to be released.

Hamas does not want a 2 state solution; they want a 1 state solution. They want every Jew dead and eliminate the Jewish State of Israel forever. There are 25 Arab countries in the world and 49 Muslim countries where Muslims represent at least 50 percent of the population but there is only 1 Jewish state, Israel with 7 million Jews.

Israel has to rely on themselves to eliminate Hamas once and for all. There are 16 million Jews in the world with 7 million living in Israel. There are over 450 million Arabs in the world. 60 percent of the Middle East are Arabs or about 275 million to 300 million vs. 7 million Jews.

The Hamas incursion was already planned, in the making and the release of the 6 billion dollars by President Biden along with his lack of enforcement of the sanctions against Iran under ex President Trump enabled Iran to sell oil and add 60 billion dollars to the 6 billion that President Biden agreed to. Did the 6 billion ever land in the Iranians hands and get disbursed? We don’t know as of now. But we do know is that Iran now has new life in it with the sales of oil because President Biden did not enforce the sanctions against Iran, worlds number one terrorist country.

We are in essence supporting and financing terrorism by Iran and their proxies. especially Irans focus of their terrorist campaign against Israel that brought upon the murder of Israelis on October 7th, 2023.

The United States under President Biden did not enforce the sanctions imposed on Iran allowing Iran nearly bankrupt at the time due to sanctions under President Trump,now ignored by President Biden to sell oil and was able to get an additional 60 billion dollars from these sales, enough to give arms to Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups.

Indirectly and inadvertantly the United States of America acted in concert as a terrorist country by proxy to allow Iran to take sanctioned oil dollars and some of our weapons left behind in Afghanistan to inhumanly murder old men,woman and decapitate infants, and children in front of their mothers,fathers,family members and then torture them and kill them . Then they burned the bodies of the babys.

American foreign policy needs to be looked at rigorously and the leadership should be removed in the State Department, Department of Defense, and the Executive office.

America , we have blood on our hands and so do our liberal Universities througout this country.

And the American weapons, 87 billion dollars worth that were left behind in Afghanistan when the United States retreated in the middle of the night without telling our allies, leaving behind Bagram air base, our military supplies, our Afghanistan friends who fought alongside us for 20 years with a promise that when we leave we will take them and their families to America but never did. Americas’ promises are worthless. We should not be trusted and for the most part we are not trusted amongst many countries including our allies.

President Biden’s poorly executed withdrawal from Afghanistan was one of the Biden administrations’ worst decisions and the worst military disaster imposed on ourselves in history; American military equipment left behind in part were used in the Hamas slaughter of Israeli’s and American citizens.

America under the leadership of President Biden and Kamala Harris inadvertently expedited the terrorist attack with the aid of some American weapons, our lack of enforcement of the sanctions against Iran which allowed them to export oil and finance the terrorist attacks against Israeli’s and Americans in Israel which emboldened Hamas to murder innocent civilians.

The terrorist broke through what is supposed to be a heavily fortified southern Israeli border but turned out not to be. It appears that the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) Mossad (Israeli intelligence agency) and the Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu let their guard down. And America did not heed the warnings that they received about the possibility of this invasion of the Southern border of Israel. Did we share this intelligence with the Israeli government? What intelligence information did they receive if any?

Israel has the reputation in the world of having one of the best fighting forces on the ground and in the air with some of the best security, intelligence and technology. How did Israel fail their people? The world is asking what went wrong at the southern border. Sound familiar? What did Israel do wrong? What did the United States know and when did they know it? Did they hold this information back or share it with our allies?

It has been reported that hundreds of Israeli civilians, including old men and woman, mothers and their children were massacred in cold blood in their homes, in the streets, on bus stops, in their cars, at a music festival, and anywhere they could be found. 239 Israelis’ and Americans were kidnapped and taken across the Southern Israeli border into Gaza the home of Hamas and the Palestinians. Babies and adults were decapitated. Woman raped and then murdered, families murdered in their beds while they slept, and more. Hamas is not a militant group but a gang of terrorists. This was the worst attack on Jews since the holocaust. And the squad in Washington D.C. supports these actions and considers Israel an occupying force.

Hamas terrorist came on a double holy day one being the Sabbath and also “Simchat Torah” that celebrates the deliverance of the Torah, the laws of God (Hashem) which is the term for God.

President Biden last month let into the United States 200,000 +/- illegal aliens. it has been documented that illegal’s are bringing with them tuberculosis, Covid, mumps, measles,scabies,skin diseases, influenza, STD s, polio, chickenpox and yes leprosy or Hansen’s disease. Many of these diseases have not been seen in decades here in America.

Along with these diseases crossing our southern border are terrorist, criminals, the mentally ill, opportunist who want the free stuff, drug cartels, human trafficking, child slavery, prostitution, fentanyl which has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans with the help of Uncle Sam all by allowing open borders. This is criminal behavior by the American government against the American people. These are RICO violations.

We are not far behind Israel. Soon we will see terror here; it’s just a question of time. 8 percent of world populations have a criminal element. In the last few years we have let in about 8-10 million illegal’s. At 8 +/- percent that is 800,000 criminals that have to be first caught, arrested, then charged, arraigned, housed, fed, provided with free legal counsel paid for by the American tax payers along with everything else, given medical treatment, given a trial by a jury or judge, and if found guilty we have to take care of them for the duration of their sentence.

This is the government we voted into office. The number one criminal is the U.S. Government. We the American voters are stupid because we always select our leaders if we like them, if they look like us and not based on their experience, qualifications and policies.

Israel got hit Saturday. Our turn is coming and we could be;  no will be next. By whom or when, we will have to wait and see. Thanks Uncle Sam for keeping us safe. Now America, let’s all go out and vote for the same people who always put America, our veterans and homeless last, jeopardize our security, and raise our taxes to support illegal’s. Vote like we always do because we never learn our lesson. Americans, we are stupid and reap what we sow. The Democrat party wins with open borders because they have created a loyal voting block for the future that will keep Democrats in power for a long time.

Americans especially Jews need to rethink which party is best for all of us and vote accordingly. But they don’t. 71 % of Jews have voted for Democrats since 1968. The party that sends money to Iran, does not enforce sanctions and enables Iran to kill Jews by proxy through terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah.

Jews, wake up; you are financing and participating   in bringing death to yourselves. The Democrat party of today is not the same Democrat party of our parents and grandparents. The party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and John Kennedy. Todays Democrat party is radical,woke,and reckless inorder to gain new voters in the future. When a President and his party allow open borders that allow people some of whom one day will  us then that is a criminal act upon the American people.

A side note: 2/11/24 There is talk and rumors that terrorist who are in our country are plotting the poisoning of our water supplies, taking down our electrical grid and undermining our internet. In addition they will be sabotaging some of our infrastructure in unknown parts of our country.

Wake up America and Jews ,start connecting the dots!



“How to destroy America for Dummies” A Lesson for All!

• Elect a President who has a history of lying, a history of racism, self hating of their own race to use it to pander to other races. An individual who likes to cheat, experienced in plagiarism, helping our enemies, a person who appears to be senile and inept. Preferably adept at speaking publicly in a soft whispering tones and is capable of mumbling and stumbling mentally and physically.

A person who will be very generous to our enemies, illegal border crossers amongst whom may be terrorist, criminals, mentally ill, carriers of unknown diseases, drug transporters, criminals to rob and steal with little or no consequences, a person who makes favorable decisions for our enemies that will not benefit our citizens and turns their backs on Americans like our veterans, homeless and senior citizens who should not receive special treatment and be ignored.

• Pair this individual with a politically correct (identity politics) selection for Vice President preferably a woman or even better a black woman or even better a gay Black woman or even better a gay Black woman immigrant, or even better a gay Black woman transsexual immigrant who has biracial trans sexual parents. This Vice President should be one who appears to be drunk at times and doesn’t do much of anything but giggle, and excellent at creating word salads out-loud while no one will know what they are trying to say. And that Vice President probably doesn’t know either.

• To qualify, this President should not value American lives and should allow evil people to cross our so called sovereign borders unrestricted and unvetted. Make certain they prefer to welcome MS13, Mexican cartels, thousands of undocumented Chinese young men of military age, and terrorist that come to plan the next 9/11. Who said we shall never forget!

* A President who will bring into the United States people who will diminish and degrade the quality of life for Americans by inviting human traffickers, drug smugglers who plan on getting a piece of the billion dollars drug trade so they can kill Americans at a rate of 300 +/- a day , criminals released from their countries jails and prisons and mental institutions who have the blessings of their mother country to come to America and collect their lottery ticket of $10,000 per person a month in goods and services, free cell phones,and 3 square meals a day that is culturally appropriate.

Our border records document that we are receiving illegal’s from 170 countries in essence changing our demographics, culture, and political base in violation of the US Constitution. But that’s OK because this President is trying to rebuild the Democrat party of the future to increase the voting margins so Republicans will never win another election again. Basically creating a one party autocratic system like they have in Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Afghanistan, Venezuela and during World War II Germany, Italy and Japan.

• Find a President who publicly, openly proclaims that illegal’s are welcome here even though our country doesn’t have the money, the availability of housing, the medical and schooling infrastructure or the legal authority.

• A person who allows all our enemies a free pass like China who sends fentanyl and opioid into the country to kill us with the help of the Mexican cartels without recrimination. China is never challenged nor have we had discussions on this.

A leader who will allow the Chinese to photograph our military facilities from their spy balloons without as much as a protest; allows them to steal our proprietary technology; allows Chinese students to stay here even though many never show up for class. A leader who will take money for unknown reasons from China perhaps because the Chinese are very kind, benevolent and generous. Maybe for some small favors.

* A President that allows a Chinese spy to work for Senator Dianne Feinstein for 20 years to act as office director on payroll records, serve as her driver in San Francisco while reporting to China’s Ministry of State Security through China’s San Francisco Consulate. Congress does nothing and the main stream media hardly mentions it.

* Another example where the leadership allows Eric Swalwell California Representative and member of the House Intelligence Committee who was alleged to having a working and personal relationship with Chinese spy aka “Fang Fang” to continue to allow Representative Swalwell to sit on this important and sensitive committee with no repercussions or condemnation from the media or the body politic.

• A President who thinks it is OK to allow Mexican cartels to manufacture the drug fentanyl getting the raw material from China, distributing it into the US and making billions but it is not OK for President Trump making a phone call to the President of the Ukraine to investigate Hunter Bidens’ potential corruption and violations of the FARA Act (Foreign Agent Registration Act) since Hunter Biden never registered as a foreign agent regarding his dealings with the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma Holdings where he sat on their board of Directors without any experience in the oil or gas business. The net result of that perfect phone call was the impeachment of President Trump. But the current Presidents indulging Mexican cartels, the Chinese government and others in drug distribution, allowing them to control our southern border, allowing terrorist and malcriants, human traffickers, gun runners and other deviants is acceptable.

• Allow single men of military age in their 20s to enter the country without knowing where they came from and what if any criminal or mental problems they have or what are their backgrounds or motives. No common sense. Again it is the systemic method of the Democrat party to eliminate the two party systems and become an autocratic state with just one part the Democrat party for ever.

• Give each and every one of the illegal border crossers’ $10,000 dollars worth of goods and services a month ($120,000 a year) at the expense of our veterans, homeless, seniors and all tax payers without their permission and at the same time changing the culture and demographics of our country. While most Americans on Social Security make between $1,200 to $3,000 per month and had to earn it by being employed for 40 quarters (13.33 years) in their life time, illegal’s had no requirements. Just show up and declare they want sanctuary.

* Venezuela has one of the highest crime rates in the world. There is a high threat from violent crime and kidnapping throughout Venezuela, which has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Armed robbery, mugging, carjacking, and burglary are all common and are often accompanied by extreme levels of violence so why not give special statues to the good people of Venezuela as our President just did this past week ending 9/24/23.

• A President who insults each and every American each and every day by putting his countryman and woman last and our enemies and illegal’s first.

• A President who has no plan and lost track of half of the illegal’s along with the children who come here. Assigning immigration court dates 5 years out but 90% never show up and we know that.

• Allow all the illegal’s to jump the line ahead of those who obeyed the law and waited their turn to come to America. An insult to those who are residents legally now who immigrated the right way and to those waiting to hear about getting their green cards.

• Need a leader who can kick out senior citizens, the homeless, and our beloved veterans to house the illegal’s without contingency plans or feeling guilty.

• A President who allows the intruders to over run our hospitals, schools, housing facilities, compete for our dentists, doctors, specialists while Americans have to wait to get appointments and compete for over 100 drugs that are in scarce supply and more .

• Allow 86,000 children to get lost in our country, unaccompanied and being used as sex slaves and transporters of drugs and other contraband. Not knowing where they are going or who they are with. Catholic Charities and the Archdiocese are helping in a large way assisting these new guests to settle here and there is a hefty profit and a chance to fill the empty Sunday mass chairs that so many have abandoned over the years.

• You need a man who calls White people racist; homophobes, xenophobes, white supremacists and he along with Don Lemon say unequivocally that the greatest threat to America is white men and white supremacy where there is not an iota of evidence to this political propaganda in any FBI or DOJ data base. A President who will never admit and say that it may be all the terrorist and drugs entering and killing our young people as the biggest threat.

• A man who gives illegal’s driver licenses for free and at the same time registers them to vote when this violates the Constitution and the laws of The United States of America.

• A man who feels no shame in overloading our class rooms with illegal foreign children who speak dozens of languages none of which is English where we don’t have enough translators, teachers or seats. Giving them an education that cost $25,000 ~ $$30,000 dollars per child per year without contributing to our. While your child is raising their hand for help, the teacher may be busy trying to translate and or assist and illegal immigrant child. American children last and they will be ill prepared to enter the labor market when they are adults.

• You want a President who must raise taxes and lower services to pay for these illegal’s so they can have the same standard of living or better than our own without any skin in the game or any contribution to our society.

• A President who unashamedly co conspires and allows China to supply the cartels enough fentanyl and opiods to kill every America adult and child in the U.S. Allowing China to fly balloons over our critical military facilities, gives them Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, allows them to build 28 coal facilities instead of selling them clean energy like LNG gas which we have right under our feet but refuse to process it and prefer to allow the Russians and the Middle Eastern oil producers to get rich while America pays the price for high energy and higher inflation.

• A President who kills our gas car industry when there is not enough electricity in the grid or wind power to replace gas cars and thus making China rich because for the most part China manufactures and supplies the U.S. with the batteries and infrastructure for wind turbines, wind mills and solar panels thus killing the American automobile industry and exporting jobs overseas.

• A President who is orchestrating with the help of the socialist, Rhinos and communist in Washington, D.C. The entry of illegal’s that will be the current and future Democrat voters so eventually we will be a one party system that of the Democrat Party and no other (not the same Democrat Party of the past of JFK and Bill Clinton). To build a Democrat voting bloc that will keep Republicans out of office for ever and allow the Democrats to change American culture and democratic process for ever.

• Perhaps the end of America without our First and Second Amendment rights of freedom of speech, press, religion, right to peaceful assembly, the right to keep and bear arms.

• Weaponizing the FBI, CIA, DOJ and every local and state D.A. and A.G. who will eliminate their political enemies by filing false charges, preventing them from lawyer client confidentiality and bankrupting them due to the high unimaginable cost of legal fees that the government doesn’t have to bear since they use the tax payers money to prosecute and all the resources and man power of their offices at our expense.

• Lying to advance their social and political causes and not being held accountable. (We need a severe law that would prohibit any politician or media from deliberately lying knowingly to affect the outcome of an election.) The great form of corruption.

• They charge their political enemies with crimes with no evidence just to mar their reputations as to influence an election, and to embarrass, humiliate and bankrupt them so to scare others who might want to exercise their freedom of speech rights to retreat from doing so as not to suffer the same consequences.

• Destroy exculpatory evidence that would allow the defendants evidence that would exonerate them and help them win their case. (There should be a law to stop the government from destroying evidence that would help the defendant.)

• A government that impeaches or charges their political enemies to eliminate them from running for office by depriving them of their lawyer client privilege and confidentiality so they can build a strong defense.

• A government that brings false or weak charges against their political opponents in attempts to bankrupt them with high legal fees thus forcing them to plead guilty turn against their own by lying or stretching the truth or plea bargaining to avoid long jail sentences or any jail time when in fact they are innocent.

• Threaten Supreme Court Judges who don’t agree with you.

• Fill the House and Senate with socialists, communists and greedy people who can be bribed and tempted with material or political benefits.

• A white President who deliberately taunts the minorities to vote for him by lying that America is racist and White supremacy is the biggest threat to America when there is nothing in our justice department’s data base of statistics to document this. It is a big lie.

* Elect a President who shows weakness to our enemies throughout the world and whose wish is to be nice so they will do what we want them to do. A President who operates from a position of weakness. Case in point is the # 1 proxy terrorist country in the world Iran.

In the case of Iran in a hostage exchange deal we returned billions of their dollars that were being held due to sanctions that were imposed on them. Iran is the worlds largest terrorist country and has been developing nuclear facilites that we are told will be capable of having a nuclear weapon in a matter or months if not weaks as some have said. Their religious leaders shout in their parliaments and houses of worship “Death to America”, “Death to Israel” the only democratic country in the Middle East.

A President by supporting this country by returning their frozen funds allows them to fund terrorist organizations like Hezbollah just north of the Israeli border in Lebanon and Hammas headquarted in the Gaza Strip south of Israei. Both terrorist groups share borders with Israel.Their goal is to kill Israelis and Americans, especially Jewish Americans. In releasing these funds America is indirectly financing terrorism against Israel and America. Yes we are funding terror against ourselves.

This is “How to Destroy America for Dummies”

And it wouldn’t surpise me if America and Israel are being shot at with American weapons we left behind in Afghanistan in our retreat after 20 years of fighting to defeat the Taliban. President Biden said that the Afghan government will now be able to keep the Taliban out because of the work we have done there. The fact is they returned weeks after the U.S. left. 20 years of American lives lost, bodies mangled, American families tortured and destroyed and trillions of dollars squandered for nothing.

We need a law that if any politician or media lies to the public knowingly beyond a reasonable doubt to change the outcome of an election or eliminate their opponents should be charged with a felony, put on trial, fined and jailed if found guilty.


Is the U.S. and China Engaging in Chemical Warfare On American Citizens?

110,000 young Americans, Americas’ future are dying each and every year from Fentanyl crossing the southern border coming from China manufactured and distributed by Mexican cartels sanctioned unofficially by our government because of President Biden’s’ open borders.

President Biden’s’ administration has unofficially and inadvertently licensed these cartels allowing them to make billions of dollars while inflation is driving purchasing power for Americans down about 30-40 percent leaving Americans with a disastrous quality of life and economic problems.

Chinese spy balloons are allowed to fly to Hawaii across the Pacific Ocean to the west coast of America and allowed to continue across the mainland over key military and other critical facilities to the east coast with impunity. Once the Chinese spy balloon clears the east coast line of our sovereign land and has taken all the photos it needs our President decides now is the time to shoot it down. Whose team is he on?

Our government allows China to buy up large parcels of land near our strategic military bases and facilities; Allows thousands of Chinese to enter our country for a college education and many never show up for class and disappear into the population; allows hundreds if not more young Chinese men to sneak into the United States of America primarily through the southern border and Mayorkas, Harris and Biden say are borders are closed and secure.

The media many that are complicit with this message along with our homeland security department run by Mayorkas, and the President of the United States of America do not talk about it seriously and do or say anything at all.

If Black lives matter and all the lives of Americas’ youth matter, then why are we allowing fentanyl to enter our country through open borders along with millions of illegals, coming unvetted some with illnesses, criminal and mental histories, some with evil intentions and some with wanting everything for free. Is President Biden trying to find new Democrats to vote in future elections or is he a benevolent humanitarian at the tax payers’ expense. We are talking about 6 million counted and estimates of another 2 million getaways or runaways since President Biden has taken over our country in the last 2 1/2 years.

Think about the runaways. Some are up to no good. Could another 9/11 be in the cards? The deck is stacked against good, honest, hard working taxpaying Americans. America last!

President Biden sends Billions to the Ukraine, but sends $700 per household to Hawaiians whose homes and belongings were lost and ravaged by runaway fires. 114 have already been confirmed dead and up to 1,000 unaccounted for of which many are children.

It is reported that President Biden works from 10 Am – 3 pm and has spent approximately 40 % of his time in office on vacation.

Border security czar Vice President Kamala Harris appointed by President Biden as the border czar to secure the border has never been to the border and is part of this whole alleged co-conspiracy with China against our citizens, along with the cooperation of our Executive branch, the Democrat party, some Republicans especially the Rhinos (i.e. Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and others) are allegedly acting in concert with our enemies to inadvertently commit chemical warfare and other crimes on our citizens bringing Americas cities and neighborhoods to its’ knees with these opiods making China and the cartels rich. What do Americans get? Death and destruction of our cities and the families that live there inflicting physical, mental, emotional and moral decay of our country.

There is a racial aspect to the deaths of Americas’ citizens with fentanyl in that percentage wise, deaths from fentanyl and other opiods along with the crimes that go hand in hand with drugs affect proportionally primarily the minority residents of the inner cities and ghettos of America. Some might say this is a form of genocide by our leaders and the media fails to criticize our President and his cabinet for allowing open borders that allows the deadly chemical fentanyl to slaughter our youth. What happened to the free press, the 4th estate that is supposed to expose evil and not minimize its effects on our culture? They are practically silent.

China supplies 90 % of the drug, the cartels manufacturer it, bring it across the border and distribute it and the President allows this by having porous borders. Can we legally say that the United States government is acting in concert with China and the cartels in the deaths of 110,000 +/- young Americans with such gross malfeasance and negligence? Does this fall under the RICO crime law called the Racketeering Influenced, Corrupt Organizations Act? The liberal press, TV, radio and social media give little exposure to what is the destruction of America from within and not getting the message to the American people effectively.