Kevin’s Corner

Enough is enough. Day after day, week after week, we have watched on tv or on our devices and read in the newspapers about  the thousands of misinformed, brainwashed, college kids who teamed up with outside trouble makers to destroy campus property, attack and bully Jewish students from attending class only because they want to learn at Columbia, NYU, FIT, The New School and many more. Such misguided hatred, and sadly the second highest elected official in New York City, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, was against the college presidents to call in the NYPD to stop the trespassing and violence.  He saw nothing going wrong. Law and order is something this man has a problem with.  This is down right scary. In a April 19 report in City and State New York, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said : “Protest is a right, civil disobedience, a powerful tool. And arrest at some point is a part of elevating the message.”  What ” message” is this man taking about ?  Intimidation,  insults , chaos  , hatred of Jewish people, hatred of Israel , hatred of America , hatred of capitalism ?  What a shame the taxpayers of the City of New York have to pay Williams $184,800 , and have him next in line to be mayor should the present mayor become unable to serve, according to the City Charter.  It is easy to see, Williams is not even close to being a leader.  Williams title should be changed from public advocate to public agitator.

January 4, 2024

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is a disgrace to the Democratic political party see belongs to, a disgrace to  the city she represents, and the voters that put their trust in her.  Why ? This progressive mayor likes to have Holiday/Christmas parties for city council members for non- white members only. That is what sadly happened during a time of year when we all should come together and celebrate joyfulness and togetherness , not rejection and segregation.  This reminds me of the old days in the segregated south, but this mean spirited mind set continues today under liberal Mayor Wu. Is the Attorney General of her state going to take action about this ? No. The Republican Party has a long history for civil rights. Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Civil Rights Act of 1957. The 1960 Civil Right Act addressing voting rights of black Americans and penalties had big support from Republicans in the Senate—83% voted yes, 65% Democrats voted yes. In the House—81% Republicans voted yes. 59% Democrats voted yes. The 1964 Civil Rights Act which ended segregation in public places and employment discrimination , received big Republican support again. House Republicans 80% yes, Democrats 63% yes, Senate Republicans 82% yes, Democrats 69% yes. Lets not forget President Ronald Reagan who proudly signed  Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday. King, who advocated non-violence to promote human dignity and respect for everyone. I wonder what Dr. King would think of Mayor Wu.

May 10, 2024

Mayor Adams has only himself to blame when he says ” It’s not going to get any better ” and ” Eventually this is going to come to a neighborhood near you”.  It was he who criticized Texas Governor Abbot for trying to halt illegal migrants from crossing the border, it was he who said he would welcome illegal migrants, it was he for the longest time backed Biden’s weak and non-existing border enforcement. Now the mayor has a crisis with people who have not been properly interviewed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities because Adams was never concerned about orderly border control just like our president. Now we have a financial, health, and security mess. We are a country of immigrants and that is what makes us a great country. Millions and millions of legal immigrants have contributed wonderful things to the U.S.A. and became proud productive legal citizens.  Is it too much to ask for orderly legal immigration ?

August 16, 2023

Before I continue with this article, I want to start by making something very clear. Chinese Americans are a blessing to America. They have contributed enormously to medicine, science, art, education, business, technology, law, public service and so much more. They came here for freedom and opportunity. For many years they had to endure segregation, insults, and violence just because they wanted a better life and were more than willing to work hard honestly to achieve a better life. They are a cherished and remarkable part of our diverse American family. That said, I have a big problem with the government of China and the Chinese Communist Party. You thought $15 an hour is too low here in New York as a minimum wage ? Try getting by on $2.08 an hour in China or between $155 and $339 per month. Yes, some parts of the country have modestly higher minimum wages. How generous and kind of them ! Just as disappointing is this repressive undemocratic dictatorship that forces its citizens into silence and secrecy. Just try writing a letter to the editor criticizing the government. Good luck ! Jail will be your reward for peacefully speaking out. Freedom of the press ? I don’t think so. I find it humiliating and degrading that American companies have sold there businesses to Chinese business groups who are connected one way or another to the CCP. Companies such as AMC, Smithfield Foods, GE Appliances, Waldorf Astoria, Strategic Hotels and Resorts, Ingram Micro, Motorola Mobility, Starwood Hotels, Terex Corp. Lets not forget the endless list of U.S. based companies that make some or most of their products in China. Wealthy CEOs have shown their true colors and its not Red, White and Blue. Chinese owners controlled about 192,000 agricultural acres in the U.S. worth about $1.9 billion used for farming, ranching and forestry according to the U.S. Agriculture Department. Other foreign investors by the end of 2019 held more than 35 million acres, an area bigger than New York State ! According to Pharmacy, 70% of popular branded name drugs sold in U.S. pharmacies are imported. Not a healthy situation we have put ourselves in to be so dependent and possibly cut off at a moments notice. Then what ? And lastly, New York Federal prosecutors recently announced charges against four Chinese companies selling chemicals that go into fentanyl . 440 pounds of these chemicals were seized, enough to kill 25 million Americans.

June 27, 2023

Big bucks , little work. That is the mindset of Democratic Socialists Councilwoman Tiffany Caban of Astoria and Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan of Harlem. Lets start with Caban. Her office is closed all the time, and when constituents show up with concerns, the place is locked up. Phone calls and e mails go unanswered. Where is everyone ?No one knows , but the residents of Astoria know office rents in their neighborhood are sky high and they are paying for her barely used office with their taxes. Maybe she is hiding somewhere try to drum up support for the abolition of NYPD’s Criminal Group Database, a bill she co-sponsored. She must feel that gangs and crime is not that big a problem. Really? The first 10 minutes of the nightly tv news is nothing but this ! The good news is help is on the way and Astoria’s suffering is about to end. Kelly Klingman is running against Caban and I predict an upset because Astoria is fed up with being ignored , and fed up feeling unsafe. The New York Post and Fox News have covered her campaign.

Political clouds are hovering over Harlem too. Democratic Socialist Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan does not like to work hard for the money either. Jordan missed 46% of her council committee and caucus meetings since last year. Like her fellow socialist Caban, she is not a big fan of the NYPD. The New York Post quoted her calling the NYPD “ the biggest gang in New York City “ and a “white supremacist institution.” ( Lefty Harlem pol is far ‘out’, 5/3/23 ) Last time I checked, our NYPD commissioner is not white , our mayor who appointed her is not white, the captain of the Harlem police precinct is not white, along with many other non white commanders who honorably protect everyone every day to keep us safe. At a salary of $148,500, Astoria and Harlem desperately need better representation in the City Council than what they have now. It cannot come soon enough !

May 22, 2023

So you thought vaping was safe and a nice alternative to smoking. Think again, its downright scary and potentially lethal.

I did a little homework and this is what Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins, and the CDC have to say. Vaping can cause asthma, lung scarring, organ damage to the heart and brain, raise blood pressure, narrow your arteries, addiction, gives second hand exposure , explosions because of the batteries in vaping devices which can cause serious injuries and burns, cancer, some of the ingredients in e-liquids are known to cause cancer, evali, which is a lung condition that vaping causes, it includes symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, and chest pain. Worst of all evali can be fatal. The vape juice sometimes contain flavors that have nickel, tin, cadmium, along with ultrafine tiny particles that get into your lungs. It may even include benzene, a chemical found in car exhaust ! According to the CDC, confirmed as of 1/14/20 ,of the 2,022 hospitalized patients, 82% reported using THC containing products, 33% reported exclusive use of THC containing products, a mind altering chemical. In February 2020 the CDC confirmed 2,807 cases of e-cigarette or vaping use associated lung injury and 68 deaths. So with all of these facts that have been discovered, one has to ask why is this garbage allowed to be sold in pot shops , vaping shops, and smoke shops ? You know the answer, its all about the money, tax money to be hustled at the expense of people’s health. There are some things we have to take notice of. Notice the Democratic Party always rails against the Republicans for being against health issues. Notice how quiet our New York City and New York State Health commissioners are about vaping, and they are doctors. Notice there are no city or state funded commercials with these two doctors warning against how vicious vaping is. Notice these two doctors do not have the courage to recommend vaping should be outlawed. Notice these two doctors are nothing more than go-along get-along Adams and Hochul loyalists while THEY NOTICE thousands destroying themselves.

April 23, 2023

Lets get the conversation going !  First up of my concerns here in Queens is the unfortunate and unwanted  opening of pot shops in our neighborhoods. The vast majority are illegal , making money off the books. The governor and the mayor thought this was going to be tax goldmine , it backfired. It’s not only a money looser that is out of control, it is making people unhealthy, very unhealthy. But don’t take my word for it, take a look at what the Center For Disease Control  has to say about marijuana :  “ People who use  marijuana are more likely to develop temporary psychosis and long -lasting mental disorders, including schizophrenia. The association between marijuana and schizophrenia is strong in people who start using marijuana at an earlier age and use marijuana more frequently. Marijuana use has also been linked to depression, social anxiety, and thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts and suicide. Smoked marijuana, regardless of how it is smoked, can harm the lung tissues and cause scarring and damage to small blood vessels. Marijuana can make the heart  beat faster and make blood pressure higher immediately after use. It could also lead   increased risk of stroke, heart disease and vascular diseases. Recent marijuana use within 24 hours in youth and adults has an immediate impact on thinking, attention, memory, coordination, movement, and time perception. “  This is how our governor and mayor want to grab tax revenue.  This is how they want to increase our quality of life ? This is how they will make us feel safe ? This is an example of good government for school kids ?  This will help students excel ? This will ease the crowding in emergency rooms ?  The tax scheme did not work. Its time to shut down the pot shops.

March 28, 2023