Legislation Watch


Bill A8378, forces COVID-19 shot mandates to attend school.
Bill A279a/S75a, forces all adult vaccine records into a state database.
Bill 7829/S6495, forces COVID-19 shots for college.
Bill A2240/S45, forces flu shots to attend school, preschool and daycare.
Bill A8398, eliminates religious exceptions for work and college.
Bill S4244C, eliminates parents’ consent to shots when a child reaches 14 years of age.
Bill A822, eliminates parents’ rights to consent to STD shots for children of any age.
Bill A416, allows the Governor to imprison without trial anyone s/he considers a threat to public health.
Reportedly, Assemblyman Patrick Burke is planning to introduce a bill to eliminate unvaccinated people’s access to health insurance.
We can oppose the bills online and comment. For instance, Bill A8398 to eliminate religious exemptions was sponsored by Assemblyman Dinowitz. If this is bill is passed and made into law, we will continue to loose our freedoms. The link to this bill is below. Click the link, scroll down and click “Nay” to oppose. Then, complete the form. It will go straight to your representatives based on your address.