Letters to Officials

How did we wind up with terrorist attacks in Israel? This is not unexpected. First, we had an “ex” president who wanted the destruction of Israel: why else would he have given a pallet full of cash to Iran? Was Iran our “friend” throughout this? Wasn’t Iranians chanting death to the big Devil, the U.S. and death to the little Devil, Israel? Obama knew this and Obama’s puppet, Joe Biden knew this as well. The Obama puppet, Joe Biden does not have the courage to stand up to anybody. Ol’ Scranton Joe has been weak on everything. He didn’t mention the origins of Covid to Xi, or the fentanyl  deaths in the U.S. to Xi either. We have a coward and crook in the White House fronting for his son and bagman, Hunter. And now when Israel needs us as a partner, what does Joe do but weasel out of what once was a solid commitment to Israel. I personally believe in a one state solution – Israel. If the Arab population wants to stay in Israel, they should do so. Why do you suppose that none of the Arab states want them? They are a problem and the Arab states know this too well. Hamas has to be exterminated and Biden does not have the balls or comprehension of the reality to understand this.

Ron Prager, December 6, 2023

Senator Charles Schumer,

As a Jew, I’m beginning to see the awakenings of a contemporary Nazi movement in the United States. We both see something called a “Pro-Palestinian Movement” here in our Country; bluntly, we are finding out who the real Jew haters are. Some of the most vocal Jew haters have a sounding board for their vitriol, and they are in Congress denying that Jews have a right to defend themselves. Many Jew haters are also in what is supposed to be institutions of higher learning, and the good thing is that some of their benefactors have stopped providing them funding. Are there Pro-Palestinian countries in the Middle East funding some of these colleges like “U of P” and Columbia? I would like to see the colleges and universities who have promoted this neo-Nazi movement denied Federal funding and I would like to see a commission formed to investigate these educational institutions. The promulgation of Jews not having the right to defend themselves is an intolerable concept.

It would be comforting to think that Biden’s Middle East visit was highly successful, but it seems that most likely it was a continuation of the Obama appeasement of Iran policy. Didn’t Obama sneak a pallet laden with cash out to Iran? And didn’t Biden’s “exchange” of hostages for a release to Iran of $6 billion, $1 billion per hostage? A real and decisive energy policy would ameliorate that type of nihilism that this Nation is experiencing being fomented by climate change hysteria. We are not producing oil and gas, but rather purchasing them from dictatorships like Iran, Venezuela and Russia and at the same time depleting our emergency oil reserve, which it looks like we are in great need of refilling. This green energy “program” is a fraud – consider how much energy is needed to build and maintain a wind farm. At what point will a wind turbine be fully amortized? “Green Energy” is a nice thought but we’re not ready for it as of now.

And if you’ve been paying attention to the news, which I’m sure you have, don’t most political pundits agree that Obama is running the Government? Biden is not capable of doing so and nobody wants Harris making policy. Buying up Iranian oil is subsidizing Iran’s proxy war against Israel.

Ron Prager, October 24, 2023

Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi,

There seems to be some very warranted concerns regarding 5G cell phone transponders above and near living quarters in this neighborhood. I don’t think that this is a “henny penny” reaction having already seen some clear and documented medical problems associated with 5G and I think that there should be a moratorium on 5G tower installation until we understand the validity of these concerns. Do you think that shielding should be provided to tenants of these building to mitigate these concerns? I think that this may prove to be a compelling concern, now and in the future. What are your thoughts on this Assemblyman Hevesi?

(The recommended “safe” distance from these 5G towers is 50 meters. I suspect this may be a very conservative estimate from “communications industry assessments”.)

Ron Prager, July 22, 2023

John B. King, Jr. is the 15th Chancellor of the State University of New York (SUNY)

Chancellor King,

I’ve been fighting “affirmative action” for nearly 50 years hoping that merit prevails over race. I took the Community College of Brooklyn (I believe it is now called the New York Technical College) before the State’s Human Right Commission for racial discrimination in about 1970. Affirmative Action was wrong then and it is wrong now. I am glad Asian people understood that merit should prevail over race. I had already graduated Brooklyn College before a policy of open enrollment at Brooklyn College was enacted; it proved absolutely devastating for academics. My personal feeling is that students who show potential merit, should be given the opportunity to hone their reading and math skills in “post high school programs” in either after school classes with booster programs to give poor performing students a second chance or post-high school classes emphasizing academics to bring them up to speed. If you don’t recall, “affirmative action” students failed out of Brooklyn College at extraordinarily high rates after that policy was enacted. The other side of this State’s shortcomings is that Gov. Hochul has failed to recognize that legalizing marijuana usage may have a devastating effect on academics, and this State’s Government failed to research short and long term effects of marijuana. Their tax plan does not seem to be working out too well either – street selling will probably thrive over Hochul’s plan. Rethink your plan Chancellor King. The Supreme Court’s decision will finally have long reaching and positive consequences.

Ron Prager, July 4, 2023

Senator Schumer,

I was delighted to see your photograph with Alex Soros. It gives me the sense of probably who is now pocketing the Soros money. Remember that Georgy Soros’ name was Schwartz before his father changed it to protect his family from the Nazis – ironically, the family is Anti-Semitic. I know that Georgy’s father was also a member of the local Judenrat, the Jewish council that made it easier for one Jew to betray another in return for some sort of concession and make the Holocaust an easier task for the Nazis to accomplish. That is possibly how Anne Frank’s family was discovered. You, Mr. Schumer, are collecting the same payoffs that the Soros DA’s are receiving and I’m glad that I was able to see you, among several other prominent Democrat politicians including the incredibly incompetent V.P. Harris, and you with a shit-eating grin, aiding the hell bent Soros’ destruction of America. What you will do for money and power! We already know about Biden and his lust for money and how he will sell America down the river along with his crack smoking son. We now have an extremely compromised president who doesn’t give a damn about our Country and you know this already and it seems that you’re willing to jump into bed with this quisling. As far as the Soros family, this is one Jewish Hungarian family that I’m sorry that the Nazis didn’t put in Auschwitz. Our Country would have been better for it.

cc:  Andrew Garbarino, Grace Meng, Kirstin Gillibrand, Kathy Hochul, Simcha Felder, Andrew Hevesi

Ron Prager, June 15, 2023

Ms. Hochul,

I didn’t realize just how incompetent you really are. You’re really out of touch with how U.S. citizens feel about illegal immigration and what the disastrous consequences will have on life here. This seems to be the time to acknowledge the disaster that an incompetent and compromised president will sow. We all saw it in play with the Chinese Communist Party’s spy balloon over our missile silos and strategic defense commands. This wasn’t a happenstance. This is what we get when a U.S. president is on the take. Better take a larger look at the disaster of the illegal alien crisis. And please read the following:

Mr. Mayor,

It looks like you got sucker punched from all directions. There is a clear and objective distinction between “asylum seekers” and “migrants”. We’ve had “migrant” worker programs for years. They had to come through the border legally, but the people who are seeking asylum had to show a clear legitimacy to their and their family’s safety. You welcomed everyone coming across our Southern Border with no thought of consequences to this State’s (and other states’) welfare and economies. Your lack of anticipation of the consequences to this City’s livability is unconscionable. Did you give a thought to the educational system? The hospital system? To the homeless and mentally ill crisis that we are experiencing? The criminal crisis under the failing stewardship of Soros’ lacky Bragg? Your heart might have been in the right place but your planning and practicality has been a total failure. What we are now experiencing is the predictable and deliberate destruction of the United States by a mentally incompetent president and an administration that is replete with failures.  

Ron Prager, May 23, 2023

Dear Governor,

I’m been very amused by thinking that the Hero Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes would have risen to the occasion when the NYC subway train was invaded by a lunatic. Remember that she hid in a bathroom during the January 6th incursion on the Capital? I’m sure she would have risen to the forefront of that subway car and subdued that madman who had over 40 priors and an outstanding warrant against him. Yes, bravery would have shone on her face. The reality is that she probably would have shit in her pants in such a confrontation. She also aligned herself with the anti-white racists in calling for the heroic Marine, who is white, to be jailed. This man is a hero and should not be subjected to any grand jury investigation. Mayor Adams gets it. I think we all know the real criminal – Alvin Bragg for not either institutionalizing or imprisoning this mentally ill person. The crimes that this man committed included some violent crimes. Lee Zeldin would have ridded this City of the Bragg Blight immediately. I think that’s what you should be doing and vindicate this Marine hero.

Mayor Adams,

If these “phony” activists were so outraged after the death of that subway lunatic, why didn’t any of them offer to help him before he died? I think that Marine should be considered a hero after subduing a man who threatened an entire subway car and also having over 40 priors and a current arrest warrant. Do you really believe that this moron Alvin Bragg should remain in office? He’s really the man who should be charged with murder for his failure to provide help for a clearly disturbed man. It is a sad case and one that could have been avoided if these phony “activists” were really seeking to help him. I don’t really think that any of them had the guts to get involved, and the Marine should be thanked for his braveness and actions.

Governor Hochul,

Stop with the drama. This was a potentially dangerous man who should have received help after more than 40 priors. If that race baiter, Sharpton could have helped why didn’t he? You know the answer that the man is erratic and should have been committed to an asylum a long time ago. He might have been helped, certainly if Bragg was really concerned. And you should not have been in contact with Sharpton. He has a rather infamous and corrupt past. Think what the passengers on that F train experienced, put yourself in their places and I think that you can forget the histrionics. The Marine was a hero and thank God that he was on the train at that time.

Ron Prager, May 6, 2023

Congresswoman Meng,

At what point are we, as a nation, going to actually view Biden as cognitively impaired? Isn’t it time for this “president” to hold a news conference that is not pre-orchestrated, where Joe is going to show that he can think on his feet? Announcing that he is running for Presidency on videotape just reminds me of his “rat hole” campaign that he did last time. The Nation is at stake. Everything Joe has done has failed, from his cutting off the Keystone XL pipeline to his exit strategy from Afghanistan to his selection of the most incompetent Cabinet in our history – where is this going to end? His blaming of President Trump for all these failures is growing thin; Karine Jean-Pierre is clearly out of her league, overusing the term “clearly” which is opaque as she is able to get.

I’m sure by now that Biden’s abject failures and corruption have become very obvious. His keeping of a Chinese Communist Party’s spy balloon aloft for days, until it completed its mission has put this Nation under a very compromised situation. His failure to provide Taiwan with armaments while promising the needed supplies is going to lead to very poorly thought-out consequences.

Get this compromised president out front of an array of independent journalists and let’s hear what he is able to say. I fear that he is only capable of talking about chocolate chip ice cream and will melt under any substantive discussion of foreign affairs.

Ron Prager, April 26, 2023

Mr. Mayor,

I sincerely hope that you did not anticipate the consequence of opening up New York City as a sanctuary city. It would have been foolhardy to suggest that you did not foresee that all social services would have been overwhelmed by this illegal alien crisis, and you are absolutely correct in asking help from the Washington government who actually promoted the “come on over” agenda. We have a compromised President, an incompetent Vice-President and a pathetic liar as Secretary of Homeland Security, Mayorkas who likes to pretend that the Southern border is “closed”. Your clearer course, Mr. Mayor, is to isolate the illegals and begin doing background checks and deportations of this mess that Washington created. I think that you’re beginning to see the truth of where things stand.

Ron Prager, March 7, 2023

Senator Gillibrand,

It’s wonderful that you have secured money for New York State’s infrastructure, but it is incumbent upon you to study the actual expenditures. We have the most corrupt government in my lifetime starting at the top with Biden. And also, the least competent Vice-President and Cabinet that I’ve ever seen, chosen by race, gender, homosexuality while actually omitting competency as a criteria for the position. I suggest that careful attention is paid towards the granting of contracts and a complete list is made available for the public to see.

Ron Prager, March 3, 2023

Rita Cosby (WABC-AM),
A poignant moment in my recall is when the bodies of U.S. servicemen were off-loaded from a plane after the Afghanistan debacle, and Joe was busy checking his watch. I think we all know by now who Biden’s paymaster is. This is an area that’s been skirted around and I think we have to take a harsh look at Joe Biden. He is not in the impeachment arena anymore. It’s much more unsettling. Joe, Hunter and Jim should all be perceived as possibly serving as traitors to our Country–for large amounts of money. Why was that spy balloon not taken out immediately? It was able to surveille all our nuclear silos and strategic air force sites from one end of the country to the other. Do you really believe that Joe was concerned if the debris from the balloon fell on Americans? It could have been safely downed over some of the least populated parts of our Country. Again, how was Joe Biden able to afford the properties that he has on a Senator’s salary? At some point soon, I would hope that you would spend some significant time on your program examining the events that bring to light Biden et al. treasonous behavior. It pains me to think that we really have a traitor-in-chief.

Ron Prager, February 18, 2023

Congresswomen Meng and Malliotakis, and Congressman Garbarino,

There apparently is one thing that George Santos did not lie about: our current President does not have any integrity either. This was the one thing that Tulsi Gabbard fired at the prevaricator Santos, a man who seems to think that he is just embellishing upon his very obvious fabrications. But he did point out that the man holding power in the White House with his folksy lies and obfuscations of the truth, is not held to the same standard of integrity. And in Joe Biden’s case, is not acting upon or solving the very disasters that he is causing in our Country. Through his drug-addled son, Joe has been receiving millions of dollars from Ukraine, Russia and China, a very compromised position for a U.S. President to be in. Old folksy Joe has landed us in an illegal alien crisis, an energy crisis, an inflation debacle, and a crisis in pretty much anything he has put his inept paws on. I believe Santos should not be seated, I also believe that Old Folksy Joe should step down or be impeached for the same lack of integrity that George Santos and he have both created for themselves.

Ron Prager, December 30, 2022

VIA EMAIL: NYSAG@ag.ny.gov, Letitia.james@ag.ny.gov
December 21, 2022

Ms. Letitia James
New York State Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224-0341

Re: Letter to NYS Legislature on Election Integrity Petition Filed by Queens County Republican Patriots in 2021

Dear Attorney General Letitia James:

Attached please find a letter addressed to the New York State Legislature by 12 Queens County Committee Members on December 11, 2022 to inquire about the status of the Election Integrity Petition dated October 26, 2021, which was forwarded to the New York State Legislature by the Queens County Republican Patriots (“QCRP”) on or about October 27, 2021 via email and certified mail. (See attached signed letter). We are including a scanned copy of the QCRP petition letter for your perusal. (See attached petition letter, without signatures).

We are looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. We would greatly appreciate acknowledgement that you have received our letter and its attachments.

With a spirit to serve as Queens County Committee Members,

Aura Moody (33 AD, 50 ED)
Joseph Concannon (33 AD, 9 ED)
Elena Chin (24AD, 62 ED)
James Coppola (AD 24, ED 62)
Laura M. Schmitt (AD 24, ED 49)
David Abraham (AD 28, ED 30)
Peter J. Spanopoulos (AD 24, ED 48)
Joycelyn Jack (33 AD, 50 ED)
Phil Orenstein (24 AD, 56 ED)
Suzanne L. Chronowitz (AD 26, ED 21)
Ira Harris (AD 24, ED 56)
Ira Chazan (24 AD, 58 ED)

Response from the NYS Attorney General to Complaint Filed Against the NYS Legislature by QCRP on Election Integrity Petition dated 1-10-2023

Congresswoman Meng,

It should be very clear by now that we have an immensely incompetent administration. To trade a second-rate basketball player for a very dangerous and active arms dealer? Leaving behind an American ex-marine, Paul Whelan in this lopsided prisoner exchange? Everything that Biden has done has been a disaster; from the shutting down of the XL Pipeline, the Afghanistan debacle, his son’s dealing with Burisma, China and Russia, Biden’s constant lying about his own achievements, his selection of an incompetent Vice-President, his open border policy, the money that has been forked over to him by his son – we have a very compromised President. His selection of lightweights in such positions as Secretary of State and Secretary of Transportation who have no “gravitas”, a word that we do not hear at all about Biden’s cabinet. A Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, who has lied under oath to Congress saying that the “border is secure” while having massive security risksstreaming over the border.

Unless you speak up, I will not vote Democrat anymore – even if I like your work. At stake is the integrity of this Country and having a President who lacks integrity contributes to the unease and destabilization of our Country.

Ron Prager, December 12, 2022

Congresswoman Meng,

It seems that DA James received a large amount of her “donations” from the Tides Foundation which is related to George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. It is funneled through the Working Families Party and should be pointed out and highlighted that it is the same source as Alvin Bragg’s contributions are coming from. Little wonder that “Tush” James is on the no-cash bail express. It also explains why the same smell emanates from Ms. James as from Soros and Bragg.

Could you please look further into this. Soros’ goal appears to be the destruction of our Country along with some other Democrats. This seems strange considering that Soros’ father changed his name from Schwartz to Soros to evade the Nazis, and our Country seems to be on a fascist, anti-Semitic path.

Ron Prager, November 25, 2022

Mr. Mayor,

It’s bad enough that you’re not up to the job as mayor, but since when is our First Amendment Right been abridged? How are you going to define “hateful speech” without screwing with the First Amendment? Why are you not pointing your finger towards the idiots who left our borders wide open? You’re pretty silent about where to place the blame for the illegal alien disaster.

Ron Prager, October 10, 2022

Congresswoman Meng,

I think it should be clear by now that Biden is a complete and dangerous failure. We’re now poised to expect a PRC invasion of Taiwan. The question is when and we should expect it during the Biden administration because he’s recognized as being a very weak leader. Everything he’s done, so far, has been a failure. He is busy blaming President Trump for everything that divides this country but he won’t look to himself: from his taking large bribes from China, Russia and the Ukraine via his son and all of our many crises that didn’t occur before him. Biden is a tainted and compromised political hack. When I vote, I typically split the ticket but after seeing how incompetent Biden is – think Afghanistan, XL Pipeline, open borders, his phony inflation reduction plan, and remember when the bodies of American soldiers were being taken off the plane and Joe was busy looking at his watch? This time I’m voting straight down the line Republican. This Country will be in shambles by the time Joe leaves office. I wish I was joking and I think you can see that for yourself. I sometimes ask myself “who is steering the ship”? I don’t think that Biden even knows where the ship is; my guess is that it’s probably called Obama, Rice and Hillary. We’re heading for an iceberg.

Ron Prager, September 3, 2022

Mayor Adams,

What a wonderful idea of having a “hip hop” museum in the Bronx – no crime there. Just a pleasant place to live or get shot, knifed or get beaten. I did notice that not too many white people were shown in your celebration photograph. How much of that money came from private contributors and how much of that came from such stellar organizations like Black Lives Matter? Why wasn’t that same money used to fund educational institutions and programs? I don’t think “hip hop” is what I would consider “culture” unless you wore your pants below your waist exposing your underwear. Perhaps the idea is to have non-literate Black teenagers blaring out that crap instead of staying home and studying or dare I say, studying at libraries? And I didn’t recall seeing or hearing about an assessment of the effects of marijuana which seems to have higher frequencies of use in Black neighborhoods and the negative consequences of marijuana use doesn’t seems to have been taken into account. Why isn’t money spent on countering drug use, unless of course you want the tax revenue to help fund “hip hop” museums? Don’t waste the taxpayer’s money on trash and put together some real anti-crime programs. You really seem to be failing big time.

Ron Prager, August 5, 2022

Dear Governor Hochul,

I’ve seen that you have taken $20,000 from the Soros family. (Haven’t had a chance yet to view his shell companies contributions to you.) This might explain your reluctance to remove DA Bragg because you might be in the same game as he is on the no-cash-bail money train. You had the opportunity to remove Bragg after the subway shooting, but you didn’t. That would have been your last chance for election. It is bad enough that you’re pushing for that football stadium in Buffalo with taxpayers money. You’re probably a nice person, but corruption is plaguing our State and it seems that you’re in on it.

Ron Prager, May 20, 2022

Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi,

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation appears to be a “misconstruction” of democracy and should be scrutinized very carefully. Here in New York, we are confronted by an ideology that seems bizarre at its least, and severely detrimental at its worst. It seems that the “open” in open society seems to be hell bent on opening prison gates to our worst offenders without considering the dangerousness of the persons who are let go without detentive incarceration. Soros is paying off DA’s to promulgate his own sick ideology and these include Manhattan DA Bragg and $20,000 “contributed” towards Attorney General Letitia James’ campaign fund.

I’ve yet to scrutinize Soros’ shell companies and his own family’s contributions to Bragg and James, but it seems like our justice system has been tainted by BIG money. We are not voting for candidates anymore but puppets on strings. These people have to be called out (as many that I’ve not researched as of yet) for endangering the safety of our society.

Consider the removals of James and Bragg. I realize our Governor does not have the courage to do so, and may yet be caught up in her own financial scandals revolving around a Buffalo football stadium and her own husband’s connection with it.

Ron Prager, May 17, 2022

DA Letitia James,

It has come to my attention that you are a proponent of “cash bail reform” thereby letting criminals back into the streets without any cash bail. It has also come to my attention that George Soros donated to you $20,000 ostensibly to promulgate his anti-American programs (along with the likes of Alvin Bragg who should have been relieved of his position by our cowardly Governor). I have not investigated if you’ve received any payment by Soros’ shell companies, but that will be looked into further. What I suggest that you do is either return Communist Soros’ funds or resign from your position. You should make a full disclosure of your “contributors”.

Ron Prager, May 16, 2022

John Catsimatidis,

I just hate to write a “Dear John” letter, but you had better look more carefully into the doings of yourself and some of your employees. George Soros contributed, from what I can find so far, $20,000 to the campaign of Letitia James, our esteemed DA. If you’ve noticed she has suddenly come out for “Bail reform – no cash bail”. I suspected such a link, and you didn’t check into her more thoroughly and gave her $41,000 according to an article in the NY Post. You will find confirmation of the Soros connection attached to this note.

I’ve listened to your programs quite frequently and have been very impressed with Rita Cosby and James Golden. Overall, I like you but please be more careful where your money goes. You could have figured out Ms. James’ political stance a long time ago.

Ron Prager, May 14, 2022

Mayor Adams,

It’s time for you to step up to the plate or step down. Your handling of the crime problem is abominable. You put virtual targets on the backs of your anti-crime units and it seems that the only thing that you’ve done since you took office is try to make the cover of GQ magazine. Restore Stop-Question and Frisk! Don’t you think that requesting to address the State Assembly regarding and rescinding this idiotic no cash bail policy should be a priority for you? Don’t you think have a heart-to-heart meeting with Hochul and focus on the removal of Alvin Bragg as well as forbidding future nominees to the position of Borough DA from accepting money from shell organizations or directly from the Communist George Soros who seems bent on destroying the United States? Don’t you think that qualified indemnity should be restored to the Police force? Again, step up or step down. We did not elect another de Blasio.

Ron Prager, May 9, 2022

Congresswoman Meng,

It should be very clear by now that Biden is having severe cognitive difficulties, so much so that he must be immediately removed from office under the 25th Amendment statute. It leaves the unfortunate circumstance of his replacement by a woman who is clearly not up to the job. Harris has demonstrated her lack of competency already and her foreign and domestic excursions have been what I would call an embarrassment. She has to be removed first before Biden is removed.

A horrible gaff has been committed by Biden which has not been spoken of as yet: telegraphing his intentions of what the Country will do as far as arming Ukraine. That should be handled quietly and discretely – sub-rosa. This might provide justification by Russia to use its nuclear capability as a retribution for our “direct involvement” and fodder by Putin to direct blame to the U.S. for our killing of this brutal Russian military. Biden should keep quiet and just do what needs to be done without any fanfare.In addition, we need a plan to repatriate illegal aliens to their home countries. Severe sanctions on hiring should, at least, be the first step. We need a deterrence for the illegals to understand that we have a fair immigration policy and its abuse will not be tolerated.

Finally, Biden and Psaki’s parroting that inflation is because of Putin’s war, and that it is a “temporary” state of affairs: How stupid does this regime think that the American people are?

Ron Prager, April 24, 2022

Congresswoman Meng,

The clock has almost run out. At this point it seems imperative to get Ukraine the armaments that it desperately needs. It’s clear that Biden is compromised mentally and is politically compromised with his son’s dealings with China, Ukraine and Russia. Biden is not capable of acting in the best interests of the United States; he probably wasn’t ever. He needs to be removed from office and pity us if Harris assumes Presidency, but there is no choice and there is no time.

Once the Russian troops start moving under the command of General Dvornikov, we cannot be assured that chemical or tactical nuclear weaponry won’t be used. We know that Biden is slow to act and every time he is left to his own words, we really don’t know if his stupidity or cognitive failures won’t initiate WWIII.

Please start the invocation of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and get the weaponry to the Ukraine without Biden telegraphing our intentions. And please try to rally members of Congress to take action. This must defy and be above political affiliations.

Ron Prager, April 24, 2022

Governor Hochul,

I am glad that you spoke out on the “No Cash Bail Reform” policy, now it seems equally important to remove DA Bragg from his position. My preference is that you haul him out by his ear, but any way you chose to oust him, is fine with me. Also, having the “Anti-Crime” unit so visibly identifiable looks like it might physically endanger the police working in that unit. Plainclothes seems like the more workable solution for getting guns off the streets. I hope that you agree with me on that.

Ron Prager, March 22, 2022

Unanswered question on why congress repealed the stretch provision

Dear congress lady AOC.  Thanks to the town hall invitation, Can’t get up to the Bronx but am waiting for your answer to an old question. If you hold a town hall here in Jackson Heights I’ll try to make it.  I want to join senator Ramos virtual town hall.
 I have written to you several times and do not understand your not answering us. You provide this opportunity to ask, so please be fair in return please answer. I will l use your answer to pass on to clients that I gave advice to.   I told them I asked congress why, after all these years, the congress in the Secure Act took away the valuable stretch IRA and waiting for a reply, I am still waiting for you answer why congress does what it does.  It’s a good provision to put back in, if congress doesn’t like it anymore, explain why then have it apply for future, not cool to apply to money accumulated over the past 35 years.
The question is why in the secure act, congress took away the lifetime aspect of the ROTH stretch for funds added all the years prior to the SECURE act.   Congress hung me out with my clients and I need an answer to give them, whatever the reason is please tell me even if it is a bad reason which it must bes.   Please tell me what to answer and BTW how did you and other Queens congressmen vote?   What did you thing of the stretch?  In what way and for who is it good?
What made congress break the 35 year old promise that the stretch would be there when these elderly people pass away.  I had no idea Congress was even allowed to take it away after it was used to encourage the Roth savings.  Was it good for anybody!  I think only bad.
 I am an actuary now specializing in pensions, and where the circumstances made that a good plan have Illustrated the Roth w stretch, thinking it could not be relied upon so did not consider its dis-enactments.  Some clients have accumulated hundreds of thousands of $ in ROTH IRA retirement savings.  For someone for whom it’s important to encourage the son or daughter to keep the money under Roth Protection for their retirement rather than spending it as soon as inherited like the law passed in the 1990’s said to do now it is so unfair to take away what was counted on.  That money was contributed while working and is a major amount to these retired clients.

Arthur Teiler
33-24 91 Street Apt 4W
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

March 21, 2022

Governor Hochul,

If you fail to rescind the “No Cash Bail Reform Law” and fail to remove DA Alvin Bragg from his position, I think you will not be elected as Governor. These are two big time failures and you have the power to eradicate both. It’s clear that the “No Cash Bail Reform Law” has not prevented recidivism, but in fact has encouraged it and a DA who won’t enforce felony charges is not qualified to be a DA.

I will vote on these issues because of the impact it has on the safety of New Yorkers. My decision as to whom I will vote depends, of course, on the field that you will be running against. But if the two things that I have highlighted as the most meaningful issues in New York are not removed, I can only assure you that you will not win the gubernatorial Election.

Ron Prager, March 18, 2022

On Affirmative Action

Fifty years ago, I could have predicted that affirmative action would become a third rail issue whose prominence today overshadows any notion regarding hiring and educational competency. It is the sheets that racists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson use to hide behind and squeeze money out of corporations and play act anything resembling legitimacy. It gives license for racists, particularly those in education, to forego qualification in favor of race-based selection. Fifty years ago, I took a community college in Brooklyn, New York before what was then, I believe called, the State Human Rights Commission. The college is now called Brooklyn Technical College; I have forgotten the school’s name at the time. My case was remanded back to the original hearing status because I didn’t have a lawyer. Obviously, I lost the case for lack of good representation and an aggressive approach. I was 20 years old at the time and worked as a mathematics tutor at the College; it foretold the direction we were and now moving.

It is the arc in which we now revolve around and pretend that solid qualifications are a quaint notion from another time. We now have a cognitively impaired president and a vice-president neither of whom exude the adjective of “gravitas” – a word which I never heard used to describe either of these two players.

We don’t look for qualification or competency anymore, just race and gender. We’ve moved into a world of “identity” politics. No wonder we are stranded in this morass of mediocrity.

Affirmative Action is a tripping stone which keeps qualified individuals off the playing fields. I hope that this is talked about until it is rescinded as a self-imposed discriminatory failure. The program has always been a failure with the students who were admitted to colleges in lieu of qualified students, failing out in numbers far exceeding those who were qualified. Don’t let the subject of affirmative action fall back into oblivion.

The oft overlooked protection against such discriminatory practices is the 14th Amendment to the US constitution. Below are the types of instances which this amendment has been invoked:

… addresses many aspects of citizenship and the rights of citizens. The most commonly used — and frequently litigated — phrase in the amendment is “equal protection of the laws“, which figures prominently in a wide variety of landmark cases, including Brown v. Board of Education (racial discrimination), Roe v. Wade (reproductive rights), Bush v. Gore (election recounts), Reed v. Reed (gender discrimination), and University of California v. Bakke (racial quotas in education). (Note: emphasis mine)

We did not get to this level of incompetency by sheer accident. The other program which paralleled affirmative action was called “wider recruitment” which was supposed to enable people who would not ordinarily be swept into the good graces of better education and more skillful jobs, to not be overlooked for lack of opportunity. Information was supposed to be disseminated beyond the barriers that were holding people back and given opportunities that extended beyond race. You’ve probably never heard of “wider recruitment” because it was never really actualized. Instead, this country has been inundated with hiring ads such as we are an equal opportunity employer, knowing full well that when these proclamations are seen, it is quite the reverse.

We have to go back to adhering to the 14th Amendment – equal protection under the law. Quota systems such as I have been subject to, do not follow the 14th Amendment and hiring should revert to hiring the most qualified otherwise we will revert and slide deeper into the mire of racism and mediocrity. End Affirmative Action. It is not “inclusionary” as it was misguidedly supposed to be, but rather “exclusionary” as it has become.

Ron Prager, November 7, 2021

Congresswoman Meng,

I’ve sent you emails regarding several topics, and I don’t think that I’ve received any answers that I would count as substantive. One: who gave Dr. Fauci the greenlight to funnel money through a third party to the Wuhan Virology Lab? The second: what is the actual protocol for the removal of Biden from office either through the 25thAmendment or from the lack of cognitive competency that would be expected from the Presidency of the United States? Third: what is the disastrous role he played in his incompetent drawback from Afghanistan ignoring his own Generals recommendations on how to properly proceed? Fourth: what will be the consequences of his incompetent handling of the Southern Border Crisis leaving our border totally open with Covid carrying illegal immigrants, drug shipments and all the mayhem that has accompanied his “Open Border Policy”? Fifth: the long-term consequence of his closing down the Keystone XL pipeline making our Country energy dependent upon foreign countries to fill the gap and capitulating to that dimwit Ocasio Cortez? We’ve gone from debacle to debacle, crisis to crisis and I still don’t know who really is running our government. Could you provide me with some answers before we go into runaway inflation and before Biden’s son is able to send us down the river with corruption and the FBI afraid to broach the Biden corruption issue.

Ron Prager, October 24, 2021

Congresswoman Meng,

It is not that time is running out; it has run out. Biden clearly is making disastrous decisions. The Afghani people who have worked with us, are going to be killed along with Americans who still remain in Afghanistan. He left the records of Afghani people’s pay stubs, phone numbers and addresses who have been our allies. They will be murdered, hanged or otherwise butchered. All of Biden’s assurances that all is well have been lies and by now I’m sure that you know that. The 25th Amendment must be invoked. Biden has to be put out to pasture realizing also that Harris is of unknown competency, but it is a chance that we have to take, and unfortunately our only choice.

Congresswoman Meng,

It is clearly time to remove Joe Biden as President. He is not competent to run this government as seen in this past week; let him have a totally unscripted press conference without pre-selecting neither the questions nor reporters. Have it run for about an hour – no teleprompters nor notes nor photographs of the reporters, and then the American people will have a picture of what they have chosen as their President. I fear that we will all see the mistake that was made, but we must give the American people the chance to see the outrage that was perpetrated upon them.

Dear (Texas) Governor Abbott,

I’m a long way from Texas, but I have seen you speak on several newscasts about the Border Crisis. Our incompetent president (I use lower case because I don’t recognize his legitimacy) is going from one disaster to another, starting with the XL Pipeline, the Afghanistan debacle to where we are now – an overflow of illegal aliens being transported throughout the United States in clear violation of Biden’s Constitutional Oath of keeping American safe from foreign intrusion.

This is not a Nation that can withstand four years of Biden’s (or for that matter, Harris’) destruction. I’m asking that you call out the State’s National Guard to turn back the tide of disastrous policy making that Biden seems to want to adhere to.

His motives are unclear: is it deliberate policy or is it his cognitive deficiency that he’s making us all suffer? I don’t pretend to know the answer, but what I do know is the Nation is in great jeopardy.

Ron Prager, September 24, 2021

Governor Kathy Hochul,

Governor, I’m not hearing any movement in the “No Cash Bail Reform” laws. It should be unequivocally rescinded. This is not party politics; it is sheer madness to not permit judges to perform their sworn duties. We need rational change not radical change and the “No Cash Bail Reform” does not conform to anything but ideological error and non-rationality. Do you plan on trying to rescind “No Cash Bail Reform” laws or are we going to have to vote you out of office for shunning the concerns of honest New Yorkers giving priority to criminals who should have their day in court instead of putting New Yorkers at risk over this insane “No Cash Bail Reform” law? Let the judges make the assessment, not the politicians. This is one of the reasons that Andrew Cuomo was relieved of his office. I would like to hear you speak loudly on this issue.  (This letter will be sent also to my State Senator Joseph Addabbo and State Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi.)

Ron Prager, September 19, 2021

Governor Kathy Hochul,

Yes, I believe Rikers should temporarily be closed, but it’s inmates should be transferred to other State facilities until new and safer facilities could be built there. I suspect that de Blasio’s main reason for wanting the prison closed is to “sell” development “contracts” to his political allies and friends. That should come as no surprise since his wife garnered $1.25 billion to fund a non-functional program called “ThriveNYC”. The only people thriving are de Blasio and his wife. And please look into this abuse of power and corruption.