Board Agenda 2021-9-13

Board Agenda Sept 13, 2021

1. Financial report, including results of the last meeting. (Carol,  Daniel and Craig)

2. Legal status of the club in light of the attack on our existence by the QCGOP (Danniel)

3. Does this Club have an affiliation with the Telegram channel “Central Queens Republican” and what should be done about it.  (We are clearly affiliated with the Whatsapp channel with the same name.) (George)

4. Club purpose, and how it relates to having Democrats or other non Republicans as speakers at our meetings (Board)

5. Location of the meetings and finances (Danniel)

6. Liability Insurance for club meetings (Elissa)

7. Recruitment of new members (Club members: booths, events)

8. Scheduling and location of future board meetings (Stephen)