3 Republican Patriots June 22nd Wins!

We are for freedom of individual belief and expression instead of suppression of ideas and dissent.  We are committed to growing the Republican party by…

• Allowing competitive primaries and letting voters choose
• Fighting issues that reflect our values instead of staying silent
• Growing Republican enrollment actively not missing in action

✔︎ Curtis Sliwa for Mayor
Danniel Maio for Queens Boro President (off)
Kathy Wu Parrino for Civil Court Judge, 3rd Municipal District (off)
Alex Amoroso for City Council, 23rd District (LOST)
Angelo King for City Council, 24th District (LOST)
Stephen A. Sirgiovanni for City Council, 32nd District (LOST)
Philip A. McManus, Jr. for State Committee male, 23rd District (off)
Margaret Wagner for State Committee female, 23rd District (off)
Phil Orenstein for State Committee male, 24th District (off)
Anita Uppal for State Committee female, 24th District (off)
Craig Tyson for State Committee male, 25th District (LOST)
✔︎ Susan B. Erlebacher for State Committee female, 25th District
Daniel Noble for State Committee male, 27th District (off)
David Abraham for State Committee male, 28th District (off)
Yanling Z. Wagner for State Committee female, 28th District (off)
✔︎ Joseph R. Concannon for State Committee male, 33rd District
Catherine Washell for State Committee female, 33rd District (LOST)
Stephen H. Weiner for State Committee male, 37th District (off)
Betty Ann Hogan for State Committee female, 37th District (off)


31 candidates, 3,000 signatures, 0 qualified?

Is there a Republican Primary?  April 14-No, April 26-No, May 13-Yes, May 18-Yes, June 11-Some, June 17?

It is common knowledge that if you want to run for an office in the City of New York, be it as a Democrat, Conservative, Working Families or Republican, it is critically important to get the blessing of your official party county committee on the ballot.  Otherwise, proceed with caution.

Let me share our Queens County Republican story.


Meeting Candidates Night – May 27, 2021

Keynote Speaker:  Darius Mayfield, NJ-12

5 candidates
Dewan Tarek, Moderator. Candidates: Donghui Zang, Doug Shapiro, Angelo King, Mujib Rahman, and Sheryl Fetik.

City Council candidates – 24th District
Angelo King (R, confirmed)
Timothy Rosen (R, confirmed then declined)
Mujib U. Rahman (DC, confirmed)
James F. Gennaro (D, declined)
Moumita Ahmed (D, no response)
Saifur R. Kahn (D, no response)
Mohammad S. Uddin (D, no response)

City Council candidates – 29th District
Donghui Zang (D, confirmed)
Douglas J. Shapiro (D, confirmed)
Sheryl Fetik (D, confirmed)
Eliseo D. Labayen (D, declined)
Aleda F. Gagarin (D, declined)
Edwin Wong (D, declined)
Avi Cyperstein (D, undecided)
Michael Conigliaro (R, no response)
David Aronov (D, no response)
Lynn C. Schulman (D, no response)

Moderator:  Dewan Tarek
Closed at 9:34 PM.


District Attorneys refusing to prosecute crime of prostitution

It is now a very unfortunate trend.  Just this week it was reported that Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance will no longer prosecute those charged with the crime of prostitution.  This is a dereliction of duty to say the least.  Not surprising as this has been going on for some time and no one is holding them accountable.

Hope that the Republican candidate for Governor will pledge to remove any DA that refuses to do their job as under our State home rule system the Governor has the authority to do so.

Alan Fenster


Joe Biden’s definition of a patriot

The President has a very bizarre and incorrect understanding of what constitutes patriotism.

To him, you are performing your patriotic responsibilities when you wear a mask and receive a covid vaccine.

So those who do so but show contempt for our country’s founders and the constitution are to him patriotic Americans.

Alan Fenster


A thought on how NY is helping unemployed

A bipartisan bill sponsored by NY State Senator Jim Tedisco to match federal exemption of $10,200 of taxable income for 2020 was soundly defeated.  At the same time the State legislature authorized payments for unemployed illegals in the sum of $15,600 per person.

What an outrage but not surprising as the progressive wing of the Democratic party is now in control of the State legislature.

By Alan Fenster


Reports of biased attacks on Asian American

Erosion of support of those in the Asian community for the Democratic party are attributable due to the following reasons.

  • The push by progressive Democrats to end testing for admission to the city’s specialized schools. Which would place Asian students who make up a significant segment of those who have been admitted to these schools at a disadvantage in the future. By moving to a non merit system of selecting eligible students.
  • Some major Ivy league University’s such as Yale, Harvard etc. have instituted admission quotas based on social engineering rather than merit which means less slots for students who merit admission to a ivy league university and disproportionately leaves out Asian students who work hard and academically deserve to be admitted.The Asian community perceive the progressive policies of the Democrats and justifiably so on issues such as economic, criminal Justice, social and foreign policy as inimical to their best interests.

    The Democrats noting their erosion of support in the Asian community respond by pulling out the race card. And blaming the uptick for crimes against Asians
    on President Trump for correctly holding the Govt of China responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.  Rather than the soft on crime policies being enacted on the Federal State and local Government level by the Democrats.

By Alan Fenster


Ariola/Haggerty demanded cease and desist carrying “County endorsed” candidates

Saturday, March 13th, I received a certified letter on an envelope handwritten by John Haggerty from Queens County GOP chairwoman Joann Ariola who demanded that we cease and desist carrying petitions supporting candidates who appeared before our club. Ariola CeaseDesist

In the same letter, she states that “(Central Queens is) an illegal and unauthorized Republican Club.”


What is a County Committee?

The Executive Committee of the Queens County Republican Committee certified on February 27, 2021 postponing election of County Committee members by one year until March 1, 2022.



February 23 Special Election for City Council, 31st District

The top two candidates are Selvena N. Brooks-Powers with 2,613 votes and Pesach Osina, 2,406 votes out of 6,863 votes collected by machine.  Ranked choice will be used to determine the winner.