Why Are We So Stupid ?

Why is our government deliberately killing our citizens by acting as co-conspirators, aiding and abetting in the wholesale murder of Americans mostly young Americans, who represent our future? Our government is aiding in narcotics trafficking, guns smuggling, human trafficking, aiding thru negligence the admittance of terrorists, spies, diseases (more Covid, cholera, SRV, foreign diseases native to the cultures from where they came from), encouraging rape on migrant woman and girls with impunity by allowing open borders. Americans are being punished and betrayed by their own government whose constitutional duty has been abandoned in favor of illegal’s who get better treatment than we the people. But the people just don’t get it.

Whats this all about? I don’t get it. Is this about importing votes for the government to be in power in perpetuity in exchange for allowing anyone from over 100 + countries regardless of their background or history to cross our borders and getting in exchange $150,000 in goods and services?

We have to be stupid!

In the process our government who loves votes and power more than they love America is selfishly and immorally destroying American families, punishing them in the most sever way, ripping their hearts and souls out without any remorse, sense of duty or any sense of morality.

Aiding and enriching Mexican cartels, mules, drug gangs including MS-13, China and all the countries moving drugs our way, making them extremely rich while Washington D.C. stands on the side lines while Mayorkas, Harris and Joe say the border is secure as our quality of life gets flushed down the toilet.

Why would Washington D.C. Democrats, Republicans, “RHINOS”, independents, left wingers, lobbyist, blue city mayors and elected officials allow our country to be destroyed from outside thru our open borders and from within our borders emanating from the very top in D.C. and spiraling downward to our neighborhood. Is this a “RICO” violation? Do “no bail” laws apply to illegal’s who commit crimes after they are here?

“Uncle Sam” is bringing in millions of people and these numbers are bigger than most of our cities in America, (They say the numbers reported are really much, much, much, larger)? In other words the government is not reporting the true numbers of people crossing our borders illegally. They are changing the demographics of our country without a referendum, not providing for the common defense and security of our citizens or keeping our sovereignty as a nation. We are over burdening our states, cities, and our village’s right down to all our neighborhoods.

They are overloading our infrastructure which includes hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental clinics, school systems, housing units, transportation systems, over burdening our budgets which bring higher taxes to the middle class. We are having droughts on drugs. Some used for hospital procedures, some for cancer treatment and antibiotics etc. 100s are in short supply not to mention hospital beds for children with SRV. (Go to for a list of drugs in short supply). Have you noticed to get an appointment to see a health care person or have a medical procedure done takes longer? Connect the dots!

What is truly amazing is that the people who are victimized the most, are mainly minorities who live in minority communities whether they be Black, White, Hispanic , Native American , Asian or others, they still vote for the same politicians who continue the same “woke” policies that did not protect them from criminals for decades. What happened to common sense? Fentanyl that crosses the southern border alone kills 300 to 350 Americans a day equivalent to 2 Boeing 737 jet liners crashing each and every day for 365 days. We can end this if we wanted to but our government has selfish motives not to end it.

Where are our elected officials who are elected to make our lives better not worse? Is it because we elect the same liars who promise us everything but do very little especially the high priority things like keeping us safe? Both sides of the aisle in large percentages are part of the swamp, the deep state and don’t forget the complicit large corporations, social media, the press and TV.

The value of all these goods and services given to these illegal immigrants amounts to $150,000.00 ++, more than any middle class Americans earn in one year and they are the ones who are paying for it. They, the American working class are not being treated equally. Illegal immigrants are being treated better than our own American citizens. What government does that to their own? Each and every one of these illegal’s won the American lottery laughing at us all the way to the bank. Our bank, while middle class Americans are struggling with inflation.

We want immigrants but they must come the legal way with I.D.s, no criminal or mental health histories, in good health, with a legitimate need for asylum which is what they are all asking for. We have a system for vetting legal immigrant applicants but we are not using it for illegals.

Americans are being murdered, beaten, and victimized by illegals and the enemies within. Breaking the backs, spirit and pocket books of hard working people. Immigrants must know that they cannot just come here to use our system for major hospital procedures or any expensive services which they can’t afford or is not available in their own countries of origin.

Most Americans feel helpless to do anything and are frustrated. They are too preoccupied with making a living, staying healthy and taking care of their loved ones. Not to mention taking second jobs or working overtime or both to pay for the inflation that is not 8.3 percent as the government reports but most likely 40% or better.

Please, please tell me why they, mostly the minority voters who are mostly the victims have made the same voting mistakes for the last 50 years +/-. I am beyond my wits to figure out why are people so stupid to vote for and ask for more of the worst policies that deny them peace of mind and body, safety and a quality of life in their neighborhoods that is freer from crime that we all want and deserve. No disrespect intended to anyone.

“Woke Don’t Work”. No bail laws don’t work. Sympathy for career criminals doesn’t work. What works is zero tolerance, stop and frisk, under cover anti drug and anti gun police units, reinstate the “broken windows” policy and allow judges discretion on who should be released and what bail to set.

Find tough police commissioners with track records. Put the recidivist predators in prison and then give them the professional mental health care they need. Get rid of the “Woke” D.A.s, mayors, governors and politicians. Let’s walk the streets and ride public transportation again without fear. Bring back Mayors Bloomberg and Giuliani and their “broken windows policies”.

Equally important is we must have a new law that will make it illegal for any politician who is not under oath to lie to Americans to gain political advantages and stir up the population causing hatred, violence, mistrust and sometimes death. Penalties should be severe.

Politicians think they have the right to lie to gain political advantage against their opponents. Too many have been lying and they know it when they do lie. Why? Because they know they won’t be punished or shamed. They have not been held accountable. This law should be created immediately and should be applied to the media and any public figures as well. Words matter!

China has done to America what enemies do. Shut down our economy via Covid, stealing our technology, killing our future by killing our youth via fentanyl, buying influence and control by giving Hunter Biden and the Biden family 31 million, infiltrated our country with hundreds if not thousands of spies under the guise of being students, purchased and is purchasing large tracts of land that are near to our top secret military bases and operations.

In return Joe Biden has given the Chinese millions of barrels of our oil from the emergency strategic oil reserve; given them Bagram Air base; 87 billion worth of new weapons, airplanes, some of the latest war technology, armored military vehicles and more.
That $31 million gave the Chinese the opportunity to get goods and services for .01 cent on the dollar.

Too many Americans voted for Biden’s talking points instead of Trumps results.

Wake up America and connect the dots.

You decide. Are we stupid?

By Stan Norwalk

B.A. Degree, Major in Economics, Minor in Psychology, MBA Degree in Finance and Business; Ex- school teacher; 7 years of business consulting for major corporations including Mt Sinai Medical Center and Citi Bank; 25 years of owning and operating a high tech communications and satellite company in manufacturing, sales and service; Assistant Chairman of The Polish-Jewish Dialogue Committee working with the Polish Consulate to promote better relations between Jews and Christians; Spoke at the Polish Consulate and the Kosciuszko Foundation; Board member Queens College Presidents Community Advisory Board; 20 + years Board member of the Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association; Member of the Queens Boro Presidents Aviation Advisory Council; Assistant State Committeeman, Ex vice president of the JFK Regular Democrat Club; Have been asked to run for public office by senior Democrat leaders; Financing a scholarship program at Adelphi University for students in need; Created a free baseball ticket program in collaboration with the NY Yankees, NY Mets and the Brooklyn Cyclones to send kids and their families to baseball games, etc. Nearly 10,000 tickets have been given away; Writing a Column for the Central-Queens GOP.

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