Should There Be Reparations for Slavery?

The question of reparations for the ancestors of American slaves has been around for a long time but nothing has come of it. Here I make a case for reparations but not only does it apply to American ancestors of slavery but it has to include all those who have been deeply afflicted, harmed, hurt, injured, pained, saddened , deceived, deluded, misguided,tricked for specific but historical events afflicted upon them by the American government of their citizens and or others.

How about reparations for millions of those who lost out in many ways to affirmative action people which is tantamount to reverse discrimination.

How about the ancestors of hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers who were maimed or died.

How about Abe Lincoln and family; President Lincoln and his family never had the chance to finish his second term of office and they lost a father and husband.

And Japanese Americans of WWII who were not compensated sufficiently.

How about billions of dollars for the death, injuries and damages from the 2020 riots (500+) all over America re George Floyd’s killing.

What about compensation for millions of soldiers who died in wars fighting for our country.

What about racial discrimination against Jews who were denied access to education and professions and reparations for Asians who were denied admissions to Colleges, Universities and specialty schools that they earned the right to attend.

Right now governments are looking into a law to pay reparations for pre civil war slavery. Reparations should be looked into for other failures by government and society and fairly applied to all Americans for their sacrifices and discrimination against them as well. These additional reparations listed below should be investigated and considered for inclusion into the law if such a law is passed.

Going on in Washington D.C. and in Albany are serious discussions of paying Blacks for reparations for slavery that ended 160 years ago. It is possible that legislation may go through.

One question is should Americans who had nothing to do with slavery pay for the sins of others and should blacks who were the decendants of slaves get paid reparations when they have been paid already by affirmative action programs, and preferences by governments in giving special treatments to minority companies over others; universitys giving extra points to their test scores and grades to help them get into the schools, scores that were unearned to move minorites into their institutions that give a disadvantage to Whites and Asians disadvantaging them to the back of the admissions lines ; and American corporations who inorder to get government contracts had to hire a certain percentage of minorities qualified or not.

Its punishing a successful hardworking group over a less successful hardworking group so that the descrimination has been reversed against white and Asian families especially those that are of lower income,and have only one parent in the home. They did not cause slavery so why should they be disappointed, punished, demonized or blamed for the sins of others .

Should Black slave owners pay for reparations as well? And what about the blacks of Africa who sold them ? Shouldn’t they pay reparations as well.

What made the freedom of slaves possible were the Abolitionist states and a strong sense of morality led by the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln to hold the Union together. 300,000 to 400,000 Union soldiers were drafted to fight,hold the country together and free the slaves.

More men died, were wounded, mentally affected than any war in American history. Those who survived were maimed, got PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder, sometimes known as shell shock or combat stress, occurs after you experience severe trauma or a life-threatening event), some blinded, dismembered, tortured, imprisoned under the worst conditions; many died in prison due to starvation, lack of medical care and those who survived along with their loved ones were never to be the same again.

It was these men and their families that suffered and deserve reparations .

If the congress in Washington D.C. or the legislature in Albany N.Y. enact laws for reparations for slavery as may happen the application of reparations should be considered for various inequitable actions to Americans who sacrificed in war and under affirmative action laws which are basically unconstitutional. They too should be considered for reparations.

Reparation Proposals:

1) Blacks whose ancestors were slaves in America (They were sold and delivered from Africa by Blacks. Many blacks in America were also slave owners. But no one will tell you this). All who were involved in the slave trade should share the responsibility of reparations for slavery.

2) Restitution should be given to the heirs of Abe Lincoln who lost his life to free the slaves. Lincoln did not have a chance to live out his second term in office or enjoy the rest of his life with his family and friends.

3) Reparations to Civil War Union soldiers to their heirs, including some family members who fought alongside them who died on the battle field or in prisons deprived of food, medical care, communications with their loved ones, many lost arms, legs, eyes, mind and spirit, came out of the worst war in American history. They left their farms, businesses, education and innocence behind to fight. All who survived lived the rest of their lives with PTSD to cope with, with their love ones.

4) White and Asian students who were denied a place in colleges. Their hard work and merit was diminished in order to give these seats to minority’s who had less achievement, grades, test scores and merit due to affirmative action programs that has been going on since the mid 1960s.

5) Equal application of the affirmative action laws should allow the balancing of the rosters to have a fair representation of players in professional sports. That would entail having more White, Asian and Hispanic athletes in Professional sports as football, basketball etc.

6) Reparations to White and Asians who were denied federal government contracts due to affirmative action.

7) Jews who were denied admissions to colleges, university, medical school, law schools and other professional schools due to quota systems even though as a group of 2 % of the population, Jews are a minority in population. There are black Jews, Sephardic Jews, Middle Eastern Jews, mixed race Jews etc. There are more hate crimes against Jews in America than any other group even though their crime rates are extremely low compared to other groups. Should there be affirmative action treatments for the persecuted or a group whose population is only 2% of the total population when other groups get preferences when their populations are 12-19%?

52 percent of Mexican Americans are White (Wikipedia). On average 52 percent of Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, Salvadorians, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hispanic Latin Americans and all others identify as White (Wikipedia). In the Pew research poll 58 percent of Hispanics identify as White. The question here is why is this group given minority status and preference in job, college, government contracts, scholarship money over Asians(5.6%) ,Jews(2%) and poverty level Whites? Whites represent 58 percent of the population, Blacks 12 percent, Jews included in the white count represent 2 percent, Hispanic 19 percent but of the 19 percent, 52-58 percent identify as Whites from Spain and Latin America. Poor whites and Asians should have minority status to compete on an equal footing as others. There should be two standards for special treatment, one is your minority status and two is your economic status. Poor Whites need affirmative action assistance as well and anyone on a poverty level regardless of race or ethnicity should share the same privileges and have the same opportunities.

The system doesn’t make sense and is not fair overall.

8) Reparations for white and Asians who were denied work due to affirmative action.

9) Reparations to 125,284 Japanese Americans including families and individuals who during WWII were removed from their homes and businesses to be relocated, incarcerated and held at U.S. detention sights, losing their livelihoods, opportunity of education, dignity and self esteem.What they received was inadequate.

10) Reparations for military losses in all American Wars.

11) Reparations due to the recent rioting (500 +) for the destruction to neighborhoods, businesses, homes, infrastructure, to families, police stations, first responders and individuals who were beaten, lost their lives, were traumatized when the “woke” media and their reporters called one riot a “peaceful demonstration” while buildings were clearly burning in the background as Mayors and Governors told their police to stand down and let the violence unfold. And these woke Mayors and Governors refused thousands of National Guard troops offered by President Trump to end the violence and destruction.

12) If you are a male and want to identify as a female and visa versa or if one is allowed to identify oneself as one sees fit, then my question is simple: Can you identify as an individual or one in group of individuals in one of the categories above in order to receive reparations? The whole “Woke” philosophy is convoluted.

13) Reparations for parents, grandparents, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters and children for the deaths of their loved ones caused by our governments’ negligence in keeping fentanyl out of our country. Fentanyl is estimated to killing 110,000 young Americans a year equivalent to 2 Boeing 737-800 Max airplanes crashing everyday and killing all its occupants 365 days a year. It doesn’t seem to get anyone’s attention in the White House.
Because the government is complicit and criminally negligent by not protecting our borders it must be concluded that they are deliberately allowing drugs to enter our country with disregard to the deaths of millions. This falls under the RICO criminal activities statutes and an assault on our Constitution.

The point of all of this is where does it begin and where does it end and who will fund and pay for all of it. It’s a very complicated and complex issue. Besides the color of your skin and your ethnicity, economics especially in the case of Whites and Asians should be added to the equation of giving aid in affirmative action programs. Times have changed but the systems old rules have not.

Considering all the injustices, what is a fair formula of distribution of tax payers’ dollars for reparations caused by all kinds of injustices in the public and private sector so that all men and woman of all races, creeds and ethnicity’s are treated fairly and equally? Slavery should not be the only issue to be considered for reparations.
There must be justice for all inequities in priority order or nothing.

By Stan Norwalk

B.A. Degree, Major in Economics, Minor in Psychology, MBA Degree in Finance and Business; Ex- school teacher; 7 years of business consulting for major corporations including Mt Sinai Medical Center and Citi Bank; 25 years of owning and operating a high tech communications and satellite company in manufacturing, sales and service; Assistant Chairman of The Polish-Jewish Dialogue Committee working with the Polish Consulate to promote better relations between Jews and Christians; Spoke at the Polish Consulate and the Kosciuszko Foundation; Board member Queens College Presidents Community Advisory Board; 20 + years Board member of the Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association; Member of the Queens Boro Presidents Aviation Advisory Council; Assistant State Committeeman, Ex vice president of the JFK Regular Democrat Club; Have been asked to run for public office by senior Democrat leaders; Financing a scholarship program at Adelphi University for students in need; Created a free baseball ticket program in collaboration with the NY Yankees, NY Mets and the Brooklyn Cyclones to send kids and their families to baseball games, etc. Nearly 10,000 tickets have been given away; Writing a Column for the Central-Queens GOP.

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