February 2nd Special Election for City Council, 24th District

Winner certified:  James F. Gennaro with 4,078 votes out of 6,783 cast.  He won the first round.  Ranked choice was not applied.

Mayor de Blasio announced a Special Election to fill the remaining term of ex-City Councilman, Rory Lancman, to be held on February 2, 2021.

Angelo King, our club Correspondence Secretary, is running under the King for Queens party.  Another fellow Republican, Howard Neiman, is the candidate for Law and Liberty party.

This will be the City’s first “ranked choice” election.

Unfortunately, they have been knocked off the ballot by John Haggerty of the Queens County GOP and challenger, James Gennaro on December 8, 2020.

Candidates on the ballot are:
Moumita Ahmed “Mo For The People”
Deepti Sharma “A Better Queens”
Dilip Nath “Your Voice Matters”
Neeta Jain “Community First”
• Michael Earl Brown “United Citizens”
Mujib U. Rahman “Unity”
James F. Gennaro “Queens Strong”
Soma S. Syed “Soma for Queens”

One reply on “February 2nd Special Election for City Council, 24th District”

I spend a lot of time in S/E Asia cognizant that many of the people I meet are related to immigrants already here or on their way both legal and illegal. Folks in my host country including my family get all their information from CNN International or read Yahoo News. They visualize republicans with horns and/or hoods. It’s taught in the schools as well. My grand kids are getting an excellent education except on current events vis-a-vis USA. This is a problem in almost every country in the world with some exceptions due to China encroaching on them. We take in approximately a million people a year legally who are mostly prejudiced against GOP. With discussions of immigration restrictions real or perceived it’s a tall order to expect enough of them to vote GOP for federal level governance. Realistically we should not waste our energies turning NYS red but we should try for a GOP type mayor, and for some counsel seats as well as for state assembly. Having grown up in a labor-centric democrat voting family it took time for me to Red Pill so I understand people. I’m not suggesting dilution of message as that would be deceptive but to eliminate any discussion in excess of state & local political concerns. These people are sending their kids to unsafe-under preforming schools, streets are unsafe, brick & mortar retails has its difficulties especially after this summer of rioting (mortal danger) and over regulation. They’re suffering W/o knowing where the suffering is coming from and unaware that there’s a local Republican Party trying to make life better. I try to speak with livery drivers, waitstaff, and now with plexiglass barriers and w/limited COVID premises capacity it’s difficult to speak to convenience store owners. After merchants complain of lockdowns, safety etc they laugh out loud at my suggestion that we need a republican run city. It’s not disrespect, they think I’m joking. Although more difficult in the post-paper document cyber age we have to compose easy-read bullet point pamphlets and perhaps in various languages to leave at small retail businesses and with livery drivers. It requires time, $$$ and talent. While we grow the club, we should not expect non-republicans to suddenly re-register party affiliation but we want them to consider and hopefully some will vote for our candidates. They actually need what we’re offering and voter fraud not withstanding we can’t win elections without some of their votes.

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